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January 4, 2020 12:30 pm


The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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January 4, 2020 12:30 pm

Beginning, Inauguration, Inception, Induction, Admission, Debut, Baptism, Initiation. Words that mean the start of something new or being accepted as a member of a group. In the case of the topic this week, were are talking about Initiation. The initiation of the young men in our lives like sons, nephews, etc. The clips this week come from "Animal House," and the show "This is Us." Lets start the new year off on the right foot. So grab you gear and be blessed, right here on the Masculine Journey Radio show.

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This is the Truth Network of every man his life as it usually feel that way. Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads masculine is filled with many quests and turns.

How do we keep from losing heart trying to find a way life feels more like a losing battle and something worth dying for, grab your gear, request your band of brothers will serve as the guides recall masculine masculine start here now well look masculine for it's already 2020 assertively yet super in a decade. Arrogantly those other people say I don't get the confusion.

Yeah me neither you never asked me I would've set him straight never been involved in a poll either with a couple it was they almond though.

Let me anyway welcome messenger never to be talking today about a topic that is something we could really talk about for a few weeks and we actually might do that it's it's the topic of initiation into they specifically were going to talk about the importance of men initiating the young boys and in their life.

Be your son's nephews people that you know God brings you along with could be people in your Sunday school get involved in some initiation. God will help you do it before do that there can you help us hold it with answering this question that you so you not may not be ready for. But what he think it's important the kids get initiated well because you know mean if you look at scripturally. There's a really good biblical precedents for this you look at David for instance, you know, he goes out and he tends she pried.

He's a shepherd of sheep and you don't think of shepherd of sheep as a small boy but he was and he fights off a lion and he fights off a bear and that gives him the courage he's initiated in those things to fight off a giant which gives him the courage to lead other men, which gives him the ability to lead a nation of people which you know and all of those battles serve him well even when seemingly the kingdom turns against him you know and and so forth and so on. Moses does the same things. There's lots of initiation in the Bible. Jesus is initiated. No, Jesus grows up as a as a small boy in a carpenters workshop and bullet begins to be initiated by the rabbis and the teachers and you know his father. His mother, the other family members and then even with God himself.

The meaning of the father when Jesus is baptized in God descends on him the form of the Holy Spirit and then God declares this is my boy. He's my beloved son he's the apple of my eye I love and listen to him and I'm well pleased with him and then immediately sends them off into the desert for more initiation, and so if it's good for Jesus. It's gotta be good for us. I would think that as adults if we could get the lens to see the troubles and the challenges we have as opportunities for initiation instead of a problem instead of a problem probably help us get through it if we could turn the guidance to get what you trying to initiate me through in this. What are you gonna let these bring it on per se but what are you going to help me grow out of this. If I let you do that right in and let him initiate us because that'll be a show that we do on that more than likely we'll talk about God initiating us, you know, it is important if you don't get that as a little boy little girl whatever arrive in Phuket as a little boy.

You have the power you need as you face bigger challenges life comes which leads me to another idea on this whole thing of initiation were a group of men there. So what six of us sitting in the room right now and we initiate each other you know there are things which you have on me yesterday you spent time with me looking over stuff that I was really unsure about with regard to building a new home and and you know you have expertise in that and literally. By the time I talk to you about things and you left. I felt more initiated literally in making good decisions, good choices and moving forward in my little journey on that regard. And so if you find yourself as a man listening to this woman in your you got a man in your life a grown man in your life that need some initiation. Don't beat them up over that don't beat yourself up over that.

Go find some good men spend time with them, who can help initiate you in the things that you are uninitiated in now absolutely God often uses think you each of us to to do that with one another in its it's amazing to see working that I can tell right now. I'm not even thought about how often my father was initiating me when I was growing up and I had a great father but we did Indian guides that had rituals that initiation that was a very young young age scouts in the left went through a hole that before places Littles water spilled water all of you that it is not outside the scouts was a big part of, and still is a big part of what I feel like I learned he took me flawed. He let me do everything except land the plane and that was help from seven or eight up till 14 or 15 so that was a big part of my life. It just hit me. That's awesome.

Thank you, I think, switch gears just a little bit here for a moment, sometimes it's easier to understand what something is, when you can see what it's not the place from a movie called animal house and yes we can play a clip from animal house on Christian radio. Just get the right context, and in this context, it's about initiation and this is a fraternity rabbit right that that you got two different fraternities.

Actually, you know you have the deltas, which is that one John Bley.

She's in and you know he's gonna give these guys are new name, which is quite comical in terms of flounder. But then the other group which I actually forget the name of the fraternity five, whatever and how they're gonna really play hardball and you know what I picture initiation is, what you think I state your name, do hereby pledge allegiance to the frat hereby is, with liberty and fraternity for all your duty now… I name is weasel. Now I name is mothball… Amos Pinto piped into with my Delta town Dorfman given this a lot of thought.

