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Write Your Story on my Heart

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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August 3, 2019 12:30 pm

Write Your Story on my Heart

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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August 3, 2019 12:30 pm

This weeks show continues the discussion about the larger story and our place in God's story. With use of clips from "Lord of the Rings," and "The Fifth Quarter" the guys share their thoughts and opinions on the matter. So grab your gear and be blessed as you're taken on a journey this week called Write Your Story on my Heart, right here on the Masculine Journey Radio Show!

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This is the Truth Network of every man his life as it usually feel that way. Jesus speaks of narrow gates and wide roads. The masculine journey is filled with many quests and journeys. So how do we keep from losing heart while trying to find a way life feels more like a losing battle and something worth dying for, grab your gear, request your band of brothers will serve as the guides recall masculine journey masculine journey starts here now. Welcome masculine glad to have you with us today. This is August already got its August is August. If you have just been a melting summer.

It's been hot. It seems like most the summer than last week or so's can a nice break but we shall relive it has been but yes, August already summer's almost mostly over SMEs talk to Sam what football man I know you have started so excited about that and the way that's it's hard to think the footballs and the smaller story as it is today were to continue talking about the larger story. We talked a little bit about it last week touched on the topic and there's just so much to this topic were to talk about it more today when I'm actually talking about next week or consumer guide kinda leads us today will want to start out by asking Jim a question you are here with us Jim last week. How would you describe the larger story to somebody.

So if you never heard anything like that and here's just talking right now is first thing always go to is an will save this conversation. It's all about me as a joke but sadly that's where most of us live. It is all about me in the larger story. While were part of it, and an important part to God. It isn't about us. So if that's a smaller story in larger stories about God. How do we quote unquote live in the larger story. The only way you could do that is listening to God because he's the one that has the entire script for the story he will put us in the places we need to pay at the time when we have to be there to respond exactly and in everything you said is exactly right. The thing that you can find as we all know where it is a little different than what we originally planned an absolute different guys were here last week to explain what larger story is and how it is to live in it even though we all walk together. We know the subject. We would all say it differently.

Robbie, how would you explain the larger story to I love the way you start out the talk with most of us think that the story started knowing Genesis 1. Let there be light. You know it when you really look at John chapter 1 you see a different story were in the beginning was the Word and the Word was God and the Word was with God and men in the way that we talk about that at boot camp is there is this fellowship and we warn in that part of the store he comes this was before us. There was a fellowship between the father and the son and the Holy Spirit and and I like to show the River runs through it movie clip to show those three men that were in this tremendous fellowship to go fishing together is kind of a picture of what that was.

And God wanted more and so he began to paint a picture of you notice awesome angels in all armed to the teeth and you know this huge battle that looks like it see most of you see this epic story begin to to take place in this is before Genesis 1 and you know that's acts one and two, and then the next thing you know you your ear here in Genesis and he makes us unbelievably beautiful, while the earth and you know the earth is way wilder than we give it credit for less.

You can you get in the middle of a salami somewhere in your floating so you know all that stuff is is a precursor to us even showing up in the scene but then you know what is our role and what are we playing in this because it is playing out that we are giving it to be part of this fellowship. But it's it's not about our system set to anyone about the way these guys explained it. What makes it hard to live in that larger story. So this is timely. I think that's her desk.

We've all probably heard it. I thought on Facebook this week, but it says you were born to do more than just go to work, pay bills, and I now I'm with Robbie on explanation of the larger story and that's exactly it and I got so much out of it when I actually did a talk at boot camp this year and I think is what we deal with on a daily basis will constantly be pulled into that thing is that all life is this, you know, mortgage payment, light payment man in a menu die and that's it and it's gotta be so much more than that. And the devil loves to put us in that smaller story. Make us thinking and we lose hope. During that time were we think this smaller story is all we got to live for.

And that's where we we get into addiction as we get into all kinds of things that aren't good for our heart whenever we go there very good guys. I was watching something that you would really be surprised about Peyton Manning has a new series on the ESPN class and that's about how long this can take you to bring another hundred years of football. Below is really cool about it on the very first episode near the is him is that arching her kinda laughing tongue-in-cheek kind of playing around in our chest pain. You know when you get a job is not so insurance is talk about on TV you know I make good money case is not about the money son a man's gotta have purpose in right there reminded me, you know, even in this joking thing. There is a lot of truth in were called to this larger story which is really our purpose, yes, we have to pay bills. Yes, we have to do all the things we need to do to get through this life and Paul had to be a tent maker right but then he went out and he lived in the larger story. Another periods of his life, and I don't know that it is possible to constantly be in larger story, but it is definitely possible.

You constantly in the smaller story by Emily decided that Gemma wanted to go ahead and get your clip if you want to set that up businesses about smaller perspective and larger perspective. This is Gandalf talking to occupy safe wrong wrong go to know about. Thank you. I need more sleep.

