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The Lone Ranger

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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July 13, 2019 12:30 pm

The Lone Ranger

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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July 13, 2019 12:30 pm

This week on the Masculine Journey Show the guys talk the Lone Ranger, well in a sense. With the help of clips from the movie "Band of Brothers," and a song from The Eagles, the guys discuss in-depth the importance of having a strong support system in your life. God is essential, as is community. So grab your gear, bring your friends and family along, and be blessed right here on The Masculine Journey.

The Masculine Journey
Sam Main
The Masculine Journey
Sam Main

This is the Truth Network every man is willing with your wife doesn't usually feel that way.

Jesus speaks of delegates avoid roads. The masculine journey is filled with many twists and turns. So how do we keep from losing heart while trying to find a way when life feels more like a losing battle than something worth dying for, grab your gear, request your band of brothers will serve as the guides recall masculine journey masculine journey starts here now loaded for bear today on the masculine journey we've got a studio fully. Have Sam on the phone again only back in North Carolina you're not at the beach anymore. Florida to order and come back home really really blue while were glad to have you. Because while Andy wanted to take us on a little bit of journey on how were getting to that tonight's topic which is the Lone Ranger Lone Ranger yet okay so probably six weeks ago maybe a two months I was in Dallas for a training class and I was getting ready to go to class and I was just listening to some Pandora Malayan you know desperado the song from Eagles came on and I would always listen to it, new course, but I had really listen to the words that might really begin to just speak to me the words and you know I really began to get an appreciation for you know that a lot of my life had walked in a kind of is a a Lone Ranger Christian.

I mean I was a Christian and I knew had Christian friends but nobody really knew me. Nobody was really connected the way I need to be in a song really spoke to me in that way. So I know were going to listen to the song, but that, was the inspiration of what I felt like was important. We talked as a group a lot about the importance of community, but I wanted to take it from a different aspect of what we've seen from the benefit really did state tell our story each one of us has a story of where we tried to walk alone so I just listen to the words. I think it speaks a lot to kind of where a lot of us were at one time Sandy and I are your prisoners walking through this world alone.

That's pretty sad commentary it is. I think the song probably more about somebody not having a significant other or whatever, but I think it's where all of us are.

You can have a multitude of friends to talk about. You can be to have people all around and still be the loneliest person in the world. If people don't really know you know your story no you know what your struggles were your wounds may be and will talk about that a little bit later but there's just a depth that a lot of times we we get into a surface level of relationship and we don't go deeper and there's a lot I mean there's a lot of churches out there doing great things with ministries and stuff, but I still think at times we get is allow each other to get as deep as what we need to be as man and wife. In a way the early church didn't await Jesus did with his disciples I think was just a little different level of depth. Sam, you spent a lot of time listening to the song I'm just today as you are sitting there all looked to be right up there printed out out of the illegals a member of the report. What time and this is always been my favorite song I think it's because I get every year the member that it is didn't want me to think deeper and deeper about unity deeper about not hiding irrevocably as they present many to do is isolate and take an active determination cannot isolate a lot of Internet time is always a great reminder to me. Okay you need to step in and and not allow yourself to isolate don't think that he is taking one less traveled on an angel walking with a group of people to say about the song. Out of all the studies I've ever done every concert as the others because of the phone that I think that that's the statement of it probably touches more people are but a sign that they done over the years, you better let somebody love you. You know I same here Sam and I've heard that song so many times and I did some today that I've never done. I I've always listen to the words that sound but I never really looked at what it meant to be a desperado unity did an album that Canada had a Western theme and they had the song and Don Henley, a course takes any semen expounds upon it which he did with the song, but it was a desperate or reckless person, especially a criminal in the old West, you would've thought that that definitely but then down under that it said there's a Spanish term the Spanish term for that word means a person with no hope, and I thought that is so strong because you know we were just talking about that I was talking about last week with living hope so were talking about a guy that spending his time out there alone. That's not in community and how you get to that place for your person was no hope, and I think a lot of times we find that it may be found in our own lives. When we had that those periods of isolation all of a sudden were struggling to find hope because we don't have any around this at the time this is that part.

I know it's hard for me.

The question really about that, but our story though. The biggest thing that isolation of that being a desperado being out on your own truly get you to believe that you're the only one facing your faith that no one else has the problem you have or know enough to battle the things that you battle it out and that will help us to start absolute like you have not yet exactly naturally goes along that we think that that isolation with the shame or whatever is separating us from those brothers, but you know that whole thing where you let somebody love you let my money you pick up on it to do anything that wasn't on that clip, but it was it's the end of the song and that's pretty much it. Winner you let somebody love you and that's like what God was saying and I let these brothers love me and that's where the hope came from. And that's when I was down there is like to tell the story because that's the before me after what what the difference the community makes and you know just on your point. I knew Sam led the Eagles to when I heard this and it just inspired me to live like well if nobody else likes us all in the same like the song sound staff. I'm kind of sound take a little bit of a twist here and go to a band of brothers clip because you know what we've experienced what you may think of you to bunch of Christian guys together that you know it it's a picture of about a million Bible study she went to a different men's group meetings or retreats or whatever, but a band of brothers is a different kind of things will play will clip from the bed about as the way, we could even say was castrated by our producer had one thing before you play it please.

