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Your New Name

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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November 16, 2019 12:30 pm

Your New Name

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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November 16, 2019 12:30 pm

Back in the Truth Network Studio, the guys are talking about new names, and asking what God thinks of us. When was the last time you asked God to take inventory of you and your life? This week our clip comes from the trailer for "Robin Hood."A powerful episode of Masculine Journey is coming your way, don't miss this one folks. So grab your gear and be blessed, cause the boys are back in town right here, on the Masculine Journey Radio Show.

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This is the Truth Network every man usually feel that way.

Jesus speaks of narrow gauge. Masculine journey is filled with many twists and turns. So how do we keep from losing heart while trying to find a way when life feels more like a losing battle and something worth dying for, grab your gear, request band of brothers will serve as the guys recall masculine journey masculine journey starts here now so glad that you're with us today. We've just come from strong battle.

We spent the weekend last weekend out of boot camp are broadcast live from the boot camp last weekend and hopefully you got to hear that and hear how that affected some men, but today we want to kinda continue with one of the topics that we had at that boot camp which is the new name. We've kind of been going through some of the things that we do it boot camps in so tonight it's me Darren, Robbie, and Sam is calling in from Wilmington and so we just get to sit and talk as old friends about this idea of of the new name it. I want to impact it's made in my life from him but doesn't just happen like click click all you get that now you where you go. Glad you brought that up like that, Robbie, is it it doesn't happen that quickly, and we you know we we send guys out into a covenant of silence and then basically give them assignment go ask God what he thinks of you. You know, does God call you. What was he thinking when he created you and Sam, you've experienced that before.

At that are boot camps and at and at other boot camps and then just probably while you're driving down I 40. Since you spent so much time on I 40. So how has that gone for you journey I would build on all different by the gambit, so to speak. I'm disbelieved in times of well really… You know times of the joy pretty cool all the good going through the whole process of understanding expecting and really realizing what that name or names do. Right. Well, thanks both of you guys have already said tonight which is today is great is that it doesn't happen immediately, sometimes that sometimes it it's a process and so I think it's good for us to talk about the fact that it it may not be one name number one. It may not even be a name. It may be more of an idea it it may sound like an assignment and will asked Sam about that in a minute and it probably more than likely will come in little bits over time as we keep going back to God and asking him some of these questions rather than an epiphany. I know guys who have had the epiphany moment where they receive a new name in it and it literally changes the trajectory of their life. But even then it takes time.

It it you know it done.

I heard over 10 years ago.

Your dangerous and and it will talk about how I accepted that it in no in a little bit but it did change the trajectory of my life that it didn't happen immediately, and it's still happening, you know it's still not there where that were the end is in that but so listless.

Talk about that for a minute I want to play this clip from the Robin Hood trailer because there's a great line in here and I want to say at first, I want you here and I want you to be listening for it when they're telling Robin about his history. Then they ask him a question. Are you ready to become who you are so I tell you about history module is threaded to follow me hold you so that that whole trailer. You know, just has so much in there that's that's from Scripture and from the gospel in in that segment.

They are saying something about who a person's father is and obviously that's where we go. First, right in our boot camps. We talk about who the father is in in in it before any of that. We we really go after our wounds because it's hard to hear what God thinks of you in till you figure out what you have been thinking of you all along Sam when you first started dealing with the wound and in preparation for may be hearing something new about your true identity.

How did that. How did that work out for you and how has this idea of the new name helped you actually heal from your wounds. My story, there are like what my first or what you guys are aware of it on the air at time Mike was 24 years older than me though more than me was very, very little to me verbally all the time. Growing up would say things like call me names like motormouth or you know what you shut out knowing what to hear what you have to say. Growing up under the feeling of I have nothing of value to offer people in a fight you have something of value not want to listen to it anyway.

You know, and so God drafted no in a way that I did back was set up years before he revealed going through an actual name change legally from realtor Samuel because I get my family, my Catholic public Samuel and on about it just be more convenient later on.

Realizing God had much much more for my healing and my restoration and so the list dig into that motormouth and you have nothing to say so what were a couple of the new names that God gave you that begin to penetrate that lie. They were like assignment, you know you know what you're going to talk about your guy called William Wallace that I got my Brandon I your elevator you roll off. The teacher is Ashley honestly really that's what I get got impact of that I do for a living in a great passion and I love it.

In order to do those things you have to have something to offer and so Robbie, when you you probably heard this message a few times before you started really you not going to bring camps for couple years and it was the wound. I couldn't get past it was a new name that actually brought me my healing from the wound. I can even figure out what my wound was, I knew that I attempted suicide when I was 16 but I could not for the life of me I remember laying on my budget bunk after Sam's wound top with a migraine going. I know I try to kill myself but why what was the story behind why I had tried to kill myself.

