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Spring Cleaning After Hours

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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May 14, 2022 12:35 pm

Spring Cleaning After Hours

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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May 14, 2022 12:35 pm

Welcome fellow adventurers! The discussion on spring cleaning continues right here on the Masculine Journey After Hours Podcast. The clips are from "Friday Night Lights," and a clip of Sinclair Ferguson

There's no advertising or commercials, just men of God, talking and getting to the truth of the matter. The conversation and Journey continues.

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Hello this is Matt slick from the match look like podcasts to defend the Christian faith and lay out our foundation of the truth of God's word for chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just a few seconds. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network this is Truth Network coming to an infringement barricade the heart by time to be more transparent on the topic of this venture masculinity after hours starts here welcome to mass injury after hours and were very glad were talking about this topic here through the different little thing there. We are guided with us as well. Rub your toes little bit about the topic today.

This was your top decluttering is what were talking about is a spring cleaning. Maybe as were talking I may write down the outward is a letter that last. It's so the idea is that wow as we get older. God has this unique ability sometimes to unclutter us will in grabbing on the something is pulling out of her hands.

You know like unbelievable what we can at times make choices to dig in the things that we want to unclutter and and O'Connor prepare the soil as Annie's wonderful clip we heard the first show. You know that that our hearts are full of the soil and offered a bunch of stuff growing in their might be some stuff that there's needing to be uprooted and so there's the idea. Thank you, Jim.

Let's go ahead and get to your clip tells a little bit about you and will you and a well. I was happy when we listened all the other clips that nobody really seemed to understand what decluttering was the same way, honed in on organization and when I looked it up by Saul. All these different clips of how to organize everything in your life, none of which had anything to do with what I was feeling it was supposed to be about, and I am a very disorganized person as some these guys can attest to the list unless it's dealing with numbers from pretty good with numbers, but everything else is a mess and I thought hopefully this was God planning in my brain. So the only way I'm going to be organized is to be perfect and this is from Saturday night live so that's about being perfect.

It's Friday night lights is not certain I live live. It's more from Saturday Night Live that I have Friday night lights and I was a lousy football player Friday night lights and here we go with Bill about the real perfect is about being able look your friends in the know that you didn't let them down because you told the truth and the truth is that you did everything that you could. There wasn't one more thing that you could've done. Can you live in that moment as best you can with clear eyes and love in your heart with joy in your heart if you can do that gentleman in your perfect culture.

Take a moment and what you look each other near which put each other in your hearts forever because forever is about to happen. Humans close your eyes, don't you think that moving miles is your brother that he would die. The act of was my heart is full. We heard that one really hooked me was having open my heart. I've always pursued loving others as Jesus said it didn't big deal if you love those that love you everybody knows that.

But loving the unlovable is what I pursue and that, if I've can have that level of love which I'm having the opportunity to live that out and I'm not doing it perfectly, which the perfect answer to fall short, and always will tow her home but when I am in that place of loving it, the club we clatters everything else and I have the peace and joy. Cite your and when I get into the flesh, but those that pick up the rubbish that we all need to de-clutter from so the talk about family, set it the first show but the pursuing just plan a which is becoming more like Christ is the only plan I got left my porch. Well have to do it too much longer. I don't like the summer I say that my heart full of joy and peace less good benefits. 20 years and still outlaw this regime of things. I hope it's not 20 years will be pushing 190 that I thought I was good at math. I was wrong of me to do around Asia did pick a really good clip from Saturday Night Live about that right thinking it was just another one of the southern girl moments anyway have a microphone. You also have a clue. I also have a clip I when we were talking about what the talk was going to be was about more about decluttering and decluttering allies in taking things in or out of allies, what should be there, conversation, and as I went along my finest brain. For those of you that know about lean and five Aston simplify came to mind is like the simplicity you know if you're going to de-clutter you want to simplify things and so I tried to think of things, movies clips and other things. I couldn't think of anything but then back to where we were at the attributes of God. And then I thought about the doctrine of simplicity and I was like, what would be out there on that and when I found this clip here from Sinclair Ferguson's sister clip from a sermon he gave on this doctrine of simplicity for God so we just play that we go back and pick things up. Do we mean when we speak about the simplicity of God, this doctrine that has been held an extended by almost all the great theologians of the Christian shots from Ira Naess in the alley centuries through Augustine and and Salman Thomas Aquinas in the great Puritans and the great Orthodox reformed theologians. What do we mean by the simplicity of God, we mean something so stunning, so singular as to say that God as the Westminster confession of faith puts in, but God is pure spirit to put it another townhomes echoing what we have already found today that God is without origin. But God is without composition, but God is without becoming he is and in a sense, that is the first on the last word but has to be said about God. He is as God and he is all he is always that he is as the older theologians used to say, that is no potential in God. God is all that he is so you get the simplicity of God and that you know the first time. It really shows up is when Moses sees a burning bush is wise not being consumed and God comes in and says hey I want to come back and free my people and he's like you who are you basically a base very simply says I am who I am in it and insist God is what is he doesn't change, he doesn't go through. He doesn't throw fits he doesn't one day joyful over something I do were down about something I do.

