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Childlike Faith

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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May 9, 2020 12:30 pm

Childlike Faith

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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May 9, 2020 12:30 pm

Welcome to Masculine Journey fellow adventurers! This week the band of brothers continue their discussion on having childlike faith, and more specifically having that type of faith as an adult. The clips for this episode comes from the the show "The Chosen," and the song " The Longest Time." The journey continues, so grab your gear and be blessed, right here on the Masculine Journey Radio Show.

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This is the Truth Network of every man his life doesn't usually feel that way. Jesus speaks of navigating life with a masculine journey is filled with many twists and turns. So how do we keep from losing heart while trying to find a way life feels more like a losing battle and something worth dying for, grab your gear, request your brand-new brothers will serve as the guides we call masculine journey masculine journey starts here now just have a room full of people actually have three people in the room but we have a telephone lines for people that way there. Seven of us on the show today really continue to talk about this topic of childlike faith restarted it last week and revisited parts of it, but really didn't get a chance to do cover as fully as we like to and so this week with him and delve into some of the same stuff from last week a little deeper and maybe into some new areas as we talk through because obviously it's something that's important. Jesus said we need to have it so we need to have it. I think we probably need to have it and so how do we get there and he only go ahead and jump over to you and Kenneth set us back up a little bit about this topic.

How we got to it. So last week I all think It can't get a life in heaven. The weekend I don't like that don't J probably the best thing about heart resonated with boasting God, my heart, so sorry that work in remote hear me better now. Robbie stank sorry so long to recover on one of the reason only the child part, the kingdom remember now, we shall be all as children, let the little children come to me and do not hinder them for the kingdom of God along the earlier anyone who will not receive the kingdom of God like a little child will never in Mark 10. The adult help touching the next moment in order to go along with our very I believe it is right here that we can discern the long been the most clear, the child, and a long wonder the promise of the earth in the wild is the most radiant back is coming. It's just around the corner. This resurrection life you received from God is not a payment, grave tending life intricately greeting God with a childlike, what's next. God's Spirit touches our spirits and confirms who we really are. We know who he is and we know who we are fathering children so I really touched my heart.

I know it seems like you know will stretch maybe the way sometimes we live our Christian life that my desire that the children of God, and we are seeing good examples of their child relationship here on earth. Surely that is possible for a well and that just renovated with my heart and I do share with you guys and I think all of us have a little bit different, but what that looks like that you'll hear that on the show we discussed that in the should be good. So we do have a clip coming from a movie or TV show, rather than the Syrian studio seeing the two of you out there seen Jim and Andy and so any ring in the sentence clip up off of the game are genuine so that the Gentiles little bit about this clip but it's from in the context of what were getting ready to listen to the hope the lab. The entire life I had. It is about getting the ministry of Jesus revolves around the cheek well before each is a fivefold word episode three and children have basically found talking to a beard is for maybe a great picture of both childlike wonder at meeting Jesus and childlike faith and also be on that as well show my Vegas friends Joshua I suppose I do have some work to do my good this time.

From Google that I have some work to do here some people to meet and I will do some but no you won't, anyone you father provides everything I need him to get the new question for another time. All when the Braves speaks like so many different foods. I especially love Brent many reasons, the spoons coming along this good string cite on most okay with me, you will know how to pray. The Shema, all I would love to hear it. Unitas Hooper was a little bit longer than that.

We did edit it down slightly. There's more to the Shema.

I was just going recently. Robbie had to cut it was Robbie's same hours and cut.

It is not as I watched this dish is this dish breaker Gentiles little bit about the clipboard once spoke to your heart about that specifically what grab me all all are all will. But might be more importantly how much he delight and what I lost my childhood believing that Dr. light. I always been a Christian I grew up in church.

My earliest memories God.

Situation but that wanderer has gone and that's what I mean yes that's a lot I think you all could see the journey of Christian start with wonder and be amazed with the salvation experience in their eyeball deep behind the legally but once you can work your way through that back right you could have the freedom of having a child and that's what Jim I you and Andy both talked about having some childlike Satan, my childhood was very different.

