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Childlike Faith

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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May 2, 2020 12:30 pm

Childlike Faith

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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May 2, 2020 12:30 pm

Welcome to Masculine Journey fellow adventurers! This week the band of brothers are talking about childlike faith, and giving their thoughts and opinions on the topic. The clips used in this episode comes from the films, "Parenthood," "Rise Of The Guardians," and the TV show " The Andy Griffith Show." The journey continues, so grab your gear and be blessed, right here on the Masculine Journey Radio Show.

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This is the Truth Network of every man, ways of believing that your life doesn't usually feel that way. Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads masculine journey is filled with many twists and turns.

So how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a way when life feels more like a losing battle than something worth dying for, grab your gear and come on a quest band of brothers will serve as the guides we call masculine journey masculine journey starts here now. Welcome masculine journey with very glad to have you with us today and if you would, but not with us on the show were already getting this topic down pretty well actually were talking about childlike faith Huntley Andy Lane was more child say yeah probably was a bit more what you tell us little about the topic this week because it's really been on your heart to have. This is a topic and so would like to have you share that with us so frequently here on all things I don't like about restoration. Talk about our heart where we really have to leave the kingdom of God as a child we all know that Scripture from the gospel in multiple gospel go there and read that and think about it again whenever you get a chance just about really what that means but he was talking though about you know as adult time to get the little bit more dictated than we should.

We really do need to receive the kingdom of the child and in this, have that wonder what God knows that the thing that got guys for speaks to (you know the blessing to give us some comprised but them we we started talking about doing the show and that way I would really think about it from the perspective of no as an adult have I forgotten that childlike faith when it what it was like to be price birth and learn about whether it would be God himself or his creation in the work whatever my home what with whatever he had put in my heart as a child in about.thank and I really started out thinking about that because that, in the context of what the book was about. Then I got to think it really affect that Apple I have to go back to my childhood really stand out. What was I like the log I got where I got all what is it will come of things that I can't cannot have a cosmic Margaret is an adult to take me back to that were focuses mainly on the younger you think that you experienced this part space and wonder. To think about those things in your own life to hear testimony from and that I would have him click to set those things up hopefully get it or just talk about childlike night becomes harder you will be getting on for some of us it's been a lot of years since no comment on who are united to list the main histories.

Yes, Harold thought about how specifically Harold on how long it's been. Yeah, I'm glad we got the old joke out in studio today we have Rodney Robbie and I am a try to, the right names and then on the phone.

We have Darren, Andy and Harold and so you here talking to talk back and forth on some of the stuff in here regardless of how long it's been a number of years and think it is sometimes hard to remember what that childlike faith really means you because I ate didn't regardless what your childhood was we all had things we believed in as a kid and we all had wonder we all have these aspects is revisit some of those aspects.

First and foremost Rodney Robbie Robbie article Giovanni really think I like to play the clip from parenthood first and it really kind of set up.

You know what kids are really like, and in this clip what you can find the movie parenthood you have Rick Moran us as a father with a young daughter and she's reading to him. Obviously above her age level. Steve Martin walks in, who has a son about the same age.

He starts poking fun at him and the comment is made.

Young kids can absorb a lot more than what you think and someone to listen.

The clip and then will come back and talk about it in Mark, if you will write her children are more capable of retaining absorb the information we ardently insist on treating like adorable little moron saying Patty can learn things I can learn. Patty is the square and 8649 are like sponges just waiting to lead times are we don't realize how much our kids listen and what they hear and how much they can absorb no statistics used to say. And I don't know if the current ones are the you learn the majority of your learning by age 4 or five you know what you can learn your and how to speak. You learn how to start writing it.

Learn lots of that and exponentially goes downhill. You know when you really think of the major progress you make when you're little you make all the big progress.

Then in your learning you know any compared to your adult life.

If it was I was.

We are talking about it I just picture myself as a six or seven-year-old boy and I'm walking through a field anywhere and rather than be thinking about abstract things. I am totally in my environment. I'm listening for snakes in the grass like snake you know and next thing you know I'm chasing is animate in this wild adventure right there like there was or you know you're in the river.

There is a con Ed only got to catch the you know what time I got catching close to Henry's capitulate, you know, and in my environment was just a place of exploration of joy of like oh my goodness, how much fun to jam their spend all day down the creek right now you easy easy you know you neck scene at suppertime. It's time to come home and your mom don't you get home and call you down all day as you cut crawdads and the Minnesota crawdad prison and fish with a lender these other things like Escaping to such a time of wonder you not in it in the learning capacity is amazing at that time you think about kids that you're put in an environment where there's two different languages spoken. The house and on, and their bilingual in their whole life I've been trying to learn another language for the last 10 years. I don't think I've ever got a letter that you have been working in construction and my Spanish is still limited to them. Bathroom hammer you the basics united with those are anyway.

