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Do Unto

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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September 7, 2019 12:30 pm

Do Unto

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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September 7, 2019 12:30 pm

Most people at some point in their life has heard the Golden Rule. But do we really understand what that means? Well just like ogres, this topic has layers. With the help of clips from "Shrek," the guys will discuss Do Unto and how it applies in your walk with God. So grab your gear and be blessed, as we take a closer look at The Golden Rule, right here on The Masculine Journey Radio Show.

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This is good Truth Network every man is one usually feel that way. Jesus speaks of narrow gauge boardrooms. The masculine journey is filled with many question turns.

So how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a way when life feels more like a losing battle and something worth dying for, grab your gear, request your band of brothers will serve as the guides recall masculine journey masculine journey starts here now walking vasculature to have you with us today. I started laughing. I think it is watch the worst grace I've ever stated my life will try to communicate back and forth with the team here that was playing and not talking over. I don't think we communicated. We did move her hands and it was yeah I do enjoy the change was likely that this is a great show week we got some awesome clips with clips from Shrek yeah I'm excited is better than coach, especially when it's so provoking is the topic that we have today which is the golden rule, which is what we've heard all our lives, but I wonder if you know I was sort of provoked to go look at this just completely and contact leave out everything I ever thought about the golden rule and just dive into it and read what it says and then what is exactly does that mean I'm supposed to actually do an end of the operating word here that I was trying to say that Harold it it doesn't say anything about treat it says do it says. Therefore, whatever you want men to do to you, do also. For them, exactly, do also to them for this is the law and the prophets like wow and so there in was a challenge to me like I really had that backwards.

I think it's in the context of how you were brought up to interpret is even reading those words without looking at it completely differently.

I'm always getting here at the same way when I heard that my whole life. My mama mom sent when I was little you doing others as you have been doing to you anything right and but however I interpret that as a kid without looking at it freshly the way you can help us do today.

I still always interpret the way I have been, which had been wrong. For me it was more of a, I'm not going to go do that to somebody because I don't want them to do that to me what I'd really like to show that person. I'm angry right now but I don't want to because I don't want retribution in a kind of thing I'm not gonna speak ill because I don't really want to have that come back at me type thing in more of a and I don't go there and that's not what the thing says right which is where I found myself was like well don't commit adultery.

Don't and and there were a lot of don'ts, but there weren't a whole lot of dues and in an hour and I found myself in that same situation, but and and then if I didn't think of the word do I thought of the word love because it's supposed be love your neighbor as yourself.

Now we'd the word love is not in that particular note, it's implied like my child says, but the word itself is it's not in there it, but the word do is is right there to provoke you to what's in some other ways. Using people of misinterpreted this particular passage in Iran.

He had one before the show.

We talked about all yeah it's really easy to for me to say to Jack justifying what I my actions are so there've been many times in my life when I going to easily come in and say well I know the golden rule doing others as you want them to do on you. So when somebody does something wrong to you that must be the how you want to be treated. Therefore, now I'm justified in treating you wrongly and just twisted.

I completely got back at you had a twisted identity. If you maybe you like oh I'm one of the biblical and think that that is that is in your minds. Like you said my mom said it many times they can because I didn't treat people well and shows Yoshikawa points out very nicely in lines of the half or 9232 golden license at the golden rule bright find out is just a golden license. I like that were talking about doing course, you read the Scriptures and find all the places where Christ talked about doing out about going the extra mile even a couple cold water so it's not anything strange that he would say to do onto others what you would have them do onto you but to me it's a positive thing that it's looking for what can be done for the other person for their benefit, not looking at what I can avoid but that's that's the side that I choose to look at it and then there's the whole philosophy of today that you see out there on hundreds them, for they do to me right you give him a chance and I'm a jump on it and and go there, but we have some great clips from Shrek. We need to get to it. And what's so great about the animated clips as you don't expect it from right you know you just you not really expecting some deep life philosophy. This is full, especially from an ogre and a donkey tell us about this first letter later without no donkey apparently is not had a lot of friends in his life.

We don't know is hold back story at this point, but we know that he feels lonely and he's reaching out to this ogre for friendship and the ogre really does not know exactly what to do that because the ogres made some agreements will talk about later in the show where if you put up walls. You nobody's gonna be able to do unto you, because you can't get to you knowing about donkey I guess is a lady that had him took him to turn in because he wouldn't shut up very thrilling experience of and listen to the clip was really great that the middle showed up in typical sales like baby that really may be a good that's great. It's good to be free now what you go celebrate your freedom with your own friends, but I don't have nutrient and I'm not going out there by myself for the mean Green fight missing that was really scary if you might be saying don't work your job in the knees and take take some visual risk. My note very mad at them strong identity why are you following me after you whack cost all alone is no one he saddened me. My problems have all gone. There's no one to Brad and he `saving.

