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Where Do You Find God?

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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April 25, 2020 12:30 pm

Where Do You Find God?

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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April 25, 2020 12:30 pm

The question dear listeners is, where do you find God? The band of brothers will ask, answer, and give some insight to this question. The clips this week come from the films "Mulan," and "Interview With God."

The journey continues, so grab your gear and be blessed, right here on the Masculine Journey Radio Show.

Listen to the All New Masculine Journey After Hours Podcast to hear the guys continue the discussion on Where Do You Find God?


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This is the Truth Network of every man his life as it usually feel that way. Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads masculine journey is filled with many twists and turns. So how do we keep from losing heart while trying to find a way when life feels more like a losing battle and something worth dying for, grab your gear, request your band of brothers will serve as the guides we call masculine journey masculine journey starts here now welcome the masculine journey were glad to have you with us today. Robby, I was just really tempted to go journey elaborated on the old podcast backward really. My voice had much younger brother. That was the case deftly changed his back and listen to some little clips, but that no looking to mask injury were really glad you're with us today because were going to be talking about a topic that I think is often near our heart. But we don't miss or lose have the words for you know that it's it's kind to questions really asking today of the of the team is you know where were you finding God right now that you can expect to where you find the name that you don't really often think that you gonna finding that he's not there. But you're just not expecting it. In answering where you find God.

We don't really expect to find out.

That's kind of the questions were going to be asking, and got some clips to go along with that.

This is one of those topics we could've used a lot of clips, honestly because I think you know we talked about boot camp. You never talk has been 123 Clemson and they all are leading us to God right and so there's lots of clips we could have used but I honestly didn't use anything from a "not a single incident can be a pretty interesting show for us and we hope that you enjoy that. But I guess the question I begin with is where you finding God that you expect to find God and so in studio today we have Robby Indian myself and then on the phone. We have Harold Robby at the gym and still be going back and forth with those guys in and asking them the question, but I think I want to start with Jim and ask him the question. You know where you finding God these days Jim that you expect to find God looking for and boom there is are starting the Bible where the balance placate about where I have encountered very real and maybe you need to start looking for them in the closet where we remember praying all my beach.

The closet and encountered him in a big way that one God, and those of the boot camp was not camp yeah yeah you sure that store I went to the closet stage God came bigger encounters in my life. Thank you, Jim will get back to you and talk about a little bit more but beautiful question was to sit in on well you do when did you come out of the closet. That's all you got real good multiple times during times particularly quiet times but that particular time was praying and asking God what my father will will write wonderful father coming out. The biggest blue dark. I would never kill big boots, but about six years after it died about casting God why are you angry with and I knew exactly what I was about father died so openly and mad at God for taking but I never really except probably not God. Squash sat down so deep that I didn't even recognize us part so I'm taking what you're saying is you're both mad at your father, and you met me and I recognize it is true, but if you asked me that circuit for a walk by God and God prepared my father's which he makes for much longer story. Thank you, Jim, and then will come back to you here in just a minute want to go ahead and move over to the Rodney and ask Rodney the same question and ready.

Where is it right now that you're finding God that you kindly expecting to be there all prayer, Bible study, when you're in a conversation. But at times like working out were distant things that you just don't know what to say out of coming from and when God shows up to the conversation and walk you through something like that your child up time that major I'm not good enough about thinking wall before going to the land and then Let you know. All I need help and a lot of times God shows up there helps out with stuff like that. Being able to do those situations when you yeah that's that is good. Another question when I ask you guys because it is thought of it since it will come back to it at some point. Maybe it's in the after show that is hard to find God right now is harder right now to find out are easier to find God or does it kind Evan flows well into right now that I just ask you I got you in the funder the guinea pig is is harder or easier is it just kind Evan flow and finding God right now in the current state home situation that we all can 11. I don't find any of the same success when I actively seek the difference right now be more specific towards what's going on not just making very specific and make it all in the very situation that affecting everybody rather than just look affecting me right now. Thank you. Appreciate that sky masculine. Ask Harold first question Harold where you currently finding God to you.

Kindly expecting to find out about that really expanding crime and looking back over a fairly lengthy lifetime. So far off find God and people that he brings to me that help me draw closer to him that that's one of the way it think that I found God and and I have learned to expect that certain degree, often surprised. It is, and so forth.