Now on name is flounder now is the position as the first think the first victory down by giving you name everything is pretty exciting. Document data fits a little bit closer the mask and is one of the worst and I think you got an upgrade from Dorfman placement context here for minute though the, the, and apparently the word context is a huge day for me to measure my illness. When a young boy you don't start with initiation right. You start with love and that's important know you could initiate too early. You could initiate too much too early. I am so walking with God and walking with other men is critical in doing that with the first and the foundation is always love because without the love. The initiation feels harsh right you get to have that basis and that foundation allowed to build on and so if you haven't had the opportunity with the going man in your life is about young boys to really love on them go do that right until they know without a doubt, nothing without a question that I loved and then it's time to initiate that as a matter if there are five after 50 rightness, a young boy at that point, but if you can bet your sons go live on and that's most important thing in the moving of the initiation stage of the stories that I had shared with you guys probably long time to dance. I heard it, but when Caleb was growing up, my little son. He loved to work for money in an out giving extra chores and he would earn money.

He just really like to do that while I used to pay my hourly on some stuff and then we decided not I'm having better job and he's like what you hourly is take your time right you bed you totally think that jobs worth now and then will come to an agreement and you can go to the job is like okay any it was to clean all the leaves in the yard which the boys are doing today which is paralyzed thinking about and he gave me a price and it was so terribly low back at like he walked out look at the job I might not but you look at the job go make sure you factor in your time that I can do it for $50 or whatever the number was Mike right it out see when he worked out there about three quarters a day and he came in his eye, needs more money. I know you were now we got a deal and I would not let him off until he got a job and me and he was mad at me and I gave you more money you nine in the next year, when he came in and he went to bed. He gave me like a number that was way too high and I said I didn't teaching the free market enterprise as out of school how your buddy jailing down the street latching for fast-forward and Caleb was working for the couple years in college, in the summers who do odd jobs you know in thinking he could feel comfortable bidding a job because he knew how to do it and I was grateful to God gave that to me along the way because it helped him grow.

That's exactly how I coming, I'm self-employed and I bid jobs all the time and it started when I was 14 years old. My brother-in-law's father came to me and said hey I want you to clear my fence line. How much would you charge me and I was like you know it, but he was a business owner.

He was a paint contractor and so he he taught me how to do that and I still think of that all the time. It's it's awesome when men come beside you is even better when it's your dad it's it's it was a cool experience and I wish I could say you know I knew that's what was going to happen, but God and God took that we use it for good. It was really great great thing.

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Register and and and and and is is you think about from strength. You know those guys when not even close to a team until he went to boot camp and learning to operate as a team is a big part of initiation that man got to go through and as you often mention that masculinity can only be bestowed by masculinity and that's you know what it is just critical to see you know man around your young man that you may have. Like I was just really cool this Christmas, my son has two sons and watching these two alarms, 2 1/2. I want to miss one and 1/2 and they are vying for their dad's attention and I'm watching all this go on and and and deceive you know they were given that applet the eye deal of being in dad's lap and what that looked like Emma and it's kinda cool when you understand really wow this is one of the most important relationships in the universe that evokes a father and a son and and here is the Ground Zero in a right there when their little bitty when we talk about this initiation think it's important that you understand that a father's role is vital, but it got does it often when a father's not in the in place. God uses other men in life and even his father is in place. Other men are still critical, because even when your your kids know that you love them as well as you can. At some point, it almost becomes expected.

What will dad's gonna get that lovely so is always gonna tell me good things writer. It then there going to be conditionally kinda maybe not able to hear some of that premise of bringing these other men around is important and yet it is II had the opportunity to do that with my son. I made sure I wasn't walking in this message.

Back then, but I had read some good things from like Robert Lewis raising a modern-day night Stu Weber locking arms different things like that. And those guys stressed the importance of having good men around you that your boys could look up to and that your boys could spend time with and so I actually went on a very purposeful mission. When my son was about 12 or 13 years old to find good men in around me that I could turn my son loose with so that there were questions he wasn't gonna bring to me that he would bring to one of those guys there were things that he would not say to me that he might say to those guys and to have safety in those men that my son could you spend time with and literally do it without me around, you know, so that it it's it's an even freer it atmosphere do the same thing with my grandson raise my grandson a week and 1/2 two weeks ago Robby while I was in the hospital. Robby took him hunting for the first time I couldn't of done that II don't have that experience. That's not in my toolshed and but it is in Robby's and and you know, Carson thinks Robby's a cool dude to meet. He likes all you guys, but Robby's the guy that took him hunting so he's cooler than you. You know so you have a clip that you have the kind of shows that the power of other people write it in this in the young boy's life but also help support the father so I'll let you give the background to this is Ashley episode I just found it, the subject I thought was really good. Go ahead and that set up. If you haven't seen that the TV show. This is us. It's about a young couple, while it does not a flashbacks but in the beginning of the story. There's young couple was pregnant with triplets. They going to have a delivery that day.

