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Word Of The Year

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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December 28, 2019 12:30 pm

Word Of The Year

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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December 28, 2019 12:30 pm

As the sun begins to set on 2019, the guys embrace the dawn of 2020 with a new word for the new year. Each of the band of brothers will give their word and talk about it. This week's clips come from the films "Indivisible," and "Schindler's List." We're going to finish out the year and decade strong. So grab your gear, have a Happy New Year, and be blessed, right here on The Masculine Journey Radio Show.

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This is good Truth Network every man is agreeing with your wife doesn't usually feel that way. Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads masculine journey is filled with many twists and turns. So how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a good way when life feels more like a losing battle than something worth dying for, grab your gear, request your band of brothers will serve as the guides and what we call masculine journey masculine journey starts here now. Well, masculine journey. Glad to have you with us this week we're in our most response pre-New Year's addition. You say that once a year to write pretty new decade, possibly yeah that's why the consensus is here. Anyway, it's a new deck.

That's actually New Year's Eve EBV be if you get enough credit. I went, I wouldn't take the eaves away from erotic play style request that's eavesdropping is not allowed to investigate how it is great for us. We've had a good run so far.

We were all got together and shared some of her Christmas stories which were nice to get together and laugh a little bit you post family you know that you get some time with some friends and fellowship a little while but that Robbie, this is a topic that is really near and dear to your heart when you talk about today. It is that it came from.

Actually John Eldridge's podcast of ransom heart a number of years ago.

They unveiled this idea to ask Jesus for a word for an upcoming year to kind of see where he wanted to take you on an adventure not being met, and a lot of people do New Year's resolutions, but this is a lot different kind of thing where you can actually see where possibly God wants to take and so you know, several of us adopted that you know three years ago actually.

And so this is my this will be my fourth word, and so it really has been what what he described that you're going to get so attachments were once you hear the word from Jesus you put it somewhere where you reflect on a daily so I have it there in my daily prayer and every day when I look at my daily prayer I think about that word which for me and in 2019 was abides so you know after you've been abiding for 12 months you nice, hard to say goodbye to abide.

I was really kind of like oh know where we going for because I really, really, he's really taken me some amazing places in that word but then essentially you end up with this process of in December, Jesus where we going for 2020 and asking him know for a word for the year and you know I don't want my don't we try to have transparency in this group. You know with each other and also with the listeners and and so for you to say that we've kind of been on this for your journey. You've been on this for you God trust you with the daily word yes some of us barely get a yearly word and some just get a decade. I'm just I understand I understand that it's for me it really is been coming almost like changing, you know, just to really adventure with him to see, where he wants to take me deeper and in what way and that, thing, and so as I talked about last year my word was abide in so I couldn't help but wonder where he was going about the work he gave me this year. Most of you would know the word is love, but is actually hired by which it has to be the way that the Hebrew say, right, you could say ha ha but but the idea is it is fascinating to me that the word for father in Hebrew. Most people would not always. And so it's in our life, followed by a bet well the word love this particular type XI is different kind of words for love in Hebrew like there are in Greek. But this particular kind of love starts for the now if like that, then it has a headache, which is like an expression so you got the father expressing and that bet me household and then another expression, and so that Hayes a big deal because when God spoke the world into existence. It was an expression you know we spoken into and so this is like when the father speaks. It is kind of like automatic love. But this is household love for me and and so it's pretty easy for man to get caught up in his vocation and all the different ministries that I'm involved in. In all the different things that I get the chance to work with and neglect that what I consider to be my head right but my body how you want to say it, but it still amounts to that and so we are. This clip that for me, spoke to this guy who is given credit for where the credit belongs to some extent which is right there in his own household in his own family. It's called metals and wants it would.

What's a preference what's is set up to who is a set up business. This man is come back from serving.

I guess in Iran and you know he is talking about his family in ways that he's at career day for school so he's at his daughters in a career day and you can't see the cameras focus on her little girl's face as he's describing this witchy proximate a true soldier feels so deeply that good people deserve to be safe and free that he is willing to risk losing the most valuable of things just to go and help them and every soldier serves in war comes back with a metal assistant. Sometimes you can see is us on the inside and feel like a hero because to me the true heroes of the soldier's family also have mental summons and their hearts in them-for summons.

I guess Jesus is driving like he's really taking me to you know we been on one of the adventures, Robbie, but somehow or another we need to bring this back so that it's it's it's more your household and you know that's a picture that for me. Robbie is giving you a hard time little bit ago I K like to do of his and do so often for your leadership in this area has been tremendous for the group is your commitment not only to the yearly word that the daily word you get up and you do and you see how that ties into the word of the year is really motivated.

The rest of us to move forward, whatever that looks like for each one of us. Maybe it's a baby step forward. Maybe it's a lot more steps forward, but it's because of watching you what God does with you through that you shall not loved us this last year and before really to motivate Aston to continue on that journey with you.

