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What The Hell

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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February 1, 2020 12:30 pm

What The Hell

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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February 1, 2020 12:30 pm

This week's episode is all about a subject some may consider too taboo for listeners. The topic the band of brothers are gonna tackle is the topic of Hell. The clips used for this episode come from the films "Scrooge," and "Jerry McGuire." A difficult but necessary part of the journey awaits, so grab you gear and be blessed, right here on the Masculine Journey Radio Show.

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This is the Truth Network every man his wife doesn't usually feel that way. Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads masculine is filled with many twists and turns. So how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a good way when life feels more like a losing battle than something worth dying for, grab your gear, request your band of brothers will serve as the guides and what we call masculine masculine start here now. Oh, do we have a journey today on the masculine.

A quest like oh my goodness what a quest were: you might wonder. Actually the title of the show that were of this particular episode of master attorney were missing Sam or Miss and Andy so we actually have the All-Star check team here.

Funny how many people bailed on this is not here so we have the dream team.

We have Jim and Rodney and Harold and and today show is what the hell, and interestingly along the subject of what the hell you know God provided for us a timely situation that has since all asking a lot of questions and that's the reason death last Sunday of Kobe Bryant and eight other helicopter occupants were all the sudden this question looms and a lot of people's minds like oh my goodness did he know Christ. Would he be there. What does that mean and as we begin to flesh out these things. What is what is hell. What you perceive to be what's that like and so we put together an opportunity for us to come up with clips.

So how would you like that to think that now how can I provide a health clip so I recalled my own life. Jim, the moment that I realized that I was in hell or corporate health center speaker or where I felt like from my perspective, hell is a place where God is not there and that makes it an and in the fact that there's no place to find God and you can't get to him. There's a that that innovate self would cause such a fire to break out that it's nonetheless. I was set up corporate meeting sitting around with a bunch of general managers.

I won't mention the group because a lot of people you would know the name of the statement but anyway it was a large automotive group and I was a general manager and one of the individuals said I got this janitor working for us.

He's been with us for 30 years and we really want to have a retirement party for, and the owner of the company turned to one of the general managers and said, tell him why that's the stupidest thing you've ever heard and I was shocked Cumberland that he said it and then when I was even more shocked was what the other general manager immediately answered which he said yes.

All the people in the crown. Excuse me but in this organization.

No, that we settle up with our employees at every payday, and then as I watched the other general manager around the table although here, here, and that was what exactly that they are seen and I was like oh my goodness, this man spent 30 years of his. He invested his life. Cleaned your toilets and you can't give them up. A simple party. You can't.

Nothing counts for anything that he did. And even though I was not even close to understanding the difference between heaven and hell.

At that point in my life.

I completely understood that there was something terribly wrong here, but can you imagine Jim, yeah, that really is you said it, hell is being out of communion with God.

No access to.

But it goes beyond that there will be nobody that will give us any comfort. Everyone will be, we might have contact with will be in misery and could care less about ours and sorry it was Jerry McGuire, which is played by Tom Christmas and and he's worked for this company is actually a sports agent and he's experiencing this kind of culture where wow this is not find a lot of comfort here is is he's been fired and now you know he's expecting to lead a revolt, but not quite in the cards, except for one fish named clipper okay was that came here to let you go to a fiery consistent well don't worry too much. You all think I'm in a deal which is really just let me just say has I added the office.

I helped build. I'm sorry except that there is such a thing as manners way treating people the sufficient manners. These fish have numbers fact the coming with me. I'm starting a new company and the fish will come with me.

You can call me sentimental. This their coming with me. Okay anybody else wants to come with me. This moment will be the moment something real and fun and inspiring. In this god forsaken business and we will do it to get who's coming with who's coming with me. Besides clipper here.

This is embarrassing Wendy Shelley three months away from the pancreas is an empty feeling their hero and I am to know a guy. He worked for a local company here for a number years is computer programmer and and one day it was like they pulled the plug. Almost 44 years is better than your janitor, but they decided that as a jokingly said to my grandson couple days ago they said I was too old and ugly that in loosely minimal but they actually figured out that they could play some Indians less than they paid me so I was I was already home so security but I had no intentions of quitting love my job below my balls paying me to have fun but funny and I got go home and fight with my wife and I make numerous recent mistakes and home, but there's something to that that you invested your life there. I owe you an and at the end of the day. How much do you think that company really cared.

Not a lot, and so II wonder how many men out there realize in a Rodney you know where investing our lives in me, weep weep for me that was a real introduction to like, well, I'm torn all my stuff in it because if they treat this where there's no difference in being a general manager. They settled up with me on payday to yeah and much like you, Harold. I was at a job as although it wasn't. It was exactly the opposite. You are there for 44 years I was there for less than a year and I like milk Verdun go a different direction here and there were two wonderful godly men that work for me that I just really is adored and loved working with them and it's like okay we can turn this place around because this like you were mentioning Robby, you're saying hello's and over thousands of God where you are at this. This place was a cesspool.

