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In Doubt

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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September 14, 2019 12:30 pm

In Doubt

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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September 14, 2019 12:30 pm

The Journey is on once again my friends. This week the guys are discussing doubt. Is doubt truly a prelude to joy? Could it be that doubt can be as sustaining as certainty? With the aid of clips from the films " Doubt," " Gladiator," and "Madagascar," these questions among others will be analyzed. So grab your gear and be blessed, as the band of brother's quest takes them through what it means to be In Doubt.

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This is the Truth Network of every man is usually feel that way. Jesus speaks of narrow gates in life with a masculine journey is filled with many twists and turns.

So how do we keep from losing hard trying to find a wife feels more like a losing, request your band of brothers will serve as the guys recall masculine journey masculine journey starts here now. Glad to have you with us today and I got to say I don't have any doubt you stop I know is a little corny. Not like, yeah, yeah, but what you will know what we don't talk about today.

Rob you I like the topic it's called in doubt yeah it's about doubt it. I was watching a Netflix show. It was like a documentary kind of thing. Now the whole five episodes. I got one little sentence out of it that there was a statement made them just construct me my start talk about it last week and became the topic for this week and the and the statement was doubt is the prelude to joy like okay I don't know that I really agree with that. That's actually what exactly you said last week. I don't know that I agree with my media responses that was repulsive like no you know but boy is high when you had a chance to just wallow around in that little statement there for a week or so. You may change your view on absolutely and as Christians know the question becomes will we have doubts, you know I am. And that's a good question. That's really the center first clip is from a movie with the title of the movie called out in its Philip Seymour Hoffman is back to the past with a few years back and he plays a priest and is given a sermon and he's talking about this topic of doubt want to listen to it will come back and talk about what to tell your story sank one night the choir went down sailor's of our life is about ready to sail and being on the nautical discipline turned his eyes to the heavens, and let the stars he set a course for his home and exhausted. Fell asleep.

Clouds rolled in 29 he could no longer see store is no way to be certain, and as the days rolled on and the sailor wasted away. He began to have doubts said his course was he still going on port or was he horribly lost and terrible noise. The message of the constellations that imagined because of his desperate circumstance or had seen truth once and now had to hold onto without further reassurance. There those of you in church today.

You know exactly the crisis of faith I describe and I want to say to you, doubt can be a bond is powerful and sustaining as certainty when you are lost, you are not alone in the name of the father the son the Holy Ghost was another one of the statements and when I heard it says in there. It's like yeah I don't know that I care that's that sounds like not public like this should said there you know that doubt can be as Wendy say something sustaining is certainly a bond bond and you think about that. You say how can that possibly be true. And Ravi said initially when we made the statement last week after the show were talking I told you guys that quote from the TV show isn't repulsed. You why because you know that John whole James thing that you know the man whom doubts is double minded man.

You know that how's God can add, if you don't believe it is going to do it and in the course William Col. in his book the farmer God. He makes a huge deal about doubt that that it's one of things it really upsets God. We believe he can't come through and it's almost like the trail so you know that's kind of a scary thing and and that was my initial take on this.

But whoa, that this is a rabbit hole we can go down there.

There's lots of layers to it. You know there's lots of opportunity for us to talk about this topic, you talk about it from the spiritual warfare side we go back.

Adam and Eve right and the enemy goes right at them with doubt, you can't really trust the heart of God. That's really what he's trying to convey to them God's holding out on you. That type of thing and so his home mission is to create doubt and I promise if you think back over your life. We talked about it before the show. That's been the theme of the attacks brownies had not been a theme that you felt it from time to time, you feel it, not just from time to time that would it's way more often meets its daily.

It's just a part of our lives. And that's the hard part really get a hold of his trying to grasp a hold of theirs doubt constantly. Where is it when is it coming. That's the great thing about my first boot camp and agreements in doubt and understanding how there is this recognition that has to happen if you go to combat it and come out of it or you go down the wormhole and just keep going deeper and deeper in the slot and Satan pull you in and saying you're no good. I can't do this, you have some power within you. It's called the Holy Spirit and Jesus and father all with you just use them. Go with them know that there with you and their strength. It's helped me so much to be able to recognize things walk out of those places where I get that doubt that it jumps out I can do this just hit you.

What is not when you're expecting your thinking about it right so you're just going through a lot you're trying to work in the yard you're trying to have a conversation with your spouse and the doubts you as you think that only happens to younger Christians as we get more mature interface to that still happen to us and around them that in your younger Christian that's not my point. Unite is some logic would say well obviously even pass at the older you get them going. Our resident expert Harold Harold, do you guys as being the eldest in the group and I'm not easy at the point you know you've lived a lot more life than we have no interest.

Centennial year is still at times find yourself the places where there's opportunity for doubt. Oh sure, but fortunately most often it's not doubting God's doubting me. But the thing that Trotter alone is the fact that God as Trinity.

There is no limit to how far he will go try to save his children.

There's absolutely no limit, and that was shown with crossed on that cross. So when we have doubt. I think all we have to do is recognize the God we serve. In doubt can go away with herself doubt which I really think that we need to have self-doubt so that we will rely upon Christ and the Holy Spirit. If if we're so sure of our self and have no doubt.

