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Iniquity After Hours

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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July 16, 2022 12:35 pm

Iniquity After Hours

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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July 16, 2022 12:35 pm

Welcome fellow adventurers! The discussion about iniquity continues right here on the Masculine Journey After Hours Podcast. The clips are from "Murdoch Mysteries," "The Bad News Bears," and "Unplanned."

There's no advertising or commercials, just men of God, talking and getting to the truth of the matter. The conversation and Journey continues.

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That's a RNI CAR heart this is Stu Epperson from the truth.

Talk podcast connecting current events, pop culture and see all G and were so grateful for you. You've chosen The Truth Podcast Network it's about to start just a few seconds. Enjoy it and please share around with all your friends. Thanks for listing is introducing the truth podcast networks. This is the Truth Network French of topic that's been going on now for a long long time, but the same topic.

A series of topics we would go pillars yes doors out think it.

Satan's pallet and how it paints a picture to make you do stupid stuff yet to keep you in bondage to isolate you distilling a bite to manipulate you and that's what is really doing in the midst of it one way or another, and so this week's color that were choosing to focus on the you know his tools is paints abuses is what Robert then equity and equity, and that's been a mouthful on all sorts of this paper, not just a bill of that word or isn't a word that that that a lot of people have a definition of Redland their minds of of what it is in their definition may mean all sorts of different things referred from the team, but as I've studied it and tried to understand that it is a lot of what you would say is actually our own flash in our own way of looking at things, which is a selfish way of looking at things. In other words were getting a vision that should look into the original language you're getting a vision that has to do with what you think, the way things ought to be, rather than the way God thinks things are and so it leads to Satan being able to throw those things in there like boys a glut of a couple good soup would be real good right now.

He saw and all the sudden you know it was what God had for your life. It's what you think is his best and away you go. And sometimes you get to the point where you literally know that it's you know this is gone way too far and I'm and I know that this is going be bad for my family and those can be bad for our relationship with God that you do it anyway and you know there you go, and equity is one of those things.

It just keeps growing and you need to end at that point instead of trying to own up to it or you work your way back towards God. He does dig a hole deeper ride around Mount Everest.*I guess I'm gone.

So you look at David and David with Bathsheba and in that part was was bad enough.

And then instead of just dealing with Eddie. You work sent away to where her husband gets killed his sins into the frontline cover-up is worse than the crime yeah yeah well it's at least as bad in on that in this case, when we were leaving the show I'd asked the question Robbie had answered and we talked a bit about off the errors it what would we say to the listener that wanted to in turn guides I got a K help me in this topic help me in this situation, what things would you be asking or working with God on and Danny I think you had an incident in the cover story.

When I first came out of addiction and I had a mentor who may be calling every day and and sometimes he would answer, he would be there, but he would answer and he made me so mad about your day or while Jesse told me to call you. He's a will is and I want you to learn to pick up the phone in good times and bad, because you need that accountability and that that because the phone gets heavy wind it when the temptations all so whatever it is that that scenario that trigger is to pick up the phone and into be, as we say writer needy out loud, but it's easier to open your heart and be transparent when times are good that it is when times are bad because our ego and all the things we talked about also is to hide our iniquity, we do now running to do something you and add that you don't have shaking her head no, because he was talking about how Rob is going ad for real I add you now that same thing if used pick up the phone and talking to God I and in your in prayer a lot that the phone isn't heavy. It is a 500 pounds in a when you're really really there and that again I found that wow if you want to find God is right there in the word. I mean he's not far and in the more you're used to turning to God. And the more you used to turning the prayer when the ox is in the ditch.

You know those are good things to put in. Obviously, it's nice to have. Yes Danny look like you have some back to back yet you enroll seven pulses on the on the one told in Scripture.

Internet is not popular so I get role series is frontloaded in me in the flesh dwells no good thing for to will is present with me.

But how to perform that which is good I find not that's what he told Basil we would talk about is the there. There are no to do good, but I don't do it. He's fallen into a snare and so that that just struck me think you Jim Wimmer heard from you today and that this setting back and so it's the you are hiding under your clip was also the right now wanted to talk about what Robbie said you can do that is what actually is a sort of addition iniquity would have looked but when I think of the word I'd say it is most volitional moment something you choose to do and you rationalize it. There's expression, a den of iniquity is a sort of a place you go to live, you stay there, for by uses of iniquity anymore, but that was common. A century ago and was still hanging around half a century ago. Pretty certain it's a place in Vegas I don't know for sure but I bet if you look at LOL Robbie when you hear better. You probably do want to go to the clip I got and I was looking for iniquity is so what better place to find it.

