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Disruption, Dismantle, Healing, and Restoration Warfare

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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March 7, 2020 12:30 pm

Disruption, Dismantle, Healing, and Restoration Warfare

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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March 7, 2020 12:30 pm

For the past several weeks the guys have discussed in length about how God will disrupt, dismantle, heal, and restore your life. This week the discussion turns to disruption, dismantle, healing, and restoration warfare. The clips this week all come from film "Field of Dreams." The journey continues, so grab your gear and be blessed, right here on the Masculine Journey Radio Show.

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This is the Truth Network, the heart of every man craves a great adventure. Life doesn't usually feel that way.

Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads masculine is filled with many twists and turns. So how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a good way when life feels more like a losing battle and something worth dying for, grab your gear, request your band of brothers will serve as the guides and what we call masculine masculine generate start here now. Welcome masculine journey. We're very glad to have you with. We're like 42 of dismantling disruptive feelings only week five week five okay actually valid and in on one of these.

So far it's been missed. Now all the talking like we've been dismantled, healed and restored. But as for you, I'm still disrupted yeah well that's why we gotta go through the whole scenario today and actually that what we are going to talk about today is laid out it through one movie. This is an idea of yours this last week probably think about that we actually use when writing this is Rodney.

That's probably not be heralded were contagious. Robbie yeah Ms. O'Brien at boot camp year and 1/2 two years ago did a theme on what was the movie Maxon really accelerated So good that you guys talked about that outside and when you this was, and I like this just sounds like the right thing to do if you do this all of this theme that we have choreographed of different seasons here in this memo to restoration. It's just that spoke to me and said ma'am we do one movie and then Darren said that the well just try to think of movies that kinda cover that and feel the dreams is what came to mind, and you know it's one of my favorite movies. So it's kind of the Jesus answer you now if you just answer Jesus everything you're always right and so feel the dreams. It's kind of the Jesus answer it if you just join in this and you haven't any idea or talk about on the disrupting dismantling healing, restoring Darren, can you kind of throw it out there pretty yeah I mean God goes through this process with us to disrupt our agenda and in the reason being, our agenda is usually not real productive for us and so he disrupts our agenda. He begins dismantling the false self. The brokenness within gets down to what needs to be healed and does that healing and then restores us and releases us you know into the kingdom and to be the glorified image bearer that he intended us to be. We could have just on that letdown for weeks while we gotta take it to feel the drain try and beautiful place to get disrupted. I mean wow can imagine there might be someone out there that hasn't seen the movie.

It is especially the new generation came on the 80s yeah yeah if you're one of our younger listeners and you haven't seen this movie all my good go see what a great movie and as we begin with this farmer that lives out in Iowa with his wife and his daughter and also need to hear something out in the air and that's working to pick up this clip and we start learning about his story is now what were to do today with the shows were to lay out the different parts of it now. This is actually the beginning of disruption, but will you accumulate out each placement of this story, the story of Antonio the last few weeks, but also talk about the warfare you can face each time.

Is everything God tries to do in your life.

The enemy opposes.

Yeah and and is not just the enemy. You know your old self, your your false self opposes that the world opposes that Sam I mean you know you've been good about bringing us around to that cannot Trinity of evil content is the world and in our enemy and then our old self and so obviously the warfare part of it.

Here is.I must be hearing things she's definitely not hearing it, so I must not be hearing it.

And then there's just this disruption of I don't even know what that means. And then it starts been more clear that you get the disruption with beginning this is just a critical point to me of can you hear the voice of God is just an absolutely critical point and since I talk about that on the air and talk about it with friends and I was just on a trip to the RBN as guys ride along said so you actually think that you hear from you and and and as we began to share some stories along those lines.

By the end of that trip there like man Robbie has this phenomenal prayer life. I want to let you know I could eat meat is just but the warfare that's going on. There is this guy is nuts and so I there's an agreement that you can make that I don't hear from God and my wife and often said well that's just not fair. You hear from I was a Christian before you were.

You hear from God, and I don't. It's just not fair and I was like Tammy you hear from God. Just you haven't acknowledge that you actually do and so one day she would tell me the story about how we ended up in special needs ministry and she says well you know the reason why especially Demetrius because God told me that would be my ministry and it was like so how is it you don't hear from God.

All I did I did. You know, I know that I was just and so went when she realized that she had. I thought wow I bet everybody's like this and where they've heard from God that does not seem this, but for think often of heard you don't hear from God right that, but that's not what the Scripture says in all the stories the Old Testament and the God sent you know a stenographer out there.

This is why God said if you did you tell him you know God spoke to somebody rightly spoke to Abraham to David to everybody right and a testament to Paul, Peter and Mary, and I was like MA turn in the great rock group agrees that they should be. You know I I don't hear from God. You also have the agreement that I just didn't hear anything right or you will thicken with a father that I was going to continue to farm my field and keep moving in and keep going his own people think I'm crazy. That's my indigestion talking or something.