He's unchanging work me on the other hand, I completely change my attribute to make me up. My emotions go up.

My thoughts go off in a different direction. Things set me often you get mad or upset that with God. He's just the same. And for me to think about simplicity of life is to become more like Christ over the out B is your heavenly Father is perfect. You know be holy is your heavenly father.

Those things just kinda kept jumping out my mind as I quote more and more I work towards Christ and work towards holiness and work towards, but Jim said perfection.

That's the march towards getting more and more decluttering in your life so emotional things that you carrying your pass from relationships from meals school or work or whatever you had.

That was good or bad your living in there and that past de-clutter that go back deal with it.

Get it out of there uprooted like games, click add and get out of there. So those of the things that kind of were with me this week when it was like if you just want to be moving ever towards a decluttering life and not having all the emotional baggage and other things you want to drive the point where the word in God are driving what you believe and think, rather than things that your own emotions driving what you believe, you know, in moving that direction. I know in my life that you know the frequency of those types of things and the magnitude of them, you know what these emotional outburst during have all decrease since coming to Christ it's something that I've actually feel that I gain some strident so it gives me encouragement to think about that that hey there is something in their life. Simplify my life and I am moving in that direction. Although I Jim said were not perfect at it but it's the move in the direction in where you heading that's really important. Thank you and I'm really need some work on the bad drivers that are in front of me.

I find I don't have the part I don't have the temperament that I need to have for them either live. It was interesting how much theological discussion.

This generated when we are up there earlier and the well. Things that said Rodney during the break is the older I have added this part of the older I get, the more I laughed, the more I cry and I sort of extrapolated that it had to think God is laughing and crying all the time that sort of sounds like that simple oneness that you spoke up like that. Okay Harold, what about you. It's what it on this topic, would you like to speak in Sharon. Well Robby sense of the Dimi earlier in my reply was, I got nothing and he said no. So when I took your job away and then I got thinking will yeah I was pretty much a workaholic. I had almost 44 years and systems analysis computer programming in the it consume me.

It was a love of mine. My wife referred to it as one of my mistresses and motorcycle. The other for a while and the fact that I I was retired against my will, but they gave me the opportunity to do some things that I would not have done otherwise. I was given several jobs at church doing PowerPoint doing the website doing the directory you know a lot of things like that that I picked up that I would not have done if I remained in my job, but also thinking about the fact that we choose not to decluttering ourselves. Sometimes God will be clutter for us. For example, when the Israelites had had made their worship such a mess. He sent them off into the 70 year exile get straightened out and so if we get to too bad a shape he may intervene and make us change what we wouldn't change on our own. 70 year exile would be about 30 your life would as prior long walk for you. Back then she says oh, going back earlier into my sweetheart's is on there would've made desert because it is your earlier comment about drivers had a tendency not as bad now, but I have a tendency to be critical and yeah, I've got mine down to the slow turners ones that turned really slow. I have no patient is nothing nothing worse than a zipper merging camel for those who didn't know Harold's favorite thing in the world is zipper merging or not. Not anything he doesn't have a microphone that he will was looming to say that we're not talking about pants supers you were talking about the interstate where Lane's closing down and people try to forge their way up to the front and we play that game where everybody has to stop as opposed to everybody merging back to 3 miles back up the road so you maintain your speed.

Apparently our government is the way to do it because I see the signs on the road understands he take out everyone ago in think zipper think zipper let's let's not David about you in this topic happy backup of what Carol just said eat so if you don't de-clutter your life working on it. Praying about it and everything that I think I will intervene in it, and most recently for me. You know thing about this topic was praying at work the other day I was just, you know.

Ask God to speak to me about about this topic and what I could use everything I do and he ultimately you know as some guys know decluttering my life much instantly and he does quite allies done at the root throughout my life quite a bit and in the know just anybody out there that have any issues with it.

Think about that they're there for like the waters are muddied me know their heads for everything expert about it, but be prepared what can happen when you do we do. The question for you guys obviously you know I didn't tell you about the questions.

Go ahead and tell you little bit about it now. So what has God replaced in your life you went through a painful decluttering writer something he didn't want to let go, only to find later on that he had something else in store for you. That was so much better for you right and any spoke to that about you literally, your life right the way you are living your life the each strip that whole part from you and on to a better place of assuming life listings a better answer yes you will fast forward a few years and you we move into King up in this area as a whole mother decluttering because I had to let go of a ministry that I pretty much had a disagreeable for a while because I had identity tied up to it wasn't a bad thing like Andy was, you know the roots and the and the fruit of it was there but God sibling and we picked up and move churches move houses moved counties moved dogs everything and in so here we are in it it it honestly you can see the fruit of it all.