One of the parts that song talk about letting somebody love you. I got a gal it's been love in me. Now we been married for 55 years, I have no lack of love from a woman but just as she can understand what it's like to be a man. I can understand what it's like to be a woman and being a part of this group has been a different biker for me. Not trying to shortcut my sweetheart, in any sense, but there is a difference in a band of brothers regardless of whether you're alone or if you've been together with someone for 55 years now play the clip out. One of things that hit me with that is the difference between being alone and being lonely and I like you and you stole my thunder because I've only been married 46 years but have never lived alone. I grew up in a family of about five kids, seven of us because my parents were together forever. I from there I went to barracks and that's definitely not living alone and from the barracks. I went straight into marriage been married ever since that there been so many it even years of loneliness during that time about being alone because I didn't have anybody including my wife who pointed out that I shared with intimately and God was always part of my life, but he was never an important my life until my 40s, and since then I've never felt lonely but sometimes we are alone and that that's the stuff of bunch of songs and obviously when you think of all the poetry has been written over the years you have for Harold and me backed from the 40s and 50s 60s. You know it with.

I knew you had to get a simple and that you know I am a rock, you know any great poet if you go and look at the poetry date they were experiencing the source and spirit to some extent, and how their expression what it is that they're talking about intercourse with you. I think of Paul Simon and I am a rock, you know.

Or if you're the Beach boys you know in my room. You know that that song and these were huge hits because I'm sure Dennis you know of lots will that one particular song you know when this happens in family situations as well because the abuse in their family. The only place that Brian Wilson found solace at that time was in his room, which was a music room or garage converted into a music room, and when you think about that and you think that he you know what Jim was talking about it. He never felt that presence of God that we keep until later understand he has come to know the Lord, but it never came and told later so he felt alone. A lot of times in that situation in his room in the only thing that did anything for him was his music well it I say, you know, music is the language of the soul of rent under that quote and then heard of before, looked it up again today but you know it really does speak a lot to it. You know, these are examples of people that are out there trying to do things by their cells alone in the loneliness that they feel and you know she's gonna come out easier and so let's why were probably were heavy on the music on today's clips because there's a lot of that you know loneliness out there Insall even more so than you probably see movies that you think of the popularity Dennis of the Beatles say and the reason they split up is because they were loan ranchers you write that you know Paul didn't think John would like that song so he didn't bring John into helping with this.

Typically one and the next thing you know they drifted apart and they were unable to bring it back together as a team, which you know I had a chance to see DC talk come together not long ago, in the guise that it had the same thing happen as long Rangers and then come back and be able to actually celebrate each other's gifts and talents. It's amazing thing to see you and you find yourself for a lot of reasons.

In isolation, and then that's when the alcohol on the drugs and things like that kick in as well.

Sometimes because you're trying to deal with that in a different way.

Well, we've got so much more Lone Ranger, in effect, we might even hear from the Lone Ranger himself. Any second is taken for that. In the meantime, master journey November 7 through the same night. My son Eli talked about ways you can help support the ministry clearly is information that is where you can click the donate button waking into masculine day once again working the mouse and mail it to PO Box 550 927285 what God doesn't mask on journey radio. First, I have come close off. I didn't like each person who spoke kind of chipped away at this feeling I was having chipped away at this mask I was hiding behind never heard today that make your heart pump. It is not a child of the 50s. Are you the agent will are two pieces of music that I cannot drive slow to the William Tell overture and the other is born to be wild and so if you're around me with those around the radio.

I think I like about the born to be. While I can't drive 55 I can do this briefly on my way to 75 okay so now we are gonna take a turn and and listen to another kind of band of brothers which you may think when you listen to this. All that is what a band of brothers does. But this clip and he set it up it's it's actually from the movie Fairbrother it is.

It's on the think episode seven were there in the audience. For instance, Battle of the Bulge, and they're just kind of like that replacements come in because they are constantly losing can remember what is at the 50 sixth airborne. They were constantly losing people made replacement came in and they were kinda going through their wounds and that's kind of what you know, I think we experience is in a band of brothers is understanding enough about our story to hear about the wounds and the things that men are going through so this is clip Joe toys and at the aid station for three days and everybody was glad to have him back specially built to see if there thanks I think pendulum which was last week by myself like that judge Joe Scaife in a station which get hit placement from some guy is another guys face Joe that hit me on New Year's Eve night you guys been injured is when you fall out of the tree is now Lori is enough crap, I'm around here you about getting some time, almost every single one of these guys been hit at least once set rallies into timer.

He landed on broken glass in Normandy and got covered by potato mash will appease exploding taken on George Lozier is never been hit restless leg got the skinny guy getting to the neck and Holland write extended other skinny little guys.

