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Tribute To Fathers After Hours

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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June 18, 2022 12:35 pm

Tribute To Fathers After Hours

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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June 18, 2022 12:35 pm

Welcome fellow adventurers! The tribute to father's and father figures, continues right here on the Masculine Journey After Hours Podcast. The clips are from "The Rifleman," "Lucifer," and "We Are Marshall."

There's no advertising or commercials, just men of God, talking and getting to the truth of the matter. The conversation and Journey continues.

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Time to go to be more transparent and on the topic of this invention, masculine journey starts here welcome to management journey after hours. Glad that you're with us this week and we are taking a break or pillar series brother you want to tell him what the pillar series is about pillar series is about tools of the enemy and we want to make sure that nobody thinks that our going into Father's Day that the father is a tool of the enemy is the anti-enemy. He is a good father. The good Shepherd.

We are taking a break this week as we thought we really important to talk about fathers. I think it was, Annie's idea this year. He's wanted Mother's Day theme in the Father's Day thing to make sure that we attack those already on his heart, so I think that was wonderful thing and will be back on our pillars next week and I was to get more morsels to those of the enemy and I don't know how the more we have, we only have a few listed so far but I think we can still think about yeah I think that's going to progress with any welcome back, at least on the phone anyway.

Let having studio would guide to have it released on the phone bill will try to wear that out next week with you.

Enjoy when you got it. I will let you know depicted on the next week, but to run the you have actually the first clip of this one and you are tells of the bath clip sure will go with the rifleman that I had queued up that works out well yeah good the rifleman.

This clip is a show where Mark sign had this crazy guy comes your Thomases marks his son in ELA got this old worn-out picture.

Back then you eat in the Western days you didn't have very good pictures anyway but usually me know at Samet Salmon Salmon. Mark is confused and kind cannot down and out about it and was ceramic trying to figure things out in this scene is Lucas's dad coming in and reaffirming that no I in your mother had you and you are my son and despite plan from there is no human use.

Try to find a brief in father-son news in the West alone and they really depend heavily on each other and insisted always is a great TV show for me to watch. I just love Westerns and you got a father who was big and strong and teaches his son great values and just seeing the sun always going to take those things on. They have a lot of deep intimate talks about things. That's one thing I did not get for my father didn't have the deep intimate talks. But the hard work and always knowing that I was protected and I was safe always had that and what you have that Lucas McCain with Mark and always knowing that you save your dad's the rifleman North is the rifleman the fastest gun in the West kind of thing you are probably pretty safe. Although he gets into a lot of skirmishes and it is always laughing at the show when you like. Really why you ever set the gun down is endlessly no site always too far away from the rifle, you know, I kind of thing in the intrigue of that but it's like always somebody coming in the life you just need that that father that's there to help you and tell you that I love you and you are part of me and that's like he would confirm that at the end.

I know you do is basely confirming the market. Yes, you show me love all the time I get that you get the lobby from you without saying it. I know you love me and S is a great thing.

No, I really like I clip my actual favorite part is when he helped to have perspective in when he says he sick in the head and said no he sick in the heart. Yeah right is teaching and compassion, is teaching them how to think beyond what's on the surface and go deeper into what some of his story and what would that story be like that's the counselor coming out of their sight as a yeah could be it could be Jim you're actually next with your clip when a good and heavy deer clip and then I'll do mine sure this is after a dinner that fathers had with them, so I've had a very rough relationship, actually both sons that often on but this is the bad side of the endlessly good son. And this is where coming back together and right before the dad leaves for an extended trip and you play it from choice life of choice swims in our family. There were now if you missed this.

Just as well not that I retire which means I can say something wanted to for long. I had it was an emotional round that really struck home with me away was very personal. My father always showed me his love. I never doubted that I was unconditionally loved my entire childhood.

But he said it more when I was an adult when he said I was a child and the a pivotal time because I've been a pretty big disappointment to him through the years, but as an adult when he told me. I'm proud of you son that just took me out emotionally for a while and even now I'm tearing up. That was 35 years ago. 40 years ago, but he saw who I had become. And he was proud of me and how did it through lots of errors and the what really made me laugh was Bob father was an excellent golfer. So was my brother so that they had an emotional golf game sorta had me chuckling at the end of that clip as well. But that clip was made for me.

Thank you for sharing.

Appreciate tenant and is everything else you want to share before I get my clipping talk a bit more about your expenses of your dad.

Thank you Bill that little quick but mom and dad. My dad built for some time before he left the state by work state.

It took me a picture great reply was grandfather Mountain Boulevard like Wilmington on the coast to each one of made an impact on me.

Years later, you really got father but like you did something very similar and brought it altogether venture group.

