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February 29, 2020 12:30 pm


The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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February 29, 2020 12:30 pm

You've been disrupted, dismantled, healed, and now it's time to be restored. The guys build on the discussion from the past few weeks with the topic of restoration. The clips used in this episode come from the films "Despicable Me," and "Seabiscuit." The journey continues, so grab your gear and be blessed, right here on the Masculine Journey Radio Show.

Listen to the All New Masculine Journey After Hours Podcast to hear the guys continue the discussion on restoration.


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This is the Truth Network, the heart of every man, ways of believing that your life doesn't usually feel that way. Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads masculine is filled with many twists and turns. So how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a good way when life feels more like a losing battle and something worth dying for, grab your gear and come on a quest band of brothers will serve as the guides and what we call masculine masculine generate start here now. Welcome masculine journey that was a regular voice tell Sam you're going through. Apparently you do to get ready Avenue here in male menopause could be the welcome masculine journey.

That's old working for you to be continuing to talk about the topic.

We have over the last couple weeks but before we get to that is as it wouldn't seem rowdy likely to make like a where's Waldo thing yeah Robby, taught all tall guy yeah yeah yeah see you get this guy here that we haven't seen in a while. It stranger to have any back so that's good.

Welcome back, and probably screwed up the microphone along these forgot how this thing here is good to see you again next week. Yeah man, world traveler would have a studio folded we got five of us here you are missing Robby and Harold and Other guys, but it's got have all you guys here and we continue to talk about the topics we been going through the last couple weeks and Darren if you would mind helping us can go back through some of those yeah we even started out of 10. 12 weeks seems like that it's been about four weeks talking about the way that God disrupts us, dismantles us, heals us and restores us in and mainly because Satan disrupted us dismantle less destroyed us in some way stole from us. All of those things and so God starts his disruption process to to get back to restoring us to what we were meant to be insert here and listen to those you can get a masculine and listen to the past podcasts on disruption dismantling healing this week when we talk about restoring as we talk about that you're going to touch on the other topics as they all go together and what things we talked about each week is gaps constantly doing these in your life all the time.

Yet you your wonder why doesn't like to start off alright in order why not why can't I just find that time when everything is going right supposed to visit him now and my wife a long time ago. Ghana big placard that hangs in our bathroom.

It's life is about how you handle Plan B because we are constantly disrupted from what were doing and sometimes things worked. According to our plan more often than not, they don't yeah I think it's it's amazing that I used to think that will fight to structure and plan my day out. It's always good to go that way I can think of hardly anything that's ever gone the way that I planted to let alone longer than a day.

We got common enemies disrupting and then he wants to dismantle but we don't always want to let them do it do it here and there's times are going to hold back and say now that that dismantling part, you know that's kind of the ugliness, you know that's that's the shell starts coming off the faade that we where the false self. All of those things that's that process God is removing those things in wing throw fitness. I know I'm going to hang on to this and he'll let you for a while and he loves you too much to let you forever so he's going to keep chipping away at that shell because he knows there something better in there and he wants to let that person out and if you can refuse somehow to go there then you miss out on the healing and restoration need to screw old and bitter. I think that we all have been around some people that have have lived in that I'm not gonna let healing happen in my life and I'm not judging them and looking and saying well there's gotta be some hurt there. There's gotta be some stuff. The guy needs to work on their because you can kind it is. Feel it and you can almost define this is something I need to work on. If there is something your better about something that really is eating at you. That's a place God wants to work if you letting absolutely were to get her first clip is from Despicable Me. It's not one it's in one, not two or three. There's been three of my thinking maybe 1/4 and coming out now that display at Despicable Me one and it's about grew is the main character and he ends up with three little girls in in in in living with him. He's adopted them and initially it wasn't for the best reasons.

It was a huge disruption to his life and there's a lot of dismantling the God had to do, but what we can listen to is the healing on the backside of it. The restoration that's been had not just for him or for the girls as well for listen.

The clip is reading them a bedtime story to come back and talk about that book was accidentally destroyed, maliciously, we are going to need a new these one is called one being you by Ireland.

It was just this not to pat myself on the back.

The one being unicorn strong and free thought he was happy as he could be then three little kittens came around and torn life upside down what you talking about these in relation to persons living or dead is completely coincidental. They made him laugh all made him cry. He never should have said goodbye. Now he knows he could never from those three little cantons that changed. He's the okay good night all. All there something he really talks about the description talks about dismantling in in his own words, but that's what is describing. Yeah, but the whole change of heart thing to me this was a man that wanted to take over the world yeah yeah you want to steal the moon yeah development exactly, but he had some brokenness and some woundedness and some real stuff from the past yeah deal with and a horrible mother went yeah absolutely none of these little girls had been abandoned and so they come in with his brokenness and that's what God tends to do is gaps in the middle of it, but it's not always just us and rarely is it just us in him sometimes yes yeah and that's that's a biblical idea to.

It's not were not were not taken Hollywood film and sprinkling some you know nice truth is on it right. It's a biblical idea, David, for instance, is an extremely broken guy right solves an extremely broken guy write all of these people are broken but God uses them in each other's relationships.

