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Masculine Thankfulness

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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November 30, 2019 12:30 pm

Masculine Thankfulness

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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November 30, 2019 12:30 pm

Thanksgiving may be over, but thanking God for all he has done in our lives, and on our Masculine Journey will never be over. This week the band of brothers each chose a movie clip that best illustrates what they thank God for on their Masculine Journey. The clips come from the movies, "The Shack," "The Dirty Dozen," "The Prince of Egypt," "John Lynch," and "Hacksaw Ridge." So grab your gear, be blessed and thankful right here on the Masculine Journey Radio Show.

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This is good Truth Network every man is really measure one doesn't usually feel that way. Jesus speaks of delegates avoid roads. The masculine journey is filled with many twist and turns, so how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a way life feels more like a losing battle and something worth dying for, grab your gear, request your band of brothers will serve as the guides recall masculine journey masculine journey starts here now Thanksgiving masculine journey Mistry reveal show if that confuses here. That's because were all very confused. The idea was we're all pretty excited about this Thanksgiving about thinking you know in our hearts what we were thankful to God for as far as our masculine journey and so I thought be fun if everybody took in That they themselves created the clip to make that impact and then share it without us doing any prep whatsoever for the show to know where we were going to consistency where God would take it so, and then we actually pray through listening prayer, who should go first. God said Rodney.

So Rodney is going to share that you don't know welcome to potluck surprised we could have three calls yeah now check out the first. The first thing we found out was that we all interpreted what the actual charges were for the homework and in the preshow is like letting we all took away something little different on what were supposed different today, but my topic I came up with was being used by God and the clip that I'm using in the movie I'm using is Taxol Ridge.

This clip is Desmond Doss and his hearing and he's basically now saying I'm not going to use a weapon at a Wendy's weapon so he's defying orders in the Army usually doesn't like people who defy orders right you do. They say so he's in there on trial.

His father comes in and saves them, which is what our heavenly father just knew for us and then they read the orders and basically the last clip is the little bit of him. You know, at the end getting to do what God wanted to work through him at the end area is a hearing the matter private Desmond Doss the charges disobeying a series of direct orders from his commanding officer houses. The defendant Doss wishes to enter a not guilty plea, Your Honor. Private Doss waves his morality as like some kind of badge of honor. He flaunts his contempt by directly disobeying a series of direct orders from his commanding officer when the very best of our young men are sacrificing your life. There is only one question that any military court need ask of the accused. Do you deny disobeying Col. Saxton's direct orders. No side down where you can testing it then why is it so important you getting refusing to even touch a weapon to serve in a combat unit is when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. I took a personal everyone I knew was on fire to join up.

Including me. There are two men in my hometown declared for a fun fit to kill themselves. They concern I had a job in a defense plan. I could've taken a deferment that a right. It isn't right that other men should fight and die that I would just be sitting at home safe.

I need to serve have the energy and the passion to serve as a medic right in the middle with the other guys know this danger just on everybody else's taken life, be saving the world. So say don't tear itself apart don't seem like such a bad thing to me to want to put a little bit of it back together. So I said you don't understand. My son is the defendant understands have information on the sentiments expressed are notable effects of the church seem incontestable so I that's a great warrior before it is I need to show you this respect. We have the letter, the defendant's rights as a conscientious objector protected by an act of Congress, and you cannot be compelled to waive those rights. That includes in this case is to simply bear arms sign Brig. Gen. Musgrove or services. Washington DC I with charges that in this case is dismissed as the surrounding how cool you. I really do think it that's it's an amazing thing that God could use us. You know here in the last country. Well, that's what led me to this topic was you and your brother. When we had a listening prayer and I was specifically asking yell for the guys in my group is or something you have for them.

He had some of your brother and I shared that and he was so thankful you've been so thankful and that really did as much for me in my heart as it did for your brother. Just knowing that I could be used by God in some way and that was the most recent time in. It was in this masculine journey and it's in these boot camps and you see it all throughout the boot camp or other men are working to help other men.

However, God's wielding them to and it was just amazing all weekend just to see that happening in the boot camp and we see it happening within our band of brothers all the time.

So to me it was just natural to to go in this direction and Sam and I you saw that today with a good friend of yours on our podcast.

Yeah, I got a voicemail) election of the new name parked out and Robby was talking about their your perspective on how you act in your name. Faithful right you do that with betrayal in the name the God-given analyst redeem. They act out after looking at you, how you act that God will shame and it really became clear. Explain how the enemy had been attacking with same over the years going right after that name goes critical to have my work with.

A few years ago in another state reach out because of the ministry. The catalog for part. It's mind-boggling.