The show about murderers so I went one that my wife and I watch that was multiple seasons those Canadians who was a little weird but no offense to you Canadian weirdos out there that the as Murdoch mysteries and it was great and I said it. I do this if you do a modern show. You have a lot of profanity so up pick this show with volition to avoid having something that Sam would let me play and darned if I did find something that they profanity it with this is Murdoch is a brilliant guy. He's got the love interest. Ultimately, Mary's the female corridor which in the early 1900s was a really strange thing for a female anybody to be doing with females, but anyway this show had a lot of clever things and I saw this clip and I got away from us that this is such a great description of us getting caught in the said and how we do it so will play it from there. Unless I missed something, which I often do know I just give me that look as I was planning on watching the series. I can't now.

She told me they got married. Oh no spoiler alert transfer. It's only private out like a bunch years I always Susan goes a golfer that we need to know that it actually is the inspector their boss is giving them a silly reason why it might not be a birder okay what you listen to whatever solution condensates the bowling saloons of sea goes looking for someone closing since it would be impossible to anticipate Mr. Benedict directing the ball into the woods on that whole have to assume that it was a crime of opportunity. I suppose it could be to go from the neighboring home. All meant to doing. I'm afraid I don't follow go physical mistreatment of it holds amount under its spell.

I could believe the ball into the woods on purpose think to himself just to get away from the game. All seems little more than a distraction, sir. I can hardly believe that it would drive a mantis who was seems like for the first round shot asleep for hours and hours day after day was the whole ball towards the whole on and on, since he had consumes you all you can think about: go for Christmas. Don't forget about the funny clip so true about what we are our favorite are pits are in equities or places we will live notice at least one head bobbing agree with that description of golf. Yeah, it's a lot of bad shots to try to find that one great shot and if you can avoid doing the bad shots going on to something that is more profitable, more focused on God you don't get those places where you're rationalizing your sin and keeping God at arms length because you will control your life. Yeah, it's the and a lot of people that are way deep in the Gulf you know when it's it's one of those things you never master.

That's the trick of it.

Very few you never get to that point, but are the after our show is talking about going deeper and so I know Rodney had shared some and in and Danny and shared some ongoing share in a little bit. A lot of it had to do with my years and years and years and years and years and years and years and years and years and years and years battle with pornography in II would get some healing in area and I think okay will make them on past and maybe I'm not gonna struggle with that and it would be right there again and you know I think it was things that there are times that. Honestly, I can't think of a time that the risen accidental hoops.

Have we hired that was it was more of an intentional, you know, I could be stupid and think I won't let it get too far and I'm just looking at you know somebody is not closed very much and then it would just cascading from there, you know, obviously always ended up in a really bad place, followed by a lot of shame on the guilt of anger by the isolation you all the things that are the enemies after that. It ended it trip me up so many times.

It's embarrassing. A lot of those other tools we've already talked about. Yeah yeah and so in looking back and looking at the struggle and knowing that I have to be very alert. Knowing I have to not rationalize to your your point is only way I keep from going there you guys give me healing. There's been lots of healing that I can move around that healing inside with my old self inside with the enemy very quickly. If I'm not careful.

And so for me that was the one that I would say that I entered into way too often knowingly and even with the outcome would be in there was a something in me that felt like I didn't care and why was that I'm asking that because I know the answer because I've experienced myself. I think it's only mild you believe the lies and that brings light. Some come alive for satisfaction or comfort or were you know it even. Sadly, even a connection, you know, a false connection all that stuff is false. You know everything were dealing with in the enemies false right so that's what sin would we do if it was there wasn't some level of appeal to write about that else because we know it's wrong so we want to do it will when you look back at the description move of Satan's in Scripture before he falls. He is the picture of beauty right and so he knows how to make things look attractive in a into your eyes as he's with you a bit there any I think it was so ingrained into some of the stuff that happened to me early on as a kid you know that II felt like I didn't have anything to offer as a man and said and require anything of not and then you know I joke.

