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Habakkuk 3:13 After Hours

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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April 22, 2023 12:35 pm

Habakkuk 3:13 After Hours

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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April 22, 2023 12:35 pm

Welcome fellow adventurers! The discussion on Habakkuk 3:13, continues right here on the Masculine Journey After Hours Podcast. The clips are from "Quigley Down Under," and "The Mulligan." 

There's no advertising or commercials, just men of God, talking and getting to the truth of the matter. The conversation and Journey continues.


Hello, this is Matt Slick from the Matt Slick Live Podcast, where I defend the Christian faith and lay out our foundations of the truth of God's Word. Your chosen Truth Network Podcast is starting in just a few seconds. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing the Truth Podcast Network.

This is the Truth Network. Coming to you from an entrenched barricade deep in the heart of central North Carolina, Masculine Journey After Hours, a time to go deeper and be more transparent on the topic covered on this week's broadcast. So sit back and join us on this adventure. The Masculine Journey After Hours starts here now.

Welcome to Masculine Journey After Hours. You almost caught us in conversation. We were just talking about the show topic and a few other things, and then we realized, oh yeah, the music's playing. So yeah, here we are, and welcome to this week's show.

And Robby, do you want to tell us a little bit about the show? Yeah, as Danny found out, it's on Habakkuk 3.13. That was his favorite scripture. It's his life verse, isn't it? And he is now.

And he told us that he was going to be at this show, right? And he missed the original show, but fortunately he got off and he got here in time because we know he's got a lot to share about Habakkuk 3.13. But the idea is that actually that verse is very significant, and it'll make you kind of ponder. And the idea of that pondering led me to share it with my band of brothers. Like, where do you take this verse? I can just tell it was a significant verse and an important thing for me to understand.

And I'm so glad I did because to get the inside of these guys has been spectacular. But I'll read it in English. It says, it's the 13th verse, you went forth for the salvation of your people, for there's about salvation with your anointed. You struck the head from the house of the wicked by laying bare from foundation to the neck. Say la. And it's la.

Yeah, la. Well done, Danny. You did have something to say about Habakkuk 3.13. I can see. Is that a Hebrew letter? Yeah, it's a Hebrew for I don't know.

I have no clue. I've never heard that, but it is actually quite humorous. So in the first show, we had a chance to talk about how cool is it that Jesus lays those things bare, not only for everybody to gaze about, but in our own lives, quite often he exposes our poses, right? And we're laid bare. It certainly happened for Peter there that night when he denied Jesus three times. He was laid bare, what he needed to work on. But the cool thing is Jesus restores all that as you continue to walk with him and go into that. And so as we begin this show, we have Big Jim and he's going to go exposing down under. He is. Which does come between the feet and the neck or the base.

I looked at it in way too many versions and now they all run together. So we can go down under. We needed the Clint Eastwood little sound bite. You know, whatever that was. That's close. Okay.

That was enough. Uh, I have, it's, it's a typical Western where you got the overwhelm good folks being brutalized by the evil folks and Quigley has been hired to come to Australia by a rancher saying, you know, I want the greatest marksman in the world. And he sends him back a little sheet of paper that says, you know, it's got a four inch grouping and these were at 800 yards, which was pretty miraculous in the 19th century. But, uh, Quigley goes to Australia, he gets paid for having come there. And the rancher, uh, Marston is kind of the epitome of pride and he's evil.

But, uh, I think pride is almost our theme along with it this week. And he considers himself a master with the handgun and he sort of picks on Quigley for just having a rifle. And, and we end up, he's hired as soon as he shoots a bucket at a long distance, three times rapidly. And he goes in and hears that he's not supposed to be hunting dingos. He's supposed to be hunting Aborigines. And so he pounds the rich guy, throws him out of his own house, sits there for a bit, but, uh, he gets whacked at the back of the head and dragged out and left for dead with, uh, a crazy woman.

And, uh, the two of them get out of that bind, but it goes through the show. He is opposed to this rancher who is evil, who's killing helpless people because they're a nuisance to his ranching. And, uh, he's got the usual gang, uh, roughnecks and in Australia, that was pretty easy because those are all ex-prisoners.

So that's how they started. And they had plenty of them then, but this goes on until, uh, Marston is determined to kill Quigley and four or five of his guys, jump him in town and burn down a building, trying to get him. And he gets the best of those guys and sends one of them back who said, well, Marston's going to come for you. He said, it'll tell him I'm coming for him.

And he does. And in that process, he gets shot in the leg and dragged behind a horse for a while. But the, uh, arrogance and pride of the evil character in this, uh, we're about to see what that comes to. I seem to remember you're not too familiar with Colonel Culture of Olver. So this will be your first lesson.

