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Word of The Year - 6 Months In

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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June 29, 2019 12:30 pm

Word of The Year - 6 Months In

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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June 29, 2019 12:30 pm

At the beginning of the year the guys did a show about one word of the year that God put on their heart. This week with the help of clips from movies "Interview with God," " Here Comes the Boom," and " The Wizard of Oz," we revisit the words of the year that the guys were given. We have reached the half way mark of 2019, so it's time to look in-depth at each of their individual words. Grab your gear and be blessed as the guys take you on a journey this week with Words of the year

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This is the Truth Network of every man his life doesn't usually feel that way. Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads masculine journey is filled with many twist and turns, so how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a way life feels more like a losing battle and something worth dying for, grab your gear, request band of brothers will serve as the guides and what we call masculine journey masculine journey starts here now.

Oh what fun we have you today on the masculine journey. Yes, it is June and June is the sixth month and that Andy is and that means were halfway home and away thereabouts and you might recall that we did a show at the beginning of the year. What we talked about God giving us the word of the year and so we felt like wow what a opportunity in Sam's absence because usually he carries us on his shoulders, Andy, but he can do that right now he can't raise at least one shoulders and a commission. Sam's had surgery and is in recovery. Still, we are hopefully getting back this week, but we miss it in it next week but we started this year, each asking God like ransom part.

No further word of year and actually we had a chance to interview John waited Yolanda open starting the year off right stuff so and so each person here today in today show I heard a word, and so as we go around the table will kinda start with big Jim over here and big Jim heard a word which just kinda goes with Christmas bump presence to see the TS. Although present a present for sure. So my word actually was quite made it was definitely given to me by God because I wasn't even thinking along those learn little thinking along those lines, and this came sort of out of the blue, but it really was multifaceted that I want to concentrate on being present with God.

He is always present with me whether I'm acknowledging that are not, but there was also the factor of needing to be present with my wife were both very good at ignoring each other now in our conversations being present with whoever I'm with at the time, rather than being on my phone trying be present with somebody else who's not here so you have a clip that you feel like I do, that it was a go to for me more because well here's God literally in the flash.Jesus, but in the movie he's played by man, but it is all about communicate with the movie is called interview with God and was a very powerful movie that I sold this year and obviously this young man was in his presence as he was sitting through the interview saying giving up was not there. I know I is God, he will be so world they see that sometimes light is getting you 7000 miles more changes you using seating you got no God made the front page you disagree. Some talk about a prison that you would get a chance to hear God give you some theme for 2019 minutes of phenomenal present and I'm let me just point out that is not too late because the first time I heard this concept. It was actually about June of two years ago I heard it on the podcast you know from from ransom part and I thought well I'm just going to go on and get my word, and so I just did and then all my I mean to go on that adventure with God him with you on a lesson plan and and you get a chance to do that serve your listing right now your thinking allows June, I did get a word Robby yeah well guess what, if you're willing to sit there and listen.

Ask God where we going for the rest of 2019 and you listen I'm thinking he'll come for you, but we have to catch up with Jim and God gives good gifts to his children.

He promises that that trailer and that was a trailer from the movie soul is a little disjointed, but one of the three men that life to me what that represents is we meet God on his terms. My own hours.

He speaks to us when we need it, certainly, but not necessarily when we want it and were looking for and this is this is this young man's journey who is leaving five customers identified with him because he believed in God all his life but he went to go to war but had my own battles. He went to war and came back and had as he said I didn't lose my feet face but my journey was different and he was shaken. He was hurt bad things that happened and they didn't understand it and God, thinking through it with the three interviews but it does that with all of us and he meets us at our point of need and when we are able to move along and where happily holding his hand, were not going to hear from them as much, or when winter in the desert where we have to learn something hard.

He's going to seem very distant but he's there all the time and presences as a part of that. So I'm curious as this year has played out. You know what has he taught you about as I struggle with that in prayer every morning. You know it's just hard to get in the present time always want to go to the future I want to go to the past. Did you get the present is a present won't even say you have better at it but I'm more aware of the need and as I did point out God really is the one directing this and I do have more of a longing when I'm doing something now is mindless thing that I attend. Go to those things off and then got all remind me he's there and I'll go to the Bibles about the Bible and I'm reading then I'm thinking is something else in this everything he has for me.

At other times I'm paying more attention then being drawn into what he has for me but as with all relationships, there's ups and downs and but the slope is always up and Haskell.

That's cool.

Randy you had a little different experience with your word for this year and the previous year. I got it and it was pretty as needed. I knew that I got it this one ask and then going on and I didn't get anything right away, but then in her John Eldridge talk about his word from previous years. It was felt that I might get us a good word. I probably need that, but that's not mine, and then I'll Thinking on pondering on it and you know it. God uses different ways to speak to us if you have other individuals and I don't want to be dependent on that. I like the direct and no conversation or whatever but I still feel like a settled in on that and I really needed that I start start thinking about where I was at in my life and previous side probably probably seven years ago six years ago.