I grew up in a pretty legalistic environment and although my parents had a lot of grace.

The church that I went to I don't ever remember thinking of God or Jesus as sweet. I thought God was the sheriff God.

You know that he was sitting there with his guns ready to pull the trigger if I got out a line and and I didn't remember much about Jesus and maybe that's I didn't hear enough but I literally always thought you know it was more like you know I walk the line rather than let's go play with Jesus and so that didn't happen for me until later on as an adult and but like you said shortly after that wonder of of salvation hit me so did the legalism of going to seminary and becoming way too smart for my own good, and to my growing up I didn't grow up in a church and go until a little later. You know I went to the vacation Bible school and stuff that my church is very fire and brimstone liking on site and have a vision of God really until I went to church camp and I and got around a lot of other people living I was the same denomination things were taught differently in different churches. You know I can have the same preacher the whole time growing up for most of my time that I went to church there until the last few years, and in it for me. It was getting there and finding there were other sides of God that I was not familiar with and I'm not really been taught and so that I do remember.

Also, when I did make the gym what you said really was telling that making that commitment to God and in getting salvation. And then I remember thinking at the time, while never sending, and obviously those of us to know I probably got a five Kaiser for the radio show started, I don't probably couple since but thinking back, maybe, but it's just amazing how things get in the way it is! There is a renewal of this childlike faith right or a right first time of it within the world comes after the enemy comes after. And then sometimes our old self comes after. I think that you know the passage that Andy Road read from Eldridge Eldridge Condit says it, it's in there. The childlike faith is in there. It's not gone it. It didn't disappear. It didn't get washed away in baptism, or whatever. It's in their it's just that we've been putting it down for so long and so giving it a chance to arise in your life and live out of that is is a pretty amazing experience. But how do we get there Robbie this the first time I think we went through the first segment not heard from you just take an honest thinking about my granddaughter Lila when she went over to the dark side and out. Listen more to me.

I guess I'm a big kid and I love to sing songs and you know you she would come over and we would play the good ship lollipop you know and see. Well now she she's embarrassed she no longer just you know has that and I was just thinking to make me want to cry as I see that kind of thing and it happens with our faith along those lines, and do not want to be able to sing the good ship lollipop of Jesus as sweet trip.

The masculine journey.

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It's great. It's a great point. I think the childlike faith even if you were raised in the church you have faith in something apparent in faith. I'm rethinking bow. The president, what a cool job that isn't even on the present. Never does anything wrong I'm I'm talking politically. What side of the fence you're on.

You know the stuff wrong.

You know regardless whether Democrat or Republican see it as an adult is a lot different than the way you sell even that role as a child and ends. I think all those things can get in question and get get tainted along the way. I mean as a kid. If you went for a hike, you know, in the woods behind your house. It felt like you went for 100 miles. You know, if you found a little cut out in the bank of the creek. You know it there. It was a huge tunnel to another world are you, you could dig a hole to China and you could probably get there before lunch and have some good noodles and all of those sorts of things and it did you know we lost that and I yeah I appreciate what Andy had to say there I do to rub and set up. This is a song clip.

Actually, it's not about bankers are not coming back from break, but it is a song clip in this weekend. I was working in the garage. If my son would work on some shelves and wasn't really thinking.

I was listening for clip of any kind, but the song came on going to listen to it a few times on my computer and say okay what was it about that was speaking to my heart.

This is from Billy Joel and it's from the song the longest time you listen to the words he sing into a female but I want you to consider this talking to Jesus.

Since listen to is a will and will and will I kept coming back to that particular part of the verse in the verse of the song and I just kept thinking about for me. That's really an inhibitor that's gotten in the way of having this childlike faith is believing that my innocence is always going to remain lost.