Don't worry, Mr. Dobkin and Mr. O'Flynn will ensure that it's a fair contest. Just back up a few paces to your left a bit. That's it. Now you're right in front of my old pistol target. Some men are born in the wrong century. I think I was born on the wrong continent. Oh, by the way, you're fired. This ain't Dodge city and you ain't Bill Hickok. I said, I never had much use for one.

Never said I didn't know how to use it. The three shots fired were all by Quigley. And despite his being pretty severely wounded, he takes out the last three bad guys in that. And I like those sort of movies, even though they're pretty silly, but it really is a representative representation of the good winning out in the end. And according to the world, we are the underdogs, but it's the pride that opposes us. And that's not just external.

It's actually more internal than anything. And I think that's what needs to be exposed is where we are proud and where we aren't humble and where we aren't surrendered to Christ in a way that lets us have that victory and snatch it from the, what seems like defeat and the way the world's going, you know, it seems worse and worse. And you hear a lot more people that are worried about the future, but God has the future and it's going to come out. Okay. In the end.

Yeah. When you think back, I think it's in Ezekiel where it talks about, it talks about Lucifer right before he was fallen. And, you know, it describes him as, you know, this beautiful angel, right? But then it says, but your pride, you know, basically got in the way.

And so that's been the story the whole time of him. It's a pride thing. And we mimic that. There are times that we take that pride and adopt it as our own kind of defense mechanism or something we throw out there, or when we don't want to have to deal with something, but that pride has to be taken away one way or another, before we can have the healing and the restoration that we want in our life. I played a little mental game with that, back when I was in seminary, because it was put out there that pride is the source of all sin.

I said, okay, well, I'm going to think of a sin that it is, it isn't the root of, and I really couldn't come up with one. You know, selfishness, I'm more important than others. That's pride. Greed, I deserve it all.

Pride. I mean, they're really, if you got one, call it in. I'd like to hear it. Yeah, that's Jim at

I think I do have an email address here. You do. You don't know how to get to it, but you have it. That is true. It's pride that may stand in the way of him wanting to learn more about his computer. Yeah, I know that sounded mean, but it was just truth. It'd be a little bit. You can't argue with the truth.

Yeah. So, you know, very fun topic for me, like God gave me this word of the year that has had me in Habakkuk and has taught me so much about faith. And, you know, part of the foundation of goodness is so much about faith and not so much about what we do. And doing is so connected to pride, right?

And isn't so much for what Jesus was fighting with the Pharisees as they thought they were going to be able to do all this stuff in order to make the cut. Well, we've been studying a lot about mulligans. You know, if you've listened to Masculine Journey much and very cool, Pure Flix came out with a movie called Mulligan. And to Sam's chagrin, not Tom Selleck's chagrin, but to Sam's chagrin, it stars Pat Boone, which I happen to love Pat Boone because I interviewed him once, you know, so he's kind of my... But anyway, he plays the sage character.

And there's a guy who's very prideful and is set up in a lot of Pure Flix movies. You know, the guy owns a big business. You know, he thinks he's a big shot, which by the way, Pat Boone points out at the very beginning, and he's a golfer. And because of some father wounds, right? His father was an alcoholic and he wanted him to cheat on a test. And they, and they ended up, you know, getting a significant wound from his father as that, but it's set in his heart that, you know, you do not cheat, you know?

And so he's trying to do the right thing. So mulligans were extremely offensive to him in this golf game. Well, the old pro who was played by Pat Boone is sort of a takeoff on, you know, what's the golf movie I'm thinking about? Bagger Vans.

Bagger Vans, kind of a takeoff on that, that, you know, only in this case we got older, you know, Bagger Vans. And he is going to now take him out on a golf game because what's happened due to the man's pride, everything we talked about in the Foundation of Evil in the first show, right? That the Foundation of Evil was pride and division. And this idea of darkness and deception are all taking place in this guy's life. Like his business partner, unbeknownst to him, is trying to steal his business. His son hates him. His wife, you know, feels totally left out and they have separated. And everything that you could see from the Foundation of Evil has happened to this guy and which takes him to the sage, which is the Pat Boone character, to get this particular speech where he takes him out of the golf course and gives him all the mulligans he wants, which infuriates him because they don't like mulligans.

And then they come in, they have this discussion. I've got better things to do with my life. Oh, I know.

You're a big shot. You know, I offered you those unlimited mulligans out there for fun and it was fun, don't you think? But I also had another purpose. I just wanted to let you know that the word mulligan has another meaning, grace. The Bible calls it unmerited favor, which is just forgiveness, forgiveness of your own and others' mistakes and imperfections. What if you could have a mulligan anytime you want it in life when you've made a serious mistake?