Well the new name talk was next. After the wound talk pretty sure you gave it that night and I took off to go hear my name and when I heard my name. Well, I should add that during the talk to the new name talk you said you know often by looking at where the wounds came. You could use those to discover your glory, but that Satan has a game plan to get you to hide your glory, and so by looking at the trajectory of your wounds right. You could then determine what your glory was so when I'm listening for my name and God's is similar to Sammy's is Robbie. I call you faithful. I had almost a saint like really, I mean like an old dog meat name. You know, like Freddie, Paul M. And God was so funny about his dislike Robbie would you work with me. This is a great name and RN it here I am. Years later realize what a phenomenal name was. I said okay lodges work with these you know who was it that never left either parent ever cheated on a girlfriend never quit a job you know you're the guy that guy you know and I was like okay and then I said let me think how would I attack faithful if I was Satan I wanted to get faithful to hide and all of a sudden it hit me like the Holy Spirit said the trail is how you would attack that and immediately like blue my whole life. Just click click click click click click trail and I found myself in my truck on my 16th birthday. Had not the driveway to pick up my girlfriend.

My best friend and point guard Brian Young comes walking out the driver with me to pick up my girlfriend and that was the night I attempted suicide of the trailer both my best friend and my girlfriend that same night and it was just obvious to me you know where the wounds were headed and what they were what they were aimed at doing and what this was into my life became obvious through understanding my name and that healing process beginning and a lot of forgiveness) and this is the cool thing is I heard both of you say you received the name that didn't sound like a real name.

You know it didn't sound glamorous didn't sound like something he wanted to have printed on your jacket to walk around with.

However, as you begin to process it and as God begin to help you process it.

You discover in your case, your wound even deeper, way more clarity on your woundedness through your new name and in Sam's case. He begins to discover a gifting that he has because when you heard that you were really a teacher at that point where you Sam not really at all.

A little bit not much. You know when that long and I was doing training work really any good karma light yes shortly thereafter was within a couple years after that if you hearing that you were on stage delivering messages for big camps setting other guys free to really talk more about that after the break. If you want to think about coming to the camp got a masculine got one coming up in April. April 2 through the fifth, April 2 through the fifth. Robbie Gilmore here in the Truth Network podcast of help make my pillow the company it is today, and now Mike Lindell, who by the way, I've met is a great guy, the inventor and CEO of my pillow wants to get back to our listeners.

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It's a masculine journey radio is designed to give men permission to be what God designed them to be warriors for the kingdom coming this April.

April 2 through the fifth. Register nine reason why God in me that me saying all that the we all have me Jehovah has hundreds Robbie's got at least 100 faithful Sam's. Got a few oddly enough, one of them is Sam and which is a cool story that if you have time to come to the camp and sit down and hear that from Sam in a very intimate way. It's a really cool story and the one that you know many people. I think one of the things we talked about before the break was the fact that most of the time we hear the name, it doesn't come across as that's a good thing. It comes across as something negative, which tells me anyway about the, the, the rose-colored glasses that we see the world through item and we see the world through very dark glasses and so even when God speaks to us.

Often times we get it wrong when God you know told me first, though the first time I experienced this, God said you dangerous and I immediately apologized as I know, I'm sorry. I'm very sorry got I'm trying to quit.

Could you help me with that and you know he went on to explain nine. I need some dangerous people in the world dangerous for good dangers for the kingdom of God against the kingdom of Satan. I had been dangerous in a lot of ways and they were always good and so God began to take something that was already true about me and I took it as a negative irony knew that was true of me. I didn't know that God's the one that put that in, and I was using it in very much the wrong ways and so took to go a little deeper on this so Sam, how has receiving the new name given you. Just think about this, set it up here, but how has it given you cite in your blind spots. How's it healed your broken heart. How has it set you free from sin or shame or wounds or agreements and the reason I'm set it up that way you guys know Isaiah 61 is basically announcing the Messiah that the Lord has anointed me to to preach good news to the poor to bind up the broken hearted to release the prisoners from darkness to set the captives free, to proclaim the year of the Lord's favor. Rob Gilmore met and and of his vengeance is quite frankly because he doesn't like it when his people are abused and so right on the tail of that if you go study that and I would love for you. If you don't do anything else go study Isaiah 61 and the first two chapters versus of 62, because they should really be in Isaiah 61 explaining that one of the ways that he binds up the broken hearted sets the captives free. Give sight to the blind. One of the ways he does that is by telling you who you really are by giving you your truest identity and so how have you seen those things play out salmon Robbie Sam you go first. You know a lot about going back to the story of my having nothing of value from the littlest time.

I can imagine my parents never called me Neil they call me Samuel Sam growing up and and so you have the sole, I was this one named everybody else in the other name at school and school first started it was a quick meal that you don't get disconnected down the road.

