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A Father That's Immensely Interested In What I'm Interested In

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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October 19, 2019 12:30 pm

A Father That's Immensely Interested In What I'm Interested In

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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October 19, 2019 12:30 pm

You know what folks, God Loves you. I know you know that, but it never hurts to hear it. God, our father not only loves you, he's also interested in what you're interested in, and that is the topic of discussion on this episode. The clips this week come from the movies "Imagine that," and " A River Runs Through It." So grab your gear and be blessed right here on the Masculine Journey Radio Show.

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This is the Truth Network, the heart of every man is a great image or one doesn't usually feel that way.

Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads masculine journey is filled with many twists and turns. So how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a good way when life feels more like a losing battle than something worth dying for, grab your gear and come on a quest with your band of brothers will serve as the guides and what we call masculine journey masculine journey starts here now. Oh, I am looking forward to a show and I'm so glad you tuned in today to listen and join in the fun. We've got Sam actually is a is is like a cohost this time it's it's a unique situation Sam but actually live in the studio. Normally when you're talking first.

I'm on sabbatical summer recording you guys. At the beach or whatever but not here today. I just get a bit of a headache surroundings bailed me out. Now I'm still looking forward to laugh.

Got Harold I got Darren. I got Andy and we got just I hope you enjoy this topic as much as I am looking forward to talking about it.

I heard a John Eldridge podcast ransom heart podcast was just as you might imagine, is one of our favorites eat. He made a comment is kind offhand, and I just went there like he said we know the father is just intensely interested in what you're interested. I thought while that's true, man. I mean like if I'm out there flyfishing. I mean he knows the difference between Mike and Adamson and at any knows what a size 14 hook is made of brick trap. You look so beautiful you you not to get the thing which Dr. Harold and your into computer programming, and you're looking at a line of code you know God's all into those acts exes nose and he gave the ability to fund something like with it was just innate. I think it was a God given gift that enable me to write what I thought was good code meaning using the fewest number of instructions to accomplish the most accurate solution to the problem but it was fun absolutely target picture that it is face right. But in in in his world. I know I know Harold this was a delight. I mean it was a delight of the heart.

When you sought good code do what good code was posted. Yes I mean and it's kind of a beautiful thing and and Sam you know as soon as I gave you this topic, you immediately jump to this clip includes one from the movie called imagine that with Eddie Murphy in which he plays a father that's kinda what is his work ahead of his daughter. You know, in some disruptions coming his life.

As we talked about Samara often gathers, puts a disruption and takes him back to healthier place it on the journey with his daughter. But where we pick up this clip started him playing a game and look at some picture a picture that she's drawing and she shares with him.

She's concerned about an upcoming singing thing at school and her ability to do it, and as a father.

What's really cool is he recognizes that the something her heart desires and listen to how he goes after it takes you afraid of you excited about some guy will make you think you go mess up. You can't sing this you can whistle all you need is love GOING to be get you on stage. Stage in the audience to be deflected all the noise I came to show you that basic there\I/ASA is nothing you can do to can be done. Yes, you can do that can't be done in a single state to glassware distress.

Nancy and nothing you could do camping there is nothing you can think Higher Net Hi Hi Hi Loves to Electronic If You Can Learn Easy Sam. It Is Fascinating to Me.

We Use That Clip from a Completely Different Angle on How a Good Father Would Enter into Their Child's Life That We Never Thought about It at This Know Really Have a You Know I Was Thinking about This As We Talk about This Topic Last Week. I Ended up in Band Competition This Weekend. It Was 18 1/2 Hour Day. My Son Spent Most of That Time. I Just Got a Be around It. But You Know for Me Band Is Not What Makes My Heart Come Alive.

But As a Father Watching a Son Who That Is What Makes His Heart Come Alive Man. It Makes My Heart, for Him in on I Think about That I Think about Her Heavenly Father Just All the Things That You Know We Do You Know That Her Good Things Are Not Necessarily Church Things Percent for Saying That's Fishing Her Son, and God Gets Excited for Us for Our Passions for Our Hearts. And I Think It's Really Cool You. He Loves Us so Much, You Know, When We Talk to Guys about Entering into Their Kids World Will You Know We Don't Really Come up with That. We Just See God Doing That in Our World for You. This Topic Has Some to Do with Christmas Morning.