Yeah, of course, who wouldn't? Sounds amazing, but it's impossible. Life's not a game, Willie.

You can't do that. And besides, I've already told you I'm not good at asking people for do-overs. Oh, it's not about doing. It's about believing. Believing in what? God.

Okay, why are we back to this God malarkey again? Not one of us can live a perfect life to get to heaven. In fact, in the game of life, if you miss one putt in an otherwise perfect round, you miss the cut.

That sounds pretty harsh. It is because God requires a perfect round and He knows not one of us can measure up to that. So He sent His only Son, Jesus, to die on a cross for our sins, our mistakes, and to give us a chance at a new life. Then He takes our scorecard, He signs His own name to it, He erases our mistakes.

All we have to do is attest to it, turn it in as our own. Paul, aren't you ready to sign up? Well, Paul isn't just, you know, at that point in the movie, I can assure you.

He's still battling all those things that Jesus wants to lay bare. And it's kind of cool for me, the movie laid a lot of that stuff bare, you know, showed the backstory. Because a lot of times when you deal with somebody who's full of pride, you know, the backstory of that is there's some deep, deep wounds where, you know, they're trying to protect themselves. And they've created, you know, this illusion that they can do all this stuff. And they keep thinking if I do, do, do, do, do, you know, that it's gonna get me where I need to go. But the beautiful thing I love about that clip is it is not about doing, it is about believing.

Right? It has all to do with faith, which again, gets back to being gathered in great faith for me. Thank you, Rob, because I didn't know how I'd sneak this in. There's a verse that really hit me hard today that I want to, well, a few verses I want to share. There's a verse there. This is Galatians 3, 24 through 26. Therefore, the law was our tutor to bring us to Christ, that we might be justified by faith. But after faith has come, we no longer need a tutor. For you are all sons of God through faith in Christ Jesus.

For as many of you as were baptized into Christ have put on Christ. There is neither Jew nor Greek. There is neither slave nor free.

There's neither male nor female. For you are all one in Christ Jesus. That kind of takes out the pride. We didn't do it. He did it for us.

It also should eliminate any competition between us. You know, I'm not better because I'm taller and, well, he's not here to respond so I won't pick on him. But nothing really matters except being one in Christ, and that's through him doing it for us.

It's not anything we've done. Which, getting back to Andy's clip in the first show, you know, that Moses was quick. Like when Pharaoh said, well, you've won Moses. No, I won me, right? You know, it was God that won.

God that won. And this verse points to the fact that it was the anointed one. That would be the one that laid it bare. He'd be the one that, you know, got it done.

But I'm very curious now, from Danny's perspective now that he's had some more chance to hear this verse and whatever, because, you know. We should title this show Great Expectations. We still can. We still can.

We can change the name of it. I like the topic, what I have been here for. And, you know, I was just thinking of a story, Robby, that, you know, when I got sober in 1994, you know, in recovery programs, they give you chips, mile markers. To be clear, you've been sober since 1994.

I have been sober. Yeah, not just this one event. But y'all are pushing it. I'm just saying.

No, the goal was the one year chip. And you got, you know, your mentor, your sponsor, give it to you. And you got to say a few words. And I, being the usual person, I'm preparing this Grammy Award winning speech. And, you know, I'm thinking about all of a sudden, I didn't hear the speaker of the meeting. I didn't hear anything. I'm preparing for what I'm going to say.

I can't imagine. You know, but as I got up and they called my name and I got up, I realized that I hadn't done a thing. That God's grace and mercy had rescued me from, you know, alcoholism and drug addiction.

And that's what that laying bare means to me is that, you know what, all the good in my life, all the things that I've been able to do and I think I've done none of them, that God has allowed me and give me the grace and the mercy and the strength to get there. And that I hope that's close. Oh, it's beautiful. So it's in the area. It's in the area.

Yeah, it's in the area. You did good. I think you guys need to be mean and focus in on Danny more often like that. That was beautiful. Yeah. And Andy, I can't believe I'm going to be the one to say this, but is pride just not a byproduct of the orphan spirit, right?

I mean, they walk hand in hand together. I can't believe you didn't throw that in there. It's been like a couple of weeks since you said those two words.

I'll just wait for the entrenchment for you. No, it's like Robby's talking about it. Another term for it is self-determination. That idea that, you know, God's not been there for me, or at least I perceive that really he is. He always is. But that's the perception. You believe these lies from Satan. You take the bait. You make the agreement. But that is that orphan spirit that I can do all this thing. Nobody else is coming for me. It's me. And I think a lot of men live that way.

A lot of people live that way. Okay. Chuck, you got something you want to throw in there?

