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Condemnation After Hours

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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June 11, 2022 12:35 pm

Condemnation After Hours

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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June 11, 2022 12:35 pm

Welcome fellow adventurers! The discussion on condemnation continues right here on the Masculine Journey After Hours Podcast. The clips are from "The Waltons," and "Les Miserables."

There's no advertising or commercials, just men of God, talking and getting to the truth of the matter. The conversation and Journey continues.


Hello this is Matt Schlick from the Metzler glory podcast Road from the Christian faith, and layout. Our foundational truths of God's word through Trojan Truth Network Ponderosa starting in just a few seconds. Enjoyed sure that most of all for you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network infringed the heart by time to go to be more transparent. Another topic covered.

So sit back and masculine journey after-hours starts here welcome to management journey after-hours in the middle of the series of pillars that are right that time. If you know blankets no sleep number beds pillars pillows pillars not rightly tell us what were talking about. What is that mean what are we in the middle of you know, it's Danny's topic tonight and no big news that will condemn him later will worry about that, but you pillars as the old throwback to the pillars of the masculine journey that you guys done so long ago that was really cool and gets Going on and on and on and I really enjoyed of you guys I make fun of yourselves on this good is like oh my gosh, the show would never end.

You guys like you never get off those pillars and so now anytime we do even to show zero. The constant choke inside the national journey is this another pillar series and way we found one tools of the enemy. So, in the tools of the enemy. We've started off with unforgiveness. We went to agreements which is about bows and bitter roots and in dizziness and in this week is condemnation, and even specifically, getting into how that affects the identity of you. Are you agreeing with those like you talked with agreements and saying Yep that's my dad so I am or can you somehow someway be able to kinda shake those off and get past them so words yeah it happened, but that's not who I am. It doesn't is what makes me who I am thinking very good set up that coming up in September September 30 and October 1 we have the entrenchment up in Reidsville at the church you new evidence yeah yeah yeah I did just as soon as I thought of it and left that 11 church and so if you want to know more about that that is north of Israel. It is our letter word that's good it at four EE free free. That's right it is so if you don't have the money.

How much is actually in Lebanon. It's just north of Reidsville, but not north of what Israel is not well Lebanon which is normatively confusing it with Dragon entrenchment.

It's the last day of said timber first day of October, we start on Friday evening around dinnertime and have a session come back on Saturday. It's not a stay there kind of thing you go back home you come back the next day and then were done by around dinnertime again and so it's can be a great thing if you want dinner time in Indiana, not North Carolina. So suppertime. Yeah, lunch and supper and so yeah please join us go to masculine at the very top.

There's a banner that says entrenchment click on that. From there you can click on the email to let us know who all is coming in right below the entrenchment banner is the boot camp banner that Sam well if you never heard of the boot camp.

This is your first walkover got here but it's coming up November 17-20 at the Great Pl. in Marksville Carolina Bible camp. What an amazing place to have Boot Camp it's a great weekend and encourage you to go register your finances are an issue. You reach out to others who might build help us in scholarships. You know, we just love to have you there.

You gotta love to have you there. I can tell you it's been the most impactful thing that's that's happened in my life.

The gods done the most work at these boot camps in and I know that's my story telling a story. Inherent in this time, especially when I'm over time at tonight's topic is and I really wonder if I had any work on allowing him to lift some of that condemnation off my identity had not had not attended boot camps to begin to see the process of getting your heart back right because condemnation is part of what you hold you down and keep you in bondage.

And when you see other men that have overcome that is still just think back to those days and I was like sitting there in the chair. After one talk after another and Mike learning more about who you guys are and what you've been through and just the fact that you can share those intimate things about yourselves and it was like you gave me hope that like wow I can overcome the same thing that you guys going through with pornography and things of that nature that had insight while I I had the same thoughts I had the same thing. Some call myself that it's like okay I can I can get past that.

That's very helpful is in and what's really cool is God comes in and in does that healing you does that restoration there's no more foothold yeah and we'll talk about tonight is how the enemy continues to try to get foothold may, or may be used in the middle of what he's got you just wrapped up in right here in the enemy's cocoon kind of thing you know he's got you wrapped up in this condemnation and that the truest thing that's not the true thing about you) for there is no condemnation for those that are in Christ and that's what we hear. That's what her head and interprets that's not always what her heart feels Robbie was saying earlier. On the other show is a daily, weekly, move over to you for your clip you want to tell us a little bit about it or anything you want to add before you do that yeah point of clarity Jesus and his disciples at the Last Supper was at last dinner just the clarinet must been in southern Israel LA was set up as the Last Supper declared, I will always thought suffer from now you know the clip is from the Waltons and got some condemnation about another wholesome clip I think is what would the words work but I love the show and grew up watching it and did the title of it is called the center and it's it has John Ritter and Jim pointed out was quite a bit of John's here John boy John Walton and John Ritter and he has come out of seminary and he's going to be this new Baptist preacher, Angela preaches all the service will him and grandpa and up at the Baldwin sisters and they have some of the recipes which is moonshine that their daddy made and Dave carried on the tradition and he indulges quite a bit and so he shows up at the at the T at drunk and of course the lady who's his mentor. She piles condemnation, only, and so the clip is from when he shows up that day at the Walton house to get his stuff.

