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June 4, 2022 12:30 pm


The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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June 4, 2022 12:30 pm

Welcome fellow adventurers! This week the guys are talking about being too busy, and how that can often times take our minds off of God.  The clips are from "Alice In Wonderland," a clip about Ford Model T's, and a clip about the enemy of busy. The journey continues, so grab your gear and be blessed, right here on the Masculine Journey Radio Show.

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We all about breaking down the walls of race and denomination your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just a few minutes. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening to the Truth Network podcasts. This is the Truth Network, the heart of every man craves a great adventure. Life doesn't usually feel that way. Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads masculine journey is filled with many twists and turns.

So how do we keep from losing hard trying to find a good way when life feels more like a losing battle and something worth dying for, grab your gear, request your brand-new brothers will serve as the guides recall masculine journey masculine journey starts here now.

Welcome and journey were glad that you're with us this week and were in the middle of a pillar fast. I don't house. We would say that not not pillows. Danny not not pillows and a video that probably get everything you did you travel with that with Linus. We did so Andy can you help us understand what were talking our target these pillars. What we do what we in the midst of her children just for an update letter and listen to the show from last week that I was on that broke broke away from for a while but there was discussion about where pillars came from and I believe the original pillar. It was on. It was starting out with masculine journey pillars. I think there were some questions about that. I think Rodney he said that that's working from. I think that's the really original idea came in so anyway I just recorded my mind on this until about just now so these this set of pillars are you knowing this, a pillar is a something as foundational to hold something up in. You know, our spiritual walk and you know the enemy as tools of the uses and were talking about these pillars or things that are consistent with what the enemy does to us, to trick us to bind us up in their tools that he uses in there. I guess there it will one day his pillars and I get demolished, but there what, what he stands his work and puts his work on so we are talking about the tools the enemy uses to keep us in bondage to keep us from having healing and freedom and those kinds of things so scripturally was pillars member having pillars in the Bible it wouldn't turn into a pillar of salt.

Sansone at Samsonite when I was they have rights of zero and a vision of pillars. If you think a Sampson in a pushing the pillars out to where the temple when the temple was something collapsed as a temple okay thank you Robbie Washington DC. There's a lot of pillars there so they can?

You can try anyway back to the topics of this week's pillar writing. This is your idea this week, so if it doesn't go well will blame you yet this is estimated blame world.

It usually is, and you have him talk his eyes back up on the blame if you else yet so we been doing some of pillars and you've Artie had several your read them often. One of the things of this kind my mind my reading was dizziness because almost everything I'm looking at whether it's you know ministries talking about it, whether it's the world talking about whether system and personal life is Ohana, dizziness, and it just seems to get in the way. And now with you know everybody hoping were over cultivated all the stupid stuff there but yet talk while it might become a magnet notions like constant people really want to unwind the dizziness that they've had. Even though some people have been stuck at home. They been really busy and just trying to figure out how to do things differently living in all being scared of COBIT are having masking getting shots and all the other things, I get toilet paper there for a while. You know what whatever it was, you know you're you're busy or it's like people just want to relax and have some fun and just take the pressure life off and for me know. Being just kind of in that I feel kinda guilty. Sometimes I might, I'm good. I just kinda feel like there's nothing to rush out about nothing to worry about a guys got in control.

This is one of those things for me it's it's not been that bad. But I've seen it around I noticed my wife Ashley coming back a little bit because of certain things in my life or psycho. I'm really really busy with this. Not enough time for some other things I'd like to like to do for me. COBIT is about a week and half from being over if I can factor in right and my my last role of one ply toilet paper this series that's gone I can actually go to the good stuff but yet I still have you know that's left is last forever. Speaking of pillars, so I have at least two, three pillars of toilet paper in my basement decent if you need to know I'm good.

I'm when it's all one ply because that's our preference. Yeah, I'm waiting and waiting to get some good stuff here so that we can halfway think so. You have a clip and so Danny I think that your clip is first and that's two weeks in a row.

That's maybe a record producer. It will be broken at some point you may not be next week or the week after minutes of this is a pillar is so this clip is from an anonymous pastor collateral could find his name and is a devotion he does on the enemy of busyness and he does a really good job. The Scripture it said not how busyness affixes and how the enemy uses it to to distract us so we can play the clip alright man were back in talking about enemies of our family and I want to address one of the first enemies in the family today and that is the enemy of busyness, not business but busyness and Luke chapter 8 Jesus talks about scenes and he talks about some of those seeds being choked out by the cares of this world and in that and that that verse.

