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Transforming Moments From A Boot Camp Talk After Hours

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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January 14, 2023 12:35 pm

Transforming Moments From A Boot Camp Talk After Hours

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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January 14, 2023 12:35 pm

Welcome fellow adventurers! The discussion on transforming moments from a boot camp, continues right here on the Masculine Journey After Hours Podcast. The clips are from "Robin Hood," and "Hacksaw Ridge."

There's no advertising or commercials, just men of God, talking and getting to the truth of the matter. The conversation and Journey continues.


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This is the Truth Network. Coming to you from an entrenched barricade deep in the heart of central North Carolina, Masculine Journey After Hours. A time to go deeper and be more transparent on the topic covered on this week's broadcast. So sit back and join us on this adventure. The Masculine Journey After Hours starts here now. Welcome to Masculine Journey After Hours. This is where we take a topic and go a little deeper or we're in an entrenched bunker or something like that.

That's what I heard. You know, we have been talking about transforming moments from boot camp and we've had some good clips and we've whacked some moles and we've shocked some people and all kinds of different things. And so, but yeah, we're talking about the moments that, that, you know, have captured our hearts and done something in our heart.

And Andy, you've got a clip for us. Yeah, but before we do, I mean, I just want to, I echo everything everybody said on the previous show is just, there's so much to boot camp. How do you pick out one thing? And I think there's a lot of this stuff. It's a process that there's so much to process. Like you said, Rodney, just the community and being welcomed by, by other men who say, you know, how's God going to come after your heart? All those things set you up to be able to go through this process.

And so I'm going to just have the clip played and then kind of explain a little bit more about it when we get back. I think I have much to tell you about history, about your history. Your father was a visionary.

What did he see? That Kings have a need of their subjects. A dangerous idea. Rise and rise again until lambs become lions. My father died for this. What does it mean?

It means never give up. A King does not bargain for the loyalty that every subject owes him. In the name of King John, pay or burn. The laws of this land enslave people to its King. A King who offers nothing in return. Robin Longstride, also known as Robin of the hood.

For the crimes of incitement to cause unrest, I declare him to be an outlaw. Robin, your father was a great man. You are your father's son. Are you ready to be who you are? Yes. What we ask for is liberty.

Liberty by law. Rise and rise again until lambs become lions. So I'll get to the clip a bit more even though I just played it, but the process to me was there's so much at boot camp like I was saying. The first thing that really God came after me and when I started engaging in the process is when I got my new name. That identity and when he told me that, and I'd been to several boot camps before I got the new name, but you know it really stuck with me that it really meant something personally to me. And then I got my wound healed and I identified you know kind of the poser in me and those things became and you know it became a process. But I remember the first boot camp and the impression the sonship talk made on me, but it didn't really know what to do with it.

I mean it was it was something that it is it taught a lot to the depth that it is at boot camp. Yes, God's our father, but what does that look like? And there was there was specifics of people's lives of giving testimony of what that looked like and I wanted that, but I didn't feel like I didn't I didn't sit there and say I'm not ready for that.

There's other things that had to be dealt with first before I could get to that position, but once I did oh my it made a big difference. So this Robin Hood trailer, movie's not great, trailer's awesome, but in there I mean just the statements that were made made things seem possible possible to me to see really God as a father. It's like your father was a visionary, he's God not a visionary for our lives and for our freedom. Are you to be ready to become who you are which touches also on identity? Are you your father's son?