I was shocked because the hired in and the boss that I hired into was a great guy and love the interview might I can work for him. I like that and then six months into my job. He leaves to go do something and I find out now. I talked to mazelike well you know I did know when I was hiring you that is going to do this might all you have to do all these other certifications months ahead of time in work through all that to go do what you want to go do so I know is lying to me so he doesn't care about me. Everybody left behind doesn't care about me because there they were just there. There is rotten. There's no other way about it, but these guys it I worked closely with were wonderful eyes member being in tears over that and yellow wasn't being fired is like my gosh, we just talked about all the things were going to do to kinda whip some stuff in the shape and that's all gone of my relationship with these guys know is ending and it was just it was just super sad to have to go through this.

So Jim Riley like a correction was only 32 years. 44 was my total work okay and I worked in a couple of the places I need to correct that. Okay.

That way he's not 95 yeah, you know, in the Hebrew word for life. I think what you pronounce it Che that's close enough.

Okay okay KSI love Jim because he actually knows his stuff and knowing that is how to say it anyway but the letters that are hence a bigger filtering the letters that are involved in their the hat and then there's the unit right don't hate this right when he says it. But the point is that that had his life right it it's it's a picture of marriage. There's a hoop over the top of a of a five and a Zion in the in the pictures is that these people being married and there's life while the neat thing is, from my perspective is that life has to do with that unit, which is the hand of God uniting you with him and so to have that is to never be in that place where there's nobody that cares for you at and there's been to never be in that situation where nobody is going to you know leave you without so to speak.

And the cool thing is, and maybe knew this Jim that if the word brother in Hebrew which you can probably say better than me start for the analysis but has that same letter that same Chet Hecht and and so here is this family.

This being put together in the life that's in God that's in me is connected to the life that's in God. That's an Rodney disconnect the life that's in goblets and Harold at end, when we actually former brotherhood of like people that that do care about you in Christ, not a not only do you have in heaven. Obviously, Jesus, and you have that presence but working to have all her brothers to one of the telling things about having three men talk about it. Every one of you referred work. Where you encounter. But our work and have been entirely different and we got so much more. In fact the highway to hell, and what the ensuing sustained. It is cold outside and you get out of the shower in your town won't dry you off. Oh, you makes you feel like you might need to throw in the towel and we got some better for you. My pillow towels mean some bath towels just don't absorb water others. You know you feel like you're drying off with sandpaper about 20 years ago, the textile manufacturers came up with a not so brilliant idea to make towel softer by adding chemicals. Great idea, but one problem the towels won't dry you off my pillow is changing back to the better days when towels actually worked. This is Southern cotton from the USA 60 day moneyback guarantee colors to match any bathroom white mineral Greystone ocean blue Royal purple and more. If you're in right now you get 30% office set to bath towels to hand towels and to washcloth, call 800-943-7096 use promo code car got this assuming that my son Eli.

We talked about ways you can help us up with is clearly a smile that he was on his informational website than that and where you can click the donate button waking into masculine radio down once again to mail something to PO Box 550 927-2853 men you will find out from Jesus what you will do with that freedom for day adventure with God. It's a masculine journey radio is designed to give men permission to be what God designed them to be warriors for the kingdom coming this April. April 2 through the fifth. Register here, wondering what the hell, and that question, although it may sound a bit sarcastic and actually phenomenally important because you have people all around and and and at some point you may ask like people ask about Kobe they really know you know Kobe passed away last Sunday they really know where his attorney you know where his tickets punched is he gone one place together and we all have a time in our life that that's that's going to be and so this subject matter is of critical like oh my goodness, I can't even imagine anybody that I know having to spend eternity in in in such a place. And that's the point we don't want to imagine it so we don't ignore it. You had a great story during our time together earlier about somebody that was close to you but you didn't have a clue and he became a Muslim of that, but how much time do we invest here and things that are eternal as opposed to all the little stuff that ultimately has no meaning. Now we will click here from Ebenezer that Ebenezer he didn't even have any screen time, meaning that was on his phone. He never checked his personal email or his Facebook account yet. He had become so selfish that it sounded like this. And even though you know I hate to admit it, we may have a friend or two people that we know that might bear a certain resemblance. I presume you to know us and I wished my name is Mr. not a lot of this season of the it seems desirable that those of us with meeting should make some slight revisions and just who suffered greatly at this time division is seeking money from you and many thousands of them want to come in this thousands of them want to come to prison to elect houses they still in operation that I wish I could say they were not treadmill student full vigor of his friend what you said something to stop them in full force. A few of us are endeavoring to raise the funds to buy the post on can we put you wish to be anonymous wished good afternoon, since you asked me when I wished I don't make myself a Christmas and I can't afford to make idle people. My taxes help support public institutions and a constant health and many would rather die if they would rather die than to do so and increase the surface population surely means about your business to allow me now following what Charles Dickens experience there. This guy seems beyond hope you couldn't find it.