There cares literally means to divides made up of two words to divide the mind, and anything about the cares of this life were literally talking about, that the cares of this life, the busyness of this life can divide our mind and the Bible says that a double minded man will never be stable in some want to challenge you today. In the midst of the cares of this life and the busyness of this life.

Don't let your mind be divided. Keep your mind with single-purpose and single focus say yes my family is going to serve God were going to love God together oriented work in the house of God together were going to do these things that cause singleness of purpose and singleness of mind because when our mind becomes divided and when is man we want to be. We want to provide. We want to be the strength we want to be the foundation of our home. But when we let our mind be divided we cut. We become distracted in the cares of this life. It says and and Lucas says that it will keep it from coming to maturity, so man what's going to happen is if you let your mind be divided. You will never fully develop into the mature man of God that you been intended to be, so I would challenge any check each and every one of us. Don't let the busyness. Don't let the cares of life. Choke out the word of God in our life. Letting grow to maturity and let every one of us be strong pillars in our house, and in God's house, all the days of our life. You do clip pillars does a blanket statement across the board will renew it, who loves blankets and he is very good just thinking about what he was talking about and if not careful, even when you do nothing wrong with going to go to church. I will say that and you will be an active but in my own case years. There were years ago. I got so busy" doing the things for God that I left my family behind. I left you know the things that were imported anything that should be focused old way because I had other things to do and and you there is a danger their name we use that to to create some pretty massive carnage and in the marriage and he would let children of God to be gracious in bringing a lot of that back together now. But yet that's the that's where we at with this topic is that if I'm not careful you know I'm not listening to God and that relationship is severed and I'm just doing it because it has a Jesus sticker on it and but God didn't tell me to go do it. I just went because I was a good idea and so now trying to learn to listen and you trust and obey, rather than being here there and yonder in every time the doors open and near Meiosis Got Something Going All Just Trying to Be You. Michelle Told Me One Time Hang up You Superman Kate That That's Where I Went with This Topic so Thank You. The Mens Rea Couple Things I Think in A Lot Of Our Stories. We Have a Similar Thing That There's a Time That We Go through Busy Time in Church Volunteering for A Lot Of Different Staff and and I Went through That Years Ago the Church I Was at Indiana until God One Day We Sit and Talk. I Was Tired You Know and and He Reminded Me Just Because I Can. It Doesn't Mean That I Should We Can Go Do A Lot Of Things God's Gifted Us A Lot Of Different Ways. Everyone Listening Is Gifted in Different Ways and We Can Go Make Ourselves Really Really Busy with Some Really Good Things with God's Not Colonist of That It's Going to Drain Us at Some Point We We Can't Keep That up and so for Me It's Always Been a Question since Then, of Asking More. That Is Something I Really Should Enter into and Then Feeling Okay When He Says No You Know This Is What I've Realizes Someone Else If It Really Needs to Be Done, God Will Raise Someone Else up to Do It Right and They Can Be Blessed in the Midst of That That Had a Very Wise Man. Years Ago There Was Paul Challenger, He, He Said Something That Was so Profoundly. He Said You Know You Know Is Just As Annoying to the Word Is Yes Is Important in There without All Being Said Though That He'd like You Telling Nobody It Was Not Anointed When It Came. That Being Said, You Know with with a Roomful Guys Here. Isn't There Something Good Feel. It Feels Good to Be Productive and so Is There Something in the Busyness It Feels Good. That's the Draw. I'm Just Coming off of a Five Day Weekend for Memorial Day I Took A Few Extra Days off and I Am Tired. I Am Tired Tired Tired.

It Was Said and Something That I Could've Rested up and That There Was All Sorts of Stuff I Get a Graduation Coming up with My Son and Making the House Presentable for Family. I Feel Even Cedar Care United to Something We Do Is Working out in the Sun All All Day for Most of Those Days. I Did Take Sunday off and Kinder, Relaxed, That I'm Still Just Tired in and Ended There Something That Feels Good and That's What Draws It. Now That the Productivity Is Not Necessarily Related to the Busyness. One of the Enemy's Best Lies Is All You Be Busy Doing This You Will Be Productive and That's What We've Got a Look at Is on.

I Basically Had Time.

