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Who's Your Daddy?

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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November 23, 2019 12:30 pm

Who's Your Daddy?

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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November 23, 2019 12:30 pm

This week the guys are talking about having a relationship with God. To be more specific, wanting to have a close relationship with the father. The clips this week come from the films " City Slickers," "Meet Joe Black," and " When Harry Met Sally." So grab your gear and be blessed,because the band of brothers are on a quest to nurture their bond with God, right here on The Masculine Journey Radio Show.

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This is the Truth Network of every man his life doesn't usually feel that way.

Jesus speaks of narrow gates in life masculine is filled with many quests and journeys. So how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a way life feels more like a losing battle and something worth dying for, grab your gear, request your band of brothers will serve as the guys recall masculine masculine start here now. Welcome. Glad to have you with us today. When I say that every week, but I mean it every single week. Very glad to have you with us. We got a roomful data we really redo everybody's are bright orange it well yeah this bright orange syrup not running to him, especially merging yeah but most phone conversations happen often. They do yeah I could just talk about two milkshakes and if you use the contacts that you have to email us and will will let you know what that is. Yeah, now it's the topic this week actually came from a post-show conversation last week. Time you and and I had done the show on the new name right.

We talk about when the points that you talked about nearby talk about is it develops over time and you don't always get it right. At first it now now and that's enough at first it's really frustrating but end in itself leads to a certain amount animus and that if you just keep at it and keep coming you know it's almost like he's right get that way you know you he gives you just a healing thing you find yourself back needing healing again your uncle one and I just get all the healing at once widened like this one. Wonder shot right now, I'd like you peel back all the layers again and God said, just wanted to time but it's because God is relational right. He sees her father.

We we were built out of relationship out of the relationship. The Trinity in John one right were built out of relationship for relationship, attend a kind of forget that sometimes with God's love having a microphone asked for from somebody uses lot that immediately brought up Adam, what did God do every day dialogue and he does want to spend that time with us and are usually too busy or too busy or we let other things get in the way in Adam's case, something he did. He found that he wanted to hide from God as if he could write me that he had his eyes they cannot do ostrich with its head in the sand in of a God still there even God still seeks that relationship from the one it intrigues me using it.

What will God and was no more pain. It didn't he have an intimate relationship with God. If I took it open, pull in around the table here today.

How many would say that you walk in deep intimacy all the time with God, not me mommy did hear that Jen said he got it didn't have microphone you and he hasn't said anything yet because he's pleading the fifth. Now you need. What I mean I got I had the opportunity at the camp to speak about you know God as father and definitely grown in that area, but now I just before I got a Mike I had both hands in the air slowly. I was guilty of not walking in that intimacy day by day. Incredibly, this I was on the shoes were stupid of us not to want to walk in this place with God because when we do such cool things happen right, you know, we do get the new name that we talked about last week or morning names right with him. We do get healing and continued healing and restoration of thought that came to my mind when we were talking before the show is that I wish that I could have the relationship with God that my dog has with me. He follows me and he wants to be with me wherever I am at all times and I have to admit that I'm not that way with God, and I need to be in the inner something in us that knows that now.

Jimmy had a great other position as far as animals go and the more I thought about it the more fitting it is not is like my cats relationship with me.

The person is me relentlessly when he's hungry. He'll even bite me if I don't meeting on time. One sees full he spends no time with me. I'll be off sleeping somewhere but right when I go to bed he'll come be with me for two or three minutes and then take off which is kind of my nighttime prayer time so I think it's a real good fit yeah it's kind interesting on on what Kenny keeps us from there. But there's so much to that relationship with God probably has some great clips you got for the show tonight you get out today if you get all the clips are just amazing.

So the first order uses for meet Joe Black UNICEF that up and when I heard this clip the first time you and I realize he's talking about a relationship between a man and woman.

However, the way I wish that my kids could see this as an availability with God if you are or are other people that I know that have a walk with Christ. But it's not what they say. That bothers me. It's it's what they don't say which is what you hear in this clip you love to marry crazy by the guy's mind is aggressive – communication 21st-century that's for me until you save hundreds what you don't say is not an ounce of excitement whisper through little I want you to get swept away onto the levitate scene with rapture dance. Negative fish deliriously happy receiving several I know it's a cornball thing but love is passion of session by saying he was going to love like crazy in the same way back how you find this need is no sense living your life without this to make the journey and not fall deeply in love, but you have to try this if you have inside recently aspects to the particular clue is the aspect of the father talking to her daughter right right which you know Robbie I know you live this.

We all have points for another work.

God gives us good advice right in. Hopefully we are there to listen to it and take it in a dozen give it to us unless we seek him in the suite were looking for him right and so those things are available, but then also the that the whole context.

That story is you talk about is having that deep passion for that relationship.