Yeah, I Mean so I've Spent a Good Amount of Time Working with Younger Guys and A Lot Of Times I See Younger Guys Who Are Passionate about Jesus and Passionate about Helping Others and Their Excited, and They Want to Do Some Great and They Get This Idea. This Is What I Want to Do and Then They Begin to Struggle with What Does God Want Me to Do Because They They Somehow or Another Begin to Feel like Will If I Do What I Want to Do That Might Not Be What God Wants Me to Do and While There's Thousands of Things That God Wants Me to Do.

Obviously, There Are Also Things That I Want to Do That, God Says, Yeah, Go for It and the Reason Is Is Because He Created Us, He Knows What He Created Us for He Knows How He Created Us. He Knows That You Know Everything about Us and so He Knows Those Things That Are Very Very Close to Our Heart or the Types of Things That Would Become Close to Our Heart and He Creates Us for That and so It's It's As If You Know Your Father and and You Ask Your Child Will What You Want for Christmas and Your Child Says Well Dad I You Know I Just Want What You Want for Me Dad I Don't I Don't Know I Don't Really Have a Desire Here. I Just Want Whatever You Want for Me Will Dad in Their Right Mind Would Be Excited about That Answer Not We Want Our Child to Go Ahead. I Mean, I Didn't Want a New Crossbow or I Want a New Shotgun or or I You Know, I'd Love to Have Z28 I Mean You Know It, and Whether or Not You Can Give Your Child Those Things for Christmas Is Not the Issue. The Issue Is, If Your Child Had No Desire outside of Just Pleasing You. You Would Think That Might Be Something Wrong. And While It's Good to Have the Desire to Please God and to and Take Have from Him What He Wants to Give Me There's Absolutely Nothing Wrong and There's Everything Right with Me Saying to Him. I Also Want This and He's Excited to Give It Just like You Know Sam Was Talking about I and the You Know What I Think of in Your Story. Just This Year Right That You Had a Desire to Go to Some Places but You You Kinda Turned It on It like It Was He Didn't Think He Was Interested in Taking It Israel with Him Yeah Believe It Was Him Discover This Way. Some of That Business Travelers Came Came down As I Looked in This Calendar and Schedule with Work and Was Gone. I Was like Oh I Can Go There. I've Always Been, Dammit, I Always Did It Independent of God. But in Last Few Years Been Blessed with Quite A Few Travels and You Know I Was like You Know Not See All This Beautiful Creation. That's That God Put in My Heart A Few Years Back When I Come to Get Serious with the Boot Camps and All It, Takes You Back to You. The Beauty of His Creation Is a Core Thing That We Need As Individuals to Really Connect with.

So on These Trips Took a Trip Early in the Year to Yosemite.

Then I Went to France and Was Able to Come Experience Normandy Some and I'd Always Wanted to Do That and Have an Appreciation for What Went on There and D-Day and Then You Know I Did Get to Get Is Why Companies from There. So out in Each One of Those Were Learning Unique Experience with Him and Each One of Them. I Was Able to Really Just Get Some Time with Him and in a Some of That That the Thing That You Say Minium It Was like He Was Right, and Explain It but There Was All All Kinds of Confirmations and Stuff along the Trip.

It Was like It Wasn't Just Me and Him It Was Us, and It Was You Know Is Just Too Maybe I Don't Know How to Handle It. And You're Looking at Some Takers, They Are What We Looking at and Could You Sense God Was Not Letting This Man Look, Look, and He Looked Look so This Is Going to Sound Crazy to Things That Happen in Yosemite Is More Than That, but One of Them Once I'd Seen This Thing about Where These Pine Trees or Cedar Trees Would Release Paul Same, All at the Same Time It Look like a Big Cloud of Pollen at Sing-Along Documentary While I'm Sitting up There with One of the Most Beautiful You Look Views Looking down on the Yosemite Valley and Happen to See Their Son in This Cloud, and It Was like This Gift of Me Because It Doesn't Happen Often and It Was Just One of Those Things I Wouldn't Know What Was If I Had Never Seen You Know That so I Mean It Was Just Stuff like That. There Was Another Thing Where I Was Walking through the Meadow and This Bird Would Not Leave Me Alone. They Were Going Nuts and It Was Almost like He Was Just Getting My Attention about with This Burden.