Well This One. I've Worked a Job and Add Was Working 5055 Hours a Week and Took a Pay Cut to Cut Back to 40 Hours Away and I Was Easily As Productive As the 40 Hours As I Was in the 50 to 55 Yeah There There's like Truth and That of Masculine We Have a Boot Camp Coming out That You Have the Dates Right Now It's It's Set No November 17-20, November 17-23 07 Entrenchment Coming up Locally Here in the Reidsville Area Were Locally More Severe, Listening from That Can Go to Our Website to Look up Details on It. One of My Favorite Things about Boot Camp.

Now the Favorite Thing about Campus Every Time I Go I Counter Not As It Has Encountered. God Knows, Generally Speaking, It's Nothing We Expect Really Counter with God Out Of the Navy When I Needed. I Knew What I Wanted Masculine for Me Describing Boot Camp When I Heard the Stories from the Stage and the Other Men Had and Then during My Prayer Time on Getting a Download from God on Where My Life Is and How I Have Wounds and I Have His Story. However, Does Communicate with Us welcome back to masculine journey now ready. I know you been trying to get to Dolly Parton been for a long time to work at it. Is this what I really like it that promotions were to get to work more than 95 yeah these days man if you're working 9 to 5. It's like a vacation as were talk about is the busyness of this world and you can just see it change retirement. I just remember back when I started my career in I get out of college. Your first real job. The and I think back on even even before that it was and I was working out the fields. By the time the sun was up. I was out in the field working almost all day and I within mode yards.

My dad had me over the garden all the time just I was always working and then when I got a real job. It was like oh you work this thing called overtime to make more money. Okay, I'm actually loved my job. It was really fun is a great place to work.

Great atmosphere and you discover trying to find yourself a little more hours more hours more hours Indiana family news. I still put in the hours like you find an identity inside that or you're just like uncomfortable over here because I'm good at night you find that niche really like I'm good at this and they appreciate this this other stuff called family and a husband and father. That's little tougher notes, real easy go to work in just be productive work so you find yourself really just getting drawn into the busyness of life at work that's not easy to answer the questions that come up at work.

Yes, it is usually yes no lot less gray area and it will you're always mean the openness of what you talk about their of just dealing with trying to get work done is easy stuff compared to family life now. The next clip is Robbie's current so Robbie you want to tell us a bit about your now we this cup surprised me a lot because it it's on the model T by Henry Ford and I was interested in the just comes on the Christian card analog model T's, but it caught me by surprise at the end on how the model T changed really all the culture of the of the turn-of-the-century through the invention of the assembly line must play the clip and then we'll talk about Ford first conceived the model T took 13 hours to listen within five years. He was turning out of vehicle every 90 seconds.

Of course the real invention was right was the assembly line that building. Pretty soon other businesses are the same techniques seamstresses became so furniture makers became knob Turners is the beginning and the end of imagination all at the same time, answers can hit me right in the gut as I start to think, wow, these guys who used to be furniture Craftsman numbing that worked hard to build the thing and the creativity that went into it when they went to work in assembly line and all they were doing was put on one another.

One bolt you know there's no soul in math or the people or the seamstresses that there talk about that is to make dresses and create in all that that had stolen them and partnership with God, and in so many different ways and what in the ways that we work under the sun is kind of a critical way to put that is all book of Ecclesiastes, Solomon is making that point, that is, the sun comes up every day you get things done day by day, but that extends under the curse of the sun rather than in the light which working to get one week at the new heaven and the new earth. We won't need the sun anymore and so Solomon makes a point really well and Ecclesiastes, he drives at home and the song of Solomon on his talk knows you might woman who says don't look at me because I'm dark because I've been under the sun. But the idea that you know I can accomplish things in my own strength goes clear back to the idea came where he was going to under the sun plow the field so that he could make his weight draw better than than in a normal weight and this is gonna be done in his own strength which God didn't like that and so he didn't look with favor on Cain's offering looked on with favor enables Cain killed his brother's results in the morning of that is a darkness that comes from being under the sun, and as I processed my own life. The thing that I think to me is sufficient.