I was on my myself and in the gift that he gave me there, correlated with what my dad daughter costly, accurate. Not only himself but other man as long as we allow him and he does that for all other we do have to look for long time.

We don't see that sometimes sometimes our pride will prevent that many really came after maybe just one quick story from when I was a kid that made an impact on think about the past a lot more than what did that were what worked hard to make loan out the he did take the time to play catch with a long time started playing baseball became a picture I could grow harder than anybody but it would all go out halfway up the backstop or whatever and he really realized that I needed bothering you. So he went out building a special on pitching contraction to catch the ball for me. I mean I was only child. My brother went really involved work, though it would, where you've given me something to work with Dr. Raymond basketball hoop on a burlap bag on the back of it and I really work on that week and really improve my pitching lot more in control and I just remember you know that the investment made me think might think things for us whenever you have now, even as adults, and then again, brothers, in the ministry of other people… Life power of being fathered by other man. You know you you really get that you're not in the enemy would love to let you tell you that you are so solid that makes Forrest and I came from. You actually teed up my clip quite well thank you, uses is from a movie called we are Marshall ants based on true story and that's in West Virginia right University in Charleston, West Virginia and in the early 70s the plane crash took out the entire team except for two players and one coach who went on a recruiting trip after the game they played an away game and on a plane come back to players.

It lived were not on the trip. They were injured and they were back home and pretty quickly.

I think that next year they decided to start the program again and and one of the most out outspoken people against it was one of the People's father who had died. The father didn't die. The son died on the plane is on star football player father was outspoken about not wanting the football program. The need to let your people be in morning all these kinds of things in, and fortunately, administrator of the school had the foresight to see if this could be really healthy for for the town and ensuing pickup. This scene is or can have their first home game they they had been playing couple wrote against hadn't played well with the grandmother first home game no one knows what to expect and everybody goes and so as we pick up the scene have this father walking into the diner.

The father is talking about.

That was against everything his son died in a crash walking into the diner who it is talking to the waitress there who is going to be his daughter-in-law son was engaged to her and so they can bend his own little family and he's realized that he needs to speak into her life about something she needs to go to and ceramic kind of listener that he convinces her to leave the restaurant, take a walk with and he's going to talk to her about life is relentless and that back is nobody in this town anymore. You should go. So when I you know I was baptized slamming it out. I was way the war I fall asleep in this one in my lifetime seems to this river to California with my soon you should go any capital that on the end of your live utility now go a lot of excuses and can save you mean you can save because when I tell you about this unattended. He's going to have to find his missing link. Sometimes things you low I don't regret talking go so this weekend I was trying to think of a clipping and it is gotten really thinking about anymore and was looking around the TV and I saw the head is moving. I'd seen it before and I thought I'd just like to watch it again is a great storyline and all that and the scene comes out and I forgot all about the scene in onset.

It reminded me, and of the people out there is dad's you know may not of been the best dad was maybe not the best influence of the dad was even physically. There was physically there.

But emotionally or mentally absent. The guy doesn't let you to stay there. He brings people in your life.

The father you along the way when things happen for me last week was my scoutmaster is a kid passed away at school to sons and he was my scoutmaster for all the years I was in Boy Scouts which when you're in a town and you don't have a car Boy Scouts a long time living in a small town and you.

Not much new bit this. Looking back at how he fathered me in ways that I didn't really have eyes to see, then you know he had II got into leadership in scouts and I got voted in as a senior. Whatever was the highest ranking senior patrol leader.

Thank you and nine all my friends were excited because I go now. We can really do things the way you know we wanted to and when the first things he told me was when you're in leadership now that your leadership you treat everybody the same he can't anyone differently and it was hard because I knew he was right there something in what he said I know is right.

It was great coaching and it it it cost me for short-term and some of those friends and eventually came back around another mad at me and I jump to the other side.

I was not on their side anymore but that leadership lesson has last me through all my leadership situation. In the evening at working on now what would have been in leadership roles.

I think of that very often say that was such good advice and there were so many other things that he did that I didn't have eyes to see that looking back in through what we have boot camp with the young, who is God sent the father you it's really opened my eyes to the people he brings long and still continues to bring along. And so part of the question for the rest the show that I want to try to guises who else is God brought her along in your life. Help father you even if you had a great father and the dad was always there and all that there are still other father, your dad is not equipped to do so whose God brought around long in your life you want to honor on this Father's Day weekend rally that I have a boss in the car business. It was really instrumental in a whole lot of stuff in my life is Royce Reynolds.

