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Out Of Control After Hours

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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May 16, 2020 8:00 am

Out Of Control After Hours

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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May 16, 2020 8:00 am

Welcome fellow adventurers, to Masculine Journey After Hours! On this episode, the band of brothers continue their discussion from Masculine Journey on things being out of control due to the pandemic, among other things. The clip this week comes from the film "Apollo 13."

There's no advertising or commercials, just men of God, talking and getting to the truth of the matter. The conversation and Journey continues.



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This is Truth Network coming to an infringement barricade in the heart of a letter masculine journey after hours time to go to be more transparent on the topic of just sit back and on this adventure masculine journey after hours starts here now welcome messenger the after hours and are talking about the topic of out-of-control you what to do when life feels out of control and I think that a lot of people are feeling that definitely during this this coded situation.

We were going through that. I think that controlled and dictated to us by the way a lot of people feel when they release some stuff in North Carolina last Friday at five. I think it was you could not drive anywhere Saturday as I call certain people thought that that meant it was like wide open again because go the grocery you every place is full and it was just amazing. You know and I can go anywhere I saw the cars like, I'll buy whatever I need to next week and I I could. I can last a couple more days I stop toilet paper but yeah you know it when you don't have control you do things like you buy toilet paper that's obviously you control over something. It seems rather important at that point you that's what I've heard. I couldn't figure that out. I may not.

Why are people not going for hand sanitizer and so another golfer toilet paper and I heard that people want to get in the situation where there without something further.

Yeah, we have an attorney for the perfect top music wipe out why the toilet paper while the full paper got to see here.

He says because the crap is the thing yeah it's it's crazy I had to go to the store today. Get some stuff is out of milk and some things from Staples back up and going still mental paper. It's like, how can we be this far into it and people are still buying that hoarding mentality. The roll is called up yonder Pines Robbie's potty humor. That's the next big move on it.

It's number two currently number two on the chart so so were out of control right anymore.

All a little bit punchy this the first time that we've all been able to be in the studio together since the beginning of coded 19 so were you not promise were not drinking when we are missing a couple of people. It was I could've been here, but it's nice to have you is not just on the phone right exactly and in its it is fun to be together and so were cotton up a little bit and having some fun together and excited about that. But this whole idea of I'm not in control of very much right now. Even if you are mean my life hasn't really been any different than it ever has been through this whole thing other than the fact that I've not been able to use Charmin ultra soft.

I've had to use Kirkland brand toilet paper, which I'm not excited about when you just sell you call ego needs to do. However, you know, my life really hasn't changed much and I got thinking about that the other day and I thought you know I'm lucky because most people's lives really have changed an awful lot and you know but I still feel that angst you know that that angst of everybody's trying to tell everybody else what to do on Facebook. It's horrible how people are treating each other on Facebook and it's you know they don't have any control over anything. So what they're going to do is try to control somebody on Facebook you should wear a mask, you shouldn't wear a mask you numbing all the different stuff that's out there. It's crazy the way people are treating each other and they're just judging each other right and left and it's it's so funny that this is where were at. And most Christians, I mean most of my free time on Facebook with the Christians and I'm like Matthew seven. Matthew seven you know a bit. We are very much out of control. Everybody's getting punchy and were trying to take back something but that's, you know, we left the the regular show you talking about that your struggle. It's my struggle to. I'm willing to give God control after I try for five things I'm hmmm ready to give him control. But as long as he's willing.

It's okay, God, I want to give you control. But I need you to take this to that place for me.

So he becomes my errand boy. If I'm not careful, you and II don't mean that in any disrespect at all. It but that is how poorly I am treating him yeah and what's in your timeline and stuff will yeah of course I mean, it is done by this week I think was funny.

Two or three weeks ago. I think you said may have really been encouraged by what I've seen on Facebook and how people reaching out. Be kind to one another yeah will that's our exact timeline right. I'm still trying to figure out Matthew's love others.

