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October 12, 2019 12:30 pm


The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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October 12, 2019 12:30 pm

This week's topic is all about hiding, more specifically hiding in Christ. But what does that mean? Well friend, you're in the right place to find out. The guys are using clips from the movies "Sky High," and "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days" to help illustrate their thoughts. Be sure to check out the all new Masculine Journey website at So grab your gear and be blessed, right here on the Masculine Journey Radio Show.

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This is the Truth Network of every man his life as it usually feel that way. Jesus speaks of narrow life masculine is filled with many quests and journeys. So how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a way life feels more like a losing battle and something worth dying for, grab your gear, request band of brothers will serve as the guides recall masculine masculine start here now. Luckily, masculine journey. Very glad to have you with us and I say that every week, but I mean it every single week. I'm glad to be here with you guys.

It's always such a pleasure for the week when you get time with my friends and and so we like to spend time with each other and with you, so thank you for listening to us today, and today Robbie we are going to be talking about a topic that says we shouldn't do something, then maybe later we say we should not so confusing is that a yes. I really had a sort of a breakthrough this week on this subject.

The subject matter. This week is hiding and we talk about that at boot camp and one of our toxins on the poster of whether you know people put on a mask and and try to hide behind the mask in that kind of thing but just take the straight hiding without composing thinking that we've never really discussed that particular subject.

Today before today.

I got it all right so I heard a sermon this week and it was just outstanding where the pastor made reference to you know there in Genesis 3 where Adam says well I was afraid because I was naked so I hid and you know clearly he's been through a whole lot means there and is strictly from the enemies hiding that's you know that's his poses. The is the fig leaf. But what that pastor said was the correlating passages is there in Colossians chapter 3, specifically verse to talk about. To keep your mind on things above and not on things below and talk about how your life is hidden in Christ and all of a sudden it was like oh because I did actually teaching on that same passage in mind special needs class and I had been wondering what is that exactly mean to be hidden in Christ and all of a sudden it was just like oh yeah, that the accusers one to choose your eye Jim yes and I just had a little bit of a revelation as you said that if were hidden in Christ and that mean that people see Christ instead of us exactly you tell me that earlier.

Now I'm sorry, but to be in the beauty of that is that there's lots of angles that talk a little bit today we you know we got a clip in one of the things that's interesting about hiding versus posing is quite often year gifted in doing something is actually your glory is actually a way that you reflect God, but you have discovered that that makes other people really uncomfortable when you really stand out and show what it is that you're good at it you that you make him envious or or you might find that you upset him.

There's all sorts of ways that your glory is also occur so here we have seen from the more you go to the clip. The thing that might've happened is they tried to show it before they been hurt right right and so they tried to step into that place where they felt like they were stepping into the glory living kinda smack down and so united it's probably one of the one of the tonight start interrupt now know that is.

It's a critical point and I think it's in his people, may prove amazing. Look, I've tried and I can do that again and so there's a neat movie called sky high is actually a Disney movie at where these superhero kids are going to like a superhero training camp. They've all got powers and Emily got to determine up front of this tribunal cochairs going to decide whether or not there parables are in others powerful powers are big enough to be a hero or a sake kick and so here we have an example of of somebody want to hide their glory as you may know me as you may not. Here's how power placement is the work you will step up here and show me your power. Yes you will do so in front of the entire class. I will then determine where you will be assigned hero or side. Now every year there are refuse to answer as I like to call them liner babies seem to question and to complain about their placement.

So let's get one thing straight. My word is law. My judgment is final.

So there will be no wine or tasks history. 2013. With brightly that's pretty impressive applicable you. Let's go using my powers in a situation you're in luck. This is the situation and I'm demanding flight system here is economy only serves to get this straight. Are you refusing to show me your powers are complicated starting is not cool and you know any mess you've ever had to stand in front of the class you know to do whatever it it's it's humiliating and leave an impression it is it's very it's very hard to step out of that place of uncomfortableness because you feel like you're in your own unknowns, get your back if you fail boy everybody's in see it in onset is a very risky place to be. Knowing you were talking earlier will talk after the break. More about this hiding in Christ but I didn't envision them seeing Christ as much as I figure just being I sought is being enveloped right you know so like this force field superhero sidekick so guys to tell people the topic of hiding we talk about hiding glory hiding from others hiding from God. You know what what what you mean by that for me. You know, one of the really really revealing things that happened at boot camp was we played paintball on first boot camps in all I was trying to understand this message and clearly never played paintball before was never in the military so I had no idea in the end as soon as the game was on. You know I didn't want to get shot. So I found the biggest hole I could find and climbed down in there and try to hide tried to hide tried to hide and all ended up happening was. I sat in fear throughout the game then got shot and I didn't know where the bullet came from. So the next game I decided to change my strategy little bit. I'm not to hide quite so much. But still worked in fear that got shot and I'm like that now listed.

