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Heart of a Man

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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October 26, 2019 1:00 pm

Heart of a Man

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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This is the Truth Network of every man is a great adventure but one usually feel that way. Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads masculine journey is filled with many twists and turns.

So how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a way when life feels more like a losing battle than something worth dying for, grab your gear, request band of brothers will serve as the guides we call masculine journey masculine journey starts here now.

Welcome to the show were very glad to have you with us today will be talking about a topic that's near and dear to all of our hearts is actually talk instead of boot camp and such of the very first talk instead of boot camp and assured Turner to be doing the talking tousled about the talk, the heart of the yeah you know we we talk about the camps a lot on the show in an geyser all the time asking will you what's a big camp about 20 talk about bubble up about well this is it.

Honestly, I mean we talk about the heart of a man that's kind of the entire boot camp is work were talking about what's in your heart but in a totally different perspective different different way. Honestly, if if Riordan asked that question you have to ask what was the heart of man supposed to be right, not what is it, or what's in your heart right now, but what was it supposed to be. And if you're going to ask that question then you you you know were created in the image of Joe blow right now were created in the image of God were created in the image of God and the best image of God that we have is Jesus right and so what were trying to do in this first talk is really get to know the heart of Jesus.

Because if we can get to know the heart of Jesus really well. Then we can get to know our own heart even better.

The problem is we have to strip off all of the religious baggage and and don't get me wrong. Religion is not a bad thing. In fact, it's spoken of is a wonderful thing in Scripture. However, with religion, especially Western religion. There has been so many costumes that have been put onto the character of Jesus and so we can't talk about that.

What is your picture Jesus what you think of when you think Jesus that sort of thing because we gotta get to know who that guy is in order to figure out who we really are and what we what we find. Sometimes the picture were given is a complete picture.

No, I don't think were often given a completely wrong picture right of Jesus, and in most churches like someone's identity.

You know it's not a wrong picture which is not a complete picture. Yeah, I don't think in and grow. I.e. I grew up in church and I was the senior pastor of three different churches over about a 20 year period had hard time keeping a job.

I did really is hard when you when you're not scared of controversy.

It's hard site and if you're a first-time listener to the show welcome or about you guys Dragon on each and we love it that way. So honestly truly we do and Sam knows my story well and but the fact of the matter is I don't remember ever being told something I would say is wrong about Jesus. I just haven't been told everything that was right about Jesus yeah litigant and play little bit of our first clip and think a little bit will be enough to set this clip up. I don't know that I really have to set it up, but to set it up. This is probably what is presented as the first model of Jesus to us when we are in let's say Mrs. Smith's you know third grade Bible school class and unfortunately it's still often the picture that we get when were in Mrs. Smith's 33rd grade Bible school class saying my name there you have it, you know, I mean we don't need to play any more of that. Do we guys and me.

We got more if you only hear more that honestly that's it. You know, we were presented with the Fred Rogers Jesus and there's nothing wrong with that.

There's absolutely nothing wrong with that. Fred Rogers was a great guy. Jesus was a great guy. Jesus was the nicest man you would ever want to meet the Scriptures full of stories about that you know he touches the leper before he was a knowing that he's not been touched. She's missed touch more than anything, so eat he touches him and then he chooses to healing right now. He meets the need and then meets the bigger need. But he goes for the heart. Yet he not what you know what a great heart of Jesus and Fred Rogers was what I heard growing up I never heard the rest of the story right is for my book 1st boot camp. It was just very enlightening for someone to kinda point the light it out there so much more here.

Yeah, and it really is in this next clip is kind of the antithesis to that we don't see this picture of Jesus very often and we use this clip in the big camps for a number of reasons. One, I've never met a man yet. Maybe you're that guy you can email us if you are.

I've never met a man yet, that when I say yet we use this clip turn a big camp that goes. Oh I hate that movie. I can't stand that guy never met that guy yet. I always hear all my goodness that's that might be my favorite movie and and I've even heard a lot of women say that might be my favorite movie and in course you haven't heard clip yet, so would be strange for you to think about a woman saying that, but this next clip is from the movie Braveheart and its William Wallace trying to do what good men couldn't do all that well. All my life I love you. You know when you will want fine clip. Sam is there for me to be a good beginning is on.

If you haven't seen the movie to say he meets up with his closest allies and they don't find speech leases will know what he wants to do a tells one I'm going to pick a fight.

Just be yourself and yet he says you know, be yourselves. I'm going to pick a fight in we never think about Jesus as the guy who picked a fight and yet Jesus goes into the Sabbath goes into the temple on the Sabbath and he heals a man precisely on the day of the week that you shan't hill a man right and he does it and the board of elders, racing over the coals right and says don't do that again. In fact, it says that the Pharisees and the Sadducees were so angry they were so angry because he did this, that they sought to kill him. So if that's me.

You know be in the senior minister for unit three different churches over to one of you. And when I said that thing on a Sunday morning and and got in trouble. You know what you do. The next week right you come back to church. The next week you don't go back there right I mean you just try to lay low.

You try to take it easy. Hey, the elders, and I have discussed this and I was wrong.

