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Who's Got Your Back?

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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April 4, 2020 12:30 pm

Who's Got Your Back?

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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April 4, 2020 12:30 pm

I have a question for you. When times are tough and the chips are down, who's got your back? That is the question the guys will discuss and answer this week. The clips this week come from the films "Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby," and "The Outlaw Josey Wales." The journey continues, so grab your gear and be blessed, right here on the Masculine Journey Radio Show.

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This is the Truth Network rays of light doesn't usually feel that way. Jesus speaks of narrow gauge. But the masculine is filled with many twists and turns.

How do we keep from losing heart trying to find a way one feels more like a losing battle. Something with dying for, grab your gear, request band of brothers will serve as the guides called masculine masculine journey starts here to buy liquor just in the studio recording. Well you do to Corona Cove, my team have you on the same and I were recording back to back in order to not know have too much exposure to each other. Yeah. And so here we are. We just actually recorded many tributes and now you get a chance to talk about by his counterpart, who's got your back concern.

Lots of uncertainty out there to is probably a massive understatement right there's there's uncertainty healthwise, there's uncertainty financially. Uncertainty everywhere in his name. It's out there and start often turn to the news For me, I can only speak for me. You guys may be avenues watchers, but I struggle to know where do I get the full truth of the situation you know when the physician comes on and says you should wash your hands up, leaving right. I'm not one of those people saying I should wash my hands or I shouldn't use the I anti-bacterial whatever it isn't and all that stuff and I do other things that they're suggesting insist it's a matter were going to to to know who's really got my back in the situation and hope that the government does you hope to employers and hope that all these places do, but we do know one thing for certain, God's got her back first mention not however much he may think they do want the extent right but God's kind endless is the only one that will never disappoint even though you might think he that's true, if you put in new expectations like Romeo and ask about the only scripture Rodney's today to run a lot of talking about clips well yeah I have a contributing quite a while to eclipsing you guys been just holding up the fork so I might well this time I was like you waited to shows plan to do a one night although they got change in midweek and we do different shows, but I was like man I looked up clips in the long term only actually spent some time doing so is not there and I think clips onto the big part of it went well. Trust that you know we didn't hear from her mouth to listen to him until today. The first play is actually the story someone not having someone else yeah and this clip Ricky Bobby from Talladega nights comes home just been fired from his job as a racecar driver because he just went to his PTSD thing radar is on fire.

Now he can't drive anymore and he comes home to find his best friend and his teammate airplane jingo with his wife and sons and informed that basically goes to her getting married in Rick is on the way out I visit my house's so sorry. I really family portrait is currently placed your faith were getting married. Ricky get matching leprechaun techies called mail three hours just firing from the team will race back to home just a second straight for divorce now is Ricky your marriage was a hollow shell. It was a cruel charade. She just gave the 411 on the whole deal. You know what else you never let me win one time go and check Mr. Danny told me that is my time now will really shake and bake just came up with a new magic man nice thing I don't stupid his nickname out of her is Ricky. As I think you wish you thought of it you got mass awesome. I've always had a lot of great ideas. Think I might design a car that's in the shape of a rabbit that's a movie I've never seen actually wondering if you seen that movie is. I have not. So I didn't have a clue that was a magnificent heart song magic, though the loan was about that Cliff Lee said okay. I really want to play this well.

I just am going to really try to think of no clips with the theme of the show and what clips you know are the antithesis to that and how hard could it be now to come walking in your home.

You just lost your job, you can walk and unite your wife, your best man because there looking up against you, and I just first thing I thought about was when I saw the cliff I was like oh my gosh parallel to Robbie's story that you stole before you know it just like I might like it so home for this exam never thought of this clip with such a person. I like it. I think I'll stop now. While that is best. You know, I couldn't believe it was like masculine journey you race cars didn't have an awesome name, what mascot name or whatever and in the center point guard my girlfriend, not yeah, I came up the driveway and are expecting on my 16th birthday and actually her car was involved because my father would give me this brand-new PR card and Javelin, which, if you ever saw one was unbelievable. It had a black and purple stride up this it was gorgeous and I will go out with my girlfriend. You know when this was it, but I do know that marriage is been over for I didn't know that now here comes my best friend and it is the ultimate betrayal because the people that you thought would have your back, especially on your birthday. Don't and and and you find yourself in a place it. Fortunately, when you think about it. Jesus can totally relate. Since best friend and wash his feet, long before that, and an old trail is a whole lot worse than going out on a date with somebody else. Yeah it's I think the we often ask yourself the question back because it's obvious the world is in III was with the company 17 years nine and they told us ahead of time.