You know that I've given it away or it was taken from me or I don't believe it's available, you know, and the only way that I could get that back is to let myself fall in the arms of Jesus and let him love on me and in some things came back to me some stories from boot camp and some things that when Jesus did exactly that. You know when when I member Johnna done a talk on you restoring your heart and we went out with Mammon in advance boot camp and and we went out and we were to praying and invite Jesus back and restore part of our broken heart and let him decide where he wants to work in some out there and I am praying and at this point you're supposed to actually talk with your young self in and asked permission to invite him back in because you you wounded your your own heart so badly along the way and on. I'm sitting there and I'm trying to do it when I feel I Jesus is telling me at some point Jesus like okay you can be quiet now I've got this really did this. You know he's the speaking to me, but he's not speaking to me as an adult. During this time in this time of prayer he speaking to the young me and only speaking to me as a little child yeah you can trust me exam is not going to stomp on you anymore.

You can let that party your heart come back you know and what I found was that that innocent part of me believes that this older part of me was never going to accept them and I don't know if it's making any sense to anybody but me know when I allow that to happen and I was quiet and let Jesus do his work more. My heart was restored and more my childlike faith came back. Yes, Mueller now I need dozen eggs and salmon.

We all do that to ourselves. I have had similar experiences where God just had to remind me that that it's okay to just chill out and I grew up. Like I said in in a pretty strong legalism men. And so it's pretty easy for me to fall back into that. Whether it's through politics or behavioral things or religion or what else I get less so route with religion then anything else. But but it's pretty easy for me to go there with a lot of different things and and I think that God often says you know, do you remember, you know, just being innocent young and having fun, and a few years ago my parents looked at me and said you're the Darren we we raised again and there was this point in my life where I was the manager you know that big a guy that had to be in charge.

The church leader.

All of those different things and I wasn't very fun to be around anymore and I was probably way too serious and pompous and arrogant and getting that childlikeness of just being okay with the way things were not analyzing things to death. I think probably allowed me to get to that place better than anything that I struggle with it every day.

So what is it that you guys would say gets in the way of having that childlike faith right now. Want to go ahead and go to you and asking that question. First, what what what some of things you can get in the way of having childlike faith. It you know it's available and what stops you from getting there sometimes well you're out trying to make away or holding way you see your experience yet all your help working with you and you just gravitate towards that.

You can't help but you don't set out drift away from God. This childlike date article placed in a good grip on you hard to break free to stop making your way of God God that I gotta make my plan data where I want to go in the next five years, next 15 years you got all the stuff together and just told them about what we can do and what we can control we can do it ourselves just to take over and even when you finally get back to okay good to come back back you so much is left in your life but still good grip on you state that grip hard to break free from all the makeup match you without you think about because the habit what you been like for such a long time that even if you want to break them.

It super hard to break them always manages to become that at times. Other times when you succeed you can overcome thank you, Harold. What about you, what would you say gets in the way of having childlike faith sometimes like like this morning, Monday lasted not in the sunroom just looking at the wind blow in the leaves just like you know going back and said wow you are so awesome with what you've done accepting the fact that there is a God that created all of this variety of life that we can see if we just look at it made the variety of plants.

The variety of insects the bird how everything works together. You know you watch the bluebird go down to the grass to pick up the bug and bring back to the box and it's like wow God did did that happen overnight or did you take a long, long time planning all this stuff just works so well so that that's out of me, still has that childlike wonder, and you guys like to pick at me about but I think the thing that gets in the way is fairly well-educated person.

Haven't gone through a graduate degree in college and if I'm not careful I can let my smarts get in the way in them fallen flat on my face. So to me, putting aside the fact that I can leave can claim degrees and experience in computer programming and all that stuff throw that away.

Look at this universe realized that there is a God that I accepted as a child without question and I need to do that now. Thank you Robbie. What about what about you I was revisiting my you know you had gone to that whole session on reintegrating your life and that we have time to go into the long story, but one time I was trying to discern why I had attempted suicide when I was a small boy and I couldn't get in touch with the younger Bruce which clippings to call me and so I was trying to get there and I remember having to actually spend the day with the younger me with Bruce trying to get Bruce to trust Robbie in order to find out what made that the after hours after our show and so go to masculine to pick up the after-hours podcast. You can also get it on spot. Apply iTunes anywhere were much podcast so there we should be there to so you look for sermons concerning radio.

See next week

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