That's a job as you have a lot less to do with what judgment you judge, you shall be judge I could I could look it up on the very good it's yeah what what what we are talking that I think is like oh my goodness when I look back in my life at the time that I was the most out-of-control places in my help that were out of control but also different. But when I was losing the dealership and everything financial my house. My reputation you know all might you note my friends were evaporating. Everything was ricocheting off everywhere and I remember all too vividly praying as I'm going up the hill in the where the monks feel is no God. Are you aware of all that's going on here because you know there's people there talk about you because you know everybody knew I was a Christian and they are thinking. I stole the money and how can you know. And this is hard on your reputation in the was very clear to me probably you take care of your reputation. I'm perfectly capable mines in good shape. Pines in good shape but it brings back a point that I think is relevant is that this is when I'm really got sensitive to start to listen okay because clearly we are headed in some real Rocky Rocky waters and I see big boulders coming up there, slap my family, slapped mom-and-pop employees that are lost their jobs and I saw these things that I guess it's similar to what people are experiencing right now and you know I didn't perceive honestly to crawl to clipboard and I'm playing in a second. That failure was an option.

It just didn't get that met that thought never occurred to me that clearly he was gonna save my bacon. Clearly we were to pull the ox out of the ditch.

This can't go this way but it was an option and it was when he had and it really did you know I'm whatever it is, 13, 14 years. On the other side of that catastrophe, and all my goodness, the freedom that my heart now has. And as I heard you talk about your story waiting that you're going through something similar with your job right now.

I had no concept of how my heart had been tied into the car business and and in the bondage that was at Chrysler and Chrysler Financial and all these different people bit that really had me in places that II hate even think about where I was at that point my life and there was no talk about frustration like we talked about my show yet.

Did one thing you said there that I called all really quick to was note it to that before you really started to listen to that before you really really realize that I can hear his voice.

He is talking to me and he's talking all of us.

He and and he's been screaming and that's part of the scope of things. He's these technical point were now over or were pulled away from the things that we thought mattered in the heat and he's taking the test took place were we have to really get to a listening ear and guidance of yeah will set this clip up. It's kind of a continuation of of these guys in Houston trying to figure out how to get these guys back and you'll hear some heroes and some zeros in here and then then then you'll you'll hear Ed Harris's character, you know, at the end say look, failure is not an option, and so were were to talk about that in a minute. You're telling me you can only give our guys 45 hours to about their gentleness unacceptable. Power is everything without it they don't talk to us. They don't correct their trajectory. They'll turn the heat shield around you turn everything off.

Now three and everything on the lens 60 A at that rate in 16 hours. The batteries are dead, not 45 sows the crew. We gotta get them down to 12 A vacuum cleaner on 12 amp John cabin heater instrument displays a guys computer, the whole cement wall guidance computer will do another burn dreamily know which way the point more time we talked on the more just a waste of the data for the past hour. That's the deal. Okay John and we finished burn out online. In the meantime, whenever frozen command module in a couple days when it powered up his reentry that tried it with never even stimulated it before Jean will figure it out what people in our simulators working reentry scenarios. I want you guys to find every engineer decided to switch every circuit transistor and every lightbulb with something that I want to talk to the GYN assembly line will actually build the thing. Find out how to squeeze every app out of both of these machines. I want this mark all that time to spare, never lost an American sure is a lot failure is not noticing the rings is very unsure of himself. I think for me as I listened, I clip over and over, you know, from a leadership lesson noticing that actually in a couple different companies have been with you talking about, that the power of good leadership and there's some truth in that unit that you do, you do have to take control. We also have to give control. I think for me the keywords and there was what he said not on my watch because that makes me the failure right. If something happens and I am the failure in it. When you live with that fear is you talked about last one year, not in the case of this movie but in most cases, you make some really bad decisions.

I most of my young life I was a manager, a leader arming from the time I was 19 years old I was in supervisory positions and and managing people's companies are my own company and in failure always felt like it wasn't an option right and so I was that very intense guy that you just heard talking and it I had a good head on my shoulders enough to think of figure out ways to get out of things but one thing I learned fairly early on was that the people around me are probably smarter than I am at any particular thing, maybe not on everything but there's at least one guy in the room that smarter than me on, you know, voltage, meters and so find that guy in figure what we gotta do and I and that's the way we are his wheat we want. We want to talk to.

We want to find out we want to research, we want to do all those things and were usually doing that long before we go to God. You know exactly how a voltmeter works you know exactly how those batteries work you know exactly how that space ship is going to get back home.

And so God what you got for us and and then waiting on him and sometimes know we talked about this before the show. Robbie brought it up and and it was a point of contention among all of us.