And why do we need a Holy Spirit to help us units. It's a great question.

In either out of the spirit of authenticity eminent share little bit of the story unite.

I've been on a faith journey for a lot of years and and I continue to grow and have lots of opportunity for more growth as God continues to show me but I had a few weeks back were a good friend of mine looked like they were to have a serious health issue NASA for about 24 hour. It really caused me to question God to be quite honest, because this person that I know loves God with all their heart would do anything for God is as faithful as they come to God, you know, and there was this part of me that later recognize it was the devil in throwing things at me like will know if God would do that that person can be really trusting me that's that's what I was battling right. It took about 24 hours for me to really push through that it took time for me to say you not know any minute.

Let me anchor back on truths from the past. I didn't know what the outcome would be importuning the outcome. What was was good for my friend and their health regardless of the outcome needed to push through that you know that the only way to get through that for me at the time was to realize all the other times that I had opportunities for doubt or maybe I did doubt slightly and God came through so this is been a recent season for you right with this this. Doubt yeah within the last two weeks right.

Think about where you would've been early in your Christian walk with that strong of something hitting you like that, that's it. I was a strong doubt. Without all those other little doubts big doubts of the doubts that happened throughout your life that built you up to be able to handle that moment for 24 hour period rather than who knows six months to year. Who knows what you know, how long does that shake you and rattle you what if it did turn out to be even worse. I think a lot of that has to do with how long you live in the agreement. Yes, you know, as long as you allow that agreement to be the truth. You could live in a terrestrial life and that's what I learning about that at the national dream exam will get into that for those who don't know what an agreement is Satan's throne out a statement that he wants you to agree with him.

And when you agree with a lot you're essentially the antichrists you know you're you're coming up against what is the truth in this lie we didn't have to do with a person's health and to doing God's heart rate like God's covenant truly take care of those he loves you love him, who really love and and that was where Satan was trying to get you did to buy that and when you reject that demands that break that agreement and all the sudden God's light can, fill up the valley absolutely and in and Liam is always easy accuser of the brethren right he's always making accusations but is making those accusations against your heart yes, but against God's heart because trying to divide between you and your father and that's his whole goal is to get in that place a doubt where you're just living in that agreement. Your believing something less about yourself or something less about God's was a tie that anchor to take you down with right and the longer that we live there unite probably have met people are Harold you may know some people that you know as a gotten older. They got more more bitter you can see that happen, but as I was thinking about this topic and often times it said doubt would want to bring up Thomas calling doubting Thomas a biblical character that they had even more doubt, Joe. I think the book of Job exercise daily without medical talk a bit more about Job asking journey to register for the upcoming boot camp. Talk about agreements and talk about all these things lead to a deeper walk with Christ in God. To some amazing things Robbie Gilmore here in the truth network podcasts of help make my pillow the company it is today, and now Mike Lindell, who by the way, I've met is a great guy, the inventor and CEO of my pillow wants to get back to our listeners for the first time you can get deep discounts on all my pillow products. If you go to my right now, and click on the new radio listener special who never thought that my dream job would be selling my pillows babe, you're getting tired of these sleeping doubts, but you can get deep discounts on my pillows, mattress toppers, bedsheets, and so much more. For example, the body pillow is regularly 89, 99, but with a promo code get truth it's only 2999 remember all my pillow products, the 60 day moneyback guarantee in a 10 year warranty. Just go to my and click on the new radio listener specials and get deep discounts on all my pillow products including the body pillow for only 2999 enter promo code to get truth or call 800-942-9613 these great radio specials same. My son Eli talked about ways you can help support Lily where you can click the donate button tweaking it meant something, PO Box 557 what God does journey radio closed off like the first is kind of shift away feeling I was having to wait this mask. I was hiding behind me. That was just for you agree Bonnie rate and what an amazing song I've never heard that song before, and you heard that one. I recall it yeah I found it when I was looking up songs and for the month and she sings about you and I don't understand life, but it was pretty hard understand what she simply say, Lord, please don't make it too easy because I needed to shine your light on my shadow of doubt now than it gets to that whole idea of Prelude to joy right how doubt could actually be that right because unless I faith face doubts.

I don't have opportunities for faith unless I step in the faith to find the joy on the other side of his presence is fullness of fullness of joy or you know is if we take on Madagascar Arthurs, you know, yeah, I'm pretty sure Jesus is right in there somewhere with an animated clip so it is little to Madagascar.

If you would. Well, I thought it would be good that a little humor humor in the mix here is what we have in Madagascar are is a group of zoo animals that have found themselves on the island of Madagascar are and their wild animals, but interestingly they have doubts about whether not they can handle the wild unit which is not unlike ourselves with it were designed for this battle but will we know we have doubts as to whether or not we can handle it well they meet the lemurs and the lemurs have doubts about whether or not these giants which are a lot bigger than the lienor might eat them. And so the first thing is King Julia needs to devise a plan to make sure that these guys aren't succeeded because with out so he kicks the little furball crybaby into the Giants to see if they'll eat them and once realizing that then you know he can begin to find out who these guys are. And once that happens, you know, the people the zoo animals are wanting people because if they have people that is not wild and so unfortunately the people in Madagascar that they are finding that are dead and so here's what happens.