And Maybe I Was Getting Close to a Master That Was Protecting, but It Hovered over Me for Probably 50 Yards or so.

Just a Really Cool Thing a Minute with Some Other Things the Church I Visited There Are Times When Stuff like That Happened to Be on Call. I Remember I Went Fishing with My Granddaughter. My Daughter on in Colorado and We Can Get down into the Stream and When We Did for the First Time I've Ever Seen in My Life.

It Was a Whole Flock of Hummingbirds Not like I Mean like 100 Hummingbirds like Palmer.

I like That Slicked up a Method That's Pretty Cool. God, I Haven't Seen Anything Quite like so We Got More of How God Is Terribly Interested in What You're Interested in Coming up by All Means Try out Our New Website Is Not Masculine 30 Robbie Gilmore Here in the Truth Network Podcast of Help Make My Pillow the Company It Is Today, and Now Mike Lindell, Who by the Way, I've Met Is a Great Guy, the Inventor and CEO of My Pillow Wants to Get Back to Our Listeners for the First Time You Can Get Deep Discounts on All My Pillow Products. If You Go to My Right Now, and Click on the New Radio Listeners Special Who Never Thought That My Dream Job Would Be Selling My Pillows Babe, You're Getting Tired of These Sleeping Droughts, but You Can Get Deep Discounts on My Pillows, Mattress Toppers, Bedsheets, and so Much More. For Example, the Body Pillow Is Regularly 89, 99, but with a Promo Code Get Truth It's Only 2999 Remember All My Pillow Products, the 60 Day Moneyback Guarantee and a Tenure Warning Just Go to My and Click on the New Radio Listeners Specials and Get Deep Discounts on All My Pillow Products Including the Body Pillow for Only 2999 Enter Promo Code Get Truth or Call 800-942-9613 for These Great Radio Specials Is Assuming That My Son Eli. We Talked about Ways You Can Help Support Lily Smiled at. It Was on the Information That Where You Can Click Button Tweaking It Masculine Day Once Again, PO Box 552 7285 What God Does Radio Come Close off Each Person Who Spoke Kind of Chipped Away at This Feeling I Was Having Chipped Away at This Mask I Was Hiding behind. I've Never Heard about November 10 and Register Today. You Know That's Something That We All Know in Our Brain Is It so Hard to Get It into Our Heart. Just like There It Is. I Know You Delighted Me, but You Know He Sends a Flock of Hummingbirds. I Mean, Not Just like like All Those Hummingbirds and in Your like Okay Okay Okay I Get It. A Lot Of It Is We Know Us and We Know What We Think We Know What You Know We've Done or What We Do in the Times We Slipped up and You Know That the Enemy Wants Is but Gets Us to Believe That That's How God Sees Us That That's Our Identity in on Those Things We Need to Repent from When All Those Things That We Need to Go Do Learn from but That's Not How God Sees Us Random. He Sees Us As His Children. The Other Sins Ready Paid for and He Wants Us to Deal with Them so They Don't Trip Us up and Cause Us to Go Places We Shouldn't Go That Doesn't Affect How He Sees Us. I Think That's What Makes That Song so Hard Is so Used To Seeing Yourself from the Lens of the Enemy As He Keeps Telling Us Those Things for Me. I Got a Picture This Is a Child My Father Loved to Take Me Fishing.