Just take what part of my life is the most important to me and for me it's the time I spend with Jesus every morning and I thought about the change she brought into my life and then kinda taught me in it that in the hundred 19 Psalm is a verse that says order my steps in your word that not any iniquity would have dominion over me while iniquity is when you start measuring things on the car business is all about how many cars you saw last month how many cars to sell. This month I'm leaving the cell next month. You know it's all about iniquity is all about all these measurements that we put on family members regarding your church or whatever and we can start doing Bible study with that idea all my goodness. And so when I started going to him. The whole idea what you're talking about sin is. This is a partnership to like upward wheat where you want me to study this point, what, what's more important, you maybe only want me to look in the Bible you want me looking you got a book you got something where do you want where you want us to go and when I made that shift to let him order my steps in his word and started to break me out of what had had me in bondage which I would've told you five years ago was the car business, but I was in bondage to being under the sun in all the iniquity and all the different ways that I measure.

Unfortunately, even by the lapse in a they tell you how many days in a row you've been faithful in all that stuff is under the sun. In it, and it's and its harmful compared to get in there and partner with God and and having the art of the creativity that that Craftsman it in whatever it is that you do that you love. It was during those times to John writes a lot of hard. The big change in fatherhood because fathers had traditionally been working out of the home. They had been doing the furniture making in the home they've been right there in the shop out back that type of thing and now they're going to a different location in town where they have to work in their way from the family all day and so there's a big change in the culture there with way fathers are looked at, and I work with a lot of people that that's what they do for a living in manufacturing is there creativity they want to be creative, but that takes time and money and you don't have that to compete.

So it's it's getting that understanding also there because is like like there. He said that it grew something because, like the assembly line and all the thought process of the kind that those a lot of creativity that went into losing other creativity right it it's it's a balance of what you have to do is get the below look at it and psych look at what you're doing and go okay this is very mundane as boring as justice. No look in it for where it where is God, have you in this and ask him calor worse creativity that I can reworking our act can bring my personality in this because he gave you personally for a reason and that's where it's it's hard to find that balance because many things just seem like I was just ho-hum doesn't matter a lot of people even back then when they're making furniture like I'm just making a piece of furniture.

Now we look back and having while I was really creative. It's neat.

You have to really look for those opportunities. Bring that in. And it's not easy. It's easy get buried in the busyness and is this only get one more clip inheritances 42 seconds to have time for that. And this is this is how my life feels this last few weeks and hoping it'll settle down in the next few weeks but will this listen to its mouse in Wonderland, you probably have heard of before. If that was someone you cared about and that's how they were living their life.

You probably say you need to slow down a little bit.

You're in a dropdead you can have a heart attack and stroke out some things can happen here, you can go to tenant in the rabbit stew yes exactly right. It benefits you. You have the same advice for yourself or do you justify well you assist the season is just a busy season that's going to get better will really get better will really just be a busy season. I think rather than justify you want to use the word rationalize, we, there is no real justification for it. Jesus didn't do that and he was the most productive man ever had the we can always justify what we get accustomed to think is the right thing to do, but we think it's normal At some point it's very unique. It's a good rub and nose that irritates because you can be very unique and uniquely you're not slapping very pregnant. I seen the letter very, very essence. People are very pregnant anyway, so the last thoughts on the topic. For we go from the show run is your topic blessings and you want to finish up with one just like you think about the busy Memorial Day weekend that I just had speaking of pregnant my cousins oldest daughter is have their first house we had a baby shower. We went to watch the race on Saturday who did the baby shower on Sunday and they just hung out on Monday and it was a very busy weekend.

But oh my gosh was a fun, laughter, and just all kinds of stuff going on at the family lot of them are in from out-of-town things like that that people I think took time out of their busyness to come be with family, and I think Herve was talking oh my gosh, we keep talking about getting together more. We fortunately this time is for a baby shower can spin for funerals. Unfortunately, first several SEL for you here so that's what we'll we get together for these items.

But right now we need to plan a family vacation actually do a design leaving talking and talking and talking and not doing it but it's like that's time to meet properly busy life even though I'm tired because I got home late. I still had a great time and would go right back at Intuit again loved it had a great time and just and psych okay try to balance away those out as to worse the proper busyness. Where's the improper in in the day I think is things the way into busyness.

Business can feel good. I can feel productive. I talk that I can feel I can getting things accomplished way of saying it is also what's it robbing you at that point. Is it robbing you time with your families and talk about is it robbing you of time with God.

Is it making you divided in your thinking. We can really focus on anything yet too many irons in the fire is all things you need to go to God with and say hey God, I need you to help me with my priorities with the things that I have going on this is that Truth Network

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