Father) and having experience it like do you really believe that's available in and in my heart I know it is and I have an' me know my heart is that I would love her more and more more people to see that that's well but like he says you gotta listen to your heart. You can listen to your head and and and you have to pursue its it's draw near to me and he will draw near to you and you will not be disappointed. And I'm of course you know I'm not by company's arrived, but I feel like that is available that that right there is is something worth going after. Every day that's the way the father loves us of God's all-knowing, all seeing, he knew before we ever came on the scene, how much we were going to mess up right you know we talked about a little bit of the camp of the toxic talked about you know making the decision to have kids you make with your heart, not your head, because with your head. It makes no sense to spend your money, your food literally go to the bathroom on you and me all sorts of things I sometimes looking at exactly the different way yeah and unite in the break your heart you know but holding for the first time that matters right look into the face of Melbourne and none of that matters. And you know God loves us so much so passionately, literally, he sent his son to die for us, as he demonstrates that this daily and so few of us realize how he pursues us how he wants to spend that he's the lover pursuing us and where paying attention to them when it's convenient and that most folks think of God as being something that's very hard to approach buddies literally dying for us to approach it in there with you. I know that one of the enemy's greatest tools is to steal memories right and you know fortunately like for you Robbie.

I know you keep a journal. Pretty much every morning prayer time I go back and I read something that you know I wrote for five years ago and got reminds me something. He told me that was as true today as it was then I had literally forgotten all about it and how important is it to stay connected, but also write down what God tells my goodness it, it's anybody's ever read their journal knows how much your forgotten like at any I don't remember anything about that incident. I don't it's it's critical stuff that I found out this week that the enemy don't use electronic journals. He is stealing that to blow my mind and he's got a lot of good ways is the electronic portion and he does yeah it's kind of crazy you know will talk about that the boot camp I was doing the wound talk this time have done it three or four years and I literally reading through my talk from four years ago and I get to the song and it's like I can tell there's a lot of passion around the song that I literally cannot even remember this by Steven Curtis Chapman do like reading my notes and like somebody else right clue what this until I went back and listen to the song, and God was right there saying yeah this is what I want you still remember today… As true today as it was in four years ago and some staying connected is vital. You know I am thinking here. You know were talking about God wants us to live in the great commandment is to love the Lord thy God with all her heart heart, soul, mind and strength. How much do we take time to think about what does that look like what is that what is my response to his loved me to do that and I think that's where I think what we've we've taken some time amongst us to really get an idea of what that looks like an experience it, and then a long way for all individuals, and I think each one of us sitting here can tell specific examples of what that actually look like a macro talk about some of that masking to the listener past podcast look for the next boot camp is coming up April something. Second through the fifth second through the fifth think you have a good register now you will find out from Jesus what you will do that freedom for day adventure with God. It's a masculine journey radio camp is designed to give men permission to be what God designed them to be passionate lawyers for the kingdom coming this April.

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Just go to my and click on the new radio listener specials and get deep discounts on all my pillow products including the body pillow for only 2999 enter promo code get truth or call 800-942-9613 for these great radio specials. Robbie and I will. I told her that we may pull my man carting there over there asking for I know that I do love that line in that song you know it's easier in my heart and it goes on and I mean Mr. I mean it's it's true words and works on your side, yeah.

So I need to set up the knife with his more manly yet is it's a great clip it's it's from a very insightful movie and you really wouldn't think about it when it first came out you without a citizen, and this particular clip. I think many of you have heard the end of it. I wonder how many of you ever heard the beginning of which really speaks to this intimacy and Andy did the son ship talk of the father by God talk at the boot camp and he really brought out of some I had not fully developed in my mind is the playfulness of her father and how my father used to play with me with just things that he would say that would be funny or whatever. You know and and if you listen to Curly in this clip and city slickers you know he'll he'll ask is she a redhead he's playing with it. It's an intimate thing buddies. He's playing with them. The way that it dad plays with the sun, and it really speaks to my heart that this is sis the intimacy that you get from a dad from from God and in the midst of some good advice as well just phenomenal advice. Love once thought I heard across the Panhandle Texas machine was this young woman just stood up back where is son was right behind her shape.

I just turned around and rolled away. Why, you know lots of know she could have been 11 years gray right now that's wrong Curly, you pass that something in my module is your choice leads a different kind of very stealing something couple days. This heard across the river is nothing like my thanks as cityfolk like basically, she doesn't want me to say hello 3839 same problems you get what you think two weeks up here long time for you what the secret life is now.

