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Loving Like Jesus

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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March 21, 2020 12:30 pm

Loving Like Jesus

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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March 21, 2020 12:30 pm

This week the guys turn their attention to a new topic of discussion. The topic this week is, Loving Like Jesus. The clips used in this episode comes from the films, "Groundhog Day'" and "Les Miserables." The journey continues, so grab your gear and be blessed, right here on the Masculine Journey Radio Show.

Listen to the All New Masculine Journey After Hours Podcast to hear the guys continue the discussion on Loving Like Jesus.


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This is the Truth Network, the heart of every man craves upgrading that your life doesn't usually feel that way.

Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads masculine is filled with many quests and turns. So how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a way when life feels more like a losing battle than something worth dying for, grab your gear and come on a quest band of brothers will serve as the guides we call masculine masculine generate start here now block of the masculine journey were very glad to have you today and I have to say were gathered less than 10 people much less wear lessons and people not making light of the stories are five of us will be sharing today, but that you are remotely sharing and then three veteran studio today so that the kind of a different different time out there right now.

Pat completely if Mike unprecedented some and I like I haven't even seen before and neither its not be the topic of the show today were going to be talk about something else but you want to go ahead and make it make an announcement on the upcoming boot camp. We are going to be canceling the spring boot camp.

If you've Artie registered will be getting that information out to you about the faulty camp and the email copy later this week or this weekend this upcoming weekend that just let us know if you have any questions on that and we think it's probably just a better to be safe in a situation that we don't want to even have anyone come to the camp and then go a sick and so file the present guidelines we want to be obedient. Yeah, we do want to do that one up. They God's laws and man's laws as Jesus is*anyway, will be get more information out on that.

Then we have some fall dates will be talk about in the coming Show next week. You go ahead and set up for the fall absolutely looking for the so the topic this week is loving my Jesus you know and we hear that, but do we really know what that means or what that looks like, and in what context. In today's context really talking about loving a woman like Jesus calls us to love a woman that could be in a relationship like a spouse or girlfriend that type of relationship could be your daughter, your mother, sister, those types of relationships. But how we really called to love a woman and would do anything to compare and contrast the couple different movies today.

She confronts did not in fact it makes it pretty easy for me to see what loving a woman like Jesus is not I get to the first clip of this comes from Groundhog Day today Groundhog Day. Before that, I would say welcome Andy and Harold to the show via the phone.

Thanks are conning guys. It got to have it. And so, ask questions along the way to get to the first clip is from Groundhog Day. It's a little side story to what's going on Bill Murray's discovered that yet he is reliving the same day over and over, and in at first he's really resistant to any besides what I can just really late to my advantage. And so this is one area that he decided he could canna play to his advantage and and so he sees a lady at the Groundhog Day ceremony and then later Caesar in a restaurant knowing he's gonna see her again the next morning his repeats the same day over and over and so he's only one that knows repeats it. No one else remembers what happened the day before, so he's using his knowledge to take advantage of what we would say is this lady named Nancy selfless and how that plays out. First going to hear conversation and then he's gonna see her again the next morning.

She of course doesn't remember Casey groundhog's morning. What's your name Nancy Taylor what high school did you go high school, Lincoln 12th grade English teacher was Mrs. Wilde's laws.

Nancy Lincoln called okay thanks for English class. I was short gray area. Listen I got challenge Pittsburgh maybe later we write here) definitely will we call consumer needs get a consumer mentality when it comes now, which is trying to figure out the motive doesn't appear all that difficult. But actually it's it's it's extremely difficult. From my perspective it is. In other words, yes he he looks like a complete consumer there and he's in this for what he can get out of it. But the question underneath that and that we talk about boot camp is that for man quite often were looking to the woman to answer the question or were looking for some way to feel like a real man and the question underneath that is what is driving that behavior in Bill's life are more importantly in Robbie's life. You know, there's just some very difficult questions. If you're diabetic I kinda wish I didn't know you know is that I could go for tonight. Really stupid AI you know what John says when he does the beauty talk which I get done this talk, a member times and I think is very very valid is that we know we are taking our question or a question we can talk about that in a minute. What is that question I think that's part of the discussion, but we know are taking our question to a woman if were like your wife you're afraid of or afraid to say certain things, afraid to enter into certain conversations know because she's going out invalidate you and I could either eat your in other words, is she taken the place of God in your life to some extent, but that's it's really difficult stuff and so it sounds real simple on the outside. My goodness, it's far from it and its Layers. Sam, what track it's definitely got layers in and so anyone what was about that clip that Katrina spoke to you think it a lot lot going way a lot of way I think I sure I wanted I want to quote if I wanted to treat my wife properly when we were married or that I always did it with like reality, like what you are think it really was like I really didn't become a member of that not really looking out for their needs really truly love and I might like were supposed to call to let the layer like them a lot about how my my Matt and and not worry about that. I know that we all dealt with. That really get back with the we put Artie, that's not what Christ called the altar like nuclear a white like you for you know in a way that a man is trying to love another woman like Christ (yeah you one question I would ask you buy a gift for his girlfriend.

