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Stepping into his Story

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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August 10, 2019 12:30 pm

Stepping into his Story

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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August 10, 2019 12:30 pm

This weeks show peels back more layers of the topic about the larger story. With use of clips from "The Lion King," "Braveheart," and "Les Miserables," the guys share their thoughts and opinions. So grab your gear and be blessed as we continue our journey this week called Stepping into his Story, right here on the Masculine Journey Radio Show

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This is the Truth Network every man his life as it usually feel that way.

Jesus speaks of narrow gauge. The masculine journey is filled with many twists and turns. So how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a way life feels more like a losing battle and something worth dying for, grab your gear, request band of brothers will serve as the guides recall masculine journey masculine journey starts here now welcome mask in journey. I'm very glad Ewing to talk about the subject of the larger story.

The part of the largest room wondering about is I don't have my deodorants working or not, because what you last week at like eight guys in here this week with Clara. I don't know if it's me, the larger story that is – and I'm the one guy left next to use for college. I know I'll get back to you with the rest of the so far so good as the rest of the not the largest extra doses right back exactly, but we are to continue to talk about the topic of the larger story.

If you haven't listened the last couple weeks podcast we talked about over the last couple weeks in this agreement, finish a topic I believe the God only knows whether we will are not a lot of times we think were done and he says no you're not. And we continue on and can you help us discussion with the description as you would describe what is the larger story, so a larger story I believe is really the gospel story for us and a lot of times were so used to living out life and I think we get caught up in a lot smaller's story or the day by day, then it doesn't seem like it really has any connection to the larger story which I believe it does. But really the larger story.

The way John defines it went, laid down many states they are in the gospel.

You see it, but it's easily defined by basically you know you have the father-son Holy Spirit fellow shipping and in the beginning even before in the beginning when the war was created and you had the The Fall of man, then you had the victory of Jesus, the death and resurrection of Jesus and in the restoration of all things, or heaven. As we call it that. That's the story and were working towards that end right now I feel like were in Act III and working towards Act IV you what you missed a key piece together unity and have another three right and then God creates angels right then we have the following outright finally scatter right in.

In a 30 angels are cast down to the earth and then man comes along and we wonder why life so hard right back like loving part of the difference is whether we are looking at a magnifying mirror whether were using binoculars and looking out the world of the gospel is there illness how Jesus looked for us what he did for us and he expects us to do something similar in the rest of mankind, and really our life is so much better when we can do that in my own case, all those years of road rage and bad temper and all that kind of stuff that certain my wife can attest to. I think a lot of that stem from the fact that my life was focused on me instead of really been focused outwardly in an trend be more concerned about others than I was about myself and I think that's something I'm been thinking about as we been talking about this and I meant to bring up last week, but I think really it is. It's a matter of when you're living in that small story you're living for yourself, but you live in like there's nothing else yet. There's nothing else passed this life you have no there's no future. There is no hope of heaven are restoration of all things are really there is no hope for mankind. If you just live that way it's your problems, you're dealing with and that's it. But you can believe that that's can eventually happen that you can get past what you have to fight today right the gospel. Thank you, John outages at one point about of 1/3 of the time that they're talking about Jesus. He's fighting spiritual warfare not in any figure K, Jesus had a bigger target maybe on his back and we do, but let's assume we fight it. 1/4 of the time do we live our lives like there's a word for going on 1/4 of the time for third and eighth or whatever maybe do we see there's a larger story and an enemy that's been trying to strip away piece by piece this great big picture Harold, you did a great job the first week we talk about this talk about the little dots right in between the dots. Being a person that you know and when you're looking at it closely sees the dots. But when you get back you see this beautiful painting. The speed of a picture in on the enemies been stripping Don trying to take away if taken away identity write the truth. The identity worksheet as Athey takes away your hope whatever it might be. He tries to do that sort is forced to live in the small story right.

