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Man's Role During This Crisis

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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April 18, 2020 12:30 pm

Man's Role During This Crisis

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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April 18, 2020 12:30 pm

This week the guys discuss the role of men during the Corona Virus pandemic. The clip this week comes from a YouTube clip.

The journey continues, so grab your gear and be blessed, right here on the Masculine Journey Radio Show.

Listen to the All New Masculine Journey After Hours Podcast to hear the guys continue the discussion on Man's Role During This Crisis.


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This is good Truth Network the heart of every man is a great adventure. But why does it usually feel that way.

Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads masculine journey is filled with many question turns. So how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a way when life feels more like a losing battle than something worth dying for, grab your gear and come on a quest with your band of brothers will serve as the guides and what we call masculine journey masculine journey starts here now welcome the masculine journey we're very glad to have you with us today. Today were to be talking about a topic. It's actually been on the heart. The last couple weeks after little bit more than that.

We did that we did attempt to do the show last week in had a little bit of technical difficulty and so did recordings were backend on it this week so you can get that version 2 of this particular topic, which is what's a man's role in society today. Not necessarily in society but with everything going on in society right now with the cover 19 everything that's going on. Once the mandrel and his family at work to their surroundings through social media once it really look like and I think you be surprised there's a lot of different answers and I think it that the day will come back to always come back to it.

Your walk with God and to know really what your role as mentors can be a lot of things we we touch on today in the personal and probably ravaged ahead and play the clip. Actually, Harold sent this to me. He had seen it on social media somewhere and this was a gentleman given an opportunity to staff off right and and see what the mandrel lesson. His response was in a less than maybe what we hope for because of cold virus you are going to be quarantined, that you have a choice. Do you pay quarantined your wife and child all BEV I still find it funny so Harold I obviously find it funny as well. What was it about the clip that made you laugh hilarious related without having any idea what that option, but he entailed. He picks it up for a novel about I go to bed last night. I can't kid evolves to the conversation was with. I could have been a friend or family member and acquaintance was talking to somebody that's nearing the age of retirement last week and Lisa denied thought I wanted to retire after being home for the last five weeks and realizing my rather large house is not big enough to get away from one single person that you did about how big my house is it's not that there's not love in that relationship insist it's a totally different situation these days a lot different than what most Americans are used to may have been right now for 12 years and the been married for almost 56 it is different.

I think this is the perfect opportunity to share the dishwasher story here. You know if there ever was a time I mean this on my lot.

Men are probably experiencing a dishwasher got experience what what you're laughing about it. I reveal the fact of the previous meeting get in real trouble. One of the retired game in Shiloh loaded the dishes in the dishwasher and made the mistake of quote solving a problem close to showing it and showing her how the dishwasher debate. That and a few other things you have to be careful to stay out of trouble and I'm not that smart and I did think of you the other day.

Harold is, that sounds like something I would obviously do and I think most men have more work were solvers inside. If there is not a problem. When I try to find one. We can solve anyway. You know when the most common things that I think of me and asking marriages these days is, why do you do it that way and I and that's not you usually can end up well which person that's asking that you understood everything quite differently in that regard. My whole career in information systems at been you know 40+ years of solving problems, and so when I came home I started seeing things that I had not saying what I was working and so I started sobbing what I thought was a problem. What she did to his criticism, and I didn't really intend it that way but it that's how I came across them so got to be careful not like the black guy was saying it didn't matter how big your house is in trouble. So if I was to ask you the question of what would you say a man's role in today's society, the way we know it to be as we speak today, what would that look like one thing that struck me is that our need to really stand and proclaim the fact that this is not God causing this. What people need to understand and in my opinion is if it's bad it didn't come from God. We live in a fallen world. When God created the world. It was good everything was good until Satan came on the scene and then I got bad.

And so in our world today when we say bad don't attribute it to God and asked the question why does God let bad things happen to good people, we would just have to understand that the enemy came to steal, kill and destroy. So when we have bad things just know where it came from, and we as believers need to take that position then and expounded when we have the opportunity don't let people fight against God because he's not going to fight back against him except for the very good point and I think that it's it's really easy to look back and say well there was the whole time with with the farrowing guy did certain things.

So how do we know is not doing the night here and I think that that the whole thing is he knows remembering Jesus is teaching who the father really is right in and got is calling us to him, and this time he's always calling us to him.

This time would not be any different than any other time other than I think more people are hopefully turning to him during this time.

You know what you need to realize is that that God has given the people are working to find cures and so forth. This order that Amalek come from well they came from God it income from the devil's true, that's true. Come back to you. Distal billboard and move on to Andy Andy. I don't house things up in the northern whatever part of the state. Like I said last week on top and he had to tell you this the right that were losing me again. Can you move your mouthpiece or switch or headset or whatever you need to do David's law. The output data in a 1 foot okay that we can hear you now, so I was trying to make a point on folklore appear in the middle of the day the far corner of North Carolina imposed by hippie made it like that point that I'm way out anyway what I was trying to say though we in the mountains. The main don't have a lot of neighbor you know it just like that.