Thank you in my neck. I was thing about you since Hammett's interesting that you know I guess about the same time we lost the dealership. My wife was really really hurt by the people in our church when I had cancer and I went through my brain thinks different things that I went through this. My wife would tell you that you know I couldn't pass by a hospital about it somehow. Second, the end of it, but everybody always wanted to know about Robby hospital few light-years that was but they would always ask how I was, but nobody seemed to really get into what my wife was going through and it's really quite easy easier to be the patient that it is to be the spouse of the patient and in summary different ways, and the hurt of that resulted in a giant change in a shift in that I I'd loved our church and I was very involved in our church and I have this opportunity to teach a big Sunday school class. My wife wanted no part of that because of the warming that she received from the church which all these people had great intentions. It is and realize that it didn't change the fact on how Tammy felt and she wasn't comfortable that situation.

And so what I felt like was clearly our direction. Ministry got changed a lot in one of the ways I got change was as as we talked about many times as I started teaching special needs, but the other way that it changed it opened up this in other words II really was falling into legalism. I know I once and and there were so many things that I was doing because you know I don't know that that was that was what I expected was my duty.

It was this it was that and Darren and Sam came off bed. The first good gear man.

I watched you know that movie was like this is not a Christian movie deliverance right in it. If I have I have my the result is that's funny it was becoming contagious is an area that would've been really a long shot from legalism. But anyway, as I started walking with these guys and I started to see what community really could be. I and in the posing that had gone on in church of people you know I'm fine your fine real fine you know everything's fine nonanswer finding out I just didn't and that idea posing in and digging into our wounds and stuff like that and so you know, really, to me what looked like a really hard thing like I was losing my ministry to some extent like like Danny through the entries of my wife that I couldn't make her gold assumption want to go to and so that led to this opening of of of this place. My heart for what really became like oh my gosh has this been a delight and a joy for me and I resent most of those it's a fine have been ground the powder so at a certain level. The hottest that's a good point going for me. Got it opened up the door for Esther to come down to North Carolina which is shared on the show before the I never expected to live anywhere. At that point.

It Artie lived in California and had been back Indiana Kenneth I just live there. The rest my life and thankfully he rescued me from that. Now he had us come down here and is an exciting time and there is a part of it that was very exciting. It was very much an adventure and then you as we came down here and the people and I talked about it at least once before the show that the people that we were closest to that. Our small group with in all that I could literally probably count on one hand, the amount of messages we got. After we moved to North Carolina random Facebook post.

Maybe you know maybe there's 10 and over that time and in wasn't expecting that painful realization.

You know you said you'd be in a different place.

Still keep rather close because we church indeed intimate stuff same for me.

Robby is I wouldn't of had room for the community that God had planned for me which is you guys and this is my community.

I've been going to church because David's making me go to church thank you, David.

It's been nice but now it I do have a community that's developing there. But for me this is always been my community. I am so grateful for it, because we share a lot of stuff. We've had a lot of things. It's with you Robin had both foster mom in the same year. We went to separate moms who I like my mom. He left his number not brothers is your brother know we are not yet anyway yeah walking through those things together and walking through different seasons with each one of you is been powerful for me and I am very grateful for that. And that would not be available.

Had we stayed connected and think our hearts with an open for that. I've been accused twice in the last couple weeks of being a narcissist. So I think I need to talk because I'm important, but when you talk about what's been decluttering. We had a great example that God called us to Alaska where live in it. Not that big house in Nashville and after giving was selling a few things giving away a lot more things I still had a 60 feet long average for the half, 5 foot tall and 6 to 8 foot while not toxic state foot wide pile of stuff to be hauled off at the front and nothing was more free in my life that I recall outside of accepting Jesus as my Savior than getting rid all that stuff and taking off to Alaska free from the clutter. There is that there is that anyone else having Sherry get is the time all I think the mayor I think. Again the emotional baggage that you carry with you from other things. I'm currently in the middle of a separation headed towards my divorce and assist is something that I've been trying to figure out what God has in store for me but it has greatly simplified my life and decluttering some things gives just me and the dog. It's kinda like okay I can deal with that I don't have a lot of other things going on in my life that are no interfering or after the worry about.

Like I mean work and I is just a moment for me to really reach in the Godman, trying to find okay why now what's going on where my going and really I find it very calming to this be like trusting and not never had that my life it's always been worry about everything and now it's more of well I really don't have worry about it. What is most important to me doesn't seem to be lasting or it's breaking up so it's like okay well then oldest I distrust you, Lord, walk with you and just it's a very freeing thing which my word for the year is freedom so just kinda let that role. This is not a suggestion on how to decluttering your life, forcing him I had nothing well this easiest answer is actually divorce me if it's getting official and I really want a minute do you stand in the way and really make a worse got hit something on the other side if it means getting her immunity for clutter your life.

It was for Sadie to clarify.

Thank you for eliciting it were to talk with you next week. We have an exciting topic.

Don't know what it is. Epic join in.

I know you want to know, because God tells about a here soon the masculine to register for the upcoming boot camp November 17-21 will talk with you next week. This is the Truth Network

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