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May 21, 2022 12:30 pm


The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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May 21, 2022 12:30 pm

Welcome fellow adventurers! This week the guys are talking about tools the enemy uses to keep us in bondage, or to keep us from receiving healing, for example. The tool we're focused on this week is not willing to forgive others. The clips are from "The Shack," "The Interpreter," "In-Lawfully Yours," and a clip about Louis Zamperini. The journey continues, so grab your gear and be blessed, right here on the Masculine Journey Radio Show.

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Hi this is Roy Jones with man talk radio podcast. Our mission is to break down the walls of race and denomination your chosen truth radio broadcast will be starting in just a few seconds. Thank you. This is the Truth Network, the heart of every man craves a great adventure but life doesn't usually feel that way. Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads masculine journey is filled with many twists and turns. So how do we keep from losing heart while trying to find a way life feels more like a losing battle than something worth dying for, grab your gear, request your band of brothers will serve as the guides and what we call masculine journey masculine journey starts here now welcome the messenger. We were glad that you with us this weekend we are going to be starting a series that I can enjoy actually none of you guys enjoy it will be informative. I think you got a literal pillars pillar, it is at least four pillars. We identify four of the pillars. Okay, writer, and will really talk about is the tools of the enemy. The thing that the things that the enemy uses to keep us in bondage to keep us from getting healing to keep us in broken relationship status. Naaman is the sum of the stuff that he uses in today's topic is really talking about. He wants to keep us in a place of unforgiveness right somewhere somewhere like one of the prayers in the Bible it says forgive others is that you now, yet it's one of those. It's only when Jesus talked about right. So it's obviously something that were supposed to do and so this this show is going to be on forgiveness and not staying in unforgiveness and India have the first clip would you like to tell us a little bit about it so just continue with the shack theme from last week from my clip, but this is a clip of McAfee's getting along through the processes talk to the different personalities of the Trinity and he's made it to a different I guess it's the shack it's a different personality of a father God, and it's it's this disklike chief Indian chief. That's the personification but really he's just talking to God and in doing so, God is walking him through the process of forgiveness over this hit his child being murdered and brutally murdered, and he just how he had held that anger for a long time and God gives them a lot of wisdom in Hallie's to handle this and he's actually deleting through the process to worry can actually say I forgive Mac the payments you enjoy your capacity to love because you can as you will save you as you hear there he has to walking through that process and powerful statements is you can't forgive, not because you can't but because you won't make is a lot in our life we choose we choose not to do something not because we we can't do it.

We just choose not to, but he lays them through that process and then you hear them after he decides to forgive and that's what I believe God does. We take the steps of facing and trust God into something like be led into forgiven somebody you know you God's love is there to assist saying I'm so proud of you and and validate him in that step.

When you think it only talk about this topic I've heard is you probably have heard it from the stage. It talks about, you know, when you talk about forgiveness. Forgiveness is like drinking poison and expecting the other person that you're holding forgiveness against the for them to die and not yourself. You know you really poison your own heart by not forgiven somebody so you know I think that's kind of where he was that his life was stagnant. He could not move along in his life. He couldn't get past anything and have any success and he could really have a deep relationship with God is a tool of an enemy to keep them bound simply say something on the Internet and after like to make it. I that was a great point.

You know that the enemy does use that to keep us and that bondage is were talking about my going play clip from her friend Jim who was able to be with us tonight.

So the gunplay his clip we played before, but I think it really ties into this whole thing that your time about that at least one tribe in Africa had it figured out you know on how to work this whole forgiveness thing and so let's listen to it and come back and talk about some kind of company think the only way to increase ritual giving can take to make it or not, the company family can account just taking the faint meat just can take engines to antigens not here to talk about that we are and I think that that clip really shows a lot about the choices we have to make it. That's a very formal choice in on the striving may be all made up. I don't know. It's from a movie that assuming it's real, and how cool that there is a choice, it has to be made that the as we listen to that we have the same choices we have to make do we choose to forgive and it is you're talking about unforgiveness only holds me hostage and is like trying to drink the poison until somebody else is going to kill me. I and it sucks life away from the joy, hope all those kinds of things that it just becomes and eventually into bitterness what what I hadn't heard before until this now was. She says that the Internet vengeance is a lazy form of grief.

I never had thought of that. That way, but that really is true, it really was because all really quiet and looking at Jacob looking at each other.

Harold instantly liked it. I think one of the hidden things about unforgiveness not only ruins your attitude toward the person that you're holding that against it ruined you with other people as well because when you got that on forgiveness and that anger you're not going to have a good relationship with anybody so it expands beyond the original source and the devil wins. Does I remember I was changing companies and I had a really really bad experience with one company really just felt like I got burnt pretty bad and honestly took me a while to be a good employee is I was just refusing to trust the new employer. It had nothing to do with them.