Saul and Jonathan Jonathan's are broken guy. He's got some serious father wounds. Let me tell you, but but God uses Jonathan in David's life and David and Jonathan's life to make a world of difference. And you know many many others like that Moses and Aaron and Joshua and all these different people. There's broken people loving on other broken people not usually because they wanted to be put in that situation, but because God uses it anyway and that's the way the healing and the restoration begins to happen over the questions I'd like to get to at some point in a little bit later in the show or maybe an after show that's a good time to tell you if you don't you listen to what we talk about then you have to go to masking or spot of fire. One of the other podcasting services and download our after the after Alex Nashville journey. After the type has a severe anything yet after hours is not, but yes, that is, that the outward, and I continued talk about this topic, but as we talk about restoration. I think sometimes it's hard for people to understand really what were talking about.

So what some things that can be restored to what some things that God has restored for you in your life right so that we can give some people some context for me. It was we were talking before the show started into me. I think there's a lot of frustration.

God is done. I mean, it's been eight years that I've been coming to boot camps.

In reading the book consistently going deeper into we call it the message, but it is a particular vein that I it's things I just never had heard before that I feel like has benefited me, gave me a better vision of who I am and who God is, but just my identity of who I am and it's foundational all you can be saved and still not walking your identity you can you can know Jesus as your Savior and maybe even as the Lord to where your following commands that kind of thing but to know your father is your father and to follow after him and to feel like you're getting direction just like a son here on this earth with his earthly father to get that kind of direction on a day-to-day basis, and even when you stray not to feel like this okay have strayed that I've really messed up and then apart from my father again with the know that I can keep returning to that father and that identity that you get from that. It makes all of the restoration possible in mama so we can be more than a sinner saved by grace little bit rhyming.

It's great that we're sinner saved by grace, absolutely.

And that's an amazing thing that that's that's the beginning of the story, God has so much more you know the walking that identity and the walk with him as your father Jim and me know makes all the difference in how you see yourself and see others that that's the baseline that so many people try to stop there. But God gives us opportunities for gross for love and made the central issue with both healing and restoration is love.

God's love are learning how to love others in his close a replication of God's love is as we can achieve. Now, we never will. But more that we grow in love and you see it throughout the New Testament. More grow in love more like Christ we become, and that is a journey and that's advancement awful sinner saved by grace.

It's taking more and more into that that beloved son states that beloved daughter stage of walking with the father intimately. I get almost every Sunday I'll be praying over folks that come forward during our service and invariably I will be praying that they recognize that they are beloved daughter or son, and there's other things and sometimes all know things sometimes cattle put something on my heart but almost always that will be a prayer that I say average person. It's a great point.

Without that identity. It's hard to really step of those other places so often, gotta come after how you see yourself long before he comes after some of the other stuff that he may have to get some things out away to do that, but that's a big part of that restoration process and are so much more that will talk about when we come back and I want to go to masking register for the bid can't come up April 2-5.

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April 2 through the fifth. Register back to masking journey said something wrong with the break we get pieces of art and identity back that's a journey hope for sure were going to have the ultimate identity we get to heaven right and you know God when he created us in our mother's womb were told in Scripture he he he he knew exactly what he identified us ass right in. He gave us the identity that we have.

He gave us if you will a life to live a mission to to live out all of those things in each one of us has a little different piece than the other and so this restoration is a lot about getting some of that back in and I'll go ahead and, share part of my story is unite. I was a pastor for many years was also a business leader and started living a very stressful stressed-out life and through some disruption and some dismantling and God healing. Some of that brokenness a few years ago.

You know I was having a conversation with my my dad in and he said you know it's good to have you back and I was like you know and and he said well you're the old Darren now you are the boy I remember you're the young man that I remember for for a long time used to live this very stressed, you know, take on the world do all get it done type of mentality and those were his exact words but that's who I had become pretty arrogant jerk. Quite frankly, and he was complimenting me on the restoration that God was doing in my life and and you know at the time it was.

It felt weird but it wasn't me it was God restoring me back to you know when you're a child you you kinda can live in your glory right.

If you've got good parents.

If you've got a healthy home environment stuff you can kinda live in the glory that God created you with its his glory.

You're just reflecting it, but he gives you little pieces of it in and but as you get older and more mature. Satan beats that out of you and the world beats that out of you and so as you let God dismantle that brokenness and and do some healing to get some of that back story of your life is a long sustained attack right right on your heart and God has to come after that. Because then we saw that in you when you were young. Is been trying to beat it out of the universe one way or another, either through enticement.

In some places you shouldn't go or just into condemnation just all sorts of things. So going play another cliff and it's probably one of her shorter clips of ever played.

It's from a very long movie yet. It's very short. Great movie. It's a great movie and that's it really deals with a lot of these topics we talked about in the last few weeks, but it's a movie Seabiscuit written by Laura Hildebrand that that when underwrite unbroken and just a great author in a great storyteller.

The movie is is a great movie. But the story of three men in their lives and they all come from broken places.

