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Neglect, Marginalization, Orphan Spirit After Hours

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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June 25, 2022 12:35 pm

Neglect, Marginalization, Orphan Spirit After Hours

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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June 25, 2022 12:35 pm

Welcome fellow adventurers! The discussion about neglect, marginalization, and orphan spirit, continues right here on the Masculine Journey After Hours Podcast. The clips are from "Seabiscuit," and "The Chosen."

There's no advertising or commercials, just men of God, talking and getting to the truth of the matter. The conversation and Journey continues.


Jesus said blessed are the persecuted and they are suffering big time right now.

This is my believe international in 19-year-old Ari was beaten by her own father and finally to buy local authorities and order crime was simply that she gave her life to Jesus Christ after leaving radical Islam. They need Bibles in order to endure and persevere and that's why Truth Network and finally got teamed up to sing God's word to 3500 persecuted believers around the world at five dollars and $500 since 20. Call 800 yes word 800 yes were 800 yes word or give a Hey this is Mike Swick from if not for God podcast our show stories of hopelessness turned and I hope your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just seconds. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network in the heart of time to go to be more transparent as masculine starts here to be so trans Sam baked outside if you can see with your ears this close your eyes and imagine. Anyway, we are continuing our episode running on the tools of the enemy. One of the many many pillars of the enemy and today's tool. Today's tool is the neglect marginalization and leading into the orphan spirit and so Sam you know when you pick this category and then you bail on as I don't know if I partially bailed you at the last shirt you do have a clip and you are here. I am here and I do have a clip you know and I gained he usually does take some topic and believes he does have a Mike or Robert the subject about whom FF FF is you have to get off the couch that could have silenced. Yeah, that this topic, I think the A&E is actually the woman talks the most about the orphan spirit is gradually worked in his life on it, but it's something that will paddle when we understand really what it is… This understanding that I got a make it on my own. I got to do it for myself. You know, no one's there for me kind of thing that especially a father. Even in the picture. And so you know it's something that's very hard to break free from.

Especially if you had success on your own, you know, if you been able to make it in business and you haven't really had a whole lot of help along the way then then you begin to believe. Okay this is the right way and I have and so I love that the clip we've used it a few times from Seabiscuit and if it so sets up coming here, you got a really successful trainer and a really successful owner right but success is not necessarily in how the world sees. Knowing when you go back into the story. All three of them in their own way are living as an orphan and God brings them together in my my world anyway. The writer in life brought them together because it's based on a true story, and they became a family unit and then he doesn't like that to stay there and he tries to get in and in divide it and force back into the orphan spirit and so you here you have the jockey who is finally forced to share something of his story and right away.

The trainer wants to reject it. And fortunately, the owner steps in and speak some truth in those lives will play at in Québec talk about all this time I told him he died to Eli Jewish jockey who lies to us, he can't see these blind in one eye is fine is fine is fine.

Throw whole life is if you haven't seen the movie. What happens there is you God. The owner who kinda father's the time that the trainer a little bit in this, but is using some of his own words from previous in the movie when the owners asking them about unitive should we put this horse down who has a broken leg, Seabiscuit or cell front might've been Seabiscuit.

I think it wasn't. He said no you don't throw life weight is because it's banged up a little bit and so it's reminding and so is really remote reminded me of the time God kinda steps in and reminds me of things so that I can have a good perspective sometimes eases my own words, which is really embarrassing and humbling. You know, just to remind you when what sense you know this is a whole, transparent, and I work on deep when was that Sam United I don't honestly have one right on top of my tongue. I will think of one.

Hopefully by the end of the show. Although I thought you unless you do want an opportunity is that Harvel left out one word with effective okay God uses our words against us, and for me there's nothing that gets my attention more than when that happens. So and it is one of the beauties of after-hours to me is it was Darren's idea originally that we do this was to actually you know when you really get into somebody story so often you hear some more outlets like that happen to me or something.

And that clicks off something that happened to you and so it's important that we go deep. It's important that we talk about things in our God was the hero of the story not me. I and so up when I thought about this topic.

I was looking for something is, where do I feel invisible is actually put that in YouTube word I feel invisible and what came up was this clip from the chosen series that actually the woman at the well and if you haven't seen it, why not. I mean I'm just all my goodness this is some spectacular stuff. I mean absolutely spectacular. But what's happened is the writers of the chosen of taken some liberties to go. Okay, we know that she says in the Gospel of John that you know he told me everything about me will what was that specifically, let's go deeper and so this woman goes. I mean, Jesus actually goes deeper.

The woman telling her very specifically what those things led to her being in marginalized in the community why everybody thought she was white trash in our Middle Eastern mellow. I'm trying to think of Samarian harassment Samaritan trash.

I really looked at him anyway. You know what what led to those in so when Jesus actually shares if you listen carefully. EE starts out describing to her the different marriages that she had any heat and she hears things that she probably had not put together herself on the reason for certain parts of her behavior and she realizes that not only were you there all along, but you know me better than I know myself and you really care an incident. It's amazing things. So tight was the first one was named that I mean you will always excite wasn't a major question in the practice of faith. Second was fine is not on your wedding night skin cement blank. They stay any time the past 91 inches in the market give before anything because he was the only truly godly man. I have nothing to give myself to the Messiah, like the first could be good.