Bye-bye you got shot in his scrawny little but Normandy and the bucket shot is rather large, but the company traditionally check David first Sgt. Lipton over there. He got a couple pieces of the tank shall burst to Karen Dan when junking the face of the jungle with fine go see desk since the let you comment on that, because you know the first one of the band of brothers meetings I came to know it was like that like what in the world would what people don't see or understand about the importance of God to open things up your heart. It was often hot air not only little bit. Give it a big counseling to me about the different things at the beaker song could be politically, and share this with your brothers against prompting something and there's a wounded area. There is really after our level desperado being out on the road about a minute ago probably to be a poser and where masculine to get the feel of the mask is going to get it in and for us to be in there to be authentic with one another and to step out and try this. The way the healing kind goes.

Vertical Iran deal deal with something anyway. Get some healing out your story and I may get you a story and so forth and in the way God uses that this kind help us all grow stronger get better as it turns out so many of our wounds are self-inflicted order that and and you know I can't help but think of my own story of your battle.

Your talking out at one point time within personal story with your parents led to me going deep on my struggle with demography and you know the healing came. It's like just like what you just talked about. But in both cases, words were completely self-inflicted yeah but Jesus wants to heal those two and taking off that mask. It is a significant no issue. If you can let somebody love you write Jim Welling's out that clip that gets me guys that have been in combat will understand, but these guys were in it together and they were a band of brothers and they were getting wound and act out like I think George was his name or the commander squadron. I don't feel like I've been wounded, compared to my brothers here, but we all have different ones and they all need healing. They only God and if were not willing to share that with other men.

We are I don't like to look Lone Ranger because he think that was said earlier he had top but for me it's more of a Rambo and Rambo's go down quick.

I don't care how tough you are.

If you're out there by yourself, you're in trouble. He got about with bombs that she had. There are no rainbows in combat for long. Like being a bold pilot or an old pilot. You can't be both set Harold for you this this spoke to another song. Oh, you against the wind is one of my favorite songs and there some lines in there that one point in time used to bring me to tears. Yeah you beautiful thoughts mastering Dennis you know some about that song being that your love of music before hell gives us his thoughts on the words which I think are fantastic but there's a lot of personality Bob seekers own life writing you. I think he was talking about and oftentimes happens with musicians that the cut they can go out on the road and have relationships in all the stuff going on and then one day they wake up and realize the running against the wind, that there really all alone and that the all the people they thought were their friends really weren't and not them where you go from there. I'm enough had that experience in my life where I thought that people were friends of mine and you think you have community but then you wake up one morning and realize really when the rubber hits the road and when he came to the having true friends that you're all alone really in and then you and I think part of that is the got the lack of authenticity in that happen so much an art in our community. In less you can be real and in pit they all off all the layers and get in pull those mass down that it doesn't work and I think that's one of the great things about our band of brothers the great things about being in community is that you get the point where you have really nothing to hide so so there's no need to have to be alone and to hide anything because we kind of all know it. What you're talking about your struggle with pornography.

I'm talking about the struggle I have with alcohol and in my desire to be isolated and alone in in people as popular as Bob Seeger can go down that same road. Harold, the thing that strikes me about that is a part of words surrounded by strangers that I thought were my friends. That's one of the great things about our group that something mean so much to each of us is that were not strangers. We we know that we are friends and that we are there for one another that we can be counted on that when the rubber hits the road as you said that we're going to be there to help in whatever way we can and is one of the big advantages of being a part of a close group wouldn't trade anything for you and Sam.

Part of that is shared mission right you think of the movie early. Band of Brothers. Without the stair lift and it probably would've never been there from different parts of the country that different it out all these other social structures all the different data could be different about that group is different world from the general area now that our stories are all different and we got a girl what brought us together and shared mission and what God uses that shared mission board yeah that that ministry work done there. But the deeper work underneath. As we take off the mask as we authentic and share things with one another.

Go through the pain community sometimes is to get to the fruit on the other side and he had only agreed first thing is you got talked earlier about the shared stories and let the struggles of others and whether it's breaking through in getting free from sin or it's just encouragement on how to handle a situation where you get wisdom from another brother of experience that in the community and its it's awesome.

I think it's in central. I can't see myself living outside of that anything you know the rest of my life. It may not be in this core group, but I understand the importance of the community. I mean I have no intention of going there but you know it was like the early disciples. They came together they had a mission they work together and then you know Jesus left them and then if you look at what happened to them. I went to the four corners of the earth to take that mission. But you know that they had community wherever they went because they learned how to be a community bikini community is essential.

God put that in my heart in in Dallas just to see what a blessing that I had where I came from, that he had grown me of so much during that time. But these brothers and Ed come along by my side and I learn from each and every one of them.

It's just is essential. Another key part of that song is against the wind and I used to do a lot of jogging when I was a younger guy and it's amazing that you can go out running and woodwinds at your back. You just sail along when you turned return while it is a struggle and that's part of what we're facing here running against when you got a divided by yourself that you do have to fight half of them blessed with probably a dozen guys. I feel I can call anytime for anything but more than half of this ministry and you get a price for it and part of the fight for camp and understand so we got one coming up November 7 through the 10th mastering turning

Thank you for the list and would love to have your back pocket

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