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When Authentic Men Bring Out Our Glory

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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December 7, 2019 12:30 pm

When Authentic Men Bring Out Our Glory

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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December 7, 2019 12:30 pm

Popeye the Sailor used to say "I yam what I yam an' tha's all I yam." One could say that what Popeye believed he was being his authentic self. The topic of discussion this week is being your authentic self, and the impact that has on your life and those around you. The film clips used in this episode come from "City Slickers," and "Radio." The band of brothers are taking a closer look inward, so grab you gear and be blessed, right here on the Masculine Journey Radio Show.

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This is the Truth Network of every man is one usually feel that way. Jesus means a narrow gauge boy masculine is filled with many twists and turns. So how do we keep from losing heart trying to find life feels more like a losing battle and something worth dying for, grab your gear, request your band of brothers will serve as the guys recall masculine masculine start here no what the jury that was be dropping by phone if you do know that sound? Out there do you guys ever wonder how we come up with topics. I'm sure you probably do.

Today's topic is about the way came about.

Actually, Robbie called me on Sunday and he said hey you having for the show this week and Mike got nothing and so he sat there and we just chatting and so they had to go see the Mr. Rogers movie beautiful day in the neighborhood. Now that this weekend in peace what you think in us will use good. It was weird, but you know I really walked away with the thought that when a person tries to live their life authentically the way God's calling them to other people are impacted naturally without stories about anything associated to.

It's a good movie from that standpoint.

Great to see Fred Rogers in a different light. He really did try to live his life in the way that he felt I got called into and it did impact others around because he didn't probably like it does on times like that's a great topic to topic.

And so we started sorry myopic I love the topic so the more we talked about more excited and it's impactful I think so.

I'm very excited about the show actually yeah I'm I'm always excited to see where she lands in what ways have plans and plans were to get going. God takes it where it where you end up taken to talk about the impact of living your life authentically and when you do that, just out of trying to be obedient to God. You can't help impact others.

The first government players from the movie city Slickers.

And that's a little clip in the middle.

Towards the end of the movie in which the three guys are writing you got the tall guy that was at home alone can members name Billy Crystal and Bruno Kirby Daniel Stern maybe the right along in their talking distance friends do and the question becomes what tell me about your best day ever in your worst day ever. What we don't get from this clip is Billy Crystal goes first. Insurance is best day which is a great day about him and his dad going to ballgame and seeing field not on a black and white TV in so that many shared something his best friends in the world and know that his wife and went through a breast cancer scare Internet open the door to authenticity and then we pick up the story from there. The other start to share some of their best worst day ever. Best day of your life may never ever in your whole life and you can't do when your kids are born that's Achilles.

I my best day is the one about Arlene and I loose Visit now my wedding outdoor wedding Arlene look great water. You guys are all smiling at me and my dad in the front meal and get married and have a real job and I remember thinking all anymore. I made man this day my life every day since his best day, what is it no I'm 14 and my mother and father fighting again because she caught him again. This time the girl drove by the house to pick him up and realized he wasn't just cheating on my mother told I said back to us. Love you take care of my mother and my sister. We don't need much turnaround is I did give my mother, my sister from that was your worst day of the comedy loses little serious part Robbie that the character very closed off very distant from everybody but in this clip he lets down his guard what what you think you let down his guard with his friends. We never had before his you see something that you want to have a mean like I want that you know I want to experience what that would be to exposure.

I think we really want to witness to our lives and we really want somebody to know the story it in you see something when people are authentic in his friends and in another word created a safe zone right for him to finally probably let out something that he's wanted to be able to tell somebody whether he knew it or not in on him, gave him the opportunity to share yeah Chris that's what you experience you're in a band of brothers so just for me it's on mom closed off him shut off. I'm opposer and opposer. Opposer and to actually be in a group where men are authentic and they open up a measure of the problems may share who they are. They share their emotions. They share their feelings because of what drove them from childhood to adulthood through adolescence all kinds of stories. I'm just saying everyone out there if you want to be a part of that you're going to have to walk in a different path.

You don't have to down a different road you're going up open up and share something of yourself and it's going to be scary, but the reward is so worth it.

You have to have people that are willing to bleed first for me. I think this clip thank you, running you said it very well. I think this could because that's what I experienced, which allows me to be that way with other people. Now more than ever have been right. I went to boot camp in Colorado and listen to John Eldridge share his one story not read about his wound, but there's something different when you're in front of Amana grandmother 400 other people out there… But it felt like he was talking right to me.

You know God was talking right to me and I was listening to his story of his woundedness in.

I am not allowed Mably to really go out have an amazing breakthrough with God. We talked about in some episodes that didn't later on I met Darren and Dan's been on the show. He's been out recently but is been on the show with us again. It's been great to having that Darren was very impactful in my life.