He's just gonna disappear. Just go the way and through his whole ministry career way everything and that's where we picked clip up. I like to get my things and be obliged to stop building service. I recognize how hollow and righteous all my words were you were quick to realize that I was. I guess my call to the ministry was faulty. I'll try to give whatever else the Lord wants me to do with equipment as I have a choice.

A man cannot ask another man to lead their lives better than he is capable of himself along for the year like himself leave for Mercury is trained preachers during the Lord for my money is there is that I read the Bible to know about another public center is all about was the first I am a sinner don't need to tell you that but I need to know the I was thinking that the plan you. John Ritter is as embrace the fact it he's thrown his ministry away and it any what he says is that my call to ministry was faulty and I probably lived that sentence out for many years is that I felt like my call to ministry was faulty because of new CN because of the journey had been only negative thing but thank God for men like John Walton or oriented pastors that have come along beside it in and spoke into my life and you know, let me know that's not the case and that you and and even greater than that is God and his fingerprints only go know I called you to do something.

Yeah, we've we've wandered through the weeds, but we still hope that the goal and even that was that was what it clip spoke to me and I love that episode for lots of different reasons are somewhat common unit but you life goes. It wasn't just ministry. There were times in my life.

I just feel like not my call to be alive was faulty attempts just the all of the attacks of the enemy and you just seem like mess up one thing after another and you pornography the whole 9 yards and just in the images is relentless. Sometimes, but God is more religious so as you were attacked commensurate with those attacks look like what were some of the labels that he tried to get you to buy back into well loving now calling the attic and you know the unit a pervert a yeah just less than a man and a poor father and because you have most of my life as you try to put life back together. It seem like you because there were so many pieces and spent more time should be really good at puzzles we have is I can't help but that that was how the enemy came after me is is those kind of things you need to.

How could you be a minister you have, you'll have a degree you know he's come after me in every way shape and interestingly enough the conversation.

Robbie never have an earlier is that either. I think Jesus has said any, do you love me more than these.

That's probably a real good question in my life right now so thank you I appreciate you open up and share neck is it's helpful for other people here because the things that he's attacking us with his attacking them with maybe a slightly different word. It's his exact same protocol is after Jim think. I'm sure this story before but it's been a while and it really hit me of soliciting John Ritter in his sin. When I was in divinity school levels at a point where my heart wasn't where it was supposed to be a took a semester off and then when I was ready to come back. I headed back but I was told we have to decide whether or not we should accept you back and the long story short during that process. The data students that we just want to make sure that you're not going to be an embarrassment to the calls of Jesus Christ and that smack me upside the head.

Big time, and on my drive home at about an hour. Ron to and from divinity school will not arrive that day. Yes I got it for me to embarrass you is take me out now and a month or two later I was at the same place in my drive, they did accept me back, but the house at the same place and I thought about that moment and I very clearly heard God say Jim you embarrass me every day that I love you RCN does not separate us from Christ. Christ separates us from our sin. We can keep that in mind relies medicine history in mice mincing in bagger Vance Marsalis been embarrassing for you to say that might be why my friend John Lynch, John Lynch, my, my, my, that's what you would get.

But what I was listening that clip. Two things crossed my mind that one being wow how far TVs come from from having to good moral message you known most shows it in the other thing that perplex me as my parents absolutely loved that show they were Christians in it just makes me wonder if granted there only three stations and it was probably the best of the three you known it was a good show but it was we didn't miss it was on every week in my house so that again.

Was he hot. I don't how to reconcile that altogether.

Robbie Europe circa 12 first before that just on dailies clip where he's generators condemning himself, you know that hey Ike I can't preach to others because I'm a broken man. I can't call people something higher know my quote we would have absolutely no pastors at all present is their job yell is to don't look at me because I'm lowly on the center yet that's right don't look at me, look to Christ in us exactly what their call is thus our mission is to call everyone to Christ in sight. That's S is beautiful and it's a psyche here that a combination that's what ends up happening in our lives that clip. I thought had it very well Danny. I love it that it is very good example of how far combination of things can take you in when Satan uses others to come in your life and speak into you and to have others tell you the same things your credit hearing and feeling about yourself already.

It just piles and on just okay that that's why am. It's what I am. I'm given up on Clayton give me a ride home and in the enemy's good about getting other people to be his mouthpiece. Eldridge teaches about warfare in one of the segments in Robbie. You may remember bit. He talks about often when you get a perception of somebody else, you get a feeling when you're around somebody else. It's often there warfare right will when you feel like I'm frustrated because United they can't communicate well in. That's probably how they been attacked and whatever that is that a lot of times the Holy Spirit will give us this little feeler human around people that we can kinda see there warfare in in that allows us to hopefully not step in the space where we add on to their condemnation. We can speak with him and the other thing is that I think is spectacular.

I really do is the idea that his power is made perfect in weakness. If it worked for me meant and you know it, Paul spoke to this but if it works for me in such a mess up God would look as good, but for somehow or another you know when we see him as the hero of the story in our own story, you know that's where his power is his greatest reflect greatest minnow when it when you see something that clears looks like such a disaster.