One of the baby dies before he can be delivered. So they had to that same day in their white family that same day a African-American baby was dropped off at a fire station was born that day and he was brought to the same hospital and they took him in and begin raising the surroundsound and so they were raised as triplets right and says that there's that dynamic in his name is Randall and that's a boy that you were to talk about in this class writing so I didn't understand all that background and understand the dynamic family dynamics, but it really spoke to me just on the on the clip you've got a leader karate leader and a dojo that's getting ready to do that or he's doing the initiation with the father really the sign in and he has the son get on the father's back and do push-ups while he's doing this conversation. Like we said there's there's commitments from all three involved the son. The father in the community about the initiation and the responsibility to grow. The boy is a community only hear voice three pillars before we began, we have a new member to initiate today. Randall father's qualities 990s fine age you think you have a good life, good, good. Hope you always have a good life. But as you get older you might start defining things get harder.

The world isn't always a kind place, especially men like us to look at the people on this Matt. We are you community when things get hard. We are going to be the lines hold each other up as father you always foundation my ship, your father's back Jack Eubank was built to carry your son's life. Are you willing to hold him on what is going to raise this young boy into a strongman man can what was it about what was it that really does what I wished I would have something like that.

My dad initiated me a different way.

But it wasn't with the community it wasn't with you know that much of a focus.

It was more passable instead of an active initiation, but it was still in. I think all of us long for that kind of thing and for to be more more to intentional and it actually happens sometimes like say it's just passive in how it how it happens but you knew that that's had been initiated at that time and it wasn't just the father and the son, but the community around it as well is one of the things that we go to boot camp.

One of the tocsin is done is son ship and having got his father in one of the exercises a couple of us have done.

We've done that talk is to spend some time with God and say help me see that the people he put my life help. Father me it's an amazing exercise to go through is to see that and Jimmy talked about you being in scouts right you know that there is little when I look back through a lot of good scout leaders that help father me during the several you know in into you have that context, he can see that it's in a while got that's what you're doing there. You help me understand the importance of leadership, and older boys yeah you help leaders and not just men playing pranks on me, but also to help me. It was at initiation.

It might my Boy Scout leader probably did when the best thing they could do. He put me in charge of the group.

The troop and I was like oh my gosh you know what I grew so much in that year and I look back and I think, but he took a big risk. You know I can what the title was at the Tyner patrol Detroit area and I was senior patrol leader in like oh my gosh this guy hates me now that you die. I learned a lot about leadership because it was a lot different when you had to make your friends go do something they didn't want to go do it when I look back at the beginnings of that just thank him for the leadership that they gave me in the time to be able to do that.

You guys on this initiation of boys. It's important I don't want masculinity is bestowed. We did say that but it doesn't mean that females don't have an important role play in her mother pretty vital in that role as well, yeah, referred Carson my grandson.

He had he had been a very insecure child before he came to live permanently with with Sheila and I and a few years ago you would have not recognized him as the same kid that he is now and a lot of that is Sheila.

People think of me as being a type A personality and got it in mind be on the radio or speaking publicly and all that but Sheila is on TV and radio and speaks publicly all the time as well and she's way smarter than I am and so few years ago. He wanted some prize that they were going to get if you know the kids sold enough in school right that is sold enough fundraiser stuff Sheila initiated Carson in the art of fundraising which is a part of her job as well and she literally took him out and took him to every house in Louisville. I think I'm sorry Louisville and you know and and taught him and educated him and would stand back and listen to his presentation and then coaching him up and do the whole 9 yards and that boy got the prize that he was one thing but to this day.

He'll walk up to strangers on the street and open up a conversation with them and Dell look at me and go man you are a phenomenal father or grandfather. And I'm like now. It was really his grinning as he something pretty cool. Yesterday, though theoretically sharing this person had something he wants to do when he gets back.

You know he wants to build something. What was it that you want to build it was it was a wedding want to get a block away wants to build a basically a snowboarding was to snowboard to pull behind. Are you TV yeah you know your response to that Sheila's response was drastically different.

She is like now and I was like okay that's cool, you know she was like you to break a leg, and I'm like okay that's yeah exactly that. That's were some of the difference comes in the female is very important role in she's a great help in that role, but really the boy has to learn certain things can only get from you in and that's important and it doesn't have to be at the dad is that that's not there can be grandpa very often it is grandpa can be uncle. It can be frantically stepped adequately all these different places right. It could be somebody in your Sunday school class again because you say hey speak love to speak life into you never know what those words are going to but I do know is it makes a huge difference in the lives and interest being available said ask you this week. Three. Are you calling me to help initiate what role do you have for me to play and if it's not your kid and I was picked to the parents about.

Thanks for listening and join us next week to talk about initiating girls

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