Rise and rise again until lambs become lions. Well as a son you want you know God makes you to be a warrior and to defend other people. You know it talks about freedom and liberty. It also talks about your father was a great man. You are your father's son and then finally it's a visual from the clip you see this young boy taking his hands and putting them in this concrete imprint or whatever of his father's hands and all that stuff added up. I figured you know you guys know me and the sonship talk if I submitted something else from Braveheart you'd probably throw me off the show so I figured I needed to go with a different type of clip, but this really is a powerful clip that speaks to you know seeing God as father allowing him to and I if there's anything that I go to in this whole message I mean I know who I am my identity I know if I get caught in anything that I don't know what to do I go to my father and that's it's revolution my revolutionized my life my Christian walk. I think Morgan who does the sonship talk he said he felt like he almost had two conversions once when he got saved and once when he found God as his father. You reminded me of years ago about a thing from Ken Heltzer does paintings and stuff and it was a little print and it had like a clothesline a little house on it I thought it was cool and at the bottom of it it said home is where you have to live out what you love to talk about they realized how bad that quote would haunt me but you know because we go into a boot camp and we've described it as you know drinking from a fire hose and sometimes it feels like you're drinking from a fire hose and somebody's spraying you in the back with another one because there's so much that comes at you yeah but having to walk this out and you know come Sunday we're going home and that's when life began that's where the rubber meets the road and you take what you can process and you know allowing God to unpack it and and see how it transforms your life and that's kind of what we're talking about yeah we've often said the fire hose thing but what's really cool about that is it is very true but God only gives us enough at each boot camp to quench our current thirst yep right he kind of protects us from overload yep at the same time and yes you get a lot of good information and you know it's there but it's not like you're overwhelmed yeah because God has something specific in mind or a few things in specific in mind at each boot camp yeah and so you know I went to my first boot camp and I took notes on every session but I get things out of every session you know I did I took content out of every session but I didn't take his relationship out of every session and you know I've got it out of two or three of them more out of some than others and as each boot camp's changed I get stuff out of different sessions well we live most of our life as from the default self jacked up right yeah even knowing that we're a Christian we're saved and all that we still live from a false self and you you didn't get that way in uh uh the the span of a weekend to get it all broken it took you a long time to get that broken and it's going to take you a little bit of time to get it fixed but God I know speeds up that process but it is a process and he takes time to do it but there's so much relationship that that happens in that you know one of the really amazing things to me because again I've been involved with this for a good while I don't know how many years now but you know 2009 yeah and you know I didn't get it at my first boot camp but as you begin to understand that idea that every single person that walks into that camp has got a very unique glory that the way that they reflect God and as you watch like I'm involved because you know I'm in Christian radio and I'm very active in the churches that I deal with I see a lot of ministry I see ministry all over the place I'm involved in all kinds of them but I don't ever get to see the transformational you know life being lived out as men walked into their identity time after time in other words I saw most of you guys at your first boot camp and I got to see what God did you know not just with the young guys but you know in the case of Harold I was there at Harold's first boot camp you know I was there you know at at all those and of course you know Sam got to be there the you know he saw me coming in but it's one of the most amazing things to watch what God does as a result of you know what made your heart come alive Sam because I mean as it made your heart come alive it obviously made Darren's heart come alive you know then became you know something that made my heart come alive in such a huge way that we've had a chance to see the fruit because if we talk about all the time God makes the impact through the covenant of silence is quite often right they hear from God for the first time and oh my goodness what I can have a relationship with God and then he does the work on all sorts of levels you know when you you can kind of see it with you know with certainly Andy and the sonship thing but everybody seems to find their their niche for me a long time it was the poser because you know that was obviously the ultimate poser and so it was like Robby's going to do the poser talk for 17 boot camps he's hated the city slickers clip for a long time I know you did but it just was and you know it's just you know it's it's amazing to watch and and I I just think if you're listening that like man to have not only your own heart come alive that's one thing okay but to sit there and watch people that you love watch them get their heart to come alive and watch their ministry become fruitful you know as as you see them I mean that's that's that's man that's that's beyond anything I can get have out of my own life yeah it's amazing I think that even though we all come away with different things that God gives us the one thing we uniquely all come away with is deeper relationship with him yeah that I mean that's always the goal right and so it may be in a sonship vein or in identity or whatever that may be in glory right calling whatever that looks like you know he's going to pick the the stream that you're in with him that time but it's always about deepening the relationship yeah well I think too some of this stuff as we go through this process some things are highlighted in our life but I think all of us will say every time and and you know not everybody does this ministry not everybody does what we do you can do it in a little bit different way but when we go and prepare for those talks we go deeper to the point to where every one of those things become like just this explosion within you as you do that talk for the first time because you have to go deeper and then the if you're not giving talks the way to do that would be go back through the book and really emphasize and allow God to take you into those areas that you maybe not they weren't the things that really tripped your trigger the first time yeah we're getting ready to to do the advance camp coming up you know March 30th and through April 