Came just think it's an accident. Soon, just the heart mean that clip is hard for me not to cry when I listen to it because it is so much that like he is very very intimate with your story, and he knows things about it that you yourself have never sat back and thought through and and yet you know he came all the way to Samaria for use very specifically in the middle of the day.

It was no accident. I and and and others may have rejected you, but he didn't. And as we receive what he has to offer us then we don't feel so prickly when we try to join a community right but when we still have all these things that we don't know know what's going on, and so in my own story to be extremely transparent. The other day, for whatever reason, Tammy and I work we were just out on the lake for long time talking and I realized she'd never really heard much the story of what I would call my first marriage right if I got married in the church of Scientology. It was an official marriage because they were licensed to marry people, but I was married from everybody standpoint, the church Scientology to this woman and it was really strange marriage in that the way that it ended was you know we had an argument over who was going to buy the dog food in a grocery store and she wouldn't go in with me and she got so mad she got out of the car. On this on Wilmington Island outside of Savannah and she just starts walking on the road.

She has never close you to stand up and and she on she will not stop walking and that's how she left me and and I left her eventually walking as she was clear that she was not get my car and and that was last time I saw her in this added heart wrenching part and the part that Tammy was trying to understand was she had cheated on with me with at least two and one of my brothers best friends and Tammy was like, how could you put up with that. Why would you do you know how you know in and those kind of things rip your heart out in they rip your heart and fascinatingly as I was working on my own podcast. I was thinking about this very idea of my own sin and all of a sudden it hit me like man, one of the worst things I ever did in here you go. This is after hours were the worst things I ever did that. I often wonder how in the world to Jesus still love me. She knows I did this that you know I was in Albuquerque after my parents left kind of abruptly and I was there on my own. I have apartment. I was about 19 and a friend of mine had this girlfriend that was going to become his fiancée and he and she was being had kinds of trouble at home and whatever and so he said why don't you let her live with you Robbie and I didn't at the time. It just seemed completely innocent really did when we have her live with her that wasn't a good idea. Are you looking back now, this was not a good idea okay and and and and you know she had issues there is no doubt she had issues, but I must add into because one night I came home drunk, honestly. And I mean I actually slept with his girls. You know with this guys future wife and me right just like when I was so mad at my and I and as I started to think about that. Lau you know there is a certain pattern of this in my life and like wow I didn't I'd realize that you know that's me to that's that's me too.

And yet, in spite of how unthinkable that is to me. You know, Jesus still is in their slowly unpacking the stuff you know it's kinda like that story of John Lynch.

You know you have, that's a lot of sin FF FF request to this is that since separating you from God. Right are you are you on your own because if you're since separating from God, you're definitely an orphan.

Okay or or are you, you know, let's work on it together can and and and and and able to share that and again the idea here is, you know what what's in your story that really needs to be worked on. You know I had a thought. Just recently about our relationship with God and he takes us even when we do things like you just described.

I got thinking about it that you know God acting toward me the way he does would be like me looking outside, and here's the slimy scenario crawling up the driveway leaving the slime trail behind and I will be its friend only be its buddy. I will take care of in this you know I think you know that's that's how I am in relationship to God at my very best, slimy, crawly snail, but he loves me and he accepts me wanting me to be better has Sam's ready. I think he sees other helpful things from that clip your OBS appointment desserts and separate us from from God will Jesus entered in right where she was breaking.

He routinely did not. He had a conversation you have with her and consider her free, but I think that you know that that adage you look at what the fruit of what Jesus did was he was always entering and were people were right didn't have to come to him. While some came to him that most the time he went to them. It triggered one of the most powerful things I've heard in the last 20 years. Most people need to get to think everybody hears your sin separates you from God. That's past tense.

If you have Jesus in your life it doesn't separate you from God. God separated you through Jesus from your sin, so we are free.

We just don't feel like we deserve it sold like the slug or my wife. It was were biology that we we end up wanting to tear ourselves down. Not remembering that the creator of the universe loves us so much that he wants us built up their minds we have a meme I sent you guys that had a horse that was tied to a plastic lawn chair right at any point horse to strike that that that launcher way, but that's us with our sin. We see ourselves is tied to it I were God has separated. He set us free, but we don't often live like we don't often live from her life and I do have a memory as you were talking about when God use my own words at the some of the worst times in my marriage when I really, really wanted to give up God would remind me of things that I'd prayed about, I would hear my own words praying to him in outline and it was his reminder of looking this is what you said you wanted dying of curiosity, what do you remember the words, or at least the idea of the words just how much I wanted my marriage to work and how much I wanted to love her the way I needed to love her and moved past some of my own issues in ungodly, just remind me of those prayers and I'm like okay I get I get a guide you want me to stick in here and I got to let me bail you nine and he did that for a long time off and on. Probably five years in on then eventually I did feel released to move on and all that and that's not necessarily a great thing is just a different season for me but there was a long time there that I would pray about it and got shy. Should this be it. Should we in separate should we move on from here and he went all you and say yes or no heed. Remind me. My prayers and knowing your family and your story pretty well as I live those some of those years with you is is I think about that right now while the fruit of the amazing fruit of that season where you are sticking in their I mean, I realize that you're getting your heart plucked out the Moran everybody that was close to knew that but at the same time God was doing some amazing things and a lot of people's lives.