This is the strategy mean if I just sit here in fear and in hiding, then I'm getting all the pain and I'm not getting any enjoyment of the game. It was only when I began to realize that I had to get out there and charge the field to some extent, to enjoy the good, the adventuresome speak, to come out of the foxhole and in and in its amazing how that correlates to life as you begin to come out of the foxhole it is you and the more that we set in hiding in and out. That analogy does work, the more we just get to sit in fear. That's over hiding in the more we set in pain and the more ammunition we give the enemy to sit there and pelt us the whole time I think about Adam you hiding in the bushes you know and so he's hiding in the bushes. But you gotta believe that the enemy wasn't leaving them alone and he's there whispering time he's there telling him look at what you done, you need to hide from God. You know you you can't seriously after all that you're going to stand in front of him right in a after all your naked and all the things that he might've been hearing access what we hear.

That's what causes us to hide so geysers conformist at the table at what's hiding looked like at times for you.

My biggest hiding places behind humor is when you don't have to dress an issue and thinking of the superhero sidekick.

I'm much more comfortable sidekick. You don't give me the responsibility of being superhero so mine is taken aback, so I'm not going to get out of the game, but I'd rather not be in the frontline and a link on the line for you so that I sit here thinking you know, just as he has her share and I just thought about you know what has happened in the last two years since I joined masking journey been part of the boot camp and on the radio show. So just my history of where I would hide and it wasn't it just was a scary place for me as I can remember as a kid up is probably four years old Christmas play. I ran to the front. In appeal for my mom, you know, like I did want to be in front of anybody take me to take it to senior in high school I was really you know I was a football player who had respect I was asked got kinda guy. So I got respect from the team within it came to a point where I needed to share with the boosters a little bit about the football team. At this mean I just did a horrible job so I was only struggle with that point of being able to really get out there and just be a voice and have something to say and even just over time. You know, as part of the ministry of just that's came out to where I can share about anything at anytime now and and you know in a group setting, public speaking, I'm not eloquent, I'm not great but I'm not afraid to do it and I think that's an opportunity really not hiding anymore. I'm coming out and letting God's glory in a flow-through Mesa. For me it's it's changed over the years. I would say there is a period of my life.

You know, especially some of my story that I was in a hide and no one is going ever know about parts of my story right now and take that to my grave and that's what it literally what I tell myself and God wouldn't allow that to happen in so unique put me in places where I needed to share those things for my own healing and that was great, but I'm finding that I can also be very authentic and share some stuff, but also not be vulnerable in it and I'm finding that I got a learn to be more vulnerable as I can share a lot of things is not as unsafe anymore right you guys can show me and I can share these things that can be okay, but that's still different than letting people in letting people bring into intimacy with you. And so for me I'm hiding at times when I won't put down the wall and let the intimacy in ultimately essay that is being worse than being a poser is a least as a poser you're engaged. If you pull out your assignment conference call for members who they are I are rock, nylon all on my own that I will have to have any engagement with others – you magically explain latest, the worse the closer we website masking You drop the radio part not drop in the radio masking you can register for the boot camp was a podcast. Everything is good on the other website.

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I never heard the song before had I have been a while, and allowing a song that is it's very good and continues to be even better is a song just it cannot coax right up my heart because this is I can't help but think of me hiding 20 want to take a paintball ALS. Nothing compared to where I hide in relationships and it's so convoluted you know how we do it at time so we have a clip here from actually a chick flick. We don't use all that often. But you know what happens is the best once it really is. It's called how to lose a Guy in 10 days and the setup is very convoluted.

You got a woman who is writing a column decides to write a column who thinks she knows how to play the game alive and all the stuff and she's can assure you she can show her friend Auch how to lose a Guy in 10 days so she doesn't make those mistakes is essentially what you can do, but she doesn't care about the guy she just wants to prove her point that she's got and I got what it takes to to make all that happen, on the other side of the equation you got this guy who is convinced his team that he could make any girl fall in love with him in a short period of time and that if he does that then he wins his end of the bad and he and his career takes off in the nonselling diamond business so you know both of them completely. Have crazy motives in this relationship and they're both hiding a gigantic secret.

But then, as would happen, you know, they begin to touch, intimacy, and they begin to touch a place that oh you know I really want somebody to see me. I don't want to be totally hidden.

I don't want to be a fraud. I want to be authentic and and and it end and things begin to take off in the movie but at this point in the movie the girl is got her friends to act to completely pose to be a shrink and that she's convinced her boyfriend. You know he's trying to make her fall in love with her and she's trying to get him to dump her and so she said to The script all supposed to be a shrink and and of course she charges her very liberally for that and you know try to set this up to where she could lose this guy through this and that same time he's trying to prove to her that you know he can handle whatever she can dish out so here he got started and how you plan on paying for the session.

$300 300 County, seven days. Interesting. Is it too soon to see a therapist lifetime anything like a week. How can we not have a gulf between you first realize that you are attracted to other men say space look as she said I like women okay just happened that way.