But it seems that various times in my life there's always been at least one or more people that came into my life. Come help me straighten out something that may have been a little bit askew so maybe that's the one I wanted to mention earlier and open a new topic like blushing trees and birds find God everywhere. Where can you not find God because he is everywhere and you just merely accepted. It's easy to find thank you nice are you finding easier harder about the same to finding right now in the season. The room well have been retired for 12 years now. My situation is not as different now as it was before. Obviously, we did more. We went more on this took about why, for example, so that is different, but it's not like a person that goes out every day to a job and so I think it would've been very difficult for me had this happen 20 years ago when I was enmeshed in all my programming career.

So that I can imagine it 20 years ago with the connectivity we have today. The other people couldn't of been able to work from home the point. You know that this way they can now it would've been impossible except for very few potential gravity window clip you think we can kind I don't know which clip I want to do what you do your cook.

We can hope.

So the question was to me and you know I find God like nobody else you know in my Bible study lately. God is just really been showing me through Hebrew letters, how they connect to the nature that were experiencing for the spring. The seeds in the roots and the trees they all are connected to Hebrew letters which kinda share really cool things about God and so the movie MoveOn has this flower theme well you might guess that you know in the Bible when use things flower isn't long before you see fruit as I thought it was fascinating how Disney picked up on this with the fact that this young lady who at first has blown it in her father's trying to encourage her by talking about a late blooming flower and then later's the movie as she becomes a hero and save China which comes pretty obvious for some help will really meet Dragon a Mushu you know then you know that the Emperor himself notices that she's a flower that bloomed in adversity and you know how cool is it the flowers at Duplo in adversity so beautiful this clean slate tile that 20 lm all way something those times are we sticking in the family will know what you done this so the world will know you have done now there's sooner. You don't need a girl like that the dynasty yes so you can see that we are headed to a break today show where the masking to pick up some past podcasts to eventually register upcoming boot camp.

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If you get two of those you'll be neck and neck go to the radio listeners page and use the promo code card. I call 800-943-7096 four Mike Lindell's book and get free shipping plus a $25 gift card for your next purchase. Use the promo code car sales. If it feels like everything is fine. We can listen to the masking journey and find out why we use clips like to illustrate the story, God is telling in the lives of truth is gun designed to find which flights do we grab your gear and come every Saturday is assumed masking my son Eli. We talked about ways you can help support really smiled at it was on the information that where you can click the button tweaking it masculine once again, PO Box 552 7285 so welcome back to masking journey is live if you left your talking to us about right what the topic he's talking about is what you find God.

Right now, is it different or is it the same. What you know what's going on so yeah the Mulan clip for me it is a beautiful way that in a really God's been giving me hope through the idea of light. You can try if you want to, but spring those the dog would stay bloomed right you can see is doing common well guess what the stone rolled away and the seasons March on the trees came up. They planned and all those things happened in a case in the case of Mulan should blend in adversity and she's bearing fruit in adversity, which is kind of work that's been teaching me along these lines of Daubert fruit cup different in order to do that you have to flower in order to flower you get.

You can have to have some root now. I have some great you know you gotta be planet. And so you know this is whole deal in its but the other question that you even ask everyone else is. Oh my goodness. If I struggle compared to my normal yet you and I spent a lot of time in the morning and in and have for a lot of years and honestly sometimes it's an hour and 1/2 before I feel like I've got off to you. Not one single prayer that felt like I was connected and I have a sense that there is a spirit of fear, a spirit of death spirit of hate and other things as we go for false comforters that that that I've been battling with that.

I've never sensed of the kind of battle and the tension in my house like oh my goodness, you notice my daughters mourning the loss of her sophomore year in college, wishing it to go scout a mission trip.

She's not coming so I might mother-in-law's high risk. Risk risk risk. She's terrified every minute in and all that tension just it's it's interesting season. I mean it really really is and it's it's but my hope comes therefrom. The season you can have a spring without a winner right and I have to go through that barren hard to get to the rejuvenation and the life on the inside Andy.

