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Finishing Strong

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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August 17, 2019 12:30 pm

Finishing Strong

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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August 17, 2019 12:30 pm

We are talking Finishing Strong this week on the program. Vincent Manino is in studio visiting with his band of brothers to discuss his life, his ministry and how vital it is to finish strong. With the aid of clips from "Cinderella Man," and "City Slickers," the guys illustrate what finishing strong means to them. So grab your gear and be blessed as we dive into another powerful and inspirational episode of the Masculine Journey Radio Show.


This is good Truth Network ways of reading with your life doesn't usually feel that way.

Jesus speaks of delegates avoid moods of the masculine journey is filled with many question turns. So how do we keep from losing heart while trying to find a way when life feels more like a losing battle than something worth dying for, grab your gear, request your band of brothers will serve as the guides recall masculine journey masculine journey starts here now welcome the masculine and I cannot wait for the show today may even arming its huge yellow excited for all kinds of reasons.

Obviously, it's always cool to a guy does with the show in our well scripted plan is that he does have been more importantly, were asked very excited for a really big reason I really welcoming back in our one of the band of brothers we been missing for a long time but wow what memories are sitting right in front of us and Margo Vinnie Menino was back welcome.

No good to be a really Robby Allen.

We are so glad to have any in such a show we have lined up. Don't resent we do we do well excited for lots of reasons.

Harold excited to some is older than him this week that is significantly older, we do have any back in him we have murder do young murky toes with the namely your ministries share my ministry. I started last year was Senior compassion foundation is in use nobody for well before that right now is that the administrator has nursing home originally and we broke off from the typical resident relationship to a friend and I learned some things from him and that took to him like a brother. He might be 85 third or such, but were brothers brothers in Christ and I sat on the corner of his bed and got to know it is really cute thank you note for that to be in part of his life but also helping us bring them over to the studio today.

We've missed them so much is my pleasure. It's great having back of the listeners of misting and we do just have an amazing show today were to be talking about something of Vinnie's been shown is for lots of years, but it's still something it's very important. His heart, which is finishing strong whatever you're doing, whether you doing in life whatever transition around. It's important you finish strong and only say that our times will think end-of-life, which is important but also it's important other times in your life is that you finish strong. Whatever you're doing and we have our first couple want to go and get to which an example of not finishing strong obesity slickers and these are people looking towards retirement in different stages of life. This will be an example of how not to finish strong value, this time in the life kits because this is the time in your life. You still have your choices I goes by so fast when you're a teenager I think you can do anything and you do 20s are a blur 30s ration family make a little money you think yourself 20s 40s girl little potbelly going to Chen. The music starts to get too loud. One of your old girlfriends. Michael becomes a grandmother had a minor surgery procedure is 16 you have a major surgery. The music is still out but it doesn't matter because again Erin and 70s. You and the wife retired to Fort Lauderdale siding dinner at 2 o'clock in the afternoon. If lunch around 10 breakfast the night before. Most of your time wandering around malls looking for the ultimate soft yogurt muttering to make it stop all luck on the kids don't be 8211 major stroke in the family to some Jamaican nurse, your wife can stamp you call mama any questions this time.

Any questions or Kristin was a great guy and I like his work, but it really doesn't work that way doesn't. I know it didn't work that way will be what was cool, you know, and Sam ENL and I enjoyed this really mall for a moment. Over a decade.

I guess that it has been, you know, when we began this ministry, you know, we began to see the value of bringing us agent somebody that was older that could relate to younger men that would be coming in and of the boot camps and that kind of thing and you know wow where could you go and get wisdom from an 80-year-old man in that kind of thing and end know that brought Vinnie to the party and it's it's been quite a ride has a student of the first thing I said to Vinnie and where to boot camp in a meeting for the first time in between sessions I went outside and sat down at his giant hat on and asked me to get that free with the Philip guy if he started laughing as we started have a conversation. But over the time of watched him not only you know speak and our allies would have the great fortune want to speak in the my son's life right in at the boot camp which is been very cool for it and so it's.

It's also been an experience for all of us to watch as somebody gets to the age where in all Vinnie began to become blind ants and was still fighting that lost his second wife and was still fighting mad and had a lot of reasons in a tube to begin to get out of the war.

But as my old friend Miss Beck said from Ecclesiastes 88 bit you know once you and scripted younger the Lord until it's over.

