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God Is Always Up To Disrupting, Dismantling

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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February 8, 2020 12:30 pm

God Is Always Up To Disrupting, Dismantling

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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February 8, 2020 12:30 pm

This episode is the first of a two part series discussing how God always disrupts, dismantles, heals and restores. This week the guys are focused on disruption and dismantle. The clips for this episode come from the film "Groundhog Day," and a clip of Joe Walsh from the Eagles. The Journey continues, so grab your gear and be blessed, right here on the Masculine Journey Radio Show.

The Masculine Journey
Sam Main
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The Masculine Journey
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The Masculine Journey
Sam Main

This is the Truth Network of Everyman's life doesn't usually feel that way.

Jesus speaks of narrow gates and livelihoods masculine is filled with many question concerns how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a way life feels more like a losing battle and something worth dying for, grab your gear, request band of brothers will serve as the guides recall masculine masculinity starts here now.

Luck of the masculine you were glad to have you with us today cited about this topic to talk about today and think were excited about it because it happens to us all the time. It's constantly happening, you know we have talked about this topic in the past into why would you want to revisit something that you talk about because it's constantly have to constantly having to grant you if you don't learn from it wants you need to learn from it.

The next time you know why it's the same things taught in Scripture, it seems like over and over because we don't always get it the first time right for the 50th time, like Groundhog Day, ran aground actually right to be talking about the next couple weeks for different concepts but there's really six in the entirety of Derek McKenna talk us through what God's constantly doing in her life.

Yeah I working to be talking about that God is always in the process of of disrupting dismantling healing and restoring us and those are the four main concepts, but there's one on the front end of that and there's one on the back end of that and that is that God usually disrupts us by enticing us, he entices us with that girl's pretty at that job seems like a good job like that more money you know whatever ministry man I can help people, he entices us to do something and then oddly enough a disruption comes along and then some dismantling happens and then some healing breaks through and then some restoring happens and then the six part is we get released back onto the world right that that all of that process of of disruption dismantling healing and restoring now needs to be released. It's not just for us that were going through this. Sometimes it may feel very much like it's just for me but honestly almost everything God does in his kingdom is not just for me it's for me and for me to be able to bless the kingdom so it if what I'm understanding know if I if I can just avoid the to England's yes site if I could just at the enticing and I don't know Mattia just walk around. I buy them enough for that one again get that right. If I do that I don't let them release me right right it's a catch only ducats really yeah I have not gone anywhere I can avoid those other four right you know this is your going to be stuck in that disruption dismantling healing and restoring and you don't get the fun part of the enticement at the beginning the desires of your heart. He's going to give you the desires of your heart that's that's enticement and it's no fun to just like flyfishing and I like doing it by myself sometimes, but it's more fun with friends and so to have that healing and restoration and then released upon the kingdom to be able to do something. It's so much more fun with friends. It is absolutely and so you know it's a whole piece of it over the next couple weeks were going to focus on just the middle part is liquid and talk about the disruption dismantling the next week, the healing and restoring, but it it is constantly happening at you any reference that movie. So Ellie tousled about the clipper getting to play this game you're talking about.

Well it happens again and again so I submitted the the groundhog clip for the show because I just lost it recently took me 27 years to watch.

I've heard everybody talk about right and so I watched it, thinking it was more about this guy posing I knew about the idea of it replace itself, or whatever.

So I watched it this weekend. Nothing was groundhog leave leave. We like he was around. So I really enjoyed it, but it really became enlightening it was when I found out about the topic for this week. I was like will shoot that's the best example because essentially here's this reporter that this kind of error again and checked out and cynical and he needed some disruption and he needed some dismantling of both of those really show up if you seen the movie were going to play the trailer for what it is, goes through all that stuff but what you really see though is a guy that first of all whatever he sees this disruption. He tried to take advantage of and use it for his own opportunity takes each day. Entrance to build upon that to try to win a girl's heart, but he was. His motives are correct, but did he get sent back and he goes through and basically tries to kill himself in 90 different ways and finally he gets it he he really goes to the next stages, but it's pretty cold and if you haven't seen the movie, what ends up happening as he wakes up and every day is literally Groundhog Day starts of the Sonny and Cher song in the morning at 6 AM the same DJs repetitive answer repetitive every day and sorta go and play the clip and come back and talk about Bill Connors spending the day 20 Pennsylvania Ryerson is about to find out her name is really the same day Ryerson is okay as percent is the right way to talk. I like to say the prayer and you haven't seen the movie. This is wondered what you explained a little bit IRR perspective on how the all yeah I saw the movie when it first came out I took my daughter. She was like seven years old on the daddy daughter date or maybe nine years old and is a daddy daughter date. I sat there gone all my goodness this is the worst movie I've ever seen in my life and the reason was because I didn't have a clue about the poser you know this poser mentality and I didn't have a clue about God dismantling and disrupting and all of those things. But it's the perfect clip Andy.

