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Vinnie Tribute

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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March 28, 2020 12:30 pm

Vinnie Tribute

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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March 28, 2020 12:30 pm

This week the guys pay tribute to a member of the band of brothers that has recently passed. Vinnie with his larger than life personality, led a fascinating life, and the guys share their thoughts, feelings, and stories about their friend. You will also get the chance to hear from Sam's sons as they share stories about Vinnie. The clips this week come from interviews with Vinnie over the years. The journey continues, so grab your gear and be blessed, right here on the Masculine Journey Radio Show.


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This is the Truth Network, the heart of every man craves a great adventure. Life doesn't usually feel that way. Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads masculine is filled with many quests and turns.

So how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a good way when life feels more like a losing battle and something worth dying for, grab your gear and come on a quest band of brothers will serve as the guides and what we call masculine masculine generate start here now.

Welcome masculine journey.

We're very glad to have you today.

We are just it's really bittersweet day today on the masculine journey we lost a good friend of ours this last week Robbie and we all did I show with you last Saturday week ago with the Christian car guy just kind honoring many that anything a big part of the masculine journey radio show for a long time before you get really ill and so we felt like we really want to do that again with the show assets 2014 that he was part of that big time. I first succeeded yeah yeah you know and in and whenever he could. He came over long after many people would not write in his situation. You know, he'd when we first started doing the show. He could see the most part we could drive still able to drive at that point you now and then he lost a little bit of the site he had macro degeneration and unit in advance pretty quickly and so unite winter stage where people would pick him up and bring you the show. Use a trooper and he he he would come in and not be a part of it, even when he moved into assisted living.

He was always trying to be a part of it in any way he could always ask about the shower trying to get them to sponsor the Passover that we get a remote from us. Assisted living place. I yeah yeah that we would pick him up that assisted living place several times analysis will yeah US and so we lost many this last week and we can go Friday. He passed away on. We know that he's in a better place and we know that he's healthy unique and seeing these with loved ones and it's a great feeling to know where he's at it. Still, it's hard feeling missing.

Is he was a big part of our life. He was very much a sage in our life and shared a lot of his wisdom, and not always wisdom with this is how you got the whole package. When you get a broken man. You get the great stuff they had all the kind of wisdom, but she also had in his case lots of colorful stories and then an insight that really you know I don't know and and a level of honor and of any understood honor at a level that I really never met another man and I really think when I when I think about that first clipped the code that you can kinda hear it in this clip that were play from from getting talked about the code that in his world when he grew up honor was way, way, way above anything that I think most of us experience, what was work time. The code you kept your mouth shut. Everybody in the neighborhood knew what happened but nobody could talk, nobody would talk so we talk about the code that was you shape up on the dock and the foreman comes on picks out who he wants every day. That is a message to everybody on picking these certain few guys that better workers. Most of the time they get picked. They will be troublemakers anyway. Again I say there is a code there was a code. It's sort of like a common story in them days, there was the code of the Italians against the Irish. The Irish when it comes time to work on the docks. They have to work together so hence the unions came in and took advantage of several that did you hear how I asked this question what it's worth dying for. Chris and I we talk about that in boot camp and in battle and you know what you what you have in your life that you're willing to risk it all for an end.

Vinnie comes out with the code and you just get a sense that while this this is something that I do not understand, but clearly was part of that generation, it was you and we constantly as we needed a group of brothers Vinnie. You know, we came from very different areas geographically but also generationally and then he would always chime in and share how it was not that way when he grew up in, on, it really wasn't even Vinnie was the same age as my mom you know and yet he was my friend and that made it a little weird that it was always good to know that that Vinnie had this kind of this honor. This way, that he looked at life and he was going to be treated that that was one thing was predictable that many a lot of things weren't always predictable that many knowing that that honoring that code was was wired into them was one that was always there, you know, we would prep before show by for my favorite things about any Israeli talk about the show before the show and then I took a video asking this question just as always, give me a hard time to ask questions.