Thank know Jim, you have your word here in a minute because when you click after the break, but for you this the word that you got was what I forget and I know I don't forget that it is out of his prize for its faithful.

We ended up with okay one side of it. Does Baghdad want to stick with a hot bath because I can't say saying it wrong how I memorized that was the Lotta love so. Sounds good to me can argue either way we talk before you were joking around that you know we have the word of the day, which rallied as everyday, but it always ties into his yearly words how God brings that circle and you know I I'm working on on this. I think this my second order the year and I think I had one the previous year, but I just set it and that was pretty much it for the rest the year last year was a little better united that unit was believe and I was working with at at times and God would sneak up on me with that and I I ended at a company function. What we have this one day when we go out to companies really good about sending us out to really pray, if that's we want to do but have quiet time and I was out and open up a journal that I had from a few years back in. There are some things that I'd written down. I felt God was tell me the time and he was telling me to believe in myself to believe in him I and a walk with him and so he lay that whole believe thing on me back in a year. Before that he wanted to try to plant some seeds and I've even forgotten about that altogether. And so that's part of what we talked about the pass on the show the power journaling is that which is been lost forever, but it may be the really started to think a lot more at that time.

When I got in what little I live in my beliefs because problems with beliefs, you live out of those right whatever I believe to be true is my truth Writes believe holds a lot of power in your life. And so it's really helped me to really dig into one of those things. I really believe about God and there's some stuff there and work through and and what I believe about myself.

There's even more to work through the unit unit that God sent some amazing healing. There's more to work through and on some really looking forward to my my word this year which it is hope because, although I didn't spend as much time believe really know the God's gonna take me back into it as we work on this hope because you know when you believe certain things. It's hard to hope for something different. Franciscan have to change some foundational beliefs so I can get this in stronger and better hopes. I guess right that makes any sense. It makes a lot of sense. I mean what a person believes about himself will well Henry David Thoreau about 100 years ago. Basically when he was talking about the scourge of slavery upon the world. He was talking about William Wilberforce and he asked the question after making the statement that what we believe about ourselves is usually the worst taskmaster that a man can have.

So basically you enslave yourself with your bad beliefs with your incorrect beliefs.

The false beliefs and so he's asking where's the William Wilberforce who will step up and save men from what they think about themselves in the obviously it's Jesus is the first you know one that's gonna set us free, but you have to believe that Jesus wants to do that and then give him permission to undo the negative beliefs.

The bad believes the false self. All of those things. And as you know, our friend John Lynch always says when it when are you gonna start believing what God says about you more than what you believe about yourself and that's what I was going to also say you got. Be willing to listen and accept it because those things that God tells you as much as you want to hear them.

Sometimes it's hard to hear when you condition yourself to believe otherwise. Right you know that's as part of breaking down agreements and things we talked about on other shows he could go back and listen to on podcast if you like. It's all part of that process, but it all gets back to those beliefs we come up from the break room and talk about Jim's word Harold's word and the word of the decade. We got there, Nancy don't want to miss the word of the decade. If you miss to show an agreement on is another topic to bring up the masculine you can think of any of the podcasts there. You can also go to mask to register for Robbie Gilmore here in the Truth Network podcasts of help make my pillow the company it is today, and now Mike Lindell, who by the way, I've met is a great guy, the inventor and CEO of my pillow wants to get back to our listeners for the first time you can get deep discounts on all my pill products.

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We talked about ways you can help support Lily is information that is where you can click the donate button waking into masculine radio down once again with you to mail something to PO Box 550 927-2853 man, you will find out from Jesus what you will do that freedom for day adventure with God. It's a masculine journey radio is designed to give men permission God designed them to be warriors for the kingdom coming this April. April 2 through the fifth. Register

I wasn't so not to will remember that the tone to but why in the world.

Replacement is about you have any idea how you don't think it was in the because were not supposed to be in this but being around my friend Robbie and seeing the joy that he took in his word and having to sit there and say will unreliable word and I decided that going into this coming year that I wanted to word so a little while back I got awake. About 3 o'clock in the morning and ended up over in the recliner and I started praying in the us is gone. I really would like to have a word for this coming year and so that I could celebrate like my friend Robbie and you know I was hoping for the big exploding and so forth.

Well that didn't happen, but what I heard was happening and how Howard is happening will have. Can this be happening. So that's the word of God and them curious to see how it's all going to work out a plan to talk with Robbie about know how to approach learning more about my word and how to use it so forth. Because it is you mentioned earlier, Sam Hayes is been very thorough with us in sharing his thoughts and feelings about it think it's an important thing, and I'm looking forward to the coming year and see what's happening. That's great. I also seeing a difference in the community this year on this topic of people looking for things in other people's words you like any any give your Scripture. When we talk about this in the day right that had happening in it you nines and Darren shared some things about other people's words and and how much that helps. Really helps us to again which is great to have you know not obviously gods that the great helper in that situation.