I Mean, He Loved to Take Me Fish and I Love to Go Fishing with Him and so II Developed This Love for That and It Always See It Right There to Fresh Anyway. As Soon As We Talked about This Topic for Pennysaver after You Got to Use the River Run through It and Have Used Melodic Boot Camp. If You Just Listing Allotment Richie Riley What's Going Well. Lost My Father in March so Forget to Admit It but Anyway so Is This Actually Looking at This Clip. I Was Just Wow. There's Two Things in It. Number One the Father's Instruction and If Your Father Showed You How to Tie a Hook and Eye. It Breaks My Heart for Those Who Didn't Have To but I I Got to Enjoy That and I Know That Our Heavenly Father's Been Teaching a Stuff like That.

He's Been Teaching Us How to Cast. He's Been Teaching Us Things like That but He Also Was Teaching Us Things about Language and That's the Thing I Love about This Clip Is His Iconic Made up of Several Things That Happen within That Movie That the Father's Teaching Us on How to Write an and I Know Harold Loves This Part Because CT Teaches Him about Thrift and and If You Write Commercials for a Radio Station. You're Always Going from 30 Stemming from 62nd Commercial to 30s and so That Kinda Impacted Me to Is like Oh My Goodness You Know It's Interesting How God Is Just so It's Just a Beautiful Thing That God Is Interested in All These Things That His Son Was Interested in, and in This Particular Picture Is a Picture of That.

So My Brother and I Learned a Cast Presbytery Stuck on a Metro Began a Session with the Same Instruction Casting Is an Art Is Performed on a Four Count Rhythm between 10 O'clock and Two. If He Had Had His Way, Nobody Who Did Not Know How to Catch a Fish Would Be Allowed to Disgrace Officially Catching so It Was with My Formal Education As Well. Each Weekday. While My Father Worked on His Sunday Sermon. I Attended the School of the Rev. McLean. He Taught Nothing but Reading and Writing and Being a Scott Believe That the Art of Writing Lane Thrift So While My Friend Spent Their Days. It Was so Elementary. I Stayed Home Learn to Write the American Language Again As Long. Good, Now Throw It Away. I Then Saw Something We Marked the First Time, Free of Our Father's Instruction into a Rhythm All His Own, Say, the Lord Is Best Dissolved Today. Just You. You Are like This Is One of the Things That I Just That's and I Know Randy Agrees with Me Wholeheartedly on This. Just a Beautiful Thing Where This Really Speaks to What Were Talking about It.This Man's Father Taught Paul How to Fish but Then He Loved It When He Broke into His Own Written in Other Words, Once He Had the Instruction Whenever Then He Got to Create the Next Step and You Could See Their Delight.

Both the Brother and the Father in What Now Was This New Creation. Yeah I Even As a As a Father As a Preacher As a Youth Minister over the Years There Was Nothing Quite so Cool As Hearing from One of the People That You Had Invested Time in an Effort in and Teaching in for Them to Repeat Back to You. Something May Be That You Had Taught Them with a New Twist on It It It Might Even Be Them Calling You out. You Know When When You Do Something That Stupid and They Go No, Wait a Minute You Taught Me Better Than That You Know and in Them Calling You out in Such a Way I Can Remember When My Son Did That When He Was like 14 and You Know I Had Taught Him How to Treat People and How to Love on People Correctly and or I Thought I Had and Then I Said Something Pretty Mean about Somebody Once in. He Respectfully Paused and He Said Dad You Taught Me Better Than That, You Know That's Wrong and I Was Dumbfounded at First Very Convicted Obviously and Immediately Just Was Very Thankful to God That Okay He Got It He Got It and Then Basically Said Okay You're Still My Son and I Appreciated If You Would Would You Know, Correct Me in Respect As You Just Did That You Now Are Also My Brother in Christ, and so You Have Every Right to Speak to Me Both As a Father, or As a Brother and and You've Earned the Right to to Even Rebuke Me and Correct Me and so That's a Little Bit Different Than That, but It's so Cool When You've Taught Somebody How to Do Something to Watch Them Take It and and Be Even Better with It.

You Know or Different Than in Their Own Flair.

