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Prayer Worrier Or Warrior After Hours

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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August 20, 2022 12:35 pm

Prayer Worrier Or Warrior After Hours

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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August 20, 2022 12:35 pm

Welcome fellow adventurers! The discussion on prayer warrior or worrier, continues right here on the Masculine Journey After Hours Podcast. The clips are from "Meatballs," and "Banking On Love."

There's no advertising or commercials, just men of God, talking and getting to the truth of the matter. The conversation and Journey continues.

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Evidently after a bit woefully abused break and by multiple members of the team will play much about that, like holding seven or eight corks on waters. I got weird all my prayer and to see in prayer and so I had to put my defenses up and we will be dissecting parts. All of this is a topic that you probably make several different pillows. Could you run I think you would be the one to do that MES like a guy you know what the will of the thing that you put cover a little bit of anyway they will play a couple more clips and dive a little deeper so first clip we have is from you Mr. Smoot. Okay, let's see.

Danny you asked.

Like several questions we are setting up this topic as it it it was great because you actually really had spent some time with this topic yourself as a prayer warrior and try to figure out while somebody calls me this am I really, what is it really mean to be a prayer warrior and put out a great little thought as to where you where your mind is that with this topic and it just hit me when you came and asked a does does does my prayer really matter and all I could think of is is clip supply all over Sabina's last 12 years is just the attitude we don't need is 12 years in a row. Equipment that money can buy your own personal masseuse. Every Mohawk competitor as electrocardiogram blood and urine tests every 48 hours to see if there's any change in his physical condition training Germany power is in absolute units were you made me think you know is is reading through your your topic and I was like there are some things that matter some things it really yes they may matter but they don't matter as much sought. You have the general questions that come up when you're trying to problem solver you're trying to figure things out or trying to understand something like who what when where why how in those kinds of things in getting back to our last topic.

So what is the topic as long as were focused on the who, when it comes to prayer Michael. Everything else really just doesn't matter to me just be focused on the who and that's Jesus for anybody who's got any mail questions as to who is your focused on either the father, the son of the Holy Spirit in your prayer time and typically we only pray to the father through Jesus Christ.

That's the typical pattern you can pray to anyone of the Godhead, the Trinity, and if you're focused on him. You're going to be in the right place with your prayer is your attitude like that you talked about everything I clip the other attitude with an attitude like that will attitude does matter, but it's not the most important thing because everything else will come right as you focus and pouring it into God and that's the beauty of prayer is you can go to him like we talked about her driving in the car you have the casual conversation you can have a deep intimate prayer. Are you can have something structured and wrote out any one of these ways is nothing wrong it's it's it's a matter of trying to go reach deeper with him in whatever situation rent pipe prayed like some you guys clips come up in their and their are some great clips in this week because it's all about prayer and during those times. I'm assuming the clips might just there's there's things it will hit me. I decided save you know a few words I might Lord help me to learn how to pray better.

You know like it like in your click Danny's site, or to help me see you in this. This is small things that come up in the that's a part of Michael Robby's Isaac don't hang up the phone so that's really my most intentional thing right now is try not to go very long without praying, if I'm in a situation amid the middle of something instead of beat myself up for black sugar pray before I got into this just do it now. Just a few words. You know you this yourself will quietly you notice or I don't how to deal with this person help me just anything like that helps. Usually just like Harold's kiss method works for me now there's there's no reason to over complicate things are and I Sam Michael O'Brien well once it started happening like I really do need a new pair shoes black smart is a part is my favorite. The flip side of that. Ronnie is the other silences flip-flops of the is that some time that the sadly is Christian denial of you guys there were many of your saved thing to find delegates to autoharp, I'm heartily but is that I wonder if my prayers matter will really make a difference and the sometime deck that comes from that beggar mentality.

I think that doesn't really, you know, maybe if Robby prayed it would be different goes out. I don't have what it takes. See where that ties in a that that's kinda where when I first saw your clip to be on the light. Okay, where is he going with this, but when I plated it made sense to me and I thought you could you could play little beside the point. So now what topics with clips Airways 100. Where is he going with this yet happens with most of us are okay where is he going with this. But anyway, Mr. Robby S1 Danny brought up this topic actually caused a bit of concern in my head because the site has idea being a prayer warrior and I've heard a lot of things said about that term good and bad at and then Danny started to share his heart which was really spectacular. From my standpoint, he shared something that came out of his soul.

And fortunately for me my soul picked up talk about is still this from his pastor, but nonetheless, he had it and it set up the whole topic perfectly for me.

He said that God is not disappointed in us when we don't pray he's disappointed for us to Rodney's point that no we've gone for the last 45 minutes or whatever.

The time that we were not in communion with him, whatever that looks like you know in that particular moment and I've actually quoted you probably 10 or 15 times since you said it.

I used it in church last Wednesday night because I just think that's really relevant that that God is sitting on the sidelines like yeah yeah you might like, what, when, we often await mom for that call from our child that we misunderstood what so in this particular clip.

This is one of my favorite love movies you know that you know people that know me. It's a Christmas love movie where better to be for Robby so in this particular one and find none.

Sure flicks. It's called banking on love and in this clip. This couple hate each other. Like in most you know love movies. They start off and are really at odds with each other.

He is looking for a loan. She's his loan officer.