God puts others in our lives to help as well, which is pretty cool. Jim and Sartre are despoiled word that I you want to do your click first or you wanted a very short introduction. I'm a great believer in the five payees or six, depending upon and converted proper preparation prevents poor performance and in keeping with that which I never do. Robbie told me when I showed up what the topic was that I had to come up with a word and immediately I didn't get a word started to I said well you know we got a few minutes for the show will start praying. I immediately got a clip and this is the clip that will take it from there, I like the chance nations like physical as part of the saddest group. It's a good assumption is the list and I was looking I found this when I was looking for something for your forces back in the clip is tore me up when I listen to it, then every time. Since I'm doing a little better this time to work to hold it together for the show but I've been going through a season and it's been pretty much all here maybe a couple of feeling like my life is close to done. I turned 65 this year, and while you're almost dead yet. Well spiritually I was close, but it was really a matter of feeling like I hadn't done anything worthwhile and believing that lie about myself that has nothing to do with the truth that Jesus has told me about me and he is been intervening regularly answering prayer quickly, like he did with this and I got the clip that it have a word started with perseverance, which I didn't particularly like because for me that's not active that's just surviving.

And that's all I feel like I'm doing anyway so that can't be it. I with a few other words and then Robbie said that he is the word guys in more ways than one basically said something to the effect of you know if this will offend you. I have one and he said faithful yeah that's it, because that is active but it's also trusting God and believing God and I have a much better outlook on my remaining time Howard while Matt is through the course of the last boot camp was the real he broke me down there and showed me something I needed this.

The has been continually reinforcing that as have you guys.

In fact, Berenson last week that I might as well but it really make me feel like it was an affirmation from God, yeah, your you're still useful you're still in there. If I'm faithful will be to the end. Thank you to note here the juvenile system 65 is you all found activism hastened here next to me talking about being an old man at 65 I'm 78 you're not oh you don't look a day over 62 Harold Deming, that's amazing to me that your 78. I never would've guessed it, he does look better guide all yeah I will only admit that once hang onto it way sharper than the rest of us so you both between me and the door so well. We are all very young because were all going to live time here doesn't make admitted there you go being Jim bring us back to reality and Darren you got a word for the decade. I did okay and that you know. Not because I'm special because I'm special in the recently I was in the hospital had got very sick and ended up in the hospital and was there for about eight days in after emergency surgery.

One night I was laying in bed and and was wide awake.

About 3 o'clock in the morning and I happened to look down at my stomach which had been cut open.

You know from stem to stern.

Basically and looking at the five incisions that I have in and I I just out loud said to God, I said wow God, that's a that's a pretty good one right there in that and he said yeah and I said that is pretty ugly and he said yeah week week we converse a lot, you know, yeah, and he said you know your soul has look like that and I said yeah so we we conversed a little bit more and as I went through this. The thought came to mind and and I believe it was from the Holy Spirit, basically saying you know Darren, an open wound is a great place to begin healing and I was having that thought because they cut me open but they didn't close me back up because I had so much infection in my stomach and I thought wow, here I am on the guy that gets the open wound. You know they can even close it now is kind of feeling sorry for myself because I knew how much that was going to slow me down in the next few months and God reminded me at that point, you know an open one is a great place to start healing and so as I begin the process that were healing realized this was not a word for the week word even for the year for me it's it's it's literally a word for the decade, and I'm sure there will be more words but that process of healing. I have no way to escape it every day. Only when I wake up when I go to sleep when I go to the bathroom mean any almost anything I do I am forced to be in recognition of the fact that I am actively in the process of healing my physical body, but that God is using that to say nowhere were healing everything word were doing some healing and in the midst of Skynet like Jim was talking kind of feeling sorry for myself and different things. I began to thinking I need to repent of a lot of things. You know this was a pretty close to death experience for me and is a lot of repentance in God kind of said well you know what you need more than repentance is. You need healing work on the repentance will get there but you need some healing which takes the pressure off, which is a wonderful thing and doesn't scare me so much about what the repentance might look like. Thank you. So if you're out there and you got a word you don't know what the rally what something is taking for God obviously looking it up in different languages and Hebrew. If you blue letter Bible is a wonderful wonderful applicant is to research and every word you can find it. Then in the Strong's concordance look at the Hebrew check out the letters. You could even email us and ask us to give his interpretation would love to take you deeper in that word and see you know all that God may have consistently get decoder for know what happened at Babylon we got confused and God wants to straighten out and express himself to.

We thank you for listening. We hope to have you fix it next week really talk about the topic of initiation you don't miss this week prayed about your word

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