I don't tell you I tried to be very intentional to tell Vinnie the questions I was going to ask you sooner.

Talk about a question didn't you tell me what is interesting to being we get to the show without asking the question and while we went a different direction. That was his very being authentic to live in out of the heart. That was who he was. He lived from his heart is very much the type of person that he was killed out of hammer boys here with me today not guilty by the show the other day and shared some stuff about Vinnie, but the memories of any enemies talk about code. I think that applies to Vinnie's way of treating other people and everybody is his family and the people around them. He treats he truly is family and I thought that from the very first day I looked up to Vinnie like he was young, grandfather to me and me and my brother lost our grandfathers. It pretty young age and younger brother Eli and love younger and I didn't. I'm sure he'll attest to that. But you know that's that's what Vinnie wants me as a grandfather and just sage and just really brought me into this journey of manhood because I was 16 years old when I met Benny and so some the lessons that he had learned in his younger ages. Those are things that he was able to share with me and things that I was able to experience their him that Eli for you what your senior members of a Vinnie know your quarterly under six years younger than Caleb C. Mattingly were granted yes.

So when everything of any hourly sing of this this first joke he told me as like when I was 10 I was at a boot camp.

I came to visit. He told me there's a way that you can count your fingers that you have 11 fingers and I was also confused us in there with my fingers. I like how do you do that and he just started counting backwards from 10 on your fingers and he was like and 97, six is five equals 11 and I don't know why I don't know.

I remember that that's just my first thought of any is is how we like he was so good with me as a kid and how he just automatically treat me like a family member Yemenite First Amendment Vinnie was at a boot camp up in Park Springs United looked out and there is a gentleman that was much older than me and I like Robbie's friends Israeli cities integrates with his friends from the Thursday group and so we went out after session is outside, he had his his Mets had on and knows a giant's giant head of time and I looked at him and said what you get that free with a fill up United of any story to know that he been involved in Mafia and some others I would know that I probably would asking that you know his response was, he started laughing. You know I am. That became a friendship that you noticed was started. At that point forward and and there are so many times that he was just always there in one way or another. You know the interesting thing about sharing as a group. After the show times will set in talking fish after Vinnie went blind. He did like this a lot more was he would be very quiet and when say anything you almost think sleep honestly must do so as you doubtless will ask you with that out of nowhere he you call your whack job speaks in real love in your heart, but either way, he was here to tell you what he thought he needed to know that you will if you think about it you know the name of the show was the masculine turn in the talk about all the time that masculinity is bestowed from man to man. Now you may met some men in your life that if you knew Vinnie Menino there was no question that that's what's up man. You know what I'm saying. I mean like this was somebody that you were not going to mess with.

I mean, of course, I messed with him a lot but I mean you knew that there was a force to be reckoned with. Here but also he he. Because of the code because of his honor because of a lot of things. You know those are things he spoke from his heart, but the next clip on the play is listen to how tender he was as ace as he speaks of the loss of his son times that you and called to have a conversation. You really didn't want to have an interest in the little details around that one of the hardest things that I had to face was when my last son was born six and Dr. Paul's live but I wouldn't tell that to my wife who is in bedroom hospital and about the seventh day I get a call from John Benson, died. Now I have to go tell my wife and I actually went into the cafeteria and stayed there for about four hours trying to figure out how I could put without being hurt wasn't thinking about me anymore.

Was thinking about our after about 56 cups of coffee. I went up there and she was beaming my wife beaming because she gave me another son while that even made it worse. Stand there now with Lego was already but I wasn't ready now.

Well I did tell and I will never forget the look on her face. That's one of them. Times when you walk away in a couple of days you just don't know where you're at. I just put myself. I do this a lot myself in the bed and night just wait for everything to blow over.

Most of the times my life which is been pretty long, it's worked for me.