Is that really true is failure not an option.

Well, states can say yeah. Failure is an option but I'm okay with that if if God wants me to fail here in order to give me something better and quite often he dies, and more and have Morgan Snyder on next week with us and he just wrote a new book called becoming a king and one of the quotes in that book is that a man of 30 has so many things in his heart and mind.

There's so much taken up room in there that there's no way that God can give him new stuff until he excavate's and tears down some old stuff and were always there and so God is always in the business of your failures in option Shirley, it's an option that I appreciated Harris in the end that the person that you know that he was playing there caring about these three guys lives in and the whole program and trying to get back. I'm not not faulting him at all. I'm not saying that he was faithless or anything like that but there is very much a different perspective.

There a person of faith of deep faith can say you know what God failure might be an option, and if that's what you have for me then okay.

I don't like it. That was Jesus in Gethsemane God is there another way to do this father is there another way. I don't like this way it is failure in option and but if the if death is the only option. Let your will be done, not mine, which tells you what Jesus will was it wasn't dying. It was living and saving humanity.

And yet he is willing to have that death moment and sometimes we have to die to something in our own life. I was in a say from I've heard all your stories and I think all of us can say that really failure was a necessity for all of us to actually be here around this table because we had to come to a point in of ourselves as what I did for so long is just try to control things and it was such a frustration because I thought that was the right thing to do. Most Christian circles is always a self helper. Take yourself up by the bootstraps and you got enough.

Sprinkle a little God love Holy Spirit but you'll get there, but even then it was a total submission. You were still doing things on your own, and if so much more freeing when you know that you don't have to date you can truly let Jesus take the wheel and he's gonna drive you home.

I think about that Apollo 13 story really. The three guys in the command module had to live by the faith as I had absolutely no control. They can only do what they were told and they had to be obedient right and executed because they had to have 100% faith in the people that were back home trying to get them home in on.

I think my problem tends to lie in two things.

What I define as failure is what I define as failure obviously may not be what God defines as failure by what mankind defines as failure in many of the people's eyes for three days. Jesus had failed you, now and for generations after that the ones it and believe Jesus had failed and so you can go to get trapped in that and I still wake up every night in the middle the night before.

I have a closing the next day because were supposed not have any open items are closing which was at the house 100% on as I wake up every time running through my head is reeling left is really left as I am not going to fail on my watch today if I had it, it wouldn't really be that big a deal right but I lose sleep every time you know until I can talk myself out of.

It's really not that big a deal.

It's not really failure you know that falls into what I deal with a lot is saying okay got I would give it to you a a yeah it's really yours and not just give you the lip-synch of the in of the seizures we do what you asked me to do MMI trust that you know what failure and success is way more than I do and others as applets at ransom heart is called the pause app and not to be completely transparent. I don't use it anymore because I ended up with so much screen time.

You know what that might this is this is in itself.

I'm using this as a crutch in order to listen to God and I don't want to I want to listen to you about the app anymore, but they adapted teach me, and I think it's it's good for this the surrender and actually asking God at different times during the day. Is there something I need to let go of like, and it was really wonderful training time and mean it 10 three and all those things at the bow alarm would go off and there you go, it's time to think. Okay God what I need to let go of and one of the wonderful ways that God can train a 64-year-old man is my naptime. Okay I go home most days and I take a nap as I say it loud that it is my Time. Okay, so you get a bottle of that. But the point is if you let your head that guidelines and that Harold doesn't have to take that. I know he's he's beyond me. But seriously, in order to sleep at that time of the day you have got to let go on and I lay my head on the pillow. I'm like okay God I am completely trusting you with the rest of my day because clearly I need sleep at me know.

I just do an end and I am so much more productive in the afternoon. As a result of my now I can show you I'm in a lot of what I do is creative work and I can't be creative for some rested and I can't be rested in from home on the stuff and so to me there's definitely ways that we can go back in the beginning that the ingrate integrated into our lives on you know two or three times a day. The let ghost in order to be like.

If the pause app. I guess having kinds of actually paused when it said to visit like a dog adoption. You have asked yeah that the AUSA falcon you like a good guy and I type that good stuff. I got a control I think I downloaded it and didn't even really realize what it was it first in the first couple times I was like what is yeah I would be a lot better to be like you have the take advantage of that.