I think it's funny.

Most people don't you just kinda came. I will be either the blanket that I grab love as overly stressed. I turned that unite you in the present and the really euphoric mood. I turned to that you know and it just kinda became this catchall unit wasn't really one trigger was a series of triggers and is working on one by one by one, is is giving the really so we have another clip that would be your clip. First, we need to get you with Michael Keaton and Mr. mom Werner will be at a target in terms that is mine to me like that use that clip once you my clip again going to say that God is good. I was like all week.

I actually thought I had a definition that Bobby had gave night put in my phone site.

Remember okay this is what it is and I might okay so it's brother against brother kind of thing that ought to be easy. I never really had a lot of time just to sit and go look by Boys, praying during the week and I can I get something not until today I finally get it. It allows citizens like well well well if it ain't old Ingle puke just came in my head. No, like bad news but there's there's a lot of iniquity going on in that movie yeah cut the cuss words out.

It's like 20 minutes long yeah eyelashes that I start listening to the clips out there like you I got a cut that one of a zygotic at that one and I finally landed on one where you got the baseball theme in here and you got the bad news Bears that are really bad they can't even get a longer fight in with months each others and then as things go long. They kinda come together and start playing pretty good baseball he finally kind of gel in a get together while the, the dreaded Yankees are the charge enemy in this show and the Yankees that they actually won the championship in this clip here. Picks up where they get this second prize trophy and into the bad news Bears and then you kinda get what they how the two teams kind of think about each other here was this is your second place trophy.

I know we had a different lease we settle a writable my boys would like to say something like, and apologize as you mature, the bad news, mentally celebrated yet because it was them against the other team instead of each one individually.

Everybody on the team and you have little lupus. There yeah wait till next year. He was the shy one wouldn't say anything that really bring them out of their shell and that whole show was just a battle of everybody looking at it for themselves. Everybody else is worse than I am. You have all Yankees. These people don't live up to what is what I am.

I'm a much better baseball player like baseball players everything right you got the guys in the back whose Bears it had no what it was Ingle puke catching yogas. He's back to Eaton all the time and whatever happens to be everybody's been made fun of the sky like be in this group and you just tell you this, you have that going onto the whole movie is just it's just when you stop and look at it like okay or where is God going to come in and rescue them. And finally, right there. It's like he's given a little join each other, you know, it's like you. You can even live this out your team, your your group your mind out of sight. That little bit of a moment and spurs them onto may come back next year gives them community that they've all come from isolated places including the coach and it really doesn't want to be there.

Remember it when you order order something to my community service. I think that yeah you are yeah good.

Probably good and the negative rendition of it later with the Mighty Ducks similar jammers to David way of a microphone. Would you like to assure anything on so talk about inequity and stuff.

It really you know, as I said it during the us talk about it before the show for me here in about and here you guys talk about Aiden inherent Rob's definition were and how we perceive it really leads up to selfishness for me.

Looking at it like a mean you're self-serving. You're not doing God's will and Intel you really get to that root of why you're being selfishness is a rate that was really not open for you. You know it, and another that I think that we would talk about a little bit weight with all of these tools that were using. Somehow they are all connected to each other so with inequity. You know you're doing this in the arty know is wrong with it as pornography or adultery or addiction and then ultimately that turns into shame somewhere and then goes down to, are not shameful's and I start to get into pride like him better than everybody else and I just think you know with all that you know that Darrell connected with think you appreciate the Indy you have that clip we'd like to close that you, sir.

So this clip is from unplanned. It's about one of the Planned Parenthood a lady that worked there and come out of that. But before she came out this this scene is from there and that's basically protesters are standing up against just protesting against the Planned Parenthood and we understand that that's very difficult, very very tough thing to go with but as you hear this. What I see in this in this clip is that you see sometimes we have perceptions about what our way is the right way and others, and then we have to always go back to what God says we know God always wants us to choose life and in this scenario you hear kind of a counterpoint to the thought that you know the we can do whatever we want testers or kind flees unless he identified some dangerously so I just give the anti-choice is a free pass were going to treat them with respect, letting again our skin temperatures thing here. The best way to reinforce that words and actions. Okay course circling the block. Right now she can't come in because the lease shall

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