This finger just one you stick to that and everything else that's great. That's the one thing you figure out really good editing job. You get the integrity of it yet that such powerful powerful clip and lots away because again to me. Here's the intimacy between a man is being fathered by Curly and in there's a masculine man if you come across one and he's playing with them, but at the same point in time he's getting to know really what statement the guy is is is is these losses smile as we talked about last week show and his wife is Sam up there to you know go spend some time to get that back with the cool thing from my perspective, visit boot camp/you know that time you spend with God is where you're going to get that smile back. It's it's where you're going to get get what it is that is the dervish that was talked about how your clip you gave that one thing and one thing that your heart needs right at that moment right a lot of things that stuck out to me is we don't know the time frame from how long was that Curly saw the young woman. He says that she is his love, unrequited, and how many times we see people walking across the face of the earth turning their back on the love that God as more, never knowing what they missed by not taking the job absolutely Andy you talk about at the boot camp and rob you alluded to God's playfulness is can understand the context of that. Why is it important you anyway. Not that God is playful so I get an idea paraphrased or not. I just talk a little bit about what John Eldridge talked about a while back I wasn't really open to this idea and I know that I enjoyed playing that I didn't really ever think that really God would be a part of that minute for talk about a true father-son relationship. Why would that be part of our heavenly or earthly relationship. So John Eldridge talks about it.

There was a season when I in his life where he was fleeing hearts and everything in one of the times he was out on a hike. He saw a cow type Patty shape to the heart, and he knew it was from God not know some people think I'm okay that's that's out there but if if we really are to love the Lord your God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength.

You have to explain that's a chemist if he wants to experience is to see human creation to seem a lot of different ways to walk daily with them so why did it was I started, I had an opportunity. I told the guys to travel with my job and I started suit and I don't really know why I did this but I just started doing it and it was I think God led me into it but that I really when I went out when I went had a trip now had an opportunity to go out west and go to national Park.

God was there with me.

I mean, I invited him.

I talked to the whole time. It was a time of claims shown me like surprises of things I saw in creation and I didn't expect to see. But then there was also things he taught me during the time like that conversation with Curly and the fact that you can enjoy some of these prisons, and have fun with them but learn at the same time, you can change as a sign you can truly be fathered in that way. That's what I experienced and I playfulness is just the way God's chosen to deal with me and a lot of times we think that is little bit because my dad is playful. Some of my really fond memories of my father in there's there's mothers and runs fine but soon the fond memories is playfulness with me. You know in God really comes at my heart and that way lots of times when he just kinda tricks me in my way. I'm thinking I'll be thinking certainly will be talking with him and then ill throw something out there, and I'll kinda bite and then taking a different direction in on the microwave makes me laugh in on one was assured about.

I was really down on nine just some behavior and had some bad behavior and enjoy down on myself and sometimes try to move past and praying and God said you said on there before God's of the word grace mechanic I get a get got I didn't but I don't deserve grace and I went on this of big dialogue and light on his knees like Lynette. The point that I started laughing because he had me and we are created in God's image. Why wouldn't he have a keen sense of humor. I these well. Everybody thinks are funny, some of us are.

We will preclude anybody else here but some of my greatest moments with him have been just that one and one and I will do a full story, but he basically told me I embarrassed him every day. But he loved me and I hit right to point out that I was struggling with at that point and I was laughing and crying at the same time and most of the time in my life without them laughing and crying that's been it's been God would try to deliver this clip and I know around shortening him. It's about 30 seconds. Rob you want to set up very quickly the end and when Harry Met Sally and she listened. He starts to point out the things that he had taken even realize how much in love. Larry was and so here he's gonna start to reveal the things he completely taken for granted. They had no understanding is where he really was in love and I think I feel this way often like I take so much for granted when you look at it with you my close. The last person I wanted to go to sleep at night because I'm only using when you realize you last person you want to talk to my good friend James Banks is, he lays his head on his pillow when he leans in Jesus and you know when you realize that you want to spend the rest of eternity with you. You might not start that right now you know we got an opportunity to do it were to begin with Billy Crystal in the movie anyway. Thinking all the things that he loves about Sally.

Bright agreements on what are those things we love about God and we talked what we love is playfulness. But what are some of those other things we love about him that really just grace that I don't deserve it enough for me it's intimacy it like I really can sense that the values may and in and in. I just validates me. I love the fact that I can't run to the place that he's not already there waiting on me right light this point.

Both you guys, but I'm his favorite Margaret, one of the things it really grabs me most about it.

Missy puts up with me being there is nothing I can separate me from his love.

Try to what an amazing thing to sit down and challenge each of us at the table and Rodney over there.

He didn't talk to David challenges well in the other room to write down a list and all the listeners right… We can do things we love about God and ask yourself why do I not want to spend every moment eternity with him. I not talk about last person I talked to at night. The first person to talk to the morning Star change in some of those habits and more and deeper, more intimate relationship to God really wants us to have, is available to go seek.

He's waiting to say come on son, daughter got shown from arms ranting. Love you.

Talk to you next week

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