So Randy, I mean sees me.

Jim it is your and where word of God. Have you somewhere weird which is normal for me. The clip I'm using is the shack and before all the religious folks turn off the radio because of that devil worship horrible movie that had the right ratings by the people that solid and really awful writings by the folks that cricket that critique critics that stored up looking for. Critics didn't like it.

People dead, but use a lot of scripture later so just hold onto it. If you're really religious and will get there. This is about relationship and the background of this is God's in God sends a letter to Mac and you'll hear Latin. The first part of the clip, which is an invitation to return to the scene where his daughter was brutally murdered, and other than a few lot one-liners, most of this conversation is between Mac and God and what could be confusing as God has four different voices to have a male two of them female, which is what came under a good bit of the attack don't get up hung up on that.

Just listen to what God is saying is crazy that I get five and he said he went over my assembled left side clearly hear God gave you 10 leading three years Vegas. He he drafted and my claim was generally Thanksgiving, masculine, or if you're not masculine. This could be feminine, but it is understanding that we need to give thanks and the pain and the God mess with me a little today so he sent me here.

Very painful drive over had work on being thankful for the traffic and it didn't work very well and also I might be getting a little slick but all that aside, we have opportunities to be thankful to God during our pain and outlay looking for a movie clip for this. It was very hard to find anything that related those to thankfulness and pain. But the Bible is much easier so had a few verses I wanted to share the first one is in Job with verses being 1313 and beyond. So that's kind of interesting, but it's be silent and let me speak, then let come to me what may. Why should I take my flesh in my teeth and take my life in my hands even if he slays me.

I will wait for I will surely defend my ways before him. This too will be my salvation, for no godless can come before him and Job. We hear about how patient he was, he really one net patient. He was not the real happy camper. During all the suffering he did. That's not as long suit, but faith and trust in God was and arguably arguably he's one of the most afflicted men of the Bible, physically, emotionally and spiritually in those are all packed all be painful and we have to look at those and if you don't know the end of the story. You can read the last couple chapters of Job that he ends up by saying, so Ada and I bless Job's letter days. More than that, his beginning yeah I think clearly, anybody that sits there a few one talk Sam I am thinking of you giving thanks to the pain and you may want to sign up for one of these would be thankful by going to mess up and running, April 2 through the fifth.

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It's a masculine journey radio is designed to give men permission what God designed them to me for the kingdom coming this April.

April 2 through the fifth. Register after Jimmy got 15 more sent to Sen. and hundred 15 on capital when I looked at this topic. I really looked at the guys I work with it all away and more reason to be doing this talk about it, but my greatest growth is come during times of pain and I love little lines in this movie and this is it. And this is God talking to a fellow that it does end up being redeemed place. He says when all you see is your pain, you lose sight of me. So we need to be watching God.

Thank you Randy Inman, it's your turn. But all is already yes so being a maverick that I am I didn't submit one clip I submitted to do so. To tell you little bit about the first note just for force. If the second one up the first and I was going to talk about was just in writing, probably sent to meet the parents, the prayer of thanksgiving and great praise in its it's just hilarious wasn't really to be thanked clip about the about the messenger except I don't necessarily feel like I'm that guy anymore. It's kind of a, you know it's it's meant to be up speaking about his posing and that's definitely not something but it is hilarious Thanksgiving movie. So I was looking in the Thanksgiving vein and really was looking for something that just kind of caught me and I knew that this father's idea of the intimacy of the father. I mean, I spoke at it at boot camp. I want to talk a little bit about that.

So I ran onto a clip from Prince of Egypt, and ides actually spoken about Moses and how he was an orphan and how he became fathered by God on the backside of the desert.

This clip talks a little bit more about that.

Actually I never had seen this in Prince of Egypt.

It talks about when Moses left Egypt after you kill the guy got in trouble and he was running he ran and he did it. He saved I guess it's real rules daughter. I think his name is Jethro but he he saved her.

His daughter and when he did he didn't really think that much about it but that was a step in the right direction of him being fathered by God to be a deliver.

And so this is a little bit about the set up right after that happened, and his interaction with Jethro and then I'll talk about it on the other side. My children give thanks for this bountiful food and it is also give thanks for the presence of this brave young man beyond the I've done nothing in my life was on first you eat you in my young daughters is nothing seems to what is worthy of thread with Frankenstein could never see the grand design is more that he liked it for public surprised musical action there for you but I know it was like it's not camp rock, but it is somewhere in the vein but but not that it was really cool to me because I had had that topic of me and I shared it with them.

The guys I felt like God had given me that this year, typically for the boot camp about this.