The Way God Created Them to Be Absolutely. Thank You. Of Those Really Good. Harold Was Scripturally Writing Ground Things Back to Scripture. What's the Scripture That You Quoted Earlier from Psalm Some of My Wife's Favorite Verse 37.4 like Yourself in the Lord and He Will Give You the Desires of Your Heart Yeah and and That Goes to That Whole Concept of You Know, There's Been the Discussion of Is That Because He's the One That Gives You That Desire or Is It Because He Knows How He Created You and the Desire Is Is Now Coming from Something He Created. Will the Answer Is Yes. In Both Cases Right. I Mean, It May Very Well Be a Desire He Gave You That You're Just Now Discovering, and so How Cool Is It Enough You Think about How You Are As a Father You Been Trying to Teach Your Son or Your Daughter This for so Long. Or Maybe a Young Person at Work That Your Mentoring and Then They Get in so When We Think of God That Way That God Finally and We Can Go All I Finally Got It. God I Finally Got It.

You Know You You Actually Delighted Me the Same Way and It Makes a Huge Difference When You're Thinking That That's the Way He Actually Feels about You and Reminds Me That in You Guys Are Both Better. The Actual Quoting the Scripture and I Am. I Remember the Stories from Scripture Mean I Think about It We As Fathers Take Delight and When Our Kids Find a Passion for One of My Sons.

It's Football for the Other Band and I Equally Enjoy Watching Them Come Alive. And I Think about Jesus's Words Were Talks about You Guys Are Not That Great When I'm Paraphrasing. Obviously, Your Heavenly Father Who It Even If You Are Asking for Stone or Fish Would Give You a Stone Right Every Meaning He Is so Much Greater Than We Are in. So Why Wouldn't We Believe That He so Much Greater in His Love and His Enjoyment of Us Coming Alive and Is out with Us after Dad Not Matthew 711 Yeah I Did I Know Is in One of Those Guys Get There Somewhere.

Yeah Me That How Much Greater.

Does He Take It Enjoyment Those Things That We Find Good and Were Talking about Healthy Passions. You Know Not Talk about Things We Shouldn't Do and I Think We All Know the Difference in What Those Things Are Hopefully Holy Spirit's Teaching Is a Difference in What Those Things Are Bit Guy I Know Boot Camp Letter Times. Initially I Would Feel Guilty at Quiet Times for Going out to Fish and I'm Not a Fly Fisherman like Nearby Else and I'm Really Learning How to Do That yet.

Maybe One Day I'll Try but I like to Go out and I Just I Sense His Enjoyment Went through You Know That I'm Special of the Worm Condenses Easy Right My Throat out There See the Bobber Go down. I Just Laugh Is in There and It's It's a Quiet Time I Can.

I Can Talk to God That Time and Fish. That's One Thing I Can Multitask a Little but Now I Just It's so Much Fun Just Being out There and Seeing His Creation and You Know One Fish Comes up and Get a Pink Hue to It.

Next Comes up and Has a Yellow It's like Wow This Is Just Amazing and on It Pulls Me Closer to Him. I Think That's What It Is about Those Passions. If Something Were Stepping into Place so We Know Where Heart Comes Alive It's Gotta Make Us Feel Closer to God. Yeah, Differently Gray. I Mean, I Think One Thing We Lose As Christians Because Were Trying to Live out the Word and the Precepts and the Principles and God's Word.

God's Word and It's All True, but I Think We Just Sometimes Take the Wonder Out Of Life and His Creation and How That Plays into a Minute Was Almost like on This Those Trips I've Taken to Be Anywhere but There's Just a Wonder about It and It's like God Truly Is.

It's a Personal God Is Not Just a God Who Loves the General Population. He Loves Me and Is Interested in What I'm Doing and You Look Back at the Adventures That He Took in All the People on in Scripture and No Two Are the Same. They Were on Their Own Path. But the Thing Was, It Was on the Journey with God. Would like to Invite You to Come on More of a Journey with God to the Upcoming Boot Camp Masking about Mess It up There but Masculine Journey That RG Register for the Boot Camp November 7-10 to Be a Great Weekend with Some Great Quiet Time with God, and I Know Is Going to Do Some Amazing Things That Weekend. He Always Does.

Don't Know What They Are, but He Does Come Join Us Join Him and Let's Have a Great Time Together Talking Next Week

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