Places of failure, and God brings them together at this one moment over a horse Seabiscuit and it's based on a true story and wouldn't hear the end. Some of the perspective after the horses done. While there, they live the adventure together and reflecting on some things that's happened in their life and we could hear kind of a synopsis of that and play the clip and come back and talk.

Now everybody thinks he found this broken down horse and Sexton only every one of us. I guess in a way we can fix each other to is a short clip.

I was really getting into it and all of a sudden it stopped as an amusing, but it's a very powerful ending to that story because we look back at that movie and you look at the story.

It has been not using other people events I got in the movie I was in Hollywood. They don't really believe in God believe in the last part but yet they tell his story line more than what they realize it and see how these men are involved in each other's lives around this horse. It's also got a broken failure to past failed past and and all of a sudden something glorious comes from yeah in any said that scriptural the question I have for you guys is who is God used in your life the cane to help with that restoration process. Rodney homeboy danced out of left field questions and we haven't talked about our you're welcome yeah well number one and obvious one is always Jesus because I look back at when I really decide to get serious with my faith and try to really understand what was to be a Christian you now and it's like there was nothing going on in Jesus and it was just into his word is like the more I got fed, the more hungry I got in that all just kind of led to a new heart because I just sent you earlier when you sit in the world and your pretty worldly in your look around you like okay Heather broken. So what now some else's got their problems and issues you like and they're just a problem there just an issue, and then you just you blame them. And when you can turn from that start to realize okay that's me, mom said no there unbroken. I'm looking in the mirror.

That's all it is and I'm not dealing with the person anymore and I'm dealing with those behind them and who is behind all this like your time earlier, Darren is just a great picture of it and just actually have compassion now and care about that person as a broken person is completely life-changing and I'm not perfect.

I still get very angry.

I still have anger management issues.

So it's like okay I'm not perfect but I have so much more compassion for others and I can forgive others a lot more than I used to know. It's just one of those things you have to continually work on, but to have that working or heart, and then as I go to my faith, my mom, going from yeah okay we need to go to church exercise. Tell me my went to college you go to church and when I really finally got the point website studying the Bible and learn from the Bible. That's really did as I mom and I that will talk no, but I just kinda wish we did had more Bible study leaders had said hey you knew just read your Bible do this and that I might maybe things could've been different.

Earlier but boy her and I and our conversations now is so much more mature as to Christian people talking about God and his influence on what goes on in the message and now she listens of the podcast and that kind of stuff and it's like, weeks we have so we get great things to talk about nothing else, it's just it's wonderful to have some way to share that with specially if it's your blood relative.

So, God used broken people that irritated you just to sum it up, God used broken people that irritated you that you didn't have any compassion for to help restore you to the person who now has compassion for broken people who may still irritate you.

But, but you understand why and then can look at them with a different vein yeah because I know I gotta put up with me so that numbing. That's why hangs with the high season explains a whole. Yeah so that there about you.

You know God is used a lot of different pastors, preachers, friends, for the most part that the greatest sense of of restoration that I've had has literally been Sam Mayne Robby Gilmore Jim Graham Andy Thomas Rodney's mates. All of these men that I hang with my own son. At times my daughter at times, especially my wife. You know she more than anyone, but you know having a group of people that understand that my heart is not just evil that my heart is under work.

It's under restoration and and being willing to treat me as Jesus asks us to treat each other when he says love one another as I have loved you will. What's that mean it. How did he love me that's the question you got asked how did Jesus love me, will he he look beyond my blame noble behavior. He looked at what I needed and he supplied that need and you guys do that you look beyond my blame noble behavior you ask yourself you invest in me enough to even ask the question what does Darren need right now because he's really being a brat, but once he need and then you try to supply that need and that is crucial, and without it, you know, restoration would be minuscule compared to where it is and got drives all that we even got the center of all that about you when you asked that question.

I panicked and I was glad he constant karate first.

But in my life.

First of all, most of my wounds have been self-inflicted.

I don't have anybody that I really blame for much of anything because I seen it myself. But when I was young I was this brilliant can accomplish anything. Kid died.

One of the early influences was working on cotton country with this letter topping, but both of my parents were very supportive. My father in particular, I to this day. You know I know he was a flawed human being, but he is my model so when I finally got around to it. What's the answer that question. It's basically God uses whoever is available at that place and that point in my life. One of them. That was very a was a good friend but I don't think he and he's one of the only ones I can say that's the life of his colleague, Jerry, but Jerry said to me one day just out of the blue that God has great plans for you. I didn't say that this was what I was just getting excited about Jesus. I've been in church all my life but I was always the one dropping things and God has put the right person in the right place at the right time all along and we get another minute left about you. So starting as a disruption in the broken family or whatever and I had a friend that had been through something very similar, and really help me a lot getting started other friends came along. The mama fully and it was really you know like Dan said just a band of brothers delete camps with the boot camps for a lot of assistance and support that initially lit and I just really the community, just that God likes mice that God always provided the person yeah it's in there so much more to this topic and we didn't do we just touch the surface to go to management

Listen to the upcoming podcast on the after hours for talk more about restoration where they're going. Register for the boot camp coming up April 2-5 and anything else because just the podcast for the after hours is available immediately after the show

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