He's only person that I ever shared my deepest darkness. Everything secrets with the only reason I was able to do that is because he shared his first and he made it safe and I could share those things you know and I know you talked about the Scripture right before the ghost of Scripture you're talking about is sure exactly where it is but confess your faults one another, that you may be healed. I believe it's in Peter led to what we can do that if I had right context, is there not it makes sense because you sure these things and what ends up happening is in that authenticity. Things come to light and when they come to light. God exposes them and works on a not very deep dark secrets anymore. You know that's where the real healing and restoration can can really begin to certain express at my own life because in the band of brothers from sitting there and you know your your talk.

One night about your relationship with her dad and I realized the man I this is an opportunity. But the interesting thing for me was it wasn't a matter of not sharing it with my brothers.

I'd never shared it with God. And so the next morning God had a chance to work on that and it was some hard work, but because I saw what you were able to do in that group. I was like wow I you know the first person take just know I never have is God what you want to do with it and that led to the healing that led to the restoration which you know then I was able to share it all over the place, but you know it seems like for me.

You know, watching you guys get real with God is the first step. It really is.

You know in and finding that brother to walk with you is key. It may not be a band yet, but if you can at least get one brother, God puts with you to really walk with you man how powerful that can be as he helps you find work through this things in go to God.

I've been listening to Hassan thinking about my life today is the 20th anniversary of my father's death and he was a completely authentic man up and surrounded by him all my life just as I am right now in this room I cannot think of a greater blessing than having and it's something most of us do end up avoiding back when they did the wound talk with how's that boot camp.

My initial reaction was. I haven't been wounded by my father.

So having that authenticity in your life is critical in most of this one handle things alone in a one that jumps out at me actually happen tonight for me. What I do grab you nicely.

Is it an adjournment and gotten word that is good best friend from childhood was really really ill and there was lots of issues that he wanted prayerful and so and we're like okay (and we began to pray and was grateful for the chance to pray for Jim and all that when I open up my eyes after the prayer, and he was just I'm sure you guys saw what I saw this in authentic you could scan it was even sleeping seriously weeping for his friend and it really touched me that while arming you know that's that was a lot of it was like wow, that is just beautiful it was. I was like man I want that I really do. I want that different so what keeps us from walking in that authenticity will makes it hard and he laughs at me and he left that I am an agent of the enemy attack that you keep it dark. No, not what before you get into anything out of the house and my two cents. But full disclosure here might be authentic on the Bible scholar is James 565 16 on.

Confess your faults one another and pray for one another, that you may be healed.

It's pretty close to PA why we don't. I don't know it.

There's a lot of liberty that comes from the time that we spanned the cancer and the band of brothers that I think the enemy. The enemy is always drawing you to keep things secret and you live their whole life and I like a lot of shame one to hide something so you can't go back to that place times we come back on a visit.

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Register Francesca Bettis daily. Thank you. II can never get her. Lastly, might take a lot of work to make sure I get that out right.

I should try harder again. James chapter yeah exactly part of that is I grew up on that or my daughter did anyway.

So I got it from the background like Robbie Sim's stories of his kids growing up.

I guess all of the flow which is my favorite is realized today that we've used her as a bump and every time there best artist I never really know honestly if I go to but yeah I actually downloaded summer music so any before you have the microphone over to Robbie saying what makes it tough just walking authenticity. Yeah, I think when you get a little bit of it. When is to share my story and just a little bit. I had the same same example only, I didn't get here. John first, but I heard Darren Sam and Robbie all share their stories and vulnerability lot on their wounds or their failures or whatever and I now was never shared that well over time.

You become more comfortable in sharing your story where you share with one another and then he shared in a group setting or whatever and then there is healing and that very thing. But I guess what gets us back to the point where we don't want to be authentic or we don't want to share. It is obviously you know the tenancy is not feel like in the Christian community. A lot of times if you're really authentic until people with the struggles that the good the bad and the ugly focus mainly on the bad is the chair except you're not accepted your rejected sleep. Therefore, you don't sure, but you know or violate what the Bible tells still talks about how there's healing when there's light brought into a situation so I think a lot of it is is just shame for the enemy trying to keep things closed and hidden because there can be no healing in that place absolutely what Christians are some of the few people not all Christians with their questions.

After that you shoot the wounded incentive pick him up 11 on it and that's where freight right but there's also world it says no no you get up yet hide that stuff, you know, as a man is you get a cam to show that stuff down.

I let it really show man. How much different would our lives be if someone didn't risk before us yeah and you guys risking by coming on this radio show is how I first heard about the masculine journey I know anything about ransom hard or anything of that natured and got in stage I of John's things and I just heard the show. I like tonight heard probably for at least several Boot Camp you know your half or two. Maybe that there is this Boot Camp. I can tell you gentlemen differ swing the show and Boot Camp is light years so stop put not excuses stop no figure not okay I'm I'm getting the word I'm doing similar things going to boot camp is completely different and it's going to expose you to so many things so much deeper so much more intimately with God and its is something you need to start planning on triggered our way to get there.