Yeah you make any type of excuse to say something other than what I really wanted to be as talk about endowment is not something that an agreement is totally what Satan is going after in our lives. To tell you that his sheep don't hear his voice that this is impossible and and think how much life you drop been robbed. Darren if if you don't believe while I was robbed of it for a long long time. I was one of those guys that didn't believe that I was actually one of those preachers that taught that didn't hear from God. That way, that the only way you heard from God was through Scripture, and that you had the Holy Spirit and you know II don't know.

For the life of me I still don't know what I used to think about what the Holy Spirit did.

I guess maybe he just likes let me on the back of the head. Every now and then. Or something. But honestly, you told me that's right he's he's the pie to good ghosts go look that up in your Greek dictionary. So yeah, I mean that was that was kind of the way I looked at it was that you know the Scripture was the only way God spoke. Now I I want to be first to say the Scripture is the primary way that God speaks to us have no doubt about that, and anything you hear from God. If you hear from God you know run around a tree and barred three times and you will be saved will go check out against Scripture and see if Scripture says that the Scripture doesn't say that.

But if it's something that's totally different than than a salvation issue or a core doctrinal issue then we missed out on a great movie.

If you have hit a stop with if you build it, he will come. I mean, because if he hadn't walked into that. Think about yeah yeah there's a whole lot more to the story and and so it wasn't until God prove to me that he spoke to me that I began to remember all the times that he had spoken to me in the past. Yeah, I think that as Christians in with the terms that we often say is you are calling on muskrats told you something. You can have a calling right and let's someone else told I was called to preach, then you don't hear from God. I'm not sure how God called me to except it could have been SpaghettiOs so we do have the magic of Hollywood and CE hears this voice right and we don't know who it's from. Since his voice is if you build it you will comment somewhere along the way.

He's is called to go influence a KKK that you kidnap a man named Terrence Mann, a guy named Terrence Mann and that he wanted to bring him along on the journey and so you know part of it is we have the next clip into it time to get anything.

Well, I see time will go and get played and this is when he's got Terrence Mann and Larry go to the ballgame together and said they see something on the board and let's see what we go from there. And away we go dancing. See what we can go as passionately as might be still a passion about things got crazy. I already think you're crazy say is Indians not leave them alone and taking on the right side of the story.

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It's a masculine journey radio is designed to give men permission to be what God designed them to lawyers for the kingdom coming this April. April 2 through the fifth Street now it masculine will about where we talk warfare that happens during the disruption dismantling healing, restoring the guards constantly doing in your life. That means were currently in warfare yeah yeah because he's always doing it. And you know warfare is a given. No matter what's happening been experiencing a really large portion of it today when I clip that we displayed right before the break. Now here's the situation where and I want to warfare is that that's happening is miscommunication and also to some extent, you know, hiding yeah because Terrence Mann is afraid to say yeah I saw that II saw the message about Moonlight Graham on the Billboard. It you know the Red Sox stadium and so raise assuming that he's used up too much this time, but if if you watch the actual movie of this clip. My heart was just screaming my head and he wants to be part of the adventurous shared adventure so much more wonderful on all sorts of levels than going out of the loan and if it weren't for this partnership between these two men again that the movie does not mean that the restoration in the healing doesn't happen and and I heard you guys show last week and after our show, which was beyond cool where you talked about that man if it isn't for the restoration of relationship we really don't get the healing but Mama warfare when it comes to and if we've experienced that if anybody has experienced the worst case we have experienced this and this is real stuff. I don't know what you're trying to say really in as you watch the rest of the movie, which we were only using your few clips here and there from it. Today the that Terrence Mann is vital to the whole thing. He plays a supporter down the road. He plays a critical role in it.

If he's not entering into of the work for. That's also going on here is fear.

Yeah, both of them are afraid and you know Ray thinks he's crazy he thinks himself to be crazy and Terrence also thinks right to be crazy, but now Terrence is hearing the same things that race hearing and so he's afraid to admit okay if I say I heard that the net means I'm as crazy as this dude that just tried to kidnap me and so you know it's it's that fear of what does that say about me. If I say I heard this or you know arrived. I believe that God wants to take me down this road towards healing well, it means I'm broken and that that right there is a huge thing for a lot of people. I can't admit that I'm broken, I'm a pastor I can't be broken.

Yeah yeah exactly right. That's way we can all feel it. I think one of those key things with fear is if you're facing fear. You go to realize that that's really just not trusting God in some level right.

I don't think that's bigger than what he's calling me to go through here and without both of these guys not stepping into that fear and and not letting it rule their lives.

The rest of the story doesn't happen and that's when the enemy's big tools is fear and he reminds you of things didn't go well before all this is just can be just like that in times you stepped out and trust in and it didn't go well, that's one thing she's going to try to use yes and whatever your Pacific fear is when you get into these situations start thinking in terms of okay where is this fear link to some agreement that is negative about me and myself that doesn't allow me to go enter in at this point is now the fear is saying don't enter in by me. You need to back out, don't do this.