You did a great job there. The perfect clip because God's always coming after our pose. I mean that's that's literally what is trying to disrupt most of the time we get frustrated because we get caught but that usually what is going after exactly no and eat your perspective on the movie having not seen it back in your night out I am out was what I did know like there was saying that poser we see that it became volatile, but I didn't really know the full story and how much that first of all, he was what I saw was the disruption came with this Groundhog Day that came out of the kept repeating a may know there to report on the groundhog coming out there stuck in that town, you know, nothing much happening in that town and how he stuck there and just the that's a disruption with the and he goes and tries to take care of is the desire of his heart by manipulating this girl to like him.

She rejects him and then he goes out and tries to kill himself. I guess a 90 different ways.

So he's trying to address his heart issue. You know he's got he's been enticed you know he knows he wants something. But then the dismantling comes in when he fed runs into failure after with her and you know some of the other things are going on in these totally lost hope in and finally it turns one day and he gets into the healing that I just saw the whole you know just the whole process. There are life and feel like Groundhog Day.

Now, not Herod. I know we teach a lot about age but you know you had more life than the rest of that obviously right is another true statement that said seemed like there are seasons of feeling nearly the same as other ones I have been through this process before. If we don't learn from it. We can repeat it.

Knowing you can is for sure, God has his ways of bringing about changes that at the moment when there happening you think wow Burgess flew over and did a number on me but then some years later you look back you say wow what God really had in mind that I had no clue. I'm in North Carolina because of the disruption. I was happy as a pig and you know what back in Columbus, Mississippi. I had a good job and just had a house built out of town concreted a 325 foot long drive way down the hill without knowing what it is still good thought.

A few years ago. Not a single crack after 40+ years, but what I look back and say is that I'm here tonight because of that disruption having a whole set of friends that I never would've known otherwise I was able to help take care of an elderly great aunt that was off up here in Greensboro with no family anywhere close. So for last about 10 years of her life. I was able to help take care of her and since she never had kids of her own. I was her favorite. I was oldest grandchild of her sister and so looking back and I say okay I thought I had lost lot.

As we were part of a really great church.

I was teaching the college-age class of this 11 so there were all the things that I thought I would never leave Columbus, Mississippi. I went back a few years ago. Glad I don't live there, and that's an example of God disrupting and doing some dismantling affiliates of the healing, restoring, looking backward to share some of our stories past may be present were God's doing that.

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Register now it masculine and the way we got this boat. The topic you have been thinking a little bit about the topic.

It just so happened that I watched at Shrek. One of the Shrek movies because I saw was on my Member with those who are in one of those right and so Internet movie database or whatever and so I put it on there and is watching it and it was all about disruption in dismantling and then I watch something from the Eagles the band Eagles and will play cook from that later talk about the same thing and so you know it.

So I think about the topic again and kinda send it out nicely can when I have no clue on about none at all. Some right along my way to work in this heavenly life radio on the actual radio. Normally it's MP3 or something and that song comes on and I might got a dentist I don't have about the chorus and I thought will how perfect the least for my site you looking at it is when those disruptions come in the dismantling comes if I don't have open eyes and open arms to they feel a lot different than they really are going to yeah and and having this perspective of knowing that God is trying to disrupt, dismantle, heal and restore and he's not doing it because he's mad at me he's doing it because he wants me to live the fullest life that he created me to live right in and until I had understood this part of of God's healing and in the way that God works.

I would get mad. You know, and I didn't look at it with open arms and open eyes, but having that perspective now allows me, I still get mad at me and let me just be honest I still get mad when God disrupts me. I still throw fits like a little baby and then when I'm done crying I go okay God what what are you doing okay. What's this disruption about because you know me, and it eventually you just it goes back to my going to trust that he's at least at the very least he's using the disruption, even if he didn't bring it on. You know and and I promise you that happens a lot where he doesn't necessarily bring it on, but he's going to use it and so it's then okay God. How do you want to use the disruption and knowing that there's a dismantling that's coming you know and it sets you up and then you don't lose heart so much knowing that there's disruption dismantling healing and restoring all involved. If you didn't have the second two all my you go through the first nominee who wants to be disrupted and dismantled him, and I admit I may sound like an old car, I will exact same way. I get so frustrated with disruption comes, you know, even when I know that's going to be for my good in the long run it still just frustrates me. You know, but then again I have to change my perspective in order to see what God's doing and sometimes it only comes from looking back right it's hard to do in the midst of it. Now we have Jim with us tonight but is not generally a normal year, this is Jim of old, not a replacement gym tonight. You are your RJ to Argenta right but you Jim brother Jim is not here with this is Jim Brekke has been with us several times to send of them with us in a while and see if it's in disruption not really either have very big question is when is God, not disrupting my eye.

I think God knows me all too well. I can get to set my ways in that I need to push now and then and what you're referring to is and what we are talking about before we went on the air. Sometimes it exists. Disruption is not just for yourself sometimes it's to help others and to kind of expand your boundaries. Me, my wife Leah decided that we were tired of walking up and down stairs in a split foyer. The house and we really going to build a home or we were going to remodel and we hadn't stick elevator in the garage right well we withdraw the process to see what that would cost us.