I just let God handle it. He handle that but I chimeric, Remicade, or learn more about Vinnie and talk about his life. How much of that is just what sage and a person he wasn't loved as well and he wasn't perfect like none of us are, but he was who he was. He walked in that authenticity that it's cold outside and you get out of the shower in your towel won't dry you off. Oh, you makes you feel like you might need to throw in the towel and we got something better for you. My pillow calls mean some bath towels just don't absorb water others. You know you feel like you're drying off with sandpaper about 20 years ago, the textile manufacturers came up with the not so brilliant idea to make towel softer by adding chemicals. Great idea, but one problem the towels won't dry you off my pillow is changing back to the better days when towels actually worked. This is Southern cotton from the USA 60 day moneyback guarantee colors to match any bathroom white mineral Greystone ocean blue Royal purple and more Georgia right now you get 30% office set to bath towels to hand towels and two washcloths, call 800-943-7096 use promo code car got sales. If it feels like every day is fine. We can listen to the masculine journey and find out why we use clips like the to illustrate the story, God is telling in the lives of his gun designed you which flights do we grab your gear and come in every Saturday is assuming that my son Eli. We talked about ways you can help support Willie smiled as he was on that where you can click the button tweaking it to PO Box 552 7285 so I find no say. I will keep help but think of anyone you think that's on my way since that was his theme song. Now you play betting you know he would sing along with it and you heard all the stories, but as you think about what you just heard in my way from Frank Sinatra which was clearly his idol or whatever. Listen to the final part of we are playing this clip about him talking about his son John Vincent that passed away right after birth at now listen as you think about where Vinnie is and what he says he handle that but I think of him every day. I even think, believe it or not know when I go to heaven but he's going to look like the 53 now. I can't wait to see you as I can't wait to see my life but that's a story that was very, very, very difficult to have any you ask the question you're going to get the honest answer writing you really were a member, but at times accepted practice little bit before not really practice but you know talk about okay, this is organa talk about and that he would come out of nowhere with the story need be like oh wow that's where he did.

He walked with God and in the midst of that you just share what came from his heart at once. That was DiNardo or yeah I mean so going back to the clip on the advertisement for the boot camp.

You know the clip from Braveheart, will we do now. He said to yourself, what was that not many.

And then he did it his way.

I mean, he really did. I mean it. It was Inc. unconventional. I think at this level did know what you always what what all you you were going to get but you got what his heart was through. At that time it wasn't.

It wasn't filtered like a lot of us do. I'm bad to filter out will make sure it sounds writer that it matches elitist ages told you what was on his heart, and I think we all appreciated that honesty in the story for everything so that was always good to glean from you and he'd grown up in an Italian family visited reportedly involved with the Mafia. He got away from that broke free from that he was a prison guard in North County prison system at a much advanced age compared to most the people going into the guard and he was what I'd Artie retired and so then he decides to be the guard father because you know everybody heard the stories and you can just picture in a Vinnie and they put him on the know his story was that type you know that they put them up in the tower because I know he would shoot it and you know that's what if you're picking somebody to go up on the tower you want. Pick somebody that will know Paula Turner well they felt confident they have their manner of any this clip over the place from the same cloud USF that that one up a little bit I'll never ever forget Vinnie and I have people knew her suite we would batter back and forth but we were family so we could get really really angry at each other at times and one of our clips. One of our times were arguing. I was trying to make a point that he wasn't thinking clear theology, and so I said because I wanted them to think about his pastor who was at the Methodist Church and so I said Vinnie, who is the person at the closest in your life to God and he said me. It was was the greatest dancer ever. I thought about that answer many many many times and I hope that someday services probably isn't the closest person to God, you know I'm sick me, but when you listen to this clip you can see that's truly what Jenny felt Vinnie for you. You draw near to God. Seattle like Ron Mira.

I was in a close right now it was going on in my life, I'd be in a shadow honestly and truthfully, I've always been close to God. I believe maybe I've strayed, but I does been close to him because I don't know anybody in my lifetime.