No wonder you don't have anything only true friend would be that truly listen little donkey take a look at me what time I really tell. No, no you know you have your torch and benchmarks does not bother you don't really really really oh man I like you questioning Shrek Strake that you strict okay when nobody thinks of me thing like devastating injury. It's relatable and that Sam absolutely it is.

And I think that's what makes it so funny is you you known somebody like that are maybe been somebody like that once while in your life and and and and it's real it's just an authentic dialogue between people, you, and awfully often here exactly and in donkey is interestingly attempting to meet Anita.

He has, but he's actually doing something to meet the need that that trek has that Shrek find a while before he realizes he hasn't been there not an outlet different in some ways you know and I think donkey probably sees that more so than contractors and and I really think it. Jesus was getting at something here that I only saw her recently that by doing for other people.

He's putting you into community right in order for me to our current DNA you went to clinic visit Jimmy and then nursing home yesterday and like wow you know that's pushing into community but had you sat back before you went your first boot camp. You know you had a Shrek thing going on. You had kind of a wall deathly didn't you known it thing is that it feels safe behind that wall down.

But there's no life behind the wall.

That's a trade-off and and so you know if as we move further into this, you know, obviously donkey has to have a discussion with Shrek about the wall so this is where he talks to them about being alone right exactly a shrink do we get asked want anyway. How are swamped know through rescuing the princes and all the steps we don't keep this know we there's no outlier there's just me and my swamp. The first thing I gotta do is build a 10 foot wall around my land, you cut me deep streak can be a deep dyspnea. Think I think this whole wall thing is just way to keep the money out you think you had something nevermind donkey is another one of those onion faded know this is one of those drop it and leave it alone things about. Why do you want to talk about take. I'm not blocking this yacht donkey going to give it a trick one okay now we get in some way.

P English feel proud and true but you gotta get the whole really look, I'm not the one with the problem.

Okay, it's a world that seems to have a problem with me. People take one look at me and go big stupid ugly Olga. They judge me before the even know me.

That's one bedroom from the agreements and there are just like all my goodness I'm better off alone in the big ugly over you know unfortunately for that ice. I see myself in all those treatments and I know I've said well I think the there's times in her life. We still try to isolate and do that we need to think about our our greater community and how I think several of us over the times of, if not physically tied trying to isolate from from the group. We've emotionally tried isolate and I really don't even talk about this right now. You know I don't enter in enforcing the group and let us I think blocking Sam hi, I am think I have had I not getting his boot camp coming up November 7-10 masking journey to register for any units can be a great time for God to come in exposing these agreements deleted to some healing and have a great time with other guys.

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First, I have come close off like each person is kind of chipped away at this feeling I was having to wait this mask I was hiding behind now if you don't know if you don't know actually quite fitting because you know in donkey's own way.

You know he's calling out Shrek throughout the thing in and in. He doesn't take no for an answer. I mean he can.

He keeps coming as a friend. In spite of the rejection even though it was cut deep.

Sam is and I don't know if you I'm hoping that at some point in time you have been in a community like this or are you or you would look forward to a community like this, but one of the things that will invariably happen is some misunderstandings and miscommunication. Satan will get in there and he will have something that you think it was set a certain way, but it was completely something different and what's happening here to set it up, but it's really any relationships in the face that Dallas trip.

So if you're in life face to keep faith in this case, Shrek is overheard. Donkey and Fiona which is if you cannot seem Shrek why not. But Fiona is a woman/over princes who is beautiful, but turns an auger at night and so she was talking about herself being an ugly creature. She overhears donkey and Fiona talking and so Shrek thinks that donkey has stabbed him in the back and called an ugly ogre but when in fact Fiona was talking about herself and so donkey now. He really handles this very well at an and you see the situation at how many of these in my in right this minute where I really need to forgive somebody or I need to call out forgiveness like donkey does here with Shrek, donkey, what are you doing I would think of all people, you would recognize a well when you see one well yeah but the law supposed to go around my swamp not through. It is around you see that your happiness is my hand know your half. Yes my half.

I helped rescue the princess. I did half the work I get half the movie Mohammed had to go right back off know you back all this is my swamp. And yet will you you know you was always me the be so mean to me you don't appreciate me away. Yeah you so bad you came back because that's what friends do you have a job you you like donkey I forget first black onion bought young feelings away. Fiona was like, maybe even love you love me. She said I was laying creature of the two of you talking wasn't talking about you. She was talk about somebody else wasn't talking about me talking no way I'd seen it. Listen to me right Don K no okay look I'm sorry I am sorry. I guess I'm just a big stupid Leo, can you forgive me, friends, a far right right friends friends how that's it's a beautiful scene in them in so many different ways in donkey's building's wall, but in his heart he still come in after Shrek and and and he is really doing something under that that is you know not just doing form.