There were going to be shut shutting down. This was in 10 years ago now, and there can be shutting down in.

They kept asking me to stay on and stay on the ninth and can stay in a couple weeks at least another couple weeks and I had been making some plans on my own to step out and build some houses and do some things in.

I can see now that I know. Stay in the love Leona below to them and my last day of work they called a meeting and Sedona were effectively shutting down everywhere right now and we don't know if you get paid anymore.

You get your paycheck in any detail you had you not getting in all the stuff and I was a psycho. My gosh this the betrayal that I felt it was circumstances beyond what they wanted wasn't the owners in the bank came and took the money was during the 08099 downturn Mrs. thousand eight and 2009 and you just at that point I thought well deftly. Another enemies, owners and him personally that they got my back now and I think that they maybe thought that they did they think of the day.

Alice and I to go to my family and say like I don't know when I'm getting my next check the 30 days PTO that I'd saved up is not coming in now and in the let's see what were going to do now you know I'm in. And so there's always this question of who really has your back and the only answer we can come down to Scott for fear they may got puts people in our life that have our back first season sometimes for a lifetime that often, but sometimes those relationships that can also turn turn sour friends at the end of the day you really have God well-funded. I want to complete that thought my head it comes down to trust and not was thinking of my wife. When my kids mom.

Don't you trust me and her answer was always like she didn't answer.

She said who I trust that Jesus thinks she answer? The question and the answer was always God and the implication is now no I don't trust you. You do silly things, but honestly, when we put our trust anywhere else. When we expect anyone else to have our back, they may or they may not therefore really counting on that.

We will let them.

I had a pretty tough day yesterday in the middle of Corona world and I was thinking about being homebound in all these different things were, and I kept checking the news rather than checking in prayer: for the tree of knowledge rather than trendline and when I woke up this morning I asked Jesus what are you praying for me and he said I'm praying that you will not be afraid that you would know that I've overcome the world and is one thing to know is overcome the world that you know it's at the end of John 16 where he actually talks about no right exactly 1633 take heart I have overcome the world. And you know I can't even begin to tell anybody what that conversation between him and I meant to me this morning to realize unite was tell me that very thing. I got your back. Yeah knives also displayed through a tough thing with my daughter the other day. She's getting candy.

He's gone by lunch at her sorority sisters who are supposed to have her back and she elected into this and that she didn't apply for should they all wanted to do it. She set something up and then all of a sudden a bunch of people are turned on her and went to another camp. You know how girls like to do and she signed learning. This takes us back to a story we talked about before. She was like my friends think.

In FY we had to bring that up this account and macro to share stories of times it does have back you didn't know that Heather back even when others let us down, and also stores and got other people in your life to have her back first season masculine journey that OIG listened to past podcasts that it's cold outside and you get out of the shower in your towel won't dry you off.

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If it feels like everything is fine only to listen to the masculine journey and find out why we use clips like these to illustrate the story, God is telling in the lives of truth is God designed you which flights do we pay will grab your gear and come in every Saturday is assuming that I talk about ways you can help only now that where you can click making it masculine, PO Box 550 really speak to you if you know what this is from the one arriving absolutely, so can you tell me what movie that's from these trips you and know you talk about so we would mind having your back absolutely make my day. Understand when you had your back me names like Vinnie having your back your back with that. So we we have another clip get in. This is from Clint Eastwood movie that's overplayed that the Montana and the yellow Josey Wales, yes, and this one. Josey has already met up with the Indian chief of the road with an S quality found in that outpost and during town and he ends up getting enough fight was some union soldiers. He fled in in that same town first met this family from Kansas and they had a little Cincinnati attitude got there better than everybody and they find this family got captured by some common churros really be taken and sold to the Indians. This laser whatever else I want to use them for, and then you have the she falls down the hill and gets captured by him and now you have Clint Eastwood's Josey Wales coming into Canada save the day and you can you can hear it play out here were he has both his partners back in the family's back, who he never really met but hearing a very big bind and he's there them bail amount creationists is one we will give you what was about the mean just can help it. Think of Jesus when he walked this earth and all the rulers of that day aided because he brought chaos to their world rulers of Josey Wales.

They were all after him and when Jesus had his enemies Josey had his enemies. A lot of them want more enemies and he had friends but when he had friends Josey had friends. I would die for him and he would die for them and that's a picture of Jesus to me is Jesus coming to hear to die for us and eventually you know were willing to put our lives on the line for him, but it takes strength in through us to do that because these people were all weak in their own that when they came in with Jesus and perform together.