What about you where you find out right now and places he expected and is it easier or harder to find so when thing was, Harold said you you find them in everything and that's true and I think you know initially I was like a lot of people I think will this get through this and God's got it and you know, but there's a lot of people impacted by this. I'm not as much directly impacted, but were all impacted and it's an opportunity to find him minute. I found that it have been given more time because I mentioned last week I travel a lot been given more time to actually get along so my Sabbath are really like the Sabbath should be. I think now whereas I used to be a little bit more active on this. Taking the time. I'm really sorry man, I found them in the word. I found them in prayer. A family membership but I found them also. I think in and natures. Another thing a man reading the book by John Eldridge. It's it's get your life back and talks about the various things that we need to do to break from this connected to me. I'm in IT, it's hard for me not to be connected and you don't have to be connected all the time for everything, but to disconnect from that and really let yourself self get back away from the artificial life that's out there. You know you know you want something to eat and go microwave in either you're ready to go in and in a minute of taken the time things that take more process or investment. The example he gives is tentative for your soul. Maybe not necessarily find directly from gobbet for your soul to have space to be able to approach God's instead of just going to microwave and something chop up vegetables for your dinner whatever they had a blast doing that stuff since I have more downtime in many eating fast food for the last two years or whatever being on the road so it's a it's a blessing and so I'm finding God and that the point is, I'm looking for opportunities to seek after God in the finding whatever knights not to be sound like oh I'm so spiritual.

This is been a process last few years. I'm to the point where I realized, yes, were the dire straits God is. Things he put a timeout.

Please call the Sabbath, you know, because America needed to slow down so I have the opportunity to take advantage of that and and and and find him in that as far as what was this follow-up question is it easier or harder. It probably times it can be dip more difficult on my found those good times but I guess at times it can be hard in the fact that I'm away from it gets be with you guys tonight but I'm away from people so much and I think in community you find God.

So it's a disconnect so you having to do it more on your own and it can be difficult and sometimes you're like okay I'm not seeing anybody you know that God you know it's just me and you and I all it all the time in you know it's a little you. I'm ready for some youth human connectivity.

That's probably the hardest thing for me to point for me. I would say that the places that I'm finding him that I expect to it is probably the same answers you've given. It's you know it's it's in his word. It's in prayer, but I would say that I'm finding more frequently because I my life is slowed down enough that I'm actually doing those things more often in on me yeah where the radio show every week and we talk about it and I have a relationship with God and that I get taken out pretty easily from getting in the word, I get taken out pretty easily from really spending good time in prayer and I wouldn't say that I'm spending long times in prayer but I'm spending a lot more time in conversation with you know I have a lot of trouble at night with leg cramps and emailing inside. I've been praying these last couple weeks in a God really like it if I can make it through the night without leg preemption on the first thing that if I wake up in the morning without a leg cramp as I'm praying God, thank you for good night sleep. I'm not up walking for 20 minutes trying to get this cramp to let go. You know that type of thing and that it's not a big distraction. You know when you get in this whole lack of sleep cycle for me, it affects everything in effect, Manatee Haddix will my relationship with God and effect relationship with others. I'm also you know finding him in time with my boys that I don't normally get you nine so just that we are able to have some good conversations just about life you know and and about some different things and some really kind of enjoying that. I'm finding it actually a little easier. During this time because for me it's I'm forced to slow down and I won't let myself slow down most of the time otherwise.

If I'm just going to be completely honest and I there's something there's adrenaline that comes with being busy.

There's there's a false sense of purpose becomes of feeling dizzy, you know, and when those are trying to strip away. That gives me the time to really go where I should be going anywhere.

And so when I go ahead and get to a clip from Jim I would get time to get an answer Rob if you put Jim on the line and let him set up the clip, but to gently tell us little bit about your clip and will go ahead and get to it so we can get it in before the end of the show and movie was horribly Netflix.

I just found they Fellow comeback or as corresponded and he ends up being invited to have an interview with God was not there. I know you know all your life is God, the so God and world. They see that sometimes light is you 7000 miles or changes. Sarah just left you are about using seating God salvation.

No kidding. God made the front page you disagree, what was it about that clip we probably would. About a minute left her so really wanted you to have us play that today what really caught me with.

He was a believer from the very beginning loss, although he claimed he lost God for God came, he set up got the and the spell was about to lose his girlfriend and he was borderline rated gate kill himself and God came in my whole life. That was what really got thank you, Jim and I want to encourage us to realize that. Also look for opportunities during this time God is constantly speaking that's constantly trying to get our attention to open your eyes, listen to the nature outside look at the flowers blooming. Listen to some music.

Do something a little different to God speak to me in a way that I don't expect and that sort of talk about me after so we didn't get to it in the show to talk about God speaks to you when you don't expect

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