As a result of you guys is marriage and as result of your family of the lion and an island that all it was going on in the desert and guards. I was very faithful and takes a little things that we offer and and produces fruit out of them. You know that he did use those years for a lot of good things, and there were some really good things that happen in my life and in my ex-wife's life in our families lives. During that time that it wasn't all negative.

You know the enemy will spend it and you're at a point where you just frustrated and ready to give in and feel.

I keep running into the same wall and and I said he it was funny.

I would pray hoping for a yes sleep as I was just tired and he wouldn't say yes or no, he would just I would echo through the prayers.

It was just amazing how you do it on my guy got I got it it all hang in there St. Aniston try to take off his glasses over there. I was thinking about all my drinking days part of addiction is just trying to make yourself feel different than you really are and I realized this and he listened and that that it was the loneliness and the abandonment that I felt and I was trying to ease that pain you have in marriage go down heaven adult are being taken away for 4 1/2 years a grandfather dearly love political rebound away from Donnellan that and just that abandonment and I can remember after getting sober thinking okay everything's going to turn around, but it didn't.

In a sense ago that was still lonely, but I had no medication to Medicaid and I can remember living my grandmother after my second marriage went down and praying God. If you sent me. Ms. Wright and I Mr. make me okay with where Matt if not make it so obvious is her that I can't walk away, and though this I met Ms. Michelle Marsh she wouldn't show more stints get it because I was a little weird that I would marriage her sister needs a break to marry Linda but it was God was God's answer and any and Michelle are talking about from dad's weekend and he compares his relationship to us to a marriage so much and how they were to tell my wife after you know, boot camps and stuff like that is that you want that I have come to realize that either you really, really, really do love me or your dome of the brick is all I know the code and any of the loved it that God is poured into our lives is really incredible and and when I play back to take out live and also life yeah sends bumps and bruises, but God has been good to me now, and that's some profound stuff you know is as easy as you think that he was there for all the intimate details.

All those twists and turns that even Satan tried to get you this to sell you on this. He was still an elective father and Jim's clip in a move in the toothpaste so that we could find it. I just I thought about the clip ever suggested really great clips know that God gave me that one thing I wanted to speak to your female listeners.

These guys were being cruel to Danny when he was pouring his heart out making fun of. That's what guys do that since we love it and it was an overhead self exam said triggered one. I'll put out there. My wife's a very private person so hopefully she will hear this, but we lived is angry roommates for a number of years that our marriage and both of us pursued someone else and God orchestrated things so that when I was ready to cut and run.

Carolyn wasn't and when she was ready to cut and run.

I did he know it so I didn't.

I probably would've let her go, so I didn't know.

For that reason, but in our pursuit of others. God had circumstances set up so that we both failed when I was ready to take off with the proverb seven woman and we were very close to intimacy. I God put in my brain and something I told myself and this is what triggered it, that the only thing I had left in my marriage was physical fidelity lost my heart.

But we had the physical fidelity and when that last thing was about to fall.

I got up and left physical fidelity has been 401(k) yeah they are. They are big at doing that sort of thing.

But God is does it. In retrospect, I saw God's hand it all but at the time it felt like hell. It was interesting thing is that my perspective is that both Sam's clip and Jim's clip had blindness and it and I was actually studying darkness earlier today. As you know, I study things in looking at the letters and the interesting letter that begins the word darkness is a hat and that's actually meeting our marriage to Christ. To me that's the eighth miracle letter like what darkness is out of love. Just saying. Because so we don't hurt ourselves like oh my goodness there is this idea of all the stuff that we don't see because he's really in his own way protecting us right it's it's an amazing thing is that is you think about how Longo had Jim equip your dynamometer as well as it had no love fired with it or hate.

Whichever you prefer that you just triggered something else. Talk about that, about darkness, because this is my science nerd bit darkness does not exist. Darkness is the absence of light and evil doesn't exist. It's the absence of God and that to me always was very powerful, interesting, not real yeah yeah everything is not as it appears and I'm saying so again the idea is like wow, do you experience this feeling this feeling like I'm on my own and there's nobody here to write it in and the ideas were trying to illustrate like man you have a whole bunch of people to just like you.

If you're not alone in feeling alone is gravies way to say it but it's true.

You're not alone in the way that you feel alone, but God is not wanted to stay that way.

In order to do to fix that. You can go to be free entrenchment campus coming up September 30 through October 1. It's free if that or the boot camp is coming up November 17. That's the week before Thanksgiving always that boot camp. Oh my God, my goodness.

The awesome joy this masculine journey.G. This is the Truth Network

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