2nd which we talk about all the time but it's really our full-blown our first full-blown advanced camp and that requires us to go enter in and and learn these talks with God and see where God wants to take those things and if you ever want to learn a subject teach it yes that that's you learn it deepest when you have to try to teach it to somebody else and we're in that process right now and what I'm really looking forward to is yeah whatever God does at the boot camp is going to be amazing but what he does amongst his team as we prepare in new chapters of talks or into deeper versions of talks what God does with the team and how we all grow through that yeah I think part of that process too is is the content or the scripture or the this the application but then there's also your life story and you you to be make something fresh and relevant to somebody that's listening in the audience and you ask God to take you into those stories I've thought about crap that I'm sorry crap I I think about stuff that I haven't thought about in years that's why we put you in yeah exactly well played reasoning for the man well played Danny I perceived that or that or the prophet Danny but uh anyway it you know you just um it just makes you go deeper it really does so what what's really cool is that you know I've been to five boot camps and an entrenchment and you know I've done a couple talks but but the amazement of me is that all the talks are always fresh and I mean because you know after a while you would think oh I've heard that talk I've heard that talk I've heard it all but God does something in that process that you know yes I've heard Robby do the core desires but it's always new it's always new and maybe it's your heart being new but that that's that's really cool and the Bible I mean you look at it you look at it holistically there's a lot of similar themes and God did similar things with people but was always unique to that person that story and sometimes you read those stories particularly in Old Testament like what the heck is that about and my friend Robby always digs into that stuff and finds out the mystery of it I think we all do that but that's that's the beauty of it God wants us to chase him he wants to go after that and I think that's what this masculine journey is for us because he made us a particular way he knows what makes our hearts come alive and that's all we're talking about here I just was glad you cleaned up your language yeah I know yeah really I appreciate it yeah I've got work to do in that area learning I need somebody needs to do a talk for me or something we'll pray for you we'll pray for you you got something running no oh they put them right in front of you so I'm just saying well don't you have a clip Danny I do have a clip yes I thought you started so I was just giving everybody a chance there the last shall be first yeah there you go oh you're you're you're putting the pressure on this right well and if you're going to go there I'm I was just trying to think of you know things where you know where would we go like for for wisdom and things like that that we are getting from the boot camps and from brotherhood and from community and that's where just you know proverbs just a couple things on friends a friend loves at all times and the brother is born for adversity and I that really speaks to what we talk about a lot and what we live out with each other and the man who has too many friends comes to ruin but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother and that's where you know just that whole idea of even being closer than oh yeah I know who you are no I know who you are and really go deeper with people and try to get in that community that goes you know deeper than the surface because that's so easy to do and everybody just lives like that yeah how you doing oh fine fine you go on but really what's going on in your life and that's when I walked in and heard those stories from the stage it was stuff that was like wow there's definitely something different about this community yeah it is it is a different community and you know I joined you guys in the summer of 2020 the the covid boot camp chase was what that was and you know because it moved and then you know and that kind of thing but you know leading up to that it kind of the backstory behind coming to boot camp was I got into this this wild at heart thing probably 10 years before I met you guys and it was kind of like no man is an island but I sure felt like one because nobody else around me was doing it and my prayer somewhere along the way was god if I could just live in a community that does this you know thought about moving to Colorado and I figured I don't know it's probably cold out there or something but you know and here we go we come up to you know talking to called about this boot camp thing that I found hey there's one in Mocksville and talked to this guy named Robby Dilmore and y'all probably heard of him and the so coming into this you know I've dealt with some of this wounding stuff and some of this thing but you know come into this boot camp and sit in and I took notes and well as cool as I found my notebook from my first boot camp and the other day and so this clip is from movie hacksaw ridge and I chopped the clip up a little bit because I want you to hear the father's heart in this clip because his son's being tried and they're going to court-martial him because he doesn't want to carry a weapon but you know the father's working behind the scene and after you play the clip I'll talk about it and unpack it a little bit after the clip okay are they still deliberating yes sir okay now you go take this in there I can't strictly military personnel why don't you get one of them to take it in that's how they're fixing to bury him there is only one question that any military court need to ask of the accused do you deny disobeying Colonel Sangston's direct orders no sir I don't why are you contesting it then why is it so important to you giving your refusal to even touch a weapon to serve in a combat unit with the world so set on tearing itself apart doesn't seem like such a bad thing to me to want to put a little bit of it back together sorry sir nobody's allowed no you don't understand my son is the defendant I understand sir but nobody's I have information while the sentiments expressed are laudable the facts of the charge seem incontestable so that's a great war uniform it is sir I need to show you this with respect sir you are no longer a member of the military you are unable to attend this hearing I'm sorry is that truly the way it works you fight for your country you lose so much that was dear to you and then you're done with the uniform's forgotten you have no voice you were at least I was sir anabella wood twice decorated I see sir I take it you are the private's father I am sir Thomas Doss then as a former military man you know there are laws here sir I know the law and I know my son is protected by those laws they're framed in our constitution and I believe in them as he does they're why I went and fought