The spouse are you buying it to surprise her in hopes of what her response that will be right if it's something you're hoping to get out of the equation. A really nicely cooked dinner or something else right because she's so grateful that the motivation is not necessarily for her heart as much of this for your own heart and you and so I think that's always been a question for me is like when I was buying a gift. What am I really hoping to get out of that whole equation.

I just looking to stay out of trouble.

Yeah, you stay have to say that the deer that still another way is yeah he's offering you know it's it's Valentine's Day you're supposed to do something. Yeah. Like if you don't it's going to get it's given me on like donkey, immediately right yeah it that's what back to that hope. Question thing. Yeah, I think that it can be confusing.

We talk about you taking your question, there is a core question all men have at some level, even young boys have is do I have what it takes. Dive what it takes in this situation.

I have what it takes in that situation. That's not necessarily the question were talking about here. Yes it can be tied to it is to be some level that in their you have what it takes to please a woman to have what it takes to be a good husband to have what it takes to win somebody's affection. You know it's going to be. It's can be flavored toward your wounds that so to speak.

If that makes sense. Ravi yeah I know I just remember those times is 1415-year-old boy and I wanted to ask a girl out and I would pick up the phone and I would dial three numbers and I was taken back down and I went it was just like aunt because she was completely in a position to tell me that I was lovable or or at some point to be worried or boyfriend or something or to be rejected and feel worthless and that seemed like my whole life was on the line, not realizing you know what all that this was the question that was really meant to be answered by God prior to this, you know moment in time and made a really, really heart it was more than likely driven out of the wounded place right that question comes out of the wounded spot for me it was more along the lines of do I have what it takes to be a man in that person's eyes because part of my wounds that was yet with my station stuff that I went through the enemy came after me was you're not a real man anymore.

He gave that away happened right. It wasn't true but felt true and so to get that question answered like the only way to make it not be true anymore, but it's fleeting when it doesn't come from God and I probably come back and talk about this will also talk about what you're going to love a woman in your website In the past, podcast, mask to register for the big cable you don't have the following up yet and so please go listen to that if you have any questions for us. Please email us are some links there to get a hold of us would love to hear from you that it's cold outside and you get out of the shower in your towel won't drag you off. Oh, you makes you feel like you might need to throw in the towel. We got some better for you my hello towels mean some bath towels just don't absorb water others.

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We talked about ways you can help support Lily smiled as he was on that where you can click it masculine once again, PO Box 550 back to mask injury were talking about loving like Jesus and particularly in a relationship type scenario from a man to a woman. The topic actually came up because of the song you just heard. Honestly, I was flipping through some stuff and I flipped it over to Saturday night live.

When is the guest host was sometimes watching the clip are selling in the musical guest came on and I don't know that I really cared for the guest as much. As she started singing the song and the song captured in the resist a lot of truth in the song and later I learned a lot more about and I don't essentially agree with all of her social stances and all those kinds of things that doesn't make her song less true that you know the story of God comes from lots of ways and and and what she was really saying about his being wounded by man taking his question to her right that she says at the end of the that the course, there is you can't understand unless there's something in it for you right right in a in and finding out that there was this that the men she'd been around in her life and then this consumer kind of mentality that we've been talking about whether they wanted to be that way or not, we can have a great heart and really have great intentions and still fall into that trap right now absolutely on that now. I think mice a lot of I had no understanding at all come into that first but camper probably to boot camp before caved to track with this concept of wow.

I mean, in a completely different way can suite you know, we judge other people by their you know actions in ourselves by our intentions.

You know I well well so now you get to our next clip in the last Carol look a question that the next clip is from movie lateness in Les Miserables.

I guess I can never say right having years of the class, not yeah and so this is John. John and his he is stepping into the situation where he sees an unjust injustice.

It's been happening to this woman woman and is been fired from her job.

She turns to prostitution.

The local sheriff basically has it out for her is really not going to treat her very fairly is John Zamir and he came to steps in and speaks on her behalf. And so we have the scene in the jail when the captain yeah the captain is giving her her sentence and the mayor steps and on her behalf and there's no love relationship here. This is doing the right thing because the right thing meets time to listen to this.

The clip here is 66 was because it is.