I'd really gotten attaché banana when really it live in a healthy lifestyle ended up losing like 80 pounds really got healthy in life happen, got asked in a healthy and enough in a sales job that I'm traveling quite a bit, and it's kind of that I really realize that look. You know God's done some amazing things in you, but health is key to being able to perpetuate that and be able to go when really it's again you know Harbottle body is a temple were supposed to treated as such in its best to glorify him in working on all these other spiritual things and working on, you know, healing the soul a lot of inner healing our minds or whatever, that we would experience, but the body's part of all that.

So I got a clue. It kind of it's an example of it, but is an example of the money if it's that here comes the boom giving James. I think his name's John Scott Voss in the movie, but he's actually a biology teacher needs.

User is kind of illustration for how society works and how we get dormant and in how one can affect others and you can bring about change, or whatever, but I took the hit what he was really making an analogy about was the physical part and how our bodies become dormant and were not moving them and then now they start moving and then they begin to heal each other and that's what I've experienced in the past. I know that that's an important part of who we are as Christians. This body is a gift for artists to take care of so he's talking to students about this analogy, he's funny, he gets up and what you you kind of understand the safety Haley gets up and stands on his desk. At first, and then he walks across the death of the students and you can probably understand that as you hear the clip it is coherent and around got the break coming up so but before the break. Okay what I loved about your story right.

What I love about God's lesson plan is. It's more about the journey than the destination. It is it is. I'm glad you took time to Yosemite that he did. He did so kind of what happened in my probably got ahead of myself by doing the clip, but when I went to Yosemite I had one feeling bad about our filling that good.

I had a lot of inflammation in a written really wanted to go and spend. I've done this on quite a few times the travels been allowed allowed me to be able to go and do these trips and I just want to be healthy for Right Now That You Hear How Harry Got to Go You Send to Hear More from Somebody Walking across Table Talk about Self and Cannot Find out What Rocky's Word Is What Robby's Word Is an Think That during the Break. Wow. I Know You Can Usually Come the Boot Camp November 7 through the Internet Is My Son Eli.

We Talked about Ways You Can Help Support Lily where you can click button tweaking it to PO Box 552 7285 what God doesn't come close off each person is kind of chipped away at this feeling I was having this mask. I was hiding behind never heard John and John and Laura John as well.

All you need is love.

It's a it's a commitment thing and I would imagine that everybody in their walk with God. At some point in time there word for the year was left and that's part of what were talking about that wow when you get this lesson plan that God can take you on it.

The journey not the destination that that that the opportunity to walk with him on something that he wants to teacher this year and so when we left her here and he was all inflamed.

He couldn't walk around and Yosemite. Things are looking tough nonpayment. If you've ever seen Yosemite or been there thinking all my goodness you not have a chance to enjoy this and what happened so I did. I prayed about it, knowing it was better at a time is like man.

I'm not going to feel like this because I've had other times with him, and part of it was the journey that was there when I was going on hikes or whatever I wanted to feel good.

I wanted to experience it so I went to Dr. got some got cleared up on phone, inflammation I had an absolute wonderful time and God gave me and I could go on all the gifts he gave me. I mean, I went to a little community church there and he met me there and so many different ways. Unitas times reconfirms things that in your hearts, and it was just an awesome time but I really would've missed out, but with all that being said, you know going for this year.

I haven't really lived up to that part of the health at least part. Partly, I haven't. I'm on the way there, but I have seen his grace come in like you and just get straightened out there. I really inflammation hasn't come back. I'm in a position to really take take more control.

Hopefully this inspires others God. It means a lot to to Gautama he wants us to really be in a hidden on all cylinders to really feel what he's called us to do so.

So, picking up on restoring cells. Here we have his name Kevin James Webb given James is the actor it's I think it's Scott Voss in the in the clip he starts moving around to give the idea that moving so thank all of us know cell to hear that good people cell that is not in motion is not a productive member of the system will pick up the slack somewhere. In fact, the imitate straight cell.

Basically the whole organism begins to biology is an amazing thing. And here's the good news all that decays can be restored sitting at a price like Calcutta fields is Brian Monahan is back on track.

Energy monthly is moving gets a little vulnerable little rumble from everybody is rumbling. She trained me as well. A little bit okay beginning in the restorative process, even if the entire system is closed. What happens is, not to say cells work together entire system seal that is Dragon so you got some activity going the rest restorative process start happening absolutely and it's good it's it's cool how that works with our bodies in the body of Christ we get to move in together.

We heal each other.