I need I need to be a little bit more like that it probably would be very helpful to me.

I am only creative and and really tuned into God.

Early in the mornings and I try to get up. It for 35 536 830 sometimes nominee I try to get up early and spend time with God and and I've as of late been writing more and more and I used to do that I used to really enjoy it and it was a burden for me for a long time and end. It's not anymore. It's a joy in and I'm I'm doing it, but what I do find out is that when I miss those morning times the rest of my day. I'm even less in tune with God.

But when I do take that time in the morning that at 3 o'clock or at 2 o'clock or when it when a guy comes up on a job site and goes like I'm building my own house right now I'm building a barn for men to meet in. Have a good time in and in and stuff in the kingdom and in the process of that. I got a lot of guys working on my construction site and their mostly young and they're constantly coming to me and saying how right you been in this business a while or you've been around lie for a while. Help me figure this out and it's not about construction.

It's it's about life and it's it's a blessing to have energized my soul to to drunk drink from the well in the morning so that I've got some water to share later on in the afternoon. It's not necessarily what I studied that morning are bright about that morning. It's just that my well this is no longer empty.

You know it's it's ready and I can minister out of hopefully the overflow often, rather than a know God I'm dry down here and I don't out of the I got to say something because I be opposer you know if out.

Wait, no, I am a poser because I have to say something but now it it it makes so much more in my life, but that whole issue of I don't know what I can control right now but I'm going to control the way I'm seen, I'm in a control the way I come off to other people. I want to control my image. Rena Robbie is talking about that earlier II don't have it all together. I'm all messed up but at least I can control the faade I can control the poser right now and make everybody think I've got it together even if I don't, and that's probably the biggest battle that I fight right now because there's lots a day's ride. Like you, you know I got nothing for you.

I'm as broken as you are and that you know particular moment. The beautiful thing from my perspectives as just came to my mind we go back to Peter right. I mean his whole world was out of control. But what that was, was the stripping of Peter's mask right II meant to be there for you, Jesus, I'm your guy got out of that right at and what turned out to be no obviously appear to be failure to Peter when he's asking that you not only stand there denying them three times because at this point in time clearly in his heart. If you love all things come on parts and so here I am.

Any but what happened as a result of that was, we got down to the real Peter and Jesus on the morning you know that we had breakfast and I when asking Peter do you love me let's get down to the heart of the still get down to what's real and let's get past the shame and let's get down to D11.

Yeah, that was what I was told that the failure was a necessity. Yeah it what it had to be that it's sad that has to be but that's all it is all of us humans go through. We have to attend to that point.

At some point control and give up them and the mask.

Stripping is part of that process as well and I appreciate you talking about that earlier how all of us have had to go through that yield the anyone who's listening who thinks that you there are born leaders.

There are no born leaders that we all have to learn the guy who mentioned go 45 minutes or if they die, he had to listen and accept that I was wrong that he learned something in that moment.

Note that it talks about how tribulation brings. It brings about perseverance and perseverance. You character it we require this to grow we work you none of us are born. David Hemingway shaken not stirred but it's a James Bond thing that's probably showing you are at Robbie's heroes just got out of the nine annuities he's thinking of the wrong hero here, but you know it makes it difficult mean, yes, logically, scripturally, I believe that all to be true, but when I'm in the midst of an nobody wanted it so hard to be more like me. Sam, you know that's Michael, you know, back in the 80s Mike Mike Mike I'm in the now be looking at the desk and nobody's goal. Hopefully yeah I am her. I'm right there with you. It's it is what does really giving up control look like what does that really mean in your life and maybe you don't know, maybe that's a place to start is is okay God, show me what it looks like to lose control now.

Used to not pay for, pray for patients right because I God does things to you so that you have to have patience is what I thought, that's a lie, but what does it look like to really give God control and I think it's something to start with the baby steps I got in a get this to and if I take it back. It is mimicking the way back 20s and give it to you again these dynamic doing that until I can walk in faith because at the end of the realm.

Maybe sometimes we fall in the failure is all because we didn't give up control and we could've avoided that failure, maybe not.

Maybe when I get avoided with the thing is, the flock entrusted him knowing he's got your heart better than even you haven't, he's gonna take it to a place of life, freedom and restoration will see you next week

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