He's at the bank there having a big discussion that he's not coming at the salon is not very happy. Whether it's Christmas eve weekend and as he leaves the building.

These robbers Robby no go to rob the place and throw these two in the bank vault for the entire Christmas week. So here these two people that ate each other and there they are, and she's engaged to be a guy that relate to a guy that doesn't really turn out to be what she needs and through this they begin to share one another story and in their own way, whether they realize it or not, they begin to pray with each other. In other words, were really getting intimate here what we were really sharing it what it is that we feel and what we are experiencing and you can hear that begin to open up as they begin to pray with each other. All of a sudden the thought occurs to her. Maybe we should pray for its is where I find myself oh you know 80 times every single day of my life.

All I remember you Jesus all man. So here you go, and then let me to share also but that the to me that all of a sudden the prayer is a lot more authentic based on how authentic they have been with each other prior to this.

Good morning Christmas and detailing everything can scale which ones have no enemy carried salaries and is in hospital should be there only thing what difference would have made following the doors going on magically open when there is a nine stroke tank. Sorry Jack I don't know why we didn't say I forgot he was out here earlier asking to pay for what happens after the stories of courage and with and more fulfilling was a look like pensions for fear God wants us to live in 111 now know when to do more than just make the best of it these things in Jesus name so that all context she is actually wanting to be. She works at the bank but she's a standup comedian that is afraid to get on stage and so the fear thing. This is real for both of them and he is.

He's been a mechanic or actually run his dad shop that his dad's piecework to live in his father's dream and family miserable and so it's interesting to me as they began to get rid real with each other.

They really called each other out and then saw God and that realizing you know you can hear him say yeah that's right God wants wants you to be a standup comedian and she's thing yeah God doesn't want you he is actually a big shift he he wants you to be another them other words they were seeing the other person's glory and beginning to call that out in each other when they themselves were walking and fear are all along that and the intimacy of that spoke to the other thing that you had said that night and sweet had this discussion about all these things it did matter.

As Robin put it right you since a mouse that I but was really really good that you even said you know how you know you're at work and all of a sudden you know you could be in the middle of the biggest meeting but if it's your son or your daughter calling if you night that's a call you're gonna take right your ear and drop whatever else is going on and you're going to take that call. Hopefully for your wife, hopefully for the people that are close to you and of that's an important thing, and he said that's how God feels about this advantage that that's what God feels about me like he is good at this daily call it love all the press damages: okay and and and of course you know of course that you know that's that's exactly you know how that works. From my perspective and you know that that that part that you said that God's disappointed for me know because how many times as he does given me something absolutely spectacular. When I finally know how to give you good example is this after this morning, I'm just walking in home to my walk with people that know me know.

I've been walking lately for I walk through the woods and in I realize have been walking for 10 minutes without a word to God and I was like you know God in it would be nice if you showed me some cool you know because I see a lot of Steve know there's trees you know I spy something green tree okay a military and I did it outlive me and all the sudden they're there.

These giant purple flowers that are on the top of these big like pool fact that there is huge and there they were at the new bank on the river. We went tubing a few weeks ago and I've noticed him that the really beautiful well there are these two gigantic Monarch butterflies and I have pictures on my phone that dodged Mimi's monarch dark butterflies work in a whatever, 3 inches long and the tales that come way down and they were on this big huge purple flower enemies in the monarchs were yellow with this purple background and I was just like oh God, man, that is just off the hook right there and just right. They are easy to see and he's winking at me saying yeah Robby if you'd you know, dialed one 800, remember me.

We wait we can and have a good time all way but you know it's all right it's all right he's patient with me or the story of the I think about those things in a you. My wife tells the story of she was old. She does things like that Robby like module for me. That's one of her favorite things to do. Her mom were down at him about fishing their kitchen loop in fish and stuff like that and she says got I'd really like to see the fish that eat these fish.

She's got a picture of 31 of the hammerhead shark restart. By 18 feet swimming right out of fear is she's going that's not what I mean that all of those who you barbecuing for telemedicine air but those are the things that you know we if we view God.

That way you lead is beautiful that you he will show all he will you know engage you see in many different ways in you I think about all of us. The circle how diverse we are coming we are as different a day and night and we we peek at each other. We do those kind of things but you are all the same and the fact that that will we love Jesus and you were trying to do life the right way and but our perspective on things is what I think makes us the strongest and you what I'd like for us to do the tile.

We got left is his tele-prayer story something you got away, and yet Wayne got the mic and Hansen setting things and he was always right about the acute need to get away from the mic bellicose of politically because this sort of bounces off what Robby was talking about our prayers to me are the ones that have meaning of the ones where God can love on the stool. The outcome rarely like Robby Rodney mess with it up to like Rodney had it really doesn't matter the outcome of all of our prayers in the this life are not.

It's what happens here doesn't matter. I thought of a very serious one, and this was 20 something years ago when I was doing it. Year-long residency as a chaplain and me and two other chaplain buddies 11), the letter gets here met called us down become prey with the couple.

They were engaged they were 18, 19 years old. She had cancer and Tom said no we really want pray for this couple. They reflect they were godly young folks.

They were given be missionaries together after they were married and everything about it screamed. Oh, here's a miracle that I get to be part of it. You hate me. It was anticipating what God was good

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