Bilbo is retiring in a just and big Noel party had these claimant they literally disappeared admin plans on leaving the shower and he wants to hold on to his precious the symbol really.

I mean it's a deeper than this but he wants to hold onto the past glory is the way I saw it in the way hit me and were not. That's really staying in the smaller story because that makes it about us. There are times in life where you have to let go and let someone else step up and that's photos placed outlets the beginning of the story. It's the end of Bilbo story so he picked up his chocolate Gandalf's and offices trying to get the ring from them. That's in the clip getting a ring behind no cost versus cold you bring joy to his friend. Trust is student led book and company to the end of his stay sure you cannot clip really is a little choked up. Now, when I heard it. That was God talking to me again God Gandalf are not the same character long but it looks like some of the picture you see God but it is really it really was a powerful thing that there was there was the. The fearful part with which you didn't really solve the clip with no but when Gandalf it's scary on Bilbo actually starts crying and comes over and hugs and if we have that healthy fear of God. It really does. Always end up with a hug and the whole thing to me was I have my place.

I've had parts of my story and I'm approaching retirement, and this really hit home as a it's okay because the story continues and I don't have to be the central figure. Never was at that. That's always our desire and he's trying to hold onto that but he finally lets it go.

Gandalf loves you enough not to let them do it. And even at the end Bilbo Street W string living the smaller story right. He lived happily ever after doing your part. You have to live after the Gandalf of things like that to ECHO that it makes me think about you guys were all getting older and we have had fun. Make fun of Harold and anti-Nixon Herald that now and I'm sure Harold if he was up like a test of this, but I've seen it in my my family and my mom and stepdad's friends at the ones really try to stand smaller story with a retired most of it and live a very long time because it was such a small story that they did having to fight for right and the museum. That's ones as he lifetimes in retiring gone long after that masking any to register for upcoming camp talk on the larger story and it's really really cool to have a lot of other talk to you as well. What's really cool about the boot camp is God's ear and doesn't do some amazing things with all our hearts ago.

Register asking any Robbie Gilmore here and you know I've developed a real soft for my pillow.

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I was hiding behind what is what an amazing both in you picture those great wealthy Christian song Francesca Bettis Stelly's name I can finally say without stumbling over. But what struck me about it is she said write your story on my heart, which kinda gets it something I want to talk about with the clip that I have coming up to larger story big time is a matter of the heart is. It's not our story notes God story that he invites us to be a part of which is really pretty cool what are you going to tell us what equipment will I have been struggling with this week after we had to show last week and I thought you not been asking God tonight.

I've been beat myself up about where I am in my life right now and just going to a lot of different things. So I'm sitting there the other night trying to figure out what I was going to watch on TV and I popped up one of the services I use as you want to continue watching the fourth quarter which I'd forgotten that I pulled it up months ago and start watching it now. The first quarter is very personal to us. Some of us here in Winston-Salem because it's about the Wake Forest football team in the 06 season, but there's a larger story and that in that the guy that was the linebacker for that team, John Abbate, his baby brother 15-year-old Luke was killed in an auto accident in February of that year in what the movie goes through, and I think I used the trailer here Sakata runs you through what's happening in the movie. Is it really deals with how the first of all, how they deal with his loss that hearts that go out and all that how the family deals with the stages of grief how a whole community and a whole football nation get involved in this fifth quarter thing and what happens with the football team that year and then what happens literally with Luca bodies heart when it is given to a woman who needed a hearty young mother in upstate New York. Such a larger story came out of this death that probably most of the country knew nothing about a kid die in a teenage auto accident clearly.

Really, I can understand what is just not coming back.

None of us were I can't even take care of myself.

I understand good people.

Everything you do for you is the entire mankind know how to handle it by now you is is you watch this movie without crying like a baby every time I seen it in. I was one of those guys I think he and he was to saying that held up my hand with five and someone explain to me before. The first time I did that what was happening was like the second or third game of that year he chose doors and look where his little brothers number. He was 40 and you want to get changed to five because that was Luke's number and to see everyone at Wake Forest at that game holding up their hands with five in to see how John Abbate who is a great linebacker for Wake Forest. He became the spiritual, emotional leader of that team that year and how all these people got drawn into the one who seemed you hear was when he was really struggling with it. He was set up. He was at mellow mushroom down here on 4th St. in Winston-Salem and was drinking heavily and was having problems with all this, but to see what really happened in the last scene of the movie was when this young lady and her little girl walk in to their house and she has Luke's heart. So what struck me from all that was.

I thought it's a matter of the heart. We get so carried up and we sold distant anti-nacelle is devotional this morning I sent it out. Get go to go to Ransom Harding get the daily reading it's worth it, he talks about how is but we become Christians that we have this kind head and heart. We have this love relationship begins with God. But then it becomes methodical with so many of us read this chapter of the Bible this morning.