That was very cost prohibitive doing that right so that was a good one roadblock that that me and my wife are kinda frustrated at and then her youngest son, says hey you know I want to buy the place so we let him go through the process and lo and behold his debt to income ratio was, not correct.

So now were frustrated because what we do now to be doing it for the market house up on the market.

You know a in in that process.

Probably less than four or five days later.

Now her oldest son has a heart attack at 33 and has a triple bypass and so at that point right we need to take care of her oldest son.

He was living with us for about three months. If we had been in the middle of a move or worse yet, middle remodel you and been able stay with us at the time I was frustrated like doing and why. You know, but fortunately you know, we were able help out John Michael to this whole process and now he's back to work and he's doing well. It's awesome because my we were all talking before the show, comparing disruption stories and nine in several of us wouldn't even be in North Carolina that wasn't for disruption.

Yeah, right. And none of us would be part of this team that that's together. If it wasn't for disruption in their life.

Yeah, for sure you not eat well your story in my story parallel a lot. I came to North Carolina and basically running away from my wife and I had had my first wife and I had some really serious marital problems in and I was the pastor of a church in an can stay there for a long long time but knew that we needed to get out of town and find a place where people didn't know our baggage, not so much that we were trying to hide things but that if she was going to get the healing that she needed and if I was getting at the healing that I needed. We didn't need to be reminded of our sin all the time and so we felt like you know this was a new opportunity and so we mean up and moved to Kernersville North Carolina. You know, in 1999. Not knowing, and I've been trying to find then in you know, to walk with for a long time and it just seem like it never happened. Never happened. Never happen until I met you and so you know things have changed dramatically since you and I've met you in it for me.

It was moving from Indiana place that was setting up my life to always live there. The rest of my life and my company offered me the opportunity command and look at the opportunity is no harm in looking, which became God saying and I want you to go is enticing followed some Lotta distraction making disruption that have to gather out that awfully landed me into a group of friends that love me well that I could not do life without the script we have for most of Monday, well, well, most John is now not so much. Most anyway and get to the clip so that we get it in in anyone's every show that your story but I'm watching with my son.

My younger son that history the Eagles and it's it's not family-friendly sell and say go out and watch it with the kids right were actually going to see the Eagles. The concert is a part of it was owing to know who the players were and who you know the different parts of their stories and the concert would make sense and he loves music is music oriented person and through watching the news this clip from Joe off if you don't know Joe also story who is he's a rocker that partied very, very hard for several decades and you can tell by listening. Yeah… Just not just years were talking decades and the only thing that got them away from cocaine use alcoholism and all that was because Eagles got back together. They said if you'd don't get sober. You can't be with us and said he joins a story and he sure part of his story and then comes along this little clip we talking about the perspective of life and I want to play it and will come back and talk about as you live your life. It appears to be anarchy and chaos and random events, nonrelated events, mashing in and causing this situation in then this happens, and it's overwhelming and and and just excite what you know what is going on and later when you look back at it and I got a finely crafted novel that at this time it don't let a big that it is is floss week at a rate out when you think about that. I don't know what his brutality is that I'm assuming he's probably not Christian, but I think what's interesting is when you have the perspective and you look back in order for it to be a finely crafted novel. There has to be an author right and so there's somebody that's putting those pieces together and I think that at some point peoples begin to see that that there's more than this randomness that that happens to me that things do fall in the place when I have open eyes and open arms and let them change me at any what's a little bit of your story so I will know what took y'all so long to get here in North Carolina and the eight elders dillydallying around. I don't know what there is probably that safe but know and I'm the same way I probably wouldn't be in this ministry I have something in my heart. It was an enticement.

I knew there was a deeper place with the art of hardball with God.

But there was just all the stuff that you hear and the masculine was. Not all of it, but a lot of it was missing, and you know you don't know what you don't know, but broken relationship got me to looking for something deeper read while the heart that enticement as it was the question that I had that I started seeing a somebody's got an answer for figure this thing out and started reading the book, and like okay there's something to that shortly thereafter a CIA poster and occurred and I am narrowing Kernersville was like okay there's something some money around here that's doing the same thing which was quite a blessing because these boot camps on everywhere numbing for them to be here make it was these guys.

I just thank him for starting the ministry, but but just along those lines of of dismantling and disrupting only my life was exploded. I was a family man. I didn't look for this, but God is done so some incredible things in the healing process. After that, but it truly was a dismantling and it was something probably. I probably had my priorities out of out of whack and then I was living there in that place of just being just pretty much just good with where I was at, and I needed a change in God.

This command he describes in right behind that he dismantles he takes apart things and believes it could be a way of living. It could be when looking at life right this disruption know something's happened and then there's a dismantling set you up for the healing and the restoring right in Indian you can't stop it from happening. You can find it, which we all do we let God continue to do this dismantling so we can get to the healing, restoring, and where talk that will come back next week.

In the meantime, go to to register for the captain of April 2 through the fifth grade this week about this mailing disruption

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