I would tell my daughter that I would like you just like you very just, but what activity in the low country that they added. It's just been a weird time to because you know to spend Easter holiday without being with family. It really is a different time than what we ever experience coming out to compare the closest thing I think would be 11 but even there we were really distant from one another with a totally different but that my care was saying. You not only God that bad things to people at all, but I do think he takes the menu to crawl to himself and get get our attention. I think that was somewhat of what happened on September 11.

What's happening here. Not that easy to take with the enemy. You try to break bad going to take it in. Give people an opportunity by okay I can't watch sports like a large entertainment. I'm here about myself, family, my family, but God it can benefit from this time so absolutely you want to what something that you would say is a man's role right now.

I thought a lot about this because what if I came on.

I think I think I'm shared last week. It's just the last two years of like up really deep in my relationship with God damn deep deep rooted in him, and I feel like I just felt like a better position 2008 2009 downturn. I was just so fearful of losing my job and what I would.

How would I handle things and stuff and you know my situation is fairly good right now. Compared to what some people go. That's not really where my trust if I was you know and to get in dire straits, or whatever. I still would be dependent on God and I think it is our role as the man is to have that confidence in God and projected confidence in Iran people. The goggles always go through.

People and to just be consistent in that and and to say you know again this bad thing happened. But what will you do to use it to start. So, simply to get to instill confidence of people to talk to other people about the goodness of God, to give testimony where you come through it for the past and help people spite to get through it because we all are like they've been to the right degree to you. I would say that I've actually found myself enjoying social media a lot more than I had.

Honestly, I would use Facebook for primarily to knowing people's birthdays were if you the truth of it is I login each day just to say, okay, that's that his birthday is today that need to reach out to and you're right about that, by the way of thinking and I think you I but that's the primary use of it. I would really post anything on it. I would look at a few friends profiles. You notice he was going on in their life. If I'm not really up to date with the lit is a lot a live streams been really cool, you know some things you and I had my my nieces husband knew my nephew by marriage, his kids were just decided to play the guitar and live stream and in the worship session and the kids are all little of the other island 10.

I think probably in that area and it was pretty cool to see. Watch out for a few minutes and be a part of their life in a different way and I think there's been some unique things out there that people are finding social media to use Quicken macro to talk with that Darren and Jim about a man's role in the basket actually asked the question what are some blessings refining and after hours. When asked about the struggles she wanted to infer that and go download that after the show, masculine to download previous podcasts and also to register for the upcoming boot camp. We think will be in November when I can put up the page just quite yet. It is cold outside and you get out of the shower in your towel won't dry you off.

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It's hard really hard for me, I'm a passionate guy and you know I'm passionate about my freedom. I don't like take telling me what I can do and what I can't do.

I don't like the city telling me what I could do and what I can't do.

But I do like being able to level people. And if that means staying at home to protect those who are the most vulnerable than I'm perfectly fine with doing that. I just don't like being told to do it by somebody else. I don't like Sheila telling me to take out the trash that tells you something about me anyway. All of that being that I think it's really hard right now to Connor stay balanced diet. You know friends on Facebook lose their mind every almost you know I would like both sides of this coin but but I think there's 20 Skype: and you know I see people losing their minds and you know this was God's judgment. I see people losing their minds. Diane now this is the conspiracy that there know the world powers or try to take over for one world government, and it might be true that my future. I don't know Don't know the answer but but trying to stay centered in Christ and just say okay Jesus I don't know what's going on here. I don't think you caused this. I think the Chinese Communist Party caused quite frankly but how do I pray for my brothers how to lock they staying how I did or didn't you. How do I protect those people around me that I know that are scared and fearful and and how to lie love on them, counsel them. It's been a hard time for me for not because at the old Diane because I'm building a house a mile down the road from my present house and so I get to go out on the house every day and my land. That's not that hard at all the things that hard for me as I've had my favorite uncle passed away a week and 1/2 ago and I couldn't go to Wichita Falls, Texas lock on his family and one of my closest friends in Tennessee for number of years died in a tragic arm acting farming accident last week actually had the accident last week, died yesterday and breaks my heart that I can't go to Nashville and love on his family and we got situation since the loss all over the place for right entire families and we lost Vinnie.