That is all about me not forgiving and to like to come to a place of reconciliation and then then I can enjoy the place of the I was working after that, any and yeah that grid somewhere where resentment is the cancer to the soul. So when you hold all the things he eats at you had a lovely Harold said his colleagues, Jewett eats at the relationships around you and edit people inside and around you changes so being able to let go of that bring healing does does not my going through another clip in here. This is my clip we got enough time to get it in and then we keep we need to talk about it after the break, but this is from the book was unforgiving. The movie is called unforgiven.

That's really that Louis Zaffirini story and he had been a pilot error rate. It had ash airplane and bombardier think you can think of the term in World War II and he got shot down and was in the sea for 39 days went through really bad times there. Obviously I got saved. But where he got saved was on Japanese island whether keeping prisoners of war, and he was incredibly brutal.

How we keep talking and I need to get this clip using incredibly beaten and horrible things happen to him and so he comes back to the US and he's not a well man he's broken is you get the equipment so it's good going donkey talk about couple plan after the break. They EEs broken in and so that you obviously title and broken is something to do with that. They couldn't break his spirit that they broke his will to some degree, and he came back and he was fighting with PTSD. He was drinking a lot his wife had heard about a guy that was doing a crusade in town so I think she'd been there before him and got saved into she said like basically if you don't go to this crusade. You know when you have a marriage and so he goes to the crusade and ends up it's a Billy Graham Crusade ends up getting saved their and so when we come back we have all the time were intact. More when when we come back and play that clip after the break, but it's an amazing story, and it's a true story. That's what makes it so really cool unit we listen all these Hollywood clips. We think that that's amazing what it's really amazing is when what God does right and we know that the truth is in the Hollywood clips is are stealing from God story and movie talk about that a lot on the air but it is more it's so incredible when you hear it as God unpacks it in somebody's life. If you think about the times and if you go to church or you been to church and you hear the power of subbase testimony in the Scriptures. Amazing and it's a brings life to hear God's application in somebody's life is a different level is shaking her head and I just keep talking good would you like add anything to get out of if I get a break at halftime for the clips I have to add something here for Rick. It was a shutdown I thought they were playing.

It'd been cobbled together with spare parts off other things and they were out searching for plain that it disappeared in that plane when put in so they crashed into the ocean. You're probably there were to where it will clip a set up for like an eternity. It's a long as I have ever I did take Rodney/them pretty well set up for it because I read the book and have seen the movie to three times. It's a great book. Great movie.

Recommended for macro to talk about that masking for me describing boot camp when I heard the stories from the stage and the other man had and then my mom getting a download from God on where my life is and how I have seen I have his story is communicate with us yesterday masking One of my favorite things about boot camp. The favorite thing about campus every time I go counter not seen anyone that has encounter God knows, generally speaking, it's nothing we expect really knew what I needed. I knew what I will masking I'd like to tell you that was it was something I don't know is not on my screen here, is somebody but not Eminem will pose that out on masking journey to it as we could tell you that was give credit to the person and I think that bump in that I did know the name more clearly, but I think that one because in this topic of forgiveness.

It's difficult to forgive others is very difficult to do that when you been wronged her deeply. It's it's really really hard to forgive people that it's hardest person to forgive often as yourself and for me that's the one that really hung me up for the longest time Chardonnay or before that you have gone through some stuff with my station from a family member. I'd forgiven them long before I forgive myself for letting it happen to me and I could have ever I talk logically to me on how I was intending 10 years old and I shouldn't be that that hard on myself about that stuff. But you know there is something in me and made the agreement. I should've known better and so then we Mean that unforgiveness and myself. And honestly I couldn't move to healing.

I couldn't move to a place of being okay to really talk about it until I could move through that and forgive myself and so what God may be calling you today as it is me laying something someone on your mind to forgive her, he may just be to look in the mirror and say that it's somebody that you need. Forgive is yourself. So back to the longest set up ever riding. I think I officially took that from you that title from you back to the Louis Zaffirini story. This is not from a movie it's from the interview around the movie ends what you hear. You have four different people that talk in this clip of Laura Hildebrand who wrote Seabiscuit and wrote unbroken to great movies and she incredible detail in the book Carol I bet you would agree that that that the book was just amazing and the level of detail that she went yeah. It's like your skin crawl yeah will without a doubt, it's, it's when it's the toughest rate I've ever ever had that it was amazingly done anyway. You can hear her talk about it.

You hear Louis talking and then there's two younger voices a command that the one that's not the youngest is Louis son and the youngest year to vary in his grandson and will talk about when you come back, spoke of things with his experience about how God reaches into people's lives and helps them get through things is survivable and I went forward and made my confession of faith in Christ and I couldn't believe what happened. One of my made my life changed in a matter of moments, because I knew I was getting drunk and I know that Africa gave Mike a large and I don't was a miracle, because I forget the part – and that was the first night you first night during 1/2 years. I didn't have a nightmare and I haven't had one sentence and Lily realized that God can forgive him for all the rotten things he did in his life that he ought to be able to forgive those that had done him wrong. So forgiving. The guards and the bird was actually salvation for it really turned him around in an instant he needed to test forgiveness to see if you really had to be achieved to meet the cards. Apparently, prison where they were all being held for war crimes. He went to every single one. Look him in the eye and told him that he forgave them for the treatment that he received when he was a prisoner. He couldn't believe it was a wonderful experience.