Well, he doesn't use the expression as best I remember of larger story but not actually Cato has a great book titled it's not about me and if you get a chance. It's a great read and it sheds a whole new light on who you are and what you are. Yeah, I think they give all the times it. I haven't really been a great parent because it's been all about me in a you can't you can't be a great anything if it's all about you should be a great narcissist. You could probably that it's not the Lord somebody looking for the first of the year are and the first week we talked about the importance of every individual in the God made us all unique, different from one another, but he Almeida still in his image and he made us to battle, specifically a certain way in certain situations that only we bring to the earth, and he put Andy to fight in a certain way that I'm not qualified. He put Harold in a certain way or Robbie or whoever may be in soon as Dr. taken the world doesn't get that view. It doesn't get that person next to you in the foxhole fighting that was meant to be there in last week we took a look at advantages came stepped in in a weeks time in China so the larger story and a trip to Jamaica and then your trip that you had to France and do some other things that got brought it back again right in front of us in this recording to talk about that often God, if not always that will use someone else, whether that be him or another human to call us into the larger story summary listen to this clip from the lion King and Mrs. Noll back at Simba when he's been out live and hooking the Todd out on his own with momentum on. I think as of this writing, and is not a care in the world. But she says I know wait. You're supposed to be the king and things are great at home and so you can play this clip and will come back quickly with the second quote is a great place well I just needed to get out on my own my own life. Great me. Yes, we do know we've been through this and not the king's car is take over the private everything is destroyed is no food if you don't do something soon and you can cook that you understand it doesn't matter Matata something I learned out here look sometimes bad things happen and there's nothing you can do about it. So why worry about you you you you left I found you understand only how sorry I continue you're right. I'm very satisfied. No just disappointed you know you're starting to sound like my father could use one of the status of the clip every place we really like the clip were the computer pretty quickly, but there's something in the way there for for symbolism's status doesn't really know who he is and and what he's called for any pullback you know the outcome can Matata just whatever will be will be. You know it's just like that's we live our life sometimes gathered to greater story. I'm trying to just get by this. Let it be you know will not step into that larger story and what's what's fortunate for Simba. What happens pretty quickly as Rafiki comes in and takes a non-venture to go meet somebody to go see his dad at dinner that last clip you never left it awfully somebody speaking back to dad. Will the dad enters in. In this scene and let's can listen what happens. We'll talk about it. If not now then after the break. Just my reflection all you see is how can I go back you know who to you have the father step two right in and you had some if you haven't seen the movie symbols fought evil before anyone, but he fought it out of his own stream and see have the father that stepped in and says you know. Remember who you are and you were never meant to be alone. That's all that you know my daughter obviously was into that whenever she was a girl. I may not even realize that that's the gospel. Let's spall encouraging us. Remember the Christ within you and you know that's that's incredible.

I had not heard that while so it's it's something where you can't step into that battle unless you truly know who you are and more importantly more important than that, you may partially know who you are, but get who has your back. That's as far as you are right because you had to have where Noll causing Minton in fear will let them enter in and then the father figure comes on you, father from having this comes out and says no. Remember you're my son you have what it takes. You can do this many years back he does and he needs to do what you need to do right now is good and lasting journey credits for the Boot Camp coming up November 7-10 C there and what God has in store for you will be amazing.

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I really like it. After several really good songs on those as we can hurried in the break a little bit because when you get both clips and because I thought is important as we talked before that you get to see both sides of the equation that larger story. There's a call.

It's a call from someone else.

It's a call from a friend needs help. It's a call from the father in heaven will call you in the larger story here. Love your thoughts on the clip well. As I listened to that I thought what greater legacy could a father have been to be able to pass on to the sun and say remember you know who you are what you are and if you if you can do that.

What greater thing, could you ask for. I credit God wholeheartedly with any decisions I made of it as a parent to work out because I didn't work for me. They were that good but fortunately you know it through the wild heart message.

My boys are both little file and just come along. Actually, it was less than a year old and and I remember finding this little statue of a little boy holding a golden heart and I gave it to Caleb when Christmas and said you a heart of gold in some matter how mad I got at him, or whatever. We would always go back to at some point his heart of gold in on him. He still he still has in his room still sets we can see it is still part of who he knows who he is also in on that was something God gave me. I sought Michael and Michael for Christmas in on then it became so much more which God often helps us lay some seeds we don't have the fruits can come out. You know it is part of that helping set that identity absolutely none at all.

Kind came from him that we have a couple non-animated movie clips of your toes about this next clip, which is also kind of a call to the larger story.

It is definitely as you know, I usually it's used in other Boot Camp talks usually spiritual warfare identity.