We pray at a certain time we get in and we lose that and therefore hardest it is getting arrow shot at it than we do, like I've done in my life. Admittedly we start seeking other things, sexual fantasies, alcohol, food, whatever it happens to be to fill that void that it's a larger story. It's a love story that began with the three and one and he continues home with us and the Lord invites us to be part of that story as a man that's hard to grasp. I think because we see that we think love story romance. What is that mean but I think that's what really God spoke to me about this week was it's a matter of your he spoke to me directly. It's a matter of your heart. I really want your heart. In the story, I couldn't. I could even listen to the clip and not get teary-eyed in my my sons and I would say that that is a football movie so that another idiot that I start cried out like I want my kids and I look over there bro sniffling to know there there cried to. It is a great movie and a great story of the larger perspective we have a unique opportunity this week we have two people since returning from trips and what really want to talk about how this topic of the larger story got impacted your heart on the Trinity just got back on and if you talk about your trip to Normandy for a little bit and will go to robbing okay just real quick. I want to talk about. This may be a more depth in future program. But really, it was really cool.

My daughter needed to go to your to Francie, one of the pick up the language that went over there with her and then she was going to the western side of France, which was really nice because that's where Normandy that so we get there. I did a lot of prep and stuff and just really you know the whole story. The band of Brothers the saving Pvt. Ryan. I boned up on those meant as a learning experience. One understand it more. At a deeper level. I got there man. God met me a minute felt like it was almost like a pilgrimage of her John Eldridge talk about he did to podcast on years ago. But you know it. It just really let me see what the sacrifice.

There was talk about earlier, the sacrifice of the know you young man ran into what they ran into on D-Day and then subsequently all the way that took deliberate France and all of Europe. It's just incredible. And they probably went into it, not even think it was a larger store they was doing what they had to do a lot of them were making decisions to be a paratrooper because I get paid more, but it ended up being that they set Europe for a potentially the whole world free. That was a major thing and I think John Eldridge talks about this a lot. It's probably the best thing we have a modern day to give us a vision of the invasion of Jesus Christ coming to the earth and set people free so it was awesome.

That is awesome and we will talk about that another commissioner thereof. You just got back from Jamaica on a mission trip right which had to do with you and we helped North Carolina boys Academy often and with our Boot Camp sale comments of that their graduation. A couple of gentlemen were going to this mission trip in the Macon Jamaica to the teen challenge farm that's over there but and I couldn't help but relate to them in a larger story to give the talk so many times and we talked about when these you see these angels in all this weaponry on the scene. You know that. What kind of story of iPhone and when we pull into the compound. You know with razor wire in a 20 foot nano wall in the inner pit bulls barking in and these jails slightly outsell type bar as I'm walking through. I'm thinking Robbie, what kind of story of iPhone into a well know that Friday night I found out what kind of story had fallen into is the and of the lack of a better word fruit that was booted was music was put up on top of this mountain would be speakers bigger than anything I've ever seen in my life and pump down from four in the afternoon till at least three in the morning consents when we left so loud that it no there was nobody I promise you within 10 miles. It can possibly sleep this stuff was being screamed. You know into your ears.

But I thought about the day and night. I thought about you know, kind of, you know, how do we get a light bright enough to come into this darkness because I spend some time with some people.

There at the teen challenge farm was able to get some talk like we give the boot camp and hear some stories from young men and know what happens when there's so much prostitution that nobody knows who their father is and they don't know who their brother is on their uncle and they lose their identity of the father and all that kind of stuff and the drug addiction and the alcohol that now all has come from years of darkness at and you know that teen challenge is over there so you know I got an a new you know idea of maybe you know what God is working on throughout the world, not just in my story here in North Carolina in the United States of America, but I got a worldly picture that I had not at any idea I had not no idea of the darkness because I'm not one of those people gets up in price and and loves my prayer time anybody knows me knows I love it. I was trying to pray that morning, there was no way I mean, I couldn't get through.

I was like it was ceiling and I wasn't. It wasn't, God had you got to see the battle spiritual warfare begot also gave unique glimpse of love and how love conquers lots of things can be sure that quickly we went to an orphanage which was sort of like a home for the online children that had been thrown in the streets because they have special needs.

So in that culture.

They thought that they were demon possessed and they had an evil spirit, so they needed to die because of that in a they been left without any help to walk in and in their very malnutrition and deformity and suffering. Like maybe you've never seen. But this you know Catholic group would come in there and then in the analyst speaking into these people's lives and a chance to clean them and feed them and although the week you know, we spent a day doing that and see the smile on some of those faces. My gut is just some I remember for the rest of my life in the midst of a really really dark place, loves to lick. So the difference is which is living in that larger story to talk more about this next week as we come back and talk about God use other people to take you from the small story to the larger story little bit like inducted with Bilbo, but some other examples in some of our stories are people done that with us is good masking any register for the camp November 7 through two again masculine have a great week

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