You know, a lot of us live as orphans we don't have a father in our lives we live that way and really Moses to that point hadn't had a father in his life. Shortly after that, he meets Jethro and then in a meets God in the burning bush, but the fatherhood and intimacy of the father aside from the mission, which is a mission is so important like what Rodney was talking about, but it's just the intimacy that's foundational if you go back and look at most of the stories in the Bible there was a time when somebody found God before they went out, did anything. I took time to really get to know their father, and I was so thankful for that for this year.

I kinda wish God would give me more something like that is my word for the year, but you know they all, work, my mom word was help but you know there is help. Knowing God is your father, and it's been an exciting time. I feel like I've really gone deeper in this and I think it's more preparation for the mission and feet in the future. It's just it's just an exciting time to be thankful for something like that because it's core to who I am now is really cool how Jethro really was an orchestrated and the Moses his life to take on that that that's really beautiful you know you member Jethro was the one that you know when you can handle everything.

He broke him up into more manageable groups.

Those household that's really cool. Sam also explains weatherhead to be seen because of his work is nice to know the group.

Ellie Mae by clip is oldie but goodie it wanted to move me and John went from a talk, eat it, the navigator code you wrote in an talk you talk about coming to her crossroad and one road leapt often leaving God and the other road leapt often to trust God in the first to go down the road of God which of the work they anything and found that there wasn't really the life in God that he was looking for. I went backpacking went down the road of trusting God in the end up in this room talk, but he did try to go out of the room and he'll talk about meeting with Jesus. And what about Jesus being on the other side what he talking about. There is the belief that I was brought up believing that our from being in unity with God and I met and we can't go anywhere were going to meet us there.

And this is a really really great on God's great and at the funny clip but it makes a point of how much he loved once the Priscilla's.

I think back again on the banner on the back of Christ standing with my God, my sing in front of us working on it together. See all this time I thought that he was over there used to write a journal. I stopped doing it because I couldn't take it anymore. All the self-deprecation and beating myself up. But what if because the blood of Jesus Christ. What if he was never over there. What if Jesus Christ walked all the way around and walked up to grab my shoulders and looked in my face and put his hands on my face and stroked my hair and since I know how you so much crazy knowledge of this and not ashamed.

I've known from before the world began, nothing you can do to make me love you more and nothing will ever make me love you less increasing.

What if he put his arm around me and we look in my sing together he would say that is a lot of sin work on when you're ready.

I got you covered all about it from before the world began my shed blood is that powerful, increasing yeah that's that's beyond powerful and that's that's meaningful in all our lives, and certainly some that without that none of us get anywhere right yeah it's a reminder of the my relationship out that I be my love, am I tired a different man group and yes repent Mike and asked Mike that there with me all along the way. Love you totally different than what I was brought up again.

Enter for me personally now, moving on last and I don't have much enough time to time. I hope clip, which is fine because I just really like the last of the very beginning of it just says it all because my clip comes from the dirty dozen, and if you listen carefully. It talks about these men that were selected that were rapists and murderers. And in all these guys that just wouldn't make it on the church list of deacons and and when you sit around this room here with us.

Export all freaks different characters you know that that are in this group understand unity when you look up good Christian man, you don't find these pictures. I'm just saying it's more like this group. You are ordered by Allied command to select 12 general prisoners convicted by courts-martial and sentenced to be executed for server lengthy prison terms for murder and rape, robbery and other crimes of violence and he will deliver them secretly behind enemy lines in France to undertake a mission of sabotage. Change the course of 12 men the clip go on to show you how that major portions these guys outside of their comfort zones in order to be more than they thought they could be, but they also because of the shared mission in a go on to actually define their glory in life and be able to work in, and that's kind of what Jesus has done with us really and I was thing about this, I thought about today's if you took this group for the church. I'm a member of not one of us would qualify to be a deacon. Not one of us is you can be a man more than well I'm real is that it is divorced.

All of us have published them against the other one that might make it would be Harold but me know soon as I find out he shoots out tires out yet, in spite of the what we really are. When we take off all the mass and stuff.

God still gives us a shared mission to go on on this together in the kind of bond that is like. I know how many men have to friendships that that we have and I mean I'm just really really really thankful for the banner brother so I'm in Sam, thank you Betty for all the love y'all so there you have Thanksgiving potluck digital chicken and some spicy for most of us have thought. Remember, you know, if you're feeling like one of the dirty dozen email like I don't qualify well, you just might be uniquely qualified for the dirty dozen right and just remember to tell somebody your thankful master journey Boot Camp coming up April 2 through the fifth. We would love to see you there. Thanks, Alyssa

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