I shouldn't have healed, that man on the Sabbath know Jesus goes right back to the temple.

The very next Sabbath waits until the Sabbath.

In fact, to go back to the temple and heals another guy intentionally picking a fight.

He goes into the temple he stops.

He grabs cords right eat. He he he weaves these cords into a whip that takes time. That's a process thing he's he's going through this, thinking about what I'm probably going to need a whip to get some of these animals and perhaps some of these animals out of metal and so he goes into the temple with a whip in hand intentionally going to pick a fight and we don't get presented that Jesus and especially in today's culture. In fact, we're heretics for talking about that right now the radio because that's over the top masculinity if if you know MSNBC's listen right now. Where were over the top. Masculine know were over the top.

Jesus, that's who Jesus was. That's as much a part of Jesus as the let the little children come to me is Jesus. That's as much Jesus as the Jesus that takes the woman who has been abused. The me to woman in Scripture who has been abused and is and is being taken advantage of and he's there and he's the kindest, most gentle, graceful guy and he saves her life and he can fix those who are ready to take her life to the point where they walk away.

Maybe not in repentance but they walk away convicted and so Jesus he's the nice guy. He's also the very convicting guy.

He's also the guy that's willing to pick a fight there's there's a lot more to Jesus than meets the eye and it goes back to what you were talking about when you first heard this. It opened your eyes to there's so much more to Jesus and did you know for me it was loud when I heard the stories but never in the context of what it really meant for Jesus to be that intentional about it right that he's going to be intentional yet he could. He was, he had to be always in the best whip maker ever around. Anything less and everything it still took time and took intentionality that he said no. I meant to go drive these people from my my father's temple right this is wrong and then also note this the whole fact of the healing on the Sabbath, you know, you hear the story but you don't without the rest of the context don't realize what he was really going after you know he's is going with the sword right at those that need. The sword is going with a loving hand at the ones in need loving hand right right it's a totality of who is these both at the same time I made it during the driving moneychangers out of the temple.

He also protects the birds back and read it. If he says release that doesn't knock him over telephone last injury to register for E come back and talk about what you can't talk submit to us, especially this one and learn more about the heart of man is assuming that my son Eli. We talked about ways you can help support is clearly a smile that he was on the information that where you can click button tweaking it masculine day to mail something PO Box 552 7285 what God does radio come close off.

I didn't like each person who spoke kind of chipped away at this feeling I was having chipped away at this mask I was hiding behind never heard about November and register today.

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I didn't see the movie or years. I didn't see it when it first came out it was several years after it came out that I first saw it and it was hard to watch. Quite frankly, and then but it started something in me and and you know I wasn't real sure about what that was but it it started something in me that man here's a guy that's willing to give his life to fight for others freedom and that's my favorite verse in Scripture is Galatian 51 which is that for freedom's sake. Jesus has set us free. It's also probably one of the scariest verses in Scripture because your freedom. You can do a lot of things, good and bad, and in our society today we see both sides all the time. But that's ultimately what Jesus he he he, for freedom sake.

In other words, so that you could be free and live that way. I've set you free.

And so one of things we talk about a boot camp is that it Jesus is also an adventurous guy and maybe when he goes into the temple. Maybe it's about adventure how many he wants to set things right.

Maybe when he heals the guy. Maybe it's about adventure.

One thing I've never thought about was how hard was it to be his followers. Hard was it to be his buddies because they know he's going and he's all know he's going to do it again is a lot going on, you know, this could be mad at us. Now you know that type of thing. I'm sure there were some of those in the crowd. There were the others in the crowd. There were like do it again but honestly how hard was it, but you and I were talking before the show and you said that you know this first talk really meant something to you because you kinda felt guilty about wanting to yeah it had adventure in at the time that I went to my first boot camp read the book, while a heart before I went you know it really spoke to my heart went to boot camp and then heard this talk in my whole thought of adventure felt very selfish and meant to go do something away from my family which meant that I wasn't giving back to them in and and everything in it felt selfish until I had the context of how much better I would come back.

Having lived in adventure it out. How much more I would be better for my family having that need met in my heart because you can't live forever without meeting that needle come out somewhere else and come out very unhealthy. It it will eat. We use this term all the time but it's just like when you get on an airplane and they say the oxygen mask if we have a loss of oxygen. It will fall from the ceiling and were you supposed to do before you do anything else. You put the Oscar talk box it easy for me to say the oxygen mask on yourself before you put it on anyone else.