I'm hearing a lot lately and not our age. Like I caused a deep breath. He can before many times we left allowing any five seconds ago I'm gay pathological flirt which one is it any another woman you got more than enough personalities to keep me completely TEE did that she did not impact my mother my mother talk to my mother is been a week with what you like to get so there I guess I'll take on Jim's thought that it is worse than I am a rock and truly truly hiding really not even involved in any relationship you know when you're out to take advantage of people and take advantage of their emotions and to me that you know you that's more despicable on the line despicable. But you know sin is sin, and obviously you know for me I can remember well that when I was in want to be a rock want to be an island you not ask a few girls out and gotten turned down a man that that was hurtful, hurtful, hurtful place and I wasn't just so anxious to go out there and and and do that again but had I not done I would not have any life you know that for me personally. You know why I was didn't want to be alone. II wanted to have a family and all those things in it and it takes coming out of the foxhole and ready to take a few paintballs and those paintballs will hurt but the intimacy that's available is worth. When you go back to that movie.

If they do go to Staten Island and they forget for a period of time that they're supposed to be in right doing this thing in the and they show themselves to one another right to quit hiding and that's when intimacy occurs. And so that's the key that you can't hide and have intimacy and we talked over the value of the hiding in the midst of intimacy married for number of years you know 20+ years and in the midst of that I when I look back and I I have a clear head. Looking back, there was a lot of hiding that I did in the midst of that times that I didn't speak up that I probably should have her times a day made the issue not the real issue right amended about something else now. I do love the quote in the movie have enough personalities is that we guys have not been well studied movie that occupied those intimate times you know he calls a lot in us to step up and the risk of being shot is so incredibly high. It feels like some eggs, hard to do that. But think about the unequally yoked issue. If we go back to the original point of that pastor was making that if your wife is in Christ and and you can actually be intimate with her in Christ. Your life is hidden in Christ with her but you know she's not there and endure just totally exposed to. You know all kinds of warfare or urine you know a situation with anybody like that in so you know it's it's an interesting challenge to figure out how to discern that but also what an opportunity. If you have a band of brothers Sam. You note to come in and allow them to help you hide your life in Christ of the people, like you said Jim when they see you.

They see the big man and inside that never was, and I was that I grew up from very young craving intimacy with a woman and an and everything I did was wrong until I was, hiding within I met my future wife and and I tell people you not died, married the first woman that took me seriously and my wife's response to lattice quite funny, says the jokes on you. I think everybody said about that. We've been through and it would been married 46 years and it's been a wonderful journey. I would give anything for, but it takes time to get that level with us and we had periods where we were just angry roommates, but it working through it get you to where you want to be. That's the whole point of not hiding and not posing can't work on it. If you're not being authentic.

It's not just that way with with humans, it's that way with God. Right if we find yourself trying to hide from God, you can't. You can't simultaneously hide it and pursue intimacy. The kingdom both you have to pick a path yeah so I'm coming I echo with Jim was just saying it's you know I desired that intimacy to but didn't know I was clueless on how to get there and – and why do you has been come along 15 years later. I don't know the unit that really makes a difference to be able to share an open letter lot things whenever one of the men's groups and stuff. I just didn't always, I didn't connect to the point where I can share those things and I think a lot of people think God is enough and he is but another sometimes we need to be pulled out by other people to be to to come out from under that hiding he'll use other individuals to do. Obviously we have to be free with family and I think about you know just what would've been like to be a part of the disciples. All those guys probably came with a lot of hiding in all the Jesus and just being around them in the intimacy had to of pulled out their authentic self, where they didn't feel the need to hide any longer and they they definitely from the way the Bible talks they had plenty to hide about, and that the challenge is that and if you talked about earlier and he is I don't know all the place that I'm finding you. Nine God keeps disrupting me in places but it's fascinating to me how the idea of battle showed me so much because if if I'd never played that paintball game. I really would not of understood that principal of that of how I was really trying to do my whole life. You know, not just not just in the paintball game, but this is the way you approach things in our play it safe yet and I can get hurt. I may not mean Bobby shared that story that was exactly my same experience of my first, play paintball, so that's our default. I think a lot okay.

The safest place to be used by were nobody else can see entering. That's the reality of real life, not just the game point paintball we go behind closed doors we get, you know, we go or what safe for us but you cannot be exposed to the life you canning a be exposed to love, intimacy, any of that without coming out from under the hiding think there's times when we step into that place of uncertainty will look at our group we stuck to the place of insert uncertainty that opens us up to God to share with our friends.

Confess your sins to one another right wing when we do that it opens us up to the place to let God work in our life I chose for each one of us this week is to go to guidance again where my hiding where my hiding from you are my hiding others were you calling me to step out in faith. Where can you show me that all these times you had my back and I didn't know it that I really had been hidden and you help me understand that concept even more deeply this week. I confide in you to register for the upcoming boot camp see a November 7-10. This can be a great weekend. Please do register… Either check out the website. Check out Facebook page changes there. See you next week

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