I have a very funny memory of my youngest brother was about 21 years younger than me, but when he was about four, maybe five years old all around the dinner table that Holman was a topic being discussed. And everybody was sort of in agreement and so my little brother calls except that they fit well and makes it anonymous and that resonated with me throughout the years he had a big word that he heard in a new sort of misapplied in that situation. I think that's the difference. Good point. Children can stay things and not have to worry about being embarrassed absolutely want to go ahead and actually get to the clip you sent us from Andy Griffith. You know if your North Carolina at some point you have to use and integrate the clip at that's is really very few, especially for names and if you name Sandy and actually watch this episode that answer we had about four minutes left. You can set it up will be able to get to the clip and then probably come back and talk about little bit afterwards about a lot of grief from the team about the it's really about it. Got it okay for all the wood name was Mr. McBeath, the man walked in the creek treetops where the silver has 12 extra hand blow smoke from his ears and jingled when he walked yet bring that with his description. I didn't get that on video but as they go through. It sounds like a mystical enough make-believe person and this is the series of events where Andy challenged her name is Gabrielle, are you glad to me and cannot talk a little bit about how they could get into elite explain the family know what it feels like the truth comes out at the very course now now the truth is they never was any real blackness just made this Mr. McBee same thing you made him up to his days. Nothing wrong with that. What's wrong is using Mr. McBee the get out of work to explain things seem to come from nowhere to be man enough to tell me Mr. babies is likely that's all you have said in all be forgotten. But if you don't then something else is no mean I say right now is to make babies just like Tom is okay to believe calling is not necessary. Learn his lesson is the best thing making standing in simple a lot of times I've asked him to believe things at the same just as impossible on the silver lunging the smoke from the barn. I guess it's my guess as to believe something just seemed possible that some size will you have faith in somebody can explain it all okay but later Mr. may maybe no.

I do believe in helping you was about that clip that really spoke to your heart. We've got about 30 seconds left baby was likely a lot of people will call out try to take our fate, particularly Charlie try to take whatever they believe in. You could tell that Andy believe my point about the time people really believe that's really what people absolutely that's a really good masculine the pickup pass podcast. Learn more about us, our friends at my pillow and change overproduction to make mass for hospitals, but they still had plenty of products are right now. Truth listeners can buy one get one free on most products, pillows, Giza bedsheets towels even neck pillows.

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It feels like every day is fine. We can listen to the masculine journey and find out why we use clips like to illustrate the story, God is telling in the lives of his gun designed which fights the weeping will grab your gear and come in every Saturday is the same mask my son Eli. We talked about ways you can help support Lily smiled as he was on the information that where you can click the button, waking it masculine, PO Box 552 7285 only 30 seconds directly.

That the bump in and the reason I did as it reminded me of United group in a house that went to church and I really didn't mind my earliest memories of church was going to vacation Bible school as a kid and I think is more distant to get away from my siblings and my parents to get me out of the house that I would go down the street and obviously is one of her songs are members ever saying in vacation Bible school bit you know I had a young age it was in the Bible I believe that it was really just that simple. You know that okay Bible says this I believe it to be true. And it's just truth and somewhere along the way we lose that point where you want to question everything we become; we become and I approve this or prove that white why can't it just be more like a child say what the Bible says that since Mr. known so that's that's reason Wendy's that bump and and actually it's is a song that's probably the earliest I remember from church, learning, and in Sunday school that would not really talk to Darren yet. Darren what you think about this childlike faith will bring that up what's it really mean to you means he cannot meet his father.

Childlike date believing God was going on but he did not.

But I have good friend. You know that God I love what you were saying damn about Jesus loves me song that lasted 12 minutes. You now need as a child I like you, I did go to church all the time. My mom took me all the time sheet with my ear all several times in the pews and note which explains a lot of why I am the way I am today why my ears are crooked but I remember that they that know the Bible says it. The preacher said it. The Bible class teacher said it. My mom said my grandma said it and just and then I grew up in a church where they didn't just say it.

They read the Scripture to back it up and then you said something happens and we stop believing and I don't know that that through about me.

It probably is about you stand. I don't know the that we quit believing that the Bible that it therefore it's true. I think Satan comes in and sometimes through other people put a spin on things that will is that really what the Bible that God really that you could, you know that he would take care of you. Did God really say you could eat from any tree except for that one.

What you trying to hide your people come along and they spin on.