I think it's incredible that he forgave them the lesson he taught my father and me hating somebody I'm not hurting them. I'm only hurting myself forgive anybody forgiveness is always possible that was always with the clips that I chose mostly because of the movie unite not mostly, partly because of the book but just when you listen to that Louis decision didn't lose life's decision to get him to go to listen to Billy Graham change generations in his family. Louis accepting that challenge and in going there and listening to the words and listen to the Holy Spirit and stepping into that place changed his son's life changed his grandson's life and in who knows how many more consumer talked about this thing of unforgiveness. It's not just you that's impacted you could be creating situations for generations of unforgiveness by not walking with God in an idling that is a shame thing, but just a realization of its more than just you that's impacted their things in the Old Testament really and throughout the Bible, where you have generational curses and asked if forgiveness unforgiveness is the the trap of the bondage factor there that's keeping you held me you could have. You can have generational curse, which can also have generational blessings and that was it.

Everyone is people in his family knew about how much he forgiven and that made it much more easy for them to forgive.

Going forward in their lives. Harold my right, didn't he also because of all this because of what he did. We also carry the Olympic torch is believed he was, and I think he was in his 80s and went back over and then carried the torch for one of the legs there in Japan. That's what I thought he had thanked Robbie it's your turn you on tousled about your clip and set it up and running treatment. It's called and lawfully yours it's on Netflix. She's made some pure flicks, wonderful movie, but that does the deal here is we got a pastor who lost his wife.

His name is Sarah and he's no getting somewhat involved with another young lady at this point and she's trying to dig into those laws that have come up as a result of his relationship with God and she's pushing into how did you deal with the loss of your wife being mature pastor and his explanation to me gave some real insight into what happens. Actually when we don't forgive God do at some level was behind almost all unforgiveness plant Sarah. This is routine step someone you believe in people know when I'm I now our way with Sarah. I when she got sick. She is really sick and get a case we don't know, you lucky I think I got now I talked to got don't ask for anything for myself.

Thinking so good news is if you watch the movie he pushes into that and eventually does going a conversation with God.

That to me at your show what the cost of unforgiveness is with God. Or, really, with anybody that we build walls to protect ourselves or not, ask that person for that again when I can appreciate that relationship again because I can get hurt and you know I've got to protect myself and as a result, you know were not needy out loud with God.

We don't tell them what we really want because we don't want to go to that place forward.

Not getting get it again and the more I thought about that. I just started thinking about how I met way with a lot of people that I've just don't want because this a matter of faith is like to believe that personality is on your side you really believe that you know what is happened to me. God did through faithfulness and in faithfulness and to me, and all things to work together so to me there's a lot of neat stuff in that clip you know that that the line where he says you know how you get mad at somebody you don't believe in what actually that line brings her to faith. Later in the movie because she's realizing she's met that God is why most believe it and then went in and and and the points there and the other one being in a war way past this.

This point of screaming and yelling salmon in and I'll let you stay. Too bad it's it's beautiful thought, yeah, yeah. It's amazing clip actually really intrigued to watch the movie that the part that he said she said something about screaming and yelling and he's like a war way past yelling and if you've ever been in a relationship that gets to the point of unforgiveness. It's way past yelling.

It's a very unhelpful place right it's a hopeless place that would be the word I want to use their not creating new words that it's a very hopeless place. From the standpoint you just become resigned.

He is just as big. A resignation when there's no passion, and it is officers passion is yelling there's always hope everyone at the point where I just don't care. I just don't trash and I just don't want to hear from you and I don't want to believe. I don't fill in the blank.

That's where it's really the dangerous place, and so he's in a very dangerous place there with God. Even though he talks to him every day there is not a trusting, loving relationship and it makes you think about okay will when I was active on said I thought about what I'm asking God for young men that same place.

Do I die really asking for things yeah and that makes me think that scripture in Revelation talking about. I wish you were hot or cold, but I don't want you lukewarm resignation can take you to a place of lukewarmness where there is no passion God. The rather a scream, adding and ignoring my belief is long as were expressing ourselves in the LA we allow him to come in and you know, step into that and help us get through that unforgiveness and not being able to really understand what's going on. It's great going in with things that we talked about on on the show before about literature clear before you wrap this up. God doesn't need our forgiveness. They were not think I need to be forgiven of something. What were saying is that the enemy makes us believe in God holding out on a scouting come through for us and you know we can't forget a movie in the same place right it's a tool of the enemy. It's not anything that God really needs to have happened masking register for upcoming boot camp coming up November 17-21. We do have entrenchment coming this fall.

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