I was married and my wife what you change your name, you know, and I did not write my clock, my mom and all that will done passport a little bit more yarn out of boot camp and I'm sure in some of my story now and I and I go out night I prayed and prayed about the new name. What what name you have read the bill. I am not yet know I've already named you that my later to find out what that map was God here God. Listen you have to Samuel me and so having been told my whole life. You have nothing of value to offer anyone and to literally be named first on my parents and later by God without really having a clue to something that means God hears her God. Listen, it's really had a feeling back. It doesn't matter as much man listen anymore. You know, I know God listens right I just I think that's one of the cool stories.

Any new name story I've ever heard.

Robbie Howell has the word faithful and other new names again. Probably not happen in 10 seconds for you guys if you drive down the road right now your listen on the radio you listen on the podcast.

I'm not telling you to close your eyes while you drive in but you know you could go ahead and just ask God. God you think of me what what you call me up. It might be good to start with. What if I heard about myself. Have I heard that I'm a motormouth that I don't have anything to say.

Have I heard that I'm a betrayer have I heard that I'm dangerous and I hurt people. What if you heard what hurts when you hear it about yourself. Think about that for a minute and then ask God. God what what are you say about me. How has that made a difference in your life.

As I began unpacked word faithful which have been doing actually know for like seven years or so at this point. First of all, it helped me see her put in order to my life of of wow it wasn't me blowing it through all these betrayals that they won't necessarily something that I did that cause these betrayals, but that I had an enemy that was attacking something that God saw in me, that was beautiful and wow if God sees that in me, and it's beautiful.

What is that really look like in every game began to actually from my perspective get a validation from God and like yeah I really like it when you get up every morning and spend time but I really like it when you don't miss. You know of Benson and and you're where you're supposed to be. We know that all these things that I always felt compelled to do right like this was part of who I am that all the sudden, like I could. I was Eric little I could feel God's pleasure and who I was at an end, and in a constant validation coming from a place where I was getting my question answered by somebody really did matter when I was hearing, but also sing beautiful new ways that he he has pulled me into being, you know what I say pulled in other words, sometimes when he and I are talking about things.

I'm upset at somebody and and he masturbates me almost always Alexander Fleming and I am Robbie, do you have faith, do you believe me you know him and he calls it out because he knows it's in there is like you know where is your faith and in and in and it's kind of a beautiful thing that he now knows that I can relate to because notice is the way we talk and and that means a lot. So how has that set you free from sin and listless go right to the note to the root of it, how has your new name set you free from things like sin or habitual wow if you've got a self talk: on of which it does go on there did go on in my life like you know you have that common. You know you deserve to be betrayed like that then then that led to invalidation and that led to somebody that needed to be medicated and whether that was medicated by sit on the couch and watching TV on feel like a loser like I did everyplace in the kingdom or are being medicated through pornography or alcohol or something you know I I had to feel better somehow in a in a because I just felt horrible.

Sam how do you see that as valuable to you in helping you overcome the struggles a lot of identity. You know you don't know your identity will gravitate to what others say and what the world and I am then you begin to live out of that perceived identity more and more.

You know that when you can hold on the identity that got you in Scripture, the God you hold on to that it gives you strength to give you a foundation say no I don't want the temporary stuff I don't want those things that I want real and I think that they strike that comes from that kind of just remaining are not identity. So, do you guys still just in your you know short prayer time. You know you're driving down the road you're on the way to someplace. How does do you still find yourself asking God. God what you think about me in this situation, what you think about me you know in general. 90 do you what's more, I guess is what I'm asking is, is there more or is is Sam and teacher and facilitator. Is that enough or are you good with that or you still go back to God.

Looking for validation in these really concrete ways that were absolutely 100 when you doing tomorrow Sam got about okay what I lament that you know to that point Sam is it you. I waited three days before I finally have because I was just feeling like I just got my brains beat out before I go to God and say what you plan for me right now what it what is it that I'm I missing, and he'll speak a new identity into me and unfortunately you know I've learned if I got if I if I take notes and I write it down know that it comes in beautifully for me and you know not long ago he told me I had a noble heart immunized, like donkey like me don't be a threat know that Stevie called BSD at what is that mean you that you you have a noble heart that means that I have great expectations for others in my life that that that you know I'm I'm expecting them to rise up and to do great things and that's probably why you're getting disappointed is because you have this noble heart.

Now let's you and I realize that there are a different attractant you know in and he he sees my disappointment and things and he's in sharing with me just like you talked about. Here's part of your identity and here's where your struggle is but everybody doesn't have the same in all the same sensations that you do and in their coming along at whatever pace the coming and you know I see that on a regular basis. I love what you said there that you stop and ask God. God, what are you praying for me. Jesus what are you praying, Holy Spirit, what are you praying for me were told in Scripture that the Holy Spirit intercedes on our behalf more often. We should be asking that Holy Spirit, what are you interceding for me what you have for me today. You've been listening to the messenger he radio show are so glad that you have done it today were going to continue these topics over the next few weeks.

Please check out our website messenger. check out a boot camp April 2 through the fifth of your in the spring we would love to see you there

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