We know that Johnny Angel who was my produce a lot of you know he died of a blood clot just tragically week or so ago. No funeral right my daughter is losing her junior year, from her standpoint she's really morning that she was my go on a mission trip to Africa that was canceled. She's mourning the loss of that and out wasn't Caleb graduating this and Caleb's was to graduate in May and the right not to have any type of service and I think he'd mourn on that for sure. And then worn realize there on what you can do about it. Nobody doesn't mean it still doesn't hurt right so that it kinda challenges me during the how do I step up and helped my family be able to actually mourn what they're losing it without you now make that that Danny downer sent me know what you do not that's awesome Robbie coming off because I think we can.

I think number one, we can celebrate what we have today on the what I've done it. I have that down right down what it is that I love about my uncle what it is that I love about Jake taught me how to build houses on how to have a local business partner. All of those things he taught me what it's like to be adopted into the life of Jesus and how God looks at us just like he looked at them on once were adopted it because he was a father who adopted several children that want it and and love them as if they were the only father that they had ever had, because ultimately what their their father walked out on an and so and so celebrating that. And so I would say I'm kind of there with a couple of other people in my family who were having some of those losses so I think if we make a conscious effort to say okay let's talk about all the awesome stuff which you sit down and talk about it. Tell me what all off the map, what, what were you looking forward to and how was that going to bless your soul because it probably will will bless her soul across the bat and Caleb.

You know what you know how.

How has this for years been for what is the experience so another words do the things that you were going to do anyway if Caleb was going to graduate you guys would've had some of those conversation and he would've had some of those thoughts you might've had some of those thoughts that you might've even written something to give him. And so if we can do that kind of stuff and have that celebration in and maybe when all this is over together and have a great big celebration for Caleb's graduation and Mariah's no passion for mission work coming up, not her first last year she went on a mission trip by herself completely good.

Know anybody Laramie that the brave young lady and so celebrate that, and you know I think those are some of the things I don't have all the answers. I definitely don't.

But but I think don't just stop short, go well golly, which we could add a graduation party in our ceremony or whatever was still it.

Whatever we gotta pull together to make it happen.

It is a great point there will be very back to the gym June. Welcome is still awake] watch it by Scale. Okay, I don't really have a response for that.

So how would you answer the question of the man's role in this current situation. I don't think the roles have changed. If it were still supposed to be head of the household. We have one were supposed to defend those that need to think they were supposed to lowball everyone, especially those that are great local and at our been thinking about how people are responding and ultimately the responses are much different than normal people that complain about everything still out people that enjoy life still are doing it at home with their Greatest tail. I use no category right well the highlighted Bible.

This doesn't really care about you out there still roll out late for everyone is to point folks to Jesus but that hasn't changed. The green think Jim will come back and ask another question here in the after show that the Robbie will switch the attention to you. So how would you answer this question we had a few minutes left for United both answer. You know, I live in a household with three women, my mom, my wife and my mother-in-law and my daughter and it you know III can relate to some extent, this is really new territory because all are very fearful. I walk in the house and if I did you wash your hands and you like are you wearing your shoes. There any got this coming from a lot of different angles and of course my my daughter test happen to come across me. She's a nurse and so I get you know these things to and so fear is rampant and I really feel like one role that God is and is put on my heart is his prayer like praying diligently, specifically against the spirit of fear against the spirit of hate which seems to be just like oh it's so easy to get in there and hate all these these people at at and in the spirit of death like I I've never come up against the spirit of death like what I feel like I faced in the last three weeks and I'm not saying I make.

They all Robbie's got no no no I mean I find myself now. I told you this, and we were talking in a privately good. I have never struggled in prayer like I'm struggling right now feel like I can't find Jesus.

Feels like I can't find out because I feel the battle is upon us like I've never felt it in my life and it could be justice to the current struggle for me. I'm not put that on anybody else but what, but I do feel like is like wow in order to get grounded in this I need to find God and for my family and specifically take on the spirits that are rampaging because it's is there's no lack of that you do see that on social media see it everywhere, and of those things are out there and some of its being gone by certain newscasts and so forth.

You know that can make you start feel more fearful make it have more hatred, home of those types of things in it.

It is difficult for me. I guess the answer would be. Speaking of family and friends. You know to be. I guess whatever they need you to be today. You know if that's a cheerleader visiting a cheerleader today.

Let her know that this will pass.

Don't know when it's coming but it's not forever. One thing about life is, it never stays the same. It always changes to make it worse make it better but it won't stay the same thing we do know that that's history will tell us that the other thing I would say is maybe we need to be the one that grounds them in no we can't really go get ice cream right now. I know it sounds good but why who we can put risk by going out those types of things to be the encourager to be the creative one.

This is a project together to something, we have labeled it with thinking through these different things. Whatever that takes your family grounded back into the family unit and ultimately granted back in the God is together after our children to talk about the blessings we found during this time and also the struggles is not without both you and sometimes it's easier to see the struggles that is a blessing to talk about both of those go to mask the download of those egotist modify her radio interview podcast outlets there to carry the show mask injury radio will see you next week

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