to protect them at least that is what I thought I was doing because if it wasn't for them thank you corporal das yeah here's a here's a father and son who have had you know many differences of opinion if you watch the movie I won't spoil it but it has been out for a while um so if you do spoil it oh well the and they have their disagreement on odds and here desmond signs up to go in the army but he's not going to carry a weapon and which kind of seemed strange but I mean he was true to who he was and his father told him you know they had an argument and everything but here he is his son's at the moment of truth and they're going to throw him out they're they're they're railroading him out of the army over which way they can and his dad comes to fight for him and he has no idea I mean he calls his buddy who was a like a brigadier general or something now and because he fought with him and you know it brought a letter to the court and you know ends up breaking into the courtroom and the look on desmond's face is priceless because he can't believe his dad's there and his dad's fighting on his behalf to help him stay and do what he feels like he's called to do Robby his glory is shining and and his glory is shining and he knows what he feels like he's called to do and yet you know your father's fighting on your behalf well you know I grew up my dad's a good guy and he you know he's very talented in many ways and just a mechanical genius but he's always played his cards close to his chest you really didn't know his emotional thing and when you guys started talking about the wound and then said the father wound I thought my dad hadn't wounded me that I know of you know there's always that bristling effect I think and so I began diving in and then y'all introduced me to that covenant of silence thing and if you know me very well I don't like to be silent for very long much less an hour I mean that was kind of ridiculous I think so I think it should have been like a 30 minute thing or so to just ease somebody into it but anyway so I'm unpacking this this wound thing on this uh and I go out find a place out on the back side of the lake back there and you know you know god what is it about you know my dad or what is it that you know help me unpack this thing and what he said to me was don't mistake silence or the appearance of inaction as a lack of caring what are you talking about because dad has never showed his emotions much I've only seen him cry maybe four times now since mom passed or a couple of times since then but up until that moment maybe three times and that was when somebody passed and that was when I came to the Jesus moment and you know he was about to throw me out of his house because of my drug addiction and alcoholism and I never want to see that face again on that man and so I'm going but then I realized and as god has brought me through this journey a little bit is that seeing the things that he did that I had never had a clue he was doing you know I told the story we were prepping for the show about you know tearing my car up in an alley in my hometown and towards the transmission pan just peeled it back and um and no Robby didn't pan out and you know he obviously helped me get it fixed because you know we worked on cars and stuff like that but I didn't know until probably a year ago he went to the town council he went to the meeting and he was like you know my son tore his car up here it cost us his money because you guys hadn't fixed this thing and of course they stonewalled him and that kind of thing but a couple days later they were paving around that pipe and making sure that wasn't going to happen again and there's so many things that you know the unseen sacrifices that that dad made and it has really helped me process through that wound thing and it's just you know a treasure that I got at a boot camp and you know I'm I'm addicted so to speak and so y'all can't get rid of me really fast so you know the healing that has come since mom passed away with dad you know he's beginning we tell everybody be careful talking to him because his filter's gone I think mom kept him in check but I mean he will tell stories and he'll tell stuff you dad I can't believe you're telling that at the dinner table but you know but but I've learned a lot about him and about their lives and realizing how tough it was at times you know because they didn't make a lot of money but you know we obviously if you look at my profile I'm not starving to death nowhere close but those are the kind of things that you know that I think your glory begins to shine because you understand that you know I have a good earthly father but I have an awesome heavenly father so and he got something well I was just gonna say yeah you're talking about you're talking about that story of your dad coming on your behalf obviously I'm sure everybody gets it but that was your Desmond moment where he stepped up you know in the I'm not sure if you mentioned it but on that hacksaw ridge originally Desmond's dad did not want him to go and you know it was because he wanted to be a medic you know instead of shooting somebody and you know but he he had a change of heart and his heart was towards his son and he came to the rescue of his son and that's what God does to us God doesn't have to worry about changing heart that's earthly fathers but God does he comes into the courtroom of life and stands up on our behalf and makes sure that we are protected and and provided for yeah Danny I love the picture that you paint there of the father working in the background because the that's the truth of the matter the father's always working he's always trying to intercede he's always trying to make sure that those that are his that he's called are going to come to him you know whether we're in tribulation or anything else that perseverance that we he puts into us so that we can get through anything there's a lot of things that come in our lives that we share with each other that we didn't know what we're going through that may have been to share with somebody may have been so that you are stronger in your walk through things of adversity there's just so many things that the father's doing and typically we don't see it when it's happening like you said your dad went and fought for you when you had no idea years later you find out many times that's exactly the picture I get is it's years later I'm like that's why you had me going down that path Desmond's father fought for him before he went in the army that was the reason because his father lost a lot of friends that were killed in those battles that he survived and he did not want his son going through that so he fought for him all along yeah I would encourage all y'all out there listening you know don't just listen to our stories don't just listen to our our boot camp stuff come and be a part of it you develop your own story discover your own glory and you know you can do that once again in our our entrenchment which is january 27th and 28th this is the truth network
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