Some of those things and it plays into all that really speaks to the larger story as well. It's is from Braveheart, William Wallace's rallying the troops. A lot of them this, want compromise and live but not really fight for their freedom and the larger story their freedom they want to live in the smaller story and he calls amount he calls her identity like we talked before, and you'll see that distinctly and I going to win this battle and that he they wouldn't they would be me on the battlefield. If he hadn't called him out, you know, given given their identity and called them up with him to join in the fight for their freedom.

This is the first time this Scottish country is really stood up to the absolutely up to joy that you get to Scotland and will hundred and will you and you know when you will and beginning. He refers to medicines in Scotland, which are together from Scotland I get it, but there's more to that story wasn't.

It was a really not like Sam said earlier they really hadn't thought they didn't really need to know who they were and so we had to go back to the foundation of who they are. Next we need to do a lot of times we get caught up in this daily grind and were not really fighting the battle were not called up in. We need a call from Jesus sometimes sounds of heaven. You know you got to come up and live in this larger story. Don't stay down there in the end, and the smaller story, the absolute right you know he was reminding them of the stories that they'd heard is kids running out of it. Scotland had never been defeated. They arrived and defeated an open war right right now, they became conquered by England, not more. Now, through the typical way that it happened and so he was reminding them of hey you come from a stock that's never been defeated. Absolutely right and so that's the same thing that we need to be as you said reminded that sometimes we come from a stock that's already one you should have mentioned Hadrian's Wall. I don't know that as well that the Romans built gray yet separate Scots is a kind of in beta right right that's right that's right.

I do know the name of yeah they just get tired of the long incident that there are you there used to be, for the last time I was working on the right there, Robbie would be in the Robbie seat. So while speaking larger story.

I would think he's throughout catching the little word in there that I'm asking is we start a play that I like all the other sword is Hispanic until we got to their data for us is grateful for that. So, larger story. He reminds them that like you want to live life with regret.

She wanted to look back and say man I wish I would've done something when I had a chance, you know, in told these guys know my son Eli and I he's 15 now and were watching Amanda brother series in on a watch with his brother a few years ago was really cool to see him get called caught up in what those guys were living in the other fighting that larger story, but they were also fighting for the larger story. The guy in the hole next to right this is more about them than it was about their living is more about the body living. If you watch the series on medal of honor winners that sticks out big absolutely. There risk in themselves or their brothers. That's one of things about the boot camp. I think this is so great it helps you to realize that you don't have to be out there by yourself there others that can be there with you. Yeah you goes back to John 1010 know the devil was arrived come traveling around DAC outline drawing Anya running Linux know that's first Peter first Peter 58 I was in the wrong nonparty attempts to steal, kill and destroy right content and Jesus gives us life) first Peter 58. He's like a prowling line writing freaking of our mother. They don't devour the pack yeah right, that if are the one on their own and so you know we have to be at least minimum unified with the big man is right with God and you know he's right guy is usually not just the one that's alone but it's one that has a problem and maybe a little bit yeah you learned me outline whatever they look for the easy prey. And so to see and last I knew, I think all of us are wounded pretty good. That's continuing to work on it so that when on that larger story is pretty easy to see you.

He calls them into this fight for freedom you next clip has the same elements. It's a slow but different to see it soon to have a clips so it's another one of my for my top five of the became clips. It's from way. Ms. Lane, now I know this do the short version lay me as I can't say at the gathering up so it's it's when John Valjean has you know he's been released from prison. He's trying to get back into society. He meets his priest gives him lodging and food, and he steals from MN. He sneaks out and the police bring them back after catching think the stolen from the priest bring the priest and the priests as no-no.

I gave that to aim letting go and the lease takes the time to do this kind of sit John Valjean free speak in his life.

Give them an identity and he doesn't really call them up to the larger story, but he frees him to be able to do that and John Valjean all later on in the movie goes and finds a larger story and helps others out and this is just the clip for the Jean-Jacques I tell you he was.

I guess last night we searched his knapsack found older so you gave into it – this is a way why didn't you take the candlesticks.

That was very foolish matter. Candlesticks at least 2000 friends. Why did you leave them as you Valjean has to get going. He's lost a lot of time if you forget to take you saying you told us the truth. Of course, thank you for bringing him back. I'm very relieved really letting me go enjoy the sound of the ship and wine and must be finished and forget that you promise to become a new Jean. My brother no longer belong to you. This book is ransomed you from fear and hatred giving back to God

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