This is a good big if you are going, you're going to get hurt or something's going to happen and that's where you start to understand though. That's where I need to go in because I need to break that agreement right now and the sooner you do it the better you guys and taught me so much about getting in there getting an early saying no being formal and being fierce about that. It's those agreements that we've made early in life we've carried for so many years of the hardest that seemed to end up in the break which takes us to the next clip which is ride it if they're leaving the Boston area going back to Iowa. Terrence is with Ray and the driving along and he's talking about his dad raise dad and Terrence asked the question And in and see what we find out as a father placing his time.

I was laying face. Never respect a man his hero was serial.

Jackson was sent to us.

So the least you can do is bring back his hero. What's with some of the agreements with some of the warfare that that's going on in this clip may be subtle, yet as I was listening. There's at least three there one is I'm a bad son. That's the first one I'm a bad son, the second one is I couldn't go home. Can't go home.

And I've done too much. I've I've hurt my dad too much. I've hurt God too much.

I can't go home. I I can't go back to dad right now because I don't deserve the mercy I don't deserve the grace all of those things you listeners know exactly what I'm talking about and then you know that the last one was it's it's too late. You know it's it's just too late tie I is nothing new about that.

But God can get you healing there, especially especially their inner interrelationship that of a of a somebody that's past and gone and there was a lot of brokenness there. We talked about it last week. You talked about it last week salmon in the after our show for sure and there's a lot of healing that God can do their it's never too late. It isn't too late and there's also misunderstanding a what's going on when you're in the middle of God doing work in your life. It most often doesn't make sense. It's even have Terrence Mann say their sate your penance right like this is something you kidding about it right at your this is repercussions for lack of better term and that's not what's going on is as a story continues to unfold.

You know it is about healing and restoration that's going to be happening in the upcoming clips house Outlook for you guys and in your life. How hard is it to not say it's too late. You know that the water too much waters of the bridge might my child's too old now I can't go back and make up for how I was not a great parent when they were little nights all those things can play out very easily in our life. It's easy to maybe relate to that is maybe a movie clip my case I can remember when my parents sat us down the famous and I were going to get divorced. Talk and my immediate response that Nick then Satan mailed me on that. I've forcefully gotten back and gotten a lot of healing is I can't go home. I can remember that very thing coming out of my mind in my mouth and Satan jumped on it like there was no tomorrow. Michael, I have no more home. My parents are split up.

I can't go home. I can't come home while biblically this is gigantic home means everything to dodger this arguably the most songs ever written on any subject or about going home because God wanted a home is the whole reason that the Bible starts with a bet meeting home and so homebuilders when a son is when you look at the actual Hebrew of it is homebuilder and so this is his son.

That's building his home and he's the one is going to be able to bring the healing to get you back off that agreement that you made as a kid when you're 17 so he had a lot of disruption in Ray's life and right now this is where the dismantling is really starting to kick in, but he's really starting to kick in on dismantling which means right behind that is opportunity for healing and restoration but is were coming towards the end of this particular episode. You have to go to master to download the after-hours is really continue the topic and the after-hours.

This time you finish that the rest of life for those who are familiar we have a new podcast goes along about broadcast go to iTunes you go to website whatever get that mask enjoy the after-hours episode will be coming up right after this one. We have three more clips, at least from this movie and more. The warfare that's involved. This available to you after hours and you know just like the healing that happened James Earl Jones because if not, he never would've got Luke never could've saved him. Yes, and Emma force wouldn't be limited in your movies.

It happens at your age you know yes that the podcast the after-hours podcast is always immediately right after the show will be uploaded.

It's ready to come. You know down to your favorite device on spot. If I whatever, but we also want ask you to think about coming to boot camp. We got one, April 2-5 in Marksville, North Carolina.

Go to Mexican to register get more information about it sends an email give us a call when I because I can't think of how many of these agreements were uncovered in a boot camp because we meet with cannot. It's the covenant of silence after you hear a talk with some else's describing their wounds and following that kind of stuff you get a chance to go out there and really dig in you and God on your story right.

It's not our mouths that we want you to hear the most.

Ask God's mouth that we want you to hear from it. It's it's when you go out there and God can do this disruption, dismantling healing or storing in a very short timeframe now is that It had in this camp, you can do it very quickly they can do it outside the camp and how often you really take the time to go out and spend one-on-one time with God and invest in yourself. You know it's everything else gets in the way.

Just try to go do that tomorrow and I promise you, you have 10 of the things that come up. It's getting distracted or your phone ringer.

This is going to happen at the boot camp. You can check out you can take time and let God. Just work on your heart to Mexican to register for the big can't come up April 2-5 and going also to go to spot if I iTunes iHeartRadio master to download the after-hours podcast

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