We help each other out.

But our physical bodies are an example of that.

Nothing. This way God puts things together. There's always examples of you know the micro to the macro are in the small of the big time and it's is all about the journey is what I'm trying, I sorry met that either there it is. It's not just that destination you get to feeling better.

I met God through that process and in and to go back what I said where I went, set unit dropped 80 pounds for whatever I may not testified on TBN papers and stuff like that when all this happened.

I did testify about the journey was hard but God was there with me and I really believe my inspiration came from Yemen to be this time as well so that's cool. And then we have Rodney whose sort of. This was his first year with this, yes. So after boot camp in the fall might well I'll give this a try. It's you Robby you talk about your word is inspirational. It's just it's contagious like I want some of that so I spent the last bit of November and into December praying and praying and praying, again, he was saying Praying and my hard part with praying is always getting my mind empty so that I can hear so – so I started doing was praying about God help me clear my mind. Let me just listen because all I want to do is talk. I saw him about me and I don't ever want to listen to him so that was a good thing. So in looking back from my word on that. Was there something that I had done was I overcame which was my word was overcome her overcame that part is able listen I got the word and I'll be honest, I've not been the biggest student of the word overcome her this past year. I start off looking at some stuff reading about it and all I can say is thank God for my brothers. I love my brothers because you guys are able to. As we talked through preparing for the show.

What was talk about what's going on your life this and that and was we start talking it helped me to realize there are some things that I have been able to overcome during my last six months and helps me look forward to the next six months with more optimism and just in your own life when you're overcoming something you don't see a lot of times. Lots going on is something that's reflective and that's one of the things I teach on all the time. As we always have to stop and reflect. Stop and reflect, and then it's like, okay, based on what we've reflect on what is learned will going forward. So that's where my mind is been sitting in airlock before the show was okay now what have I learned all I learned he is working in my life. He is helping me to overcome some things in my past temper relational relationship. I tell you work is not stressful right now and all it's okay, you guys don't want to go this way. That's fine you is over that well support you. There'll do this I'm good. I am not stressed out about things of that just should not stress me and there are things it should should not stress me and still do, but I have overcome many of them so I'm feeling much better about that proud to begin my journey and is cool and so we want to encourage those that maybe you know wow this thing is and come back to me, back to me, back to me all through the six months. As you begin to take this time.

The reason for the showers begin to reflect the think well you know what is God and my word this year has been abiding and all my word, what a lesson plan of being able to sit my father's lap and him actually asked me to hold his heart. Is it was just more than and then you may have heard me talk about my communion experiences here where I begin to take communion at home and and and and that part of abiding, to be honest that where are really struggling is it seems like I've gotten deep but haven't gotten wide.

My hope was that I would be abiding more, rather than necessarily deep so I've gotten deep gotten wide so that's what I'm looking forward to in 2019 of the rest of 2019.

But I've got a little click here from the Wizard of Oz, just some phenomenal wisdom minute that I'm open to God's going to continue to help me with this because obviously there's no place like home on to say that year that I will say again that if I ever go looking for my hearts desire.

Again, I won't look any further than my own backyard. There I never really lost it. To begin with. Fortunately, I think most of you listening and seeing the Wizard of Oz and there's no doubt that Dorothy's heart desire was to go over the rainbow to go on an adventure. But when she didn't know when she headed off on this adventure was that it would be a shared adventure and that her friends would actually be reflected back to her. Her band of brothers that were turned out to be a cowardly lion and a scarecrow and all these broken, very broken individuals who did not know their identity. They knew their names but they didn't know what they did know about themselves and so when the wizard starts handing out the courage stuff and whatever all the sudden they're all beginning to realize they always had what it took. But they didn't know they had what it took as did Dorothy do not realize that it she what had the power right to click your heels three times) and what good ascent was great. I think that's her name which is you've had the power all along, but if I told you you wouldn't believe me and that really to be goosebumps. Think of that house. That's how God deals with us. We have all this ability all this power through Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit. But we don't really believe that most of the time and we have to experience things to yeah there there was all along. And so that to me sums up the idea of a word for the year you're going to go if you want to take this on your click on an adventure and it's got to be a shared adventure with your friends and your band of brothers.

If you share it because had I not told you guys that my word was abide for the year than we would measure the adventure if I did know the Andy's word was help if I did know your word was overcome her we would share the experience in real life. There are no rambunctious if you don't share the adventure you're not honest and unbelief is okay just give you grant to make that transition.

So go right now and make so hoping that you will spend some time haven't heard a word is nothing like hearing from God actually came from and being able to spend some time is taking on that adventure and hopefully Sherwin and go to mass conjuring and register. We would love to hear about your come up in November. Talk about next year. We would like to adventure with you. Thank you for listening

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