At times, that bit you know his power made it perfect. I mean it it it it it becomes the obviously the focal point is its it. It's hard for us to to go there sometimes is in it. When you look in the mirror you think about what you've done what you're doing it it's really hard to sometimes do that, but that's why we have have the brothers and sisters alongside that are in Christ because we see something in each other that we don't always see ourselves as God gives us glimpses of people's work. This glimpse of their glory. And he allows us to participate in knowing whether hope we were building people up, not tearing them down right I can think of some real clear examples of when I get around different people. I can just feel there warfare. In any I have to be very intentional about my choice of words is almost as if they're living on the edge looking for evidence.

The idea United need someone else to speak this negative thing into because I know it's true. I know it's true or not it's true and so we own being a part of that process again allows us to be a part of that process that did not go there and look for affirmation points to look for glory points to point out and people to call out glory which is one of Robbie's favorite things to do and to talk about but ready you have a cliff. Don't I do this is great man and we been getting up Clips played here for a few weeks in row on we what we might be in yeah okay you're running your runner two weeks in a row. The first clip is gone, but that's okay your first clipping the second show. That's true and still first-class first loser Mr. genealogy so kennel exam. I went on a little adventure to find my clip it was.

I couldn't think of anything, you know what would be condemnation, which I have something else. Condemnation/something that's something opposite of that known. I don't really know what that was at the time I was looking up and he got me to the. The newer movie of lay Ms. and I was like saw the clip that was for condemnation and is like no I don't like that at all him either regional and on-site income hit me that the scene were for 19 has been fired. She resorts to prostitution and the inspector is been watching her and watch the whole scene happen out in front of the pub and the next thing you know she's in the jail and then you have this beautiful picture that happens of somebody that's going after her the wrong way and some is going after in the right way. So let's take a listen as is is wrong is still getting six to square with the rest of the set is, in fact, they should be under arrest as evidence, I want to truly in front of mine and she defiled.

That's my consent is personification of government in Idaho society give us you don't have the authority to destroy justice. I do have the authority inspector articles 9 and 11 of the criminal code release. Sgt. God's she attacked the decision is mine. She's free free when I'm in charge is expected to article 66 you are relieved of command and horrible.

Now I just think that's a great contrast between condemnation and compassion you have a man in the inspector who just mean he condemned John Valjean back in prison. He's condemning them as a mayor he doesn't remember who he is. At this time and then as he chases them throughout the rest of the movie and figure out who he is and chase images condemning condemning condemning and you see what that does to his heart. Terrorism apart. Indians are committing suicide in the and that's something we have to let go of, not only on ourselves but for others it would have otherwise. Forgiveness and being able to move past that need to see in John Valjean, the opposite of a guy who all he did was steal a loaf of bread because he was absolutely starving. It was at the bottom of everything that he was in.

Yes, he screwed up made a mistake and had to pay dearly for it with all those years of hard labor, but then when he got rescued by God to the Bishop and next thing you know he turning his life around. He's got compassion for fan team echoes clear to the point where he takes care of clause that who was with another family. Anyone rescued her and raised her there a lot of things about John Valjean that he was, hiding and running from yet because he didn't completely open himself know what the perfect man, but he lived a much fuller wonderful life with Pantene's daughter raising her telling about mom and stuff because he was willing to go there with his heart and it's like you can only live without bad hard for so long, it just becomes hard.

It's not is not softening dramatically. It's true spiritually. Yeah, exactly. So your story beginning sharing your story.

I think the biggest thing for me is going through life thinking up all in this by myself. I'm an only child just cannot always had that well I can figure it out. I can do it, but then as soon as I couldn't.

It was it just a condemnation of see you can't do it unit. The strength you not smart enough. You don't have what it takes that stories displayed itself. All throughout my life.

Anytime I get into a situation. It's tough. It's easy for me just to go. I can't do it. I can't get there I can get through it.

Whether it's work home you know anything.

It just eats at me that that reminders always there. So I fail I run into that all right. Don't even try for something I need to go set up and do all don't even try.

Don't go there. Don't don't volunteer for this or go into that no that way. I can't fail. I can't short as the method it out by myself. I'm a very very hard time asking others for help. So how is God, is come after that. In a way that site. He's given me methods like through my secular work in just actually being able to work through problem-solving and doing things in actually figuring out that the teacher is like how you can actually help lead other people to understand where they're at and actually think in terms of people and their own heart and that when you mix that with the Gospels like oh I I can do that for anything I didn't have to just be secular things. It's very spiritual things to us to wear as her heart had meant asking those questions and have enough spirit of what I say it's time to question and asking the curious. That's curious and curious and somebody else not just an idea for me really curious about who they are, how they got to be that way.

Thank you so homework time time for you to turn your attention towards his father and his task in God please come and help me see the things see when you rescued me see when you sent people to speak truth in my life. Let me see how the enemy's been attacking me. Help me to defend that. What is the deepest truth in me when you placed your fingerprints on me all those kinds of things go do that this week. Let God walk you through that go to mass this is the Truth Network

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