Andy's been fighting right through the I don't know this is appropriate, but it was what got me started one word Rita, my wife 42 years was a simple cat moves so blotted out your love for 42 years is to cut me started into the of what Christ Jesus and turned on my life is rubbish.

Should we did a lot of good things may Robby together Shamrock run bicycle international bike race. So many things go to church rebuilt the church mission strong. That's a good save and you must bring your strong, you must as future shows on here.

Open your heart open door that meet the strict you could do that have been then you know that the ending days you will be loved by Jesus and the father and I'm on the basis of simplistic and I believe it to be simple, how hard is it to feel love like I felt my wife Rita.

Jesus is giving it and offering it to me would told me I would be if I don't accept it or somebody dies a hard days of hard a lot of the days get hard when I sit and I pray are given the verbal biography here. I don't need to. Gosh great many good now we started a new journey at 86 behind as I tell people how do you know what it feels to be blind you say you tell but you don't have anyone ask you a couple things after the break will talk about some the stuff you currently doing. But along the way you see people to give up in their 60s see people get up in the 50s there 40s. Whatever along the way you've had these opportunities to give up and I know you're a strong man and have seen that many many times we gods also brought some really strong people in your life to encourage along the way you talk about building the church that there were some I instrumental that really spoken your heart directly along with God. Obviously God right in your life to help you know you could go do that right very important part of my life that are important and I was sister Carmelita. I don't know what I have a conflict. Methodist at this. I don't know. I've always called your catheters that are expected given in The next Carmelita.

It's become more real and later your Carmelita was a tough 12 Irish lady, I made was Hagan, Lita Hagan was told you know we can't do it and she said no you can do it the way she had this feeling I got you, my dear friends, we did it that that's the bottom line rebuilt the church and people come up to me and say thank you thank you all kinds of articles in the paper, but I told him it wasn't me it was, Lita, and it was Susie and Bernadette as the theme in the zero women. Vinnie blush) Kowalski Draper Tom John Ajay Michael Richard Webb Gary is a lot of men were very important to me but do you most important one was Carmelita the stress she had and hope belief in God.

She put it inside of me you can do it been that Irish brogue that she had you couldn't do it. Vincent, are you crazy will more about that we can back Vinnie thank you for sharing so much so far with low free to go to masking any register for the upcoming boot camp is coming up November 7-10. It's made a big impact in our life. That's I met Vinnie God's an amazing work in all of our lives are register now Robby Gilmore here and you know I've developed a real soft top for my pillow and have you been waiting for the lowest price ever offered on my pillow. It's arrived with their patented interlock field system American-made guaranteed not to go flat. And believe me I've had mine for over five years now and it hasn't fully machine washable six day moneyback guarantee and a simple four question filling process right now get a two pack of my pillow premiums for only $69.99. That's right, only 3499 per pillow which is the lowest price ever offered on radio or TV now 1-800-942-9613.

Use the promo code get you to have a soft spot for my pillow. It only $34.99 a pillow 6998 for to call 800-942-9613 or go to my and don't forget use that promo code get truth is the same as conjuring in here with my son Eli. We talked about ways you can help support the ministry. Lily smiled at Amazon that is information on the website than that anything is to where you can click the donate button waking into masculine gain once again working mail something to PO Box 553, Carolina 27285 what God does masculine journey radio. First, I have come close off the hill. I did like the first is kind of chipped away at this feeling I was having to wait this mask. I was hiding behind your love those lyrics.

It talks about holding on your passion right you get a fight to hold onto that passion to get a bite to hold onto the dreams of the past as life keeps coming at you done it, but who doesn't get any easier every day. Yeah, they just in the time that I've known you, which it seems a lot shorter than 10 years, I guess, but it has been pretty close to that the innards Robby talked about before we went into the break. You know you you you lost your second wife you love dearly.

You know, we went blind you know into some other things that challenge along the way and each one of those you found a way to hold onto that passion to fight for those dreams. And it's not easy, not at all sent but when you when you find Christ it's not the priest told me this long ago.