Why, because you can't help anybody dead and that's the same thing God gives us adventure and it's it's in Scripture me week that we could spend the whole 10 shows on on showing how adventurous God is in the adventures that he takes men on through Scripture, but part of those adventures are to restore the heart to restore the life and and not only that, just go back and read the stories of David when he was a little boy you know he got. He kills a bear. First, he kills a lion. Then he fights Goliath. What is that adventure in his life about. It's about saying to that boy. Oh, if you conquer this adventure. You can conquer little bit bigger one and the next time if you can conquer that adventure will then you can conquer giant and if you can conquer a giant you can lead my people and and so that's what adventure does as well as it matures us it's it's part of the walk of the masculine journey actually say say one thing differently. If you can think of somebody in Scripture that watch closely with God that he didn't take on an adventure yes please let me know because I can't think of one right Noah adventure right Moses adventure Abraham adventure David lots of attention Jesus adventures right whenever you get close to God adventures right there at hand) that adventure is stepping into the unknown which God takes us into all the time we asked Sam those are all spiritual adventurous and from Pastor Darren here. Those are spiritual adventures which is different than going bass fishing. I disagree that the point is if if you can learn how to make it through an adventurous time, then obviously that put you on the road of much larger adventures you don't want your four-year-old little boy start now with you know the NHRA dragster going 300 miles an hour and 1/4 of a mile. You put them on a tricycle first right contest the same thing with us and that's what those adventures are about his train and is up from boyhood to masculinity and you had something to yeah I think that most the time when we hear about adventure. We associated with risk.

Look at the risk that God took when he gave us the freedom that you mention about appellations well water risk. He took and want to risk it continues late with each one of us and what a risk he took when he turned the gospel over to the people he turned it over to put us on the radio scenario is a huge risk exactly what might we say yes. I'm glad you guys had a because I was about to say putting Robbie. He's been very quiet today, so this this whole topic. We got one more point that will cover on it here in a minute, which is which is rescuing right but on this whole topic what what really spoke to your heart. In this talk at boot camp what what was it that draws you in about this topic. This clip adventure Tyler that I thought about how many times I was you know this is a young man that was in a research biologist gets called on this adventure to Alaska and he definitely doesn't think he has what take and when he said in a rosy sky given some wisdom that you're sitting on the couch watching the boom tube.

Diane that's that was my life and that I could relate to and like loud a Christian can go on adventures. Mom was the similar know it was going into looking at how I was no longer taking risks that brought that to me and let me know that because of the heart that God gave me I could get back to taking risk as I was a big risk taker.

Early on I got married and had children. I can even have a motorcycle anymore. That's very great point Jim.

You know that those things we put away. Maybe we didn't always have to put them away. Some of them are probably good to go and play the clip here and so this is from the movie never cry Wolf, which most people do not see that this is a very good scene from it is not in the ground south of 62nd stop. That's what yeah i.e. when men sit at home and are board they will give their hearts to a lot of things as a substitute for real adventure. It it might be you know might be something as innocuous as a as a computer game, but it might be pornography, it might be alcohol, drugs, theft, any number of things to to get that adrenaline surging through their body again. You know, adventure does that. If you're in a small aircraft in the put and the engine goes out your adrenaline's gonna pump and it's going to scare the daylights out of you, but if you live through that big gift maybe, but if you live through that and you realize OII live through that I can live through other things as well. 54 years old and every day I kinda have to tell myself because there are things that I've never done before and I go man if I want to do this or not it scares me. But then I have to go back and remember all the other things that I've never done before in the in the things that were scary to me that I've done and God has allowed me to get through the other side pulled me through Dragon and scream into the other side.

Sometimes, and that helps me understand now. That's really not that big of a deal I can overcome that as well and so when you look back and you look at those adventures that you didn't think you could get through the strength that you gained right does give you that confidence to step in the next one is really grateful to get this message and my boys were little one wasn't even there yet you nine.

So their whole life they've known adventures with dad right in, which is been a really cool thing for us in an island talk a lot about it that you know God just giving me that before my boys came long after my girls didn't need it to that Westwood had it for them is that they need adventures as well. Maybe a little bit different sometimes is not always different that you know it's been great to. Can you share those adventures with my sons ongoing get the last clip in and will talk about the topic a bit more, but we'll set up Alaska for you that you know one of the things we talk about is that that God puts on your heart this this idea to fight a great battle and to live a great adventure and to rescue and and we call it rescuing the beauty because we we relate to that.

Were guys you know and we relate to rescuing the damsel in distress rescuing the beauty and so we relate to that and so this clip, I went out to get some others talk to that this clip actually was. Got my heart going to actually start doing these boot camps 10 years ago.

This will be the 10th anniversary boot camp the weekend in November 3 go to masculine Register now for the big camp.

It's our 10th anniversary done on a 20 something and this clip literally and I'll just tell you what, go watch the movie, defiance, watch the trailer go watch the trailer defiance. It's in there, but this is where the guys the Bielski brothers. It's a true story of four Belarusian brothers who are goofballs can't can't Dino rub two sticks together to get a fire and yet they save thousands of Jews from the Nazis overtaking Russia and Belarus. At this time and in this part of the clip is when he goes into the ghettos. Any and he tries to grab the Jews in and offers them a place to go out in the woods with them and they are scared to do that he says we will protect you.

We will take you all that heart is in every man that heart to rescue somebody something. The beauty of God's creation. Perhaps it's in their ill come alive if you let it. If there's something about today's topic the truth in the interest of your heart to for the upcoming boot camp November 7-10 to be worth your time got to do some amazing things. This is just the tip of the iceberg of all the things we go through the God introduces to masculine journey radio messenger to get the and register now. Talk to you next week and next week will continue to talk about some of the camp topics

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