He owned the crown group of car dealerships in Greensboro and he wasn't just a boy from Alabama who had gone door-to-door selling books, Bibles really and was very strong Christian man, which meant nothing to me is just pretty much car salesman, but he had some very strong values that everybody knew about and one of the things you know that he would always wonder what you're reading it now. He would you know what you're reading and should not study in in one of his favorite lines, which is stuck with me forever. If you think education is expensive, try ignorance and you know it was it was something that put me on how fun it was to learn again and I started going through tape series that was what led to me getting Norman Vincent Bales power positive thinking that kinda really put me on the track of the Bible that really changing my life but in so many ways. He was a man of such integrity, but one more little lesson they taught me, which was always thought was your classic is and I went to run the crown out of all the store and crown out of all the stories always eat up and spit out general managers because it had a really really strong service manager by the name of Troy Mills and so on the way to go. Put me in as the general manager that stories is now Robbie every general manager I've never put up here. Troy Mills ate them up and spit them out somehow tell you the story that me and my brother went horseback ride one time and when he got up to this bridge. This horse reared up and threw off Jimmy.

I said Jimmy got a get control that horse indigos right smart. You show me how to get control that horse is so Royce got on the horse right goes up on the bridge same thing horse rears up he's got a log, you know, and he waxed that little of the Lord is good but a little you know I'm and trots across the thing you know I keep now understands me and he looked at me and he said Robbie do you understand me I was like, I understand well I can week after I been there. I noticed that my sales manager was out there unloading the cars coming off car carrier and I'm like, what's up with that all will Troy has a new car manager in London about Mike he needs to be in your working deals with Mac.

Sounds like Zimmerman get in here will Troy Mills will have my behind us of all have Troy Mills by just having come on in here 110 minutes and Troy Mills was coming American ghost in this dealership. The new car manager unloads the car and I said up new rules. I said this dealership somebody in servicing wildcards on the care he is a sales manager work deals and goes on to call Morgan mammal Morgan man was over all the service departments of all the dealerships and I should, that's fine. Call Morgan. I said but I medical Royce. In the meantime you want to talk to him and you want to hear from him who's boss here. Although no known I was like I hit him over the head with it.

No. And I gotta tell you the Troy Mills was the best friend an employee after that is like once he realized that he didn't run the show anymore and I was just but it was just a wonderful relationship wonderful great service manager but no, those are the kind of things it to me and father teaches you stuff that just goes down in your heart and you never forget that you and Jim thought of Bob Sheppard my first Baptist pastor since when I was young I swore I would step foot in another Baptist Church and God laughed and said want to bet and have lunch with him.

One day, hate, and place a wonderful guy.

He was about half my size. But he baptized me and said I was one of the easiest person people you'd ever baptized, but Bob encourage me to just take a course I have no desire to go in the ministry. I had a new program that at Gardner Webb.

This is just take a course if that's where God wants you to go and that changed my life. So he had a tremendous impact over a number of years slamming our marriage were covered under him did a lot of growth during our time for church soon I was hinting about I got a pathway nailer exactly from I think Carter very originally that he was associate pastor at church in Asheboro that we attended in. We spent countless hours in his office talking about stuff and Amy was a pastor that was a friend and I can ask questions.

It probably you would really will ask in church and did you he answer Alana and he just fathered me in a way that was used is really cool and you help me along my journey and you he left the church in and started his own ministry in and we remain friends still friends to this day just passed away nailer making and even smiling okay.

I love buying I think it has allowed realized I started going back through. I did talk and demand think a lot of it. I get probably I have a lot of people begin to remember a lot of MOI and retelling of the ministry and meeting other man got more of that in my life but for a long because of early talk about spirit alive. I try to do things alone way too much but II believe me, I don't really have one to call out but I think that's something we spoke is no people, but I mean you can be fathered by somebody here, but I think somebody with more life I think is more beneficial is the longest pass never decline give much back to the gentleman from Illinois with my father-in-law you stepping out of one family enjoying another one. You're not really sure using how that's going to go and my father-in-law in my mother-in-law just seemed to accept me unconditionally and just loved on me in the family and now from day one is kind of felt a part of the family week, God he was a big hunter and fisherman. So you getting to do some of those things with him that I didn't do with my dad just kind of really talk to me and spoke to me and we went on some fishing trips to Canada and things like that and just was able to help him with his yard work and do all kinds of other things.

This he was. He was always busy working and we lived near them very near them and it was always, I just thought always involved in their life that was just wonderful time to start a new life with their with your spouse and everything with him about the homework assignment for this week is this guy blazed on your heart to share something with your dad that he really helped you along the way please do that. If it's someone else to help the long way as God.

Open your eyes to see those people that he's brought in your life and continues to bring in your life go blessed this weekend.

Have a great weekend talk to you next week.

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