Well yes I know it you know Rick have faith and be baptized.

Confess your sins one to another, or wash your brothers or whatever, but, well, that was the time but now you know. Does the Bible still mean that. And so we live in a very sophisticated time and sophisticated Bible teachers or sophisticated friend tend to wear down childlike faith that in and I'm just as bad. I'm not just as bad as I've done it.

I'm guilty of it and I think we would all do way better to just have that childlike faith well. I will set it okay to give that a shot. You know how I will have good would likely if everybody looked but I think what makes it hard is sometimes it childlike faith is been taken advantage of for people you know and so that that that mindset can be accompanied by a really hurtful time you where I believe that something was true and it wasn't true right and I later found out it wasn't you know I'm in the herd that came more things along those lines, you know that I was lied to those types of things and I think it becomes hard you were talking before the show a little bit about your guided boot camps and spoken to us on different topics and even though it's God and you know it's true. It's so hard to believe sometimes when eat when he's addressing your wound is talking about what he calls you, how he sees you. You know the initial response is always almost doubt about it out even after he got back.

Tell your brothers and your brothers help you understand all quite you know you and then six months later, we ask you about that event you go yeah it it's it's hard, you know, I think it is that it's the world. The enemy has just been trying to beat that out of you. Since you were little one way or another really want to go ahead and get to your clip from the rise of the guardians set that up with yeah it's a really cool movie feature Santa Claus and some other guardians.

Jack Frost and actually we pick up the scene where Jack Frost is trying to figure out who is really trying to figure's identity and Santa clauses can help them out and Santa Claus being a guardian understands where his center is, and it's a little thing is Bonaparte, one of the coldest their Russian conflict with the call Russian dolls. They merely open one and there's another one inside and there's another one inside and so this this thing that he hands him to begin to look at.

It was selfish. He had Jack Frost. This doll which is a Santa Claus you know keep opening up and you keep getting to the different layers of Santa Claus.

So Jack Frost gets my didn't find out Santa center.

Now we get down to tax center if Mammon shows you to be a good idea. You must have something special insight. This is how you see me know they may be, but if you get the MobileMe legal go on.

You are downright jolly, but not just jolly tedious. This and I sent.

There's a tiny wooden big eyes. I will is nice is I can show makes center is yours with such a good clue, but what was it about that clip to really spoke to your heart you will use it today show that you know that we as children have that wonder that you know snakes in the grass and crawdads in the water. You know if I was rolling across my grandfather's leg think American Biot pirates on the island. On the other side, and all these things that were high adventure for me, but also places that I put God in the picture now and and honestly I was out of the lake on Sunday with my daughter in the house and I was like do you smell that that smells like the lake man and there's only a smell that smells like the lake and smelled just like the lake I was on my grandfather when I was a kid my father and his brother in Lake St. Clair and I can remember I said that smells like the lake. I mean it's like do you see what God has given us your can I have that 40 years from now.

You're gonna be like to do to go. I remember that smell with my dad on blues Creek Lake. When I was in my 20s and in the wonder is still there, so still that smell, you know it is, but all my goodness and God is given it to us to share right and in and then it doesn't take a lot to get it back when when he begins to explore that place to go. Okay, I can I'm still that kid, but it takes some healing to get get all my bags. It is because it's been, it's been pursued and tried to be taken away from you along the way. Running good.

You can read the Scripture to us on Jesus's words about faith, childlike faith in when this topic came up and I was like oh what sounds like a fun topic and the site will know it's actually very serious topic you just at this very serious and the one that I went to was out of Matthew 18, one through four and the disciples. You know how that wonder, like who is the greatest in the kingdom you know that that's kind of childlike wonder right there. You know who's the greatest you know and then he basically responses as truly I say to you, unless you are converted and become like children, you will not enter the kingdom of heaven. Whoever then humbles himself as a child.

He is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven. And it's like okay there is this childlike wonder that we just talked about that comes across a few other scriptures I was looking at and you get to all and you get bonded and different things that come when they speak about this and I just love the fact that not only is childlike fun to us because we love to the back room and this about her stories of the childhood but it's important.

It's important to Jesus to have that thought that that just okay Jesus you tell me that I believe you and we go on know in order to have the childlike faith you have to have that spirit of wonder. You have to have that spirit of belief you have to become like a sponge and just absorb and take in what God's trying to tell you into the let down that disbelief to let them what the world's come after her and said you get a filter everything through this you let that go and let God love on you and believe what he says talk about the after hours.

What more on this topic and we talked about becoming childlike faith as adults. Since we talk about that will see you next week and will continue the topic on childlike faith next week

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