They were very portable team and they would all stand for each other and I think about it and I've always kind in my mind illustrated the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom that like if you kidnapped Clint Eastwood's wife, Juergen. I come under come to the understanding is like. It is this sense of like on my you know, like when he said that hell is coming to breakfast like you to see there's there's something here that's really mean to be reckoned with in the to understand how much God has our back to this extent, I think would absolutely blow our minds don't mess with Sandra Locke, please click but if you mess with the children of God created the universe is Bareback Us wonderful going to share a story that didn't really think of until we do the show here of time. We got had my back and I didn't really know when it's right on the heels of you.

I got let go from that company. The company shut down and get let go, but since we know that Laika, the company shut down.

It was less than 10 days later I got a call from somebody off of something they read on the Internet on that ransom her website is name is Darren and call me when you know if I had any interest in doing any boot camps right in here I am and I am just starting a new job or get a new job now starting something on my own. But God knew how much I needed that in my life you know and because of that it led to all of this because of Darren making that call because of God having my back you know if it's brought me to this group of people that have left me through lots of life challenges and lots of times and others didn't have my back. You know there's been times in our group and we didn't have each other's back right in God's even whether this through that he would then shows on that you know that that God sustains us through and he uses other people often to do that is sort of a similar thing you described Sam my first job was there in my hometown and reached a stage where I needed change.

Got got me over to Columbus, Mississippi where I got to be a part of a great church change my whole attitude toward church got me involved in teaching the first time and I was there for like eight years gave my life to accompany and that didn't work out ultimately and it was a time when I thought this is just not what I have planned.

We had built our house outside of town. I cut trees never haven't had a chainsaw on my concreted a 325 foot driveway down a steep pale never-ending work with concrete before built a life that was taken away and it was like wow but it brought me to North Carolina, to the greatest little town you could never find mocks Bill North Carolina ultimately got me in all of these gas. Another great thing that happened in my life so I look back and I say okay God I didn't see it then but I see it now.

He had me all the way. Deanna similar Harold I was going to work down the Charlotte living in Winston-Salem driving down there back and forth and that's when I happened upon Dr. J. Vernon McGee one morning now driving at 5 AM and I went from a guy who thought I was a Christian to a guy who all is what it means to be a Christian. Now I am a Christian. It's following Jesus and understanding who Jesus is and going through all his five year lesson plan within about two and half years and is driving all the time and on that road it just all came to me and what I needed to do and go in a different direction, which ultimately led me here to be in this ministry and its just wonderful to be around men of God, five-minute God and of God's children. Pretty amazing to see you look back and see how God's hand was in things and you didn't know that I member moving to Indiana from from California and I went to church with my mom on a Sunday and when I went there with the thing that was really me was everybody at mag is hearsay and we've been praying for you for the last couple years you'd be able to get moved back here to Indiana at some point you nine they've been praying in many of the situational mom and shared with her group and I made it and got had my back in the midst of some really really troubling times with my first wife and going through Mr. some horrible situations and that relationship as being a single parent for a number of years, all those kinds of things and and not knowing that God had people praying for me all along the way you noticed it fit to get me back to there which ultimately led me to the company that brought me down to North Carolina into you get which is critical may fumble this Segway soul, non sequitur because I like things that Ronnie was talking really hit me is that God always has our back and is loyal to what about us on Facebook all the time.

I'll see posts that people say well it somebody does you wrong. Double and gone the next. How loyal are we. We have the backs of those that have done us wrong and one of the greatest things is how God brought us back together. This group waived members there some folks that are still gone, but with all that went on and you and bearing in particular came back in the relationship. From my perspective, at least so much stronger because he didn't give up on each other and you did have each other's backs not all about God. Having her back. We have to do that for one another or we end up like the country and western song you in that first plan for all about lose everything I it was God holding things together is honestly to if it if I'm on my own. I just cut bait and run because it's the safest place to be in God's leg. He wouldn't let things go for Darren or for I know, and that he One of us in contact with one another through Robbie through other ways that you know eventually he got that reconciliation put back together. I think that that the faithful part was, as we continue to trust in God. It allows us to trust in one another and in the thing is that no matter what you're going through right now I don't know if the outcomes can be don't know what the outcomes can do what we do know for certain is God has her back in the midst of whatever that outcome is back in her finances back in her health and all those things. It could be wearing a sexy ploy to pull us away from God is let us pull in to him step more fully going.

Got I don't know what's gonna happen, but I know you there with me and I know that you get through it. Whatever that means I may be walking with you one day come sooner than what I thought. Maybe not in the same house as I used to be in I may be simply completely different. But I know that you're there with me.

I know to be okay always always always always have my back, and Churchill never give up

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