He's eased befriending him and in you know how cool is that when somebody comes after you with that kind of friendship for that kind of loyalty with that kind of availability. I think what you you find in donkey.

The only finding really deep friendships and and people that are comfortable in themselves is the ability to step out and speak authentically without an agenda down in the clip right before this one is talking about being alone in donkey is completely going afternoon going after his heart and he won't let it go, not because donkey want something to eat, other than he wants freedom for Shrek and I think that's really really cool. Yeah, donkey wants a friend in track, but that's not what I see anyway, and it is, is the motive motive is I want my friend to have freedom from this this agreement is now this thing that's keeping him hostage. What donkey understands is it have friends, you gotta be a friend through and wanting to be an all-star organic slave to get paid so IIS is I was challenged by this verse of what could I do for others what it whatever that other may be that I was you know what can I literally do God you pray, but what would I do that I really really would want you to my friends to do for me at and as I thought about that personally. It was to spot my glory, where I reflected God, something that really where you saw me entering into my relationship deep with God and pushing me in that direction.

And so I look for movie clip and I found this one from the movie the blind side and this lady had taken young or indoor house and you know in and she got to know a little bit.

She's pretty outspoken as he got a chance to play football against for those we have not seen the movie the guys about 610 about 400 pounds. He's a giant guy is not playing very hard at the point that we take up this particular clip and so to figure out where his glory was sheet sheet-metal. He figured it out called it out and it's pretty awesome.

You can keep her back released a device to be terrified to realize his emotional targeting plays like Jane practice Leanne thank me later.

You remember when we first met, we went to that horrible party turned by district close sounds a little bit scared. He told me not to worry about because you have anyone try to get to me you would've stopped in my wing even yesterday when a car wreck did you do to the airbag stop that you stopped at the stop steam is your family. Michael you have to protect them from those guys. Okay, I protect his blind side when you look at him he think of me have my back how you have his okay here is when you look at him you think of SJ never let anyone or anything hurt him standing time localities and listen to me on the team to even protect family. Michael is doesn't work very like when you say to get to know your prayers very tested 90% and protected us and you can thank me later this later just as beautiful as she knew his glory, and she called it out now.

Wish there would've been a clip like that worry you would've seen her praying into it and and and and and and actually, pushing towards God and his glory to get the full extent, but I didn't think for movie like that would fit the bill, but that's it. If I could do that for my friends because it truly is no well I think it's there so many things when you are closely with one or more people. You truly have that deep friendship that you read realizing that other person to call you out in ways to call you out when you're being an idiot you know any any not seeing things clearly are to speak truth in your life to speak.

Open your life. I mean there's all these things that God allows us to do for one another. We just have to be willing to step in and do any make such a complete statement.

He says this is the whole law and the prophets. I mean this is the whole enchilada. This is the whole deal is is for you to do something for your name to the literally do something and and there you get the whole deal which for them that the law and the prophets is the word mitzvah. It has to do with the way you know so when a Jewish boy turns 13. He has a bar mitzvah and bar meaning for the Hebrew term for son and so is like son of the mitzvah well who's the son of the way. I mean the Jesus was the way the truth and life.

And so here he's giving you the way and it's very seeing that he's given it to anyone little package anything right here. This so how do we practically do that in our lives when what right so now we know little more about it. What do we do differently what we do more the same of that we were doing a little bit of before. Because it's it's what you do with the knowledge now get off the couch knowing it's easy to sit on the sidelines and not me… To a she's couscous out there and just said that dumb coach he does know what is doing.

She entered in no we are going out to take risk in our lives. We are going to have to put ourselves out there little bit and go do something, you may have to tell somebody something they don't like like donkey and Shrek yelled going on and arguing and fighting over but you have to enter and do not have to take some action you are willing to take risk right willing to step out and speak truth in love.

Maybe not that far off when God says you know love your neighbor.

Maybe that's just the action of the whole action is her pelvis and earlier is the living part, you demonstrate that love you doing here, how would I know if I was to be observing what was going on, how what I know. I'm sure that prayer is involved in trying to find out from God both and also pray for that person hope that he'll give you some idea of how to do that and begin a prayer for absolutely free for your quick data display right now for listeners lead their hearts into this topic and we keep one of the lives to lead them through things as well to renew my faith payment

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