Deftly come to the cave, you can still listen to the show to. If you'd like to tell us little about your your friend Jerry that you talked about aloe calling Jerry because that's his name. This is why this is a man that he would be embarrassed if he knew I was talking about very wealthy, very godly man and I doing both the church and Rotary, and this was back in the 80s and Jerry had a calming influence on everyone but he did everything that he could do for others without any fanfare without even recognition. Often one thing Sandy said was talking about loving on the unlovable.

He had two different men that had little or most pillars of the community. One of the pillars of the church that fell a long way.

Everyone I mean even faster. Send them Jerry reached out to both of them pick them up, gave them jobs took care of them love them and the impact he had on me and he was a friend that I hadn't even thought of him for years, but as soon as this was announced. Jerry came to mind immediately.

As a authentic man that an impact on he came to me one day out of the blue and said God really is going to use you for great things, and that took me from the poor pitiful me to the okay God can even use me place and that was a major impact from someone a highly respected someone that was authentic and that made all the difference in my health cassette at the water brush with office because you trusted is authenticity.

You knew that I need to listen to exactly thank you Robbie. Would you set up your your cup of philosophy. I'm excited yeah that is an awesome clip is from the movie radio which was about a renal special-needs guy who liked football and got a chance to watch that is so the very beginning of the Scripture to hear him do the announcements but if you watch the beginning. The movie can even talk until some people start to show him grace and then you hear what the coach has to say about radios grace which really is a fascinating thing working with special needs people so was the clip I can share from their plane and head coach tell me keep my priorities straight. Figure out what's important you push everything else is on the I love everything about hello Friday night before when he fell in this simple, we got ourselves a young man were nothing same young man could hardly talk when we first met him, and now is making announcements in the morning. No same young man got himself a football letter last fall he never wears no some of you don't know or don't care about all radios learned only a few months Richard were not doing the teaching radios more than teaching us waitresses out where we wish we treated each of the part of our lives and also include there's so much to the what about that clip spoke to your heart, working with special needs folks for long time no time and time again you know we can't help but think that were teaching them, especially if you're in my role in you actually teacher for me in a special needs but I can begin to talk about the lessons that they've taught me eat eat. You want to try to teach special needs people, some on humility from and totally impossible. And but the point that they make is about radios, grace that you are his favorite. When you are in his presence and and if you could come to my class and watched, you know people that would hard on you and love on you regardless they love you for who you are and and that kind of authentic love. That's really in the wholehearted is like to send my clip it it it teaches love. You mentioned the story that you shared with that, Josh. What how I had this student that he was one of those the very very disabled and I was in a wheelchair where it was.

Had to hold his head because his neck was now not much bigger around than a small stick in his arms for that small and he would moan during the class whenever I would begin to teach. He would draw you know when it was really very annoying. From my perspective time. I would try to teach me all these hand motions and stuff that we teach until the first Sunday school, I mean the first Christmas party. His mom came that time of the medicine. As I began to show what were been learning in class and doing the teaching of course Joshua kicked and you know that all these noises in his mom says Joshua, it's not your turn and he stopped and I FICA felt lower that minute, then I think that I like, oh my gosh Joshua has been trying to talk us and I haven't acknowledge that he got something of value from his perspective. So the very next Sunday which was just a few days. I started out with Josh with your turn and he took off and now all those noises that sounded completely different than they ever had because you understood that what's happening here is Joshua is communicating with us, not annoying, you know it was it was that an unfortunate Joshua died maybe eight or nine months after that and I thought about it many times on how much he taught me, though he never spoke an audible government word that I knew what he meant. He was quite a teacher in the your mind in the story winners and Guatemala shared with you guys. Another shared it on the air, but went to the special needs hospital in nearby went to the little kids and I went to the teenage kids and so is with some people that I thought were kind. It is catatonic.

We were moving in anything in some talk to this this girl and she's not making any type of movement or anything and I'm like okay God what identities like sing to her like no really good. I hate Seagate is like sing to her and I started singing and she started moving in.

She started patting my head and doing all these things, you know that was bringing life and joy from her in on that authenticity moving more than almost anything that whole time was just asking God and stepping into a place of risk and of love doesn't come rescue people like to sing, but if you hate to sing. It's only got it anyway. It was such an amazing thing in a humbling thing of just how much you can impact somebody's life just by walking and listening to God that some silly, but it's so incredibly true dominance at this and that we know there that you know that's what CS Lewis said you never met a mere mortal. I mean that that's going to be glorious. What is inside of those folks that don't necessarily communicate the way that we do. So what we do this here and go find a friend asked what was the best they were to start there. I would start by going to God bring somebody in my life. Yes Lord, you're here to bring somebody in my life that I can walk intimately with lead me to that person you're calling me to either risk for this for me and we can walk with you and get in this journey and get closer to you and in good haven't forgot I need your help here. I need you to love me in the show me these things we want you to go to the masking journey that overarching Internet orgy registering for camp April 2-5. More importantly, God is telling how much you love him and let him live a two

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