That is a Christian that I've said this, the will you guys that you know whether you believe in God are not. When something drastic happens, you say oh my God, and everybody doesn't. So with me was happening in my life now being a little bit on the old side and blind with a blind life. I'm so close to God that you know I almost want to put on a robe, and I was always one to him like most everybody here there always when something is going wrong this not get close to God. You know you only go to something is wrong should be close to him at all times celebrate the good things as well as the things that you and I guess that's about how I feel about God, like I said if I got any closer to God. Now, I'd be in a shadow I think I'm on the same cloud is he's telling me to lose weight and scripted it, which tells me you know you know that you would asking that question prior to the show and you are expecting are completely in our draw near to God to help you can't answer me the sister is Teresa Carmelita sister Carmelita was 99% sure his sister currently in the nose like me just that was that was how it was when and as I said, you know, when you when you think about so many men are out there that reach their 60s, 70s, and they do not realize what a value they have in imparting masculinity to the next generation because is. We talked about. Vinnie had a story that was unique. You know in this area for sure.

But when this guy started showing you how to shoot a gun or when this guy started telling you how to talk to a woman or whatever you knew you were getting that information from a man's man.

Yet you have updated this as he deftly grew up in a different type. You know I we would talk about life and that's what you know this band of brothers. We talked about in the year. It's not just for the year it's it's what we do. We spent time with each other after the show before the show, but after the show we typically use when we talk about the life stuff you know and with Vinnie. You knew where he was that there was no doubt that you knew where he was at any point in time that he was down times that he was up times that he was getting late, he was him and he was always authentic learning he was. He was the main like we said, you get what you see is what you get with him.

You didn't really know what to expect but it was just like you talk a minute ago he was talking on the on that.

That is such simplistic wisdom. There where is it sad that we go to God. Whatever things are tough, but we don't, where were at an American today right and we go to him when things get tough and we why not take the time when things are good to have this mountaintop experience with the guy when you're not having to deal with all that there is great wisdom in that statement that I hadn't heard him say before yes testing and as you talking to you. I first met him, obviously, was a different time, his wife and just as had been started going blind.

I didn't knowing when he was married to Rita not enemies me that he died she died right before I met you I got it had to be pretty close in and so Nancy and started going blind and you know I first met him, and then all of a sudden he developed the same thing with a different version. She went and had dry macular degeneration and had wet his advances. Such a pace and hers and that he went from being able to see peripherally to nothing in this walking through life with him and then when he lost Nancy and just all the times that we were there but the one thing that always amazed me about any is I never personally overheard him angry with God that he would put on a pity party unlike anything I've ever met in your life but God what the deal and and I and I want to be fair to everybody. Any struggle tremendously with depression, but he also had an understanding that helping other people or being able to minister to other people was a way that actually helped him get out of the depression to Rita helped him get out of the depression to Nancy and here in the last stages of his life. The very last time he was on the show. The last words of course we have a whole and after-hours podcast for a minute, which has even cooler legacy that you hear from his grandson all at stuff but the last words that Jenny said on the radio and the last show that you did know we brought them in here in August 2019. But this this really gives you an idea of how he knew in his heart, inherently the way out of my depression was to help other people so you know Sam he set it up to do this Bible study there in the last not now when I talk about insisted living at this point in time he's in hospice. I mean, you know, these of the last months of his life and he's doing devotions. This is the last I just did one lay in that bed and feel strongly for myself. I just want to I want to help people was something that had sorry history of murders; and the show so to make the actual show here to make the after-hours that is again the wrong number. I thought I should use my glasses with a number bit Vinnie. You would go visit him at the facility in any begin to wonder is he sees to make it to the next day and also in on Friday he was up preaching the people that you know and moving people towards God and that's what Vinnie would do as he withdraws back to God and with amazing things about many visit he would always pray you know it when he walked away and cursed God, he could walk away and blame God. He could walk away and did lots of things. He walked closer and closer to God and spent more and more time in prayer and that's one thing that always take with me is how much he loved his father no match for his father loved him and so you listen to the podcast. Record after this that continues talk about Vinnie in his life but also the impact he made on smashed

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