Yeah. It just makes me think of, you know, just going back and referring to the book of Habakkuk. You know, when you look at Habakkuk initially, when he starts this story, you know, this prophecy that he's given, you just see him and he's got all these questions for God. You know, and he's just taking the focus off of God and putting it on himself and his timing and asking God, why are these things not happening?

What's going on here? He's seeing all this chaos around him and just really unsure and uncertain. But by the end of the book, you see that focus come back to God. And you see him really resting in, you know, the certainty of God, the sovereignty of God and just finding peace in that.

And I know in my life, you know, when I tend to take the focus off of God and I start trying to do things on my own, it always falls apart, you know. But when I put that focus back on him and realize and actually look back through the past, just like Habakkuk did, you know, if you look through there, there's little subtle reminders of what God did all along, that he's pointing him back. You know, look what I did here. Look what I did here. And then at the end, he just finds peace in that, that sovereignty of God. That's good.

Thank you. Kenny, we haven't got, you know, your perspective yet. Well, I think pride is something we all struggle with, you know, because we're raising a culture that's, we're supposed to be self-determined, pull ourselves up by the bootstraps. And we're trained not to ask for, really ask for help from a biblical standpoint.

Now, go to all the doctors, psychiatrists, all that stuff, secular stuff, but take it to God. You know, that's, a lot of times they don't, they don't put that on the table like they should. And it's till we take it to God, that's the only place we're really going to get the answer we need, or the strength we need, or the endurance to get through whatever situation that we're going through, because we all got battles. And then if you get little arrests from a battle, it means another one's right around the corner, because, you know, we're, that's one thing he warned us of.

Don't be surprised. You're going to be persecuted from every angle that Satan can come at you, because this is the only shot he's got at us, you know, because where we're going, he's, he's, he's just throwed out up. And that hope that God gives us. But he says, humble yourself. Humble yourself. You know, lean not on your own understanding, but in all your ways acknowledge him.

And he's going to direct us through these things. But I know that one thing I have to keep in mind myself, one thing God said he's resist is pride. I'll give grace to the humble. Now grace means that unmerited favor that I didn't deserve this, like what y'all been talking about. This has been a gift to me.

My faith, my hope, my redemption, it's all gifts to me. And then you know, finally, like you talk about, get rid of that orphan spirit and realize we are called to be children of God. We call really surrender to win. And that goes counterculture in so many ways.

Yeah, it's a spectacular thing. Another word that jumps out at me in the verse, that jumps out in a lot of ways, but the anointed, right? And which is in its own way, Jesus' last name I like to say, because Christ means anointed. So, you know, whenever you see Jesus' last name, you know, you're getting the big call right there, you know, that this is the big deal. But one of the really neat studies, from my perspective, is to look all the ways that Jesus was anointed in the New Testament. You know, there's lots of ways he's anointed seven times in just an Isaiah 11, but all the ways that he's anointed in the New Testament, but the one opportunity you have listening, and I have, is how are we going to anoint him, right? Because he may be anointed for Sam, but he's not anointed for Robby until Robby chooses to anoint him as the king, as the ruler, as, you know, his name is a perfume poured out, you know? And that's the real opportunity of the verse. You can't get the laid bare stuff that he is willing to offer you until you do lay down all that pride and say, you know what? I need to anoint you with the most expensive stuff I got, my spark nard, my whatever you got, you know? And therein lies the opportunity to really get that done.

And I know you love that whole spike nard thing, Danny. I do love that story because that is exactly what I think that story is about, is Mary laying what has been laid bare in her life and pouring it out on him because she was a hot mess, so to speak, prior to meeting Jesus. And so she, she, who wasn't, yeah, yeah, but, but she did exactly what you're talking about is she, she came in all gratefulness and tears and that kind of realizing she hadn't done any of it. And she, she, she, so we need to pour our alabaster box out. Yeah, it's a, it's a beautiful picture of, of what that Mashiach, right, is the anointed one.

And, and it's, it's a key aspect to the verse and to all of our lives, you know, and, and the ability to walk with people that, you know, share that anointing. Yeah. So once you've been in Habakkuk and you come back to it, are you going Habakkuk to it?

How long have you been waiting to use that? I'm Habakkuk here again. Yeah. I don't know how that works, but yeah. Go to to register for the upcoming entrenchment.

It can be Habakkuk and that's pretty kooky. It is kooky, but go to to register for the Lexington entrenchment coming up April 28th and 29th. That is a free event. Again, free. Go there and register. All you do is click on an email, send us an email and we'll reply back to you. We'll see you then. And we'll talk with you next week. Have a great week. F R E E. This is the truth network.
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