She's not my problem right is still getting six to square with the rest, but it happened and they said it was in fact they should be under arrest as evidence, I want you to release judicial sent insulted you in front of my Nancy to file that's my consent and personification of government and society have the right to give us you don't have the authority to destroy justice. I do have the authority inspector articles 9 and 11 of the criminal code I can release Sgt. to go.

She attacked the decision is mine. She's free free when I'm in China is expected to article 66 to early bond until tomorrow morning. Inspector now pretty powerful clip you have a man who's is raising up to do the right thing to the right thing to do. We talked a little bit about this topic before the show. You made the comment about that it's not always easy, necessarily loving somebody like Jesus but it doesn't change that. That's what were called to do is people were not get along with and yet that feeling that person over and you realize that the long-haul. You gotta hang in there with that loving spirit even though it may be difficult month. My sweetheart have been married, no phone click here and there are times that I know.

Please turn class person but remained were still very deeply in love because we are committed to Christ, and we know that we set up one just for one another.

It was to God, so we don't have don't have the option, thank you it gets really kinda convoluted. Sometimes this whole topic you know we love everything is to be very black and white and that you could say okay I'm not taking my questionnaire you know and I'm just going to follow what God tells me the running talking about the show that sometimes it we need to listen to God. So you need to love on her right now. If you just go back to the clip even you have one person going. This is justice in another person going. This is injustice. The two completely different views when you don't have the same thing going on anytime you're in a situation where your with either your spouse or woman in your life.

Other times, you have a different view on what's going on in your gonna have to work through that and we work in everyone's in Christ. It's a lot easier as you. You have a very good base and understanding of where you're coming from and you can discuss things you can receive those things. And I, Harold just said 56 years worth of proof right there and there's more proof and so many other male marriages and such. But when you don't have that it becomes harder to have that framework that no grounding the foundation that Jesus is your life to be able to work from. So when you're not seeing eye guy and not coming from the same place. It's it's hard and careful Cindy you have to work through this and this is something that you each one of us have to do and where were failed like everybody else intact. Not because not go well but you really need it asked for something from Jesus in your heart to really help you see somebody as that would person that's one of things in the national drink help is seeing others for what Jesus want you to see them for, rather than what Satan wants you to see them for any account constantly be reminding yourself that because you're just as broken as wounded as they are. Yeah, it's the challenge here is important to realize why you fell in love with that person. Start with, like in our case had no intention of thinking about marriage.

I wanted a baby in the Navy as a pilot six-week that we met were engaged and married when it was just like okay there was no doubt that it was right for us. I don't advocate that everybody but it sure has an R both of the leave beyond any shadow that they got together and in that relationship.

It can become a challenge if you've been living as a consumer, and trust me she knows it.

You may think she doesn't she knows it. And so even when you want to change, you have to put in the due diligence to know that it's cannot be seen immediately. Your hearts in the right place I could. You probably have a track record of maybe proving otherwise. If that makes any sense. I know that if for the longest time I lived.

I loved my wife dearly, but I was really really taking my question to her and she knew and she felt it, you know, and it took a lot of me living with God and walking with God even move steps away from that and for her to see some change but it's it's just not an overnight thing. A lot of times, and I think that's where that that the rubber has to meet the road guys is that you get a get out there and you start walking with God and this knowing okay. It may be an uphill challenge is not always that easy to flip the switch is now also in this particular clip but it's critical to look at and I love the way John puts this.

There is the issue of taking your question, but here we've got an example of really how to love well and he is being fierce towards her enemy right at and being tender torture brokenness which will see later on in the after-hours podcast but in this parties being fierce towards her enemy which part of the ways that we can love our wives or daughters or any woman in our life. Well, you know, aside from the question part is to say, okay, where is she getting attacked and how can I stand in that even like this case against the physical nano Dentist case may be, or Satan, who I know is beating her up through her mother. I mean, or through her friends and her friend right now we all get that situation, or sometimes from your own kids. Like all man you time lag is the other you talk about a place where you can step in and also get your brains beat out from both sides of media you can end up stepping in there and hearing it from your wife is much as you hear from the person, but at the same time you know if you're using a genuine strength that that's where God wants you to step yet the key is to get his get something times back in the shows.

Walking with God through this insane guide. How can you help me see where I've been taking a question what is that question and taken to the woman and then how can I break that how can I step away from that, what's the next step in walking with him each step of the way to be a quick fix, but it's going to be a journey along the way to get to a healthier place in those relationships, but also healthier place with you and God, which is really the key is to come up with talking after-hours assure more of our stories, places, we failed places were God's been showing some success. Please go to masking to listen to that and a registry deftly became a November

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