Wait, I have really devise the best to see whether these air scare you mom mom all they had just a bunch God made the King Julia 13 self-proclaimed etc. etc. the week.

Thank you is good for Jude JC away.

No denying of by trespassing about the sounds good look which is where the people are what big teeth you have instructed the freak, you must tell me what the heck are you I'm Alex just where are you giants from who were from New York and that we didn't use those where the people are is bozos have the people of God love the people in the very life he punched the city of any line people know only did one we had a lot of people you wouldn't be called the wild bear second fuzz bucket, you mean like like to live in a mud hut, wipe yourself with the leaf type wild okay rubbing delirious absolutely, but the doubts that are out there you know you in. In the case. If you watch the movie that it will lead to it as a prelude for King Julia memo whole group. They have a lot of fun.

After they get through their doubts, absolutely.

You know that that's we're talking about in the time that we there been a break in the ministry, we taking a break from from boot camp through and Ken had a little bit of a different team going in and we were going to be doing our first boot camp. You know, there were lots of opportunities for doubt, kindness, and honestly, in other words lot. I can't believe in and say how much opportunity there was for doubt and then there's doubts with each one of the boot camps opportunities form anyway. In the latest one we had three days before to camps ago, three days before the event. I told both my hamstrings, which led to him not eating being you. You couldn't lay down, sit down. He wasn't, I mean, here we go Sam's out and what my all my goodness yes was a couple different talks. We had Brian with Mary.

Mandy had to leave halfway through and Jim. I forget why all but almost everybody on the team with exception. Harold was there and Rodney. That was his first boot camp and that was where Corey got baptized yeah and and there was never so much opportunity for doubt. But there is when you walk into that journey in faith likely learn to do continue to do look forward to doing. Even though there are going to be doubts of his financial doubts will we get enough people to cover the boot camp to where we can pay for itself in our small ministry. Those types of things. There's all these opportunities and we've learned over time and and with God's being so faithful that words can push forward and we push into that and push past without stepping out in faith and every one of those boot camps are unique and every one of our joy is the joy that comes from the boot camps are just amazing. It's beyond description, seems like the one thing that I just recalled I can't remember who said it, but what they said was if you think you know your calling and you feel like you can do it, the chances are it's not your calling because God wants to pull you into something that's going to require him to come in beyond yourself and so if you didn't have the self-doubt that hit Harold was talking about then you wouldn't bring God into say I'm not I can do this without you had that that boot camp that actually at the break.

You heard Corey was my guys talk about this boot camp experience right now that was a guy that came in that wasn't even a Christian and you can hear the agreement and I thought it was stupid. These people do not want to talk to me now. This is not to be fun he had a break all those agreements in and that that boot camp ended with his baptism, in which is quite amazing and in his relationship with Christ. Afterwords was fullness of joy. I mean, you could not help but note that that in his case, you know there was all kinds of doubt that was a prelude to phenomenal joy. Some of the neatest things I've seen and in your sent epidemic I am. I think I think we have enough time. How much time do we have yet we have time to cook going to go ahead and set up the gladiator clip. Yeah, yeah, I thought, I think it's absently brilliant, but here you have a slave in the agreement that he's made here and you'll hear clearly in the agreement that here I am a slave. I can't do anything to save Rome. I can't do anything to affect anything in a course. Anybody who's ever been at Christian knows there a slave to sin, to certain extent and trying to break through that I can't be any use for the kingdom of God. While gladiator found out today I see only to amuse them all these controls finally get nice to if I can understand the arena tomorrow and I may switch principal things we listen to cook a few times a didn't really realize she was doing she is speaking back into his identity issues reminding him. You know your situation may be, or a slave that doesn't change who God created you to be and I think their times. We have situations that happen in our life.

Things we don't understand things we can't make sense of. We think changes who we are in God's eyes are who God is, in the grand scheme of things, but it doesn't. And that's where that doubt comes and that's where the enemy gets a foothold with a lie.

That's what he's gonna throw the little fishhook out there, and Terry gonna take the bait and saw through the Scriptures crying. I mean it was thrown out for Abraham.

It was thrown out for David it was certainly thrown out for Peter. You know there on the beach Moses, you know, you name it. In the end the deal is, is God's the hero the still and we can go back and realize that wow he put us here and he's gonna be with us. I think you know we just have to realize that those doubts are going to come out of us from different angles and they're gonna look different in their gonna feel true. That's the thing about the enemies lies, he throws out enough of the truth to get you to buy into it does give you the whole truth.

He may throw out something that feels very true. You can't really fight against any lien of the whole save for all this is the face that doubt whether to data yourself like I told you doubt of God back into what is that what I am believing right now what is that thing that's seems to me to believe and it's going to come back to this trust of God's heart. You can find it, you can push past that you can move in the place of faith move on to the masculine journey to register for the upcoming boot camp November 7-10.

Would love to see you there. It's can be a great time basking journey

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