If not for you to question us from you to believe and I believe in Christ and our Lord and I believe in the direction that is put forth for me if this is I accepted. Yeah, I wish I had eyesight. I wish I was 26. That's all dreams. You don't give up your dreams and I'm not going to. I way I wish that we had this on television as you see the same have dancing during the break with Violet Tiger came on a big going through time here lately where I'm 64 I get 500 calls and emails a week about the get out of the game and had a a friend of mine died here the last week at 74 and he's one that finished well. He basically did more that day that I did in a week and saying Vinnie is been a real inspiration for me here today and that we did have the scripture here that I'd like to read. This is Paul about finishing well and the pouring out really is what I see in Vinnie when I saw my friend and what I'd like to be doing myself instead of slowing down and trying to take it easy so I could typically for six through eight for I am already being poured out like a drink offering in the time of my departure is come. I have fought the good fight, I have finished the course, I've kept the faith in the future. There is reserved for me a crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous judge, will award to me on that day and not to me only, but also to everyone who is longed for his appearing and I want to finish well like you are and so with that we are in a plant clip from a movie that's near and dear to us to Vinnie's heart and I think is you listen to this trailer to a movie called Cinderella man, which was from the Arabic Vinnie is clearly from and the world would like us to quit and think that were arthritic, but this clip gives you another idea is and it's always good when you start from the beginning but sometimes we like the middle because we like to really keep you awake so you didn't fall asleep from iPod nano. Yeah, that will discomfit a salmon or off-site. He's old, he's arthritic so I can go home today. The kids only one block seven through May the think you could insist on the docks and if you still get the everyday kits in all of this is not that you will find this on site one finally come back when things may be stuck in the letters from people feed you there inspiration to see their life is your husband's life in fairytales same about me only a day. His face is good is first time she lived to sleep. The man so you remember James Braddock is a photo of Max Baer, who is this to this to.

Intimidating fighters against and Jethro Bodine's father and that's an expert kills two guys in the ring and in his hands. Jethro and the Beverly hillbillies. If you ever wondered who he was.

My experience online at the Jethro the member who will yeah right so that was back in a during the depression era rights of these guys talk about you not getting take for the docks development whether they are not right right big time. That was it and it'll especially in New York. He got picked but Dr. Boorse that if he didn't do what they said or borrow the money from then it would come off the roof just like when the guy stood. It was a tough Jim Braddock.

It was actually a middleweight, possibly a light heavyweight what he had a punch that was unbelievable. It was a very, very religious man and he did wonders some of the earnings they got added fight game is what he was so great. I keep trying to think of God have played and then the movie is Russell Crowe, Russell Crowe yeah you great Dr. Braddock was a basic may switch gears here for second mania he wasn't. He was amazing man and did some great things in your current situation. Many not to Longo semi came to you and ask you to to do some ministry work that you have every reason you can said no right to tell me a little bit. First of all, why did you say yes to two reaching out to the people where you are right now what what was in your heart that setting I need to go do this and sit right next to me while actually I think I brought it up to him that he says do it? And he opened up my mind I say I could do this. Good.would it end. I started with the help of one of his other associates, Becky Corder and hope for the kids. I can't do it without her point is that you actually do, Vinnie. Can solicitors with no lifted mother gave good belief in me now.

I mean, what you do for the residence there every Friday night to a ministry of Jesus calling is from the book Jesus calling I thought I was a wonderful title so the ministry is Jesus calling is to us when we went opened the door. Listen to not listen now from that she reads a passage from the book writer I and then God lays things on your heart to share with the resident right. Becky reads the passage of revelations for that day. It has significant meaning to people they didn't know people but not a new wood at day people have birthdays. Children live studio good and bad experiences on that day and then I speak to it. I don't know how to explain this thing that comes over me that I just do it and everybody says your great great great knob said the D stem but does sky and a seriously get up and saw walking out of going touches me greatly.

I feel like all you have the Holy Spirit betting that speaking is for Neisseria and it's right so what what made you want to say yes to that. I just didn't want lay in that bed and feel sorry for myself. I just want to I want to help people lower Louisville and the things I can do you think you and I just wanted thank you.

We tell you all the time how much of an impact Weiner life that I don't think you ever truly know for each one of us how much you done in foreign symmetry.

Bless us play continue to do that, for others it is been so grateful to have you do this, we thank you Merv for bringing in all the services you do to the elderly and disinvited him back next week and have another topic and conceives of Boot Camp mask injury, November 7-10 MCSE can be great guys. Like many see you next week

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