I mean you go out look to find a lot of people that are less despicable than that, but nonetheless right, there was still hope for Scrooge you know them still spiritual hope for all sorts of an interestingly, the question that you can't help but wonder is where they stand. So I worked with this guy named Johnny Hendrickson's and and I worked with him for seven years and I knew he wouldn't talk about Jesus. I tried to talk to him about it several times. He does would go but one day I found myself in the hospital he was dying and they were saying he wasn't to come out of the, and as I stood there and asked his wife, and I ask his best friend. There was anybody standing there who knew if Johnny knew the Lord and make a very long story short, I actually prayed. Ask God to give more time, which he did and when Johnny woke up I was given the opportunity that I've actually blown completely earlier in a few weeks before to share Christ with them and and was given a reprieve, but interestingly, John.

You know, we how lucky to have with us Pastor Jim and and and what you're saying is that that's not heard of that people are often given those moments. I think the God who loves us and yes, medically, that happens often.

It happened to my mom, but before she died. She was in and out to another, but she was pretty far gone in hospice and just had a few days left and she liked woke up and was lucid and we had a wonderful hour and 1/2 of singing hymns saying goodbye to mom and two days later, she was dead and that is not an uncommon thing, but that is showing us the grace of God. He's giving every person out there. Hearing this, so a chance to say yes to his love and then experience it forever, and is also given everybody out there listing the show a chance to do an inventory because actually after that experience with Johnny. I called every employer must sacrifice it to my office I had looked right across the they will look to the eye and said I'm not telling you, you have to believe in Jesus but I need to know is your friend where you stand. So I can know where you stand as a prisoner in England on all the details, but he was going to his execution and was a pastor friend saving and he says I don't believe all that. But if I did I would crawl miles across broken glass to tell people that I cared about about it and let the man paraphrase. Do we care that much are we willing to risk embarrassment sharing Jesus with others could never in other question is Rodney.

Can you picture a place where there's all these Ebenezer's that all feel that way about everybody and and and and spend eternity where nobody cares about anything, you know, it's one thing to say well you know that I'll be all right. But what about those other people that are there and I'm not saying in any way shape or form that this is what happened to Kobe Bryant. However, you can't help but wonder if you don't know what if his daughters there is a result of him not being upward. And you know what I'm saying and I know she's 13 so hopefully she wasn't past the age of account that we don't know the answers to that. But oh my goodness, our own family. I mean it it's it's unthinkable to me and and then you're like God. What do I do about that and I wonder sometimes Harold is that what God has in mind for my own prayer life is for me to beseech him on that very subject or think definitely because in my opinion Hill is one of the most misunderstood topics in our world today.

People joke about it. They have no concern. They talk about God would send anybody to Hill and he won't he allows us to choose but he's made it clear and if you read about the rich man and Lazarus.

They both died and then the rich man was in torment and all he wanted was Lazarus to dip his finger in water cooler stone anything he wanted, if you remember, as he wanted to tell his brother right so that he wouldn't end up there right but it is at some point in time the games over for us to only we make you know that we have whatever time to share with whoever and then we don't get another shot. No going back. And honestly, when I think about the Johnny Hendrick story because I didn't know what to say to them once God did actually wake him up. I went right back to prayer like God now will I say in God gave me exactly the words. It that was just miraculous. He said Robby is a car salesman he'll understand this, I went back into his room and as a Johnny I made a deal with God know the car salesman, a deal is a deal and so God had given me the key to Johnny Hendrick's heart. He just hit the only reason he gave it to me because I he knew how desperately I wanted Johnny to not spend eternity away from them and so II really think that that's part of what we get a chance to do this is pray for those people that we have opportunities with Rodney yet because backless combat. Your clip the ultimate Scrooges Satan priming. He doesn't care about you at all.

He's trying to do is take downs many people as he can take with them casinos.

He's done for his games over, it's Artie written on the wall, he knows it and just try to take it down so all those wonderful things he puts in your head about how great life is go get this go get that it's it's just fleeting. You know vanity of vanities, all is vanity you know you just there's nothing there so if you want to you, not when the subject comes up, eyes no, this isn't his integration when know what you think about heaven and hell would he think about Jesus what you think about religion in these things. You have these conversations in my people shy away from those you know I want to talk but the subject hell is one of those hard subjects and assist the simple question for me. Who wants to be on fire for the rest your life know we want to be burned at all.

You hate get a little Mashburn anything burns out hot heat man you just because of the storm immediately yelled will think about that over your body forever and that's what it's going to be and revelations pretty clear and you just I just as can imagine that for anybody.

It's and when anybody dies like Kobe or my family or somebody I know when you hear about it are a friend of a friend or anything that is one of the first thoughts in my head that they know Jesus and one of the I will not argue with you about one thing Satan does care about us. He hates us because God loves us so he wants to take that away from God. We are a tool, but one of the things about people is and if you see true evil. Most people are going to say no and nothing to do with that.

But in the clip we won't say but it's from the millennium without a movie that terrified beers again. It is how appealing the devil can be. And yet that is constructive advice on the great deceiver don't want to be with him for eternity. So we can connect tonight this afternoon wherever you right now with the one who actually give us answers not only the people that we love to use the access point that the Bible clearly gives itself with information on the opportunity to go on an adventure God here effort not to mention the book. It

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