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Mother's Day Honor

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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May 7, 2022 12:30 pm

Mother's Day Honor

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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May 7, 2022 12:30 pm

Welcome fellow adventurers! The topic this week is all about honoring mothers. That's right folks, it that time again, it's Mother's Day! The guys share stories about their mothers and what they mean to them. The clips used are from "Leave It To Beaver," "That's What Mamas Are For," by Chris Lane, and "The Waltons." The journey continues, so grab your gear and be blessed, right here on the Masculine Journey Radio Show.

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This is Chris Hughes with the Christian perspective podcast with Chris Hughes. We encourage our listeners to engage the culture with Jesus Christ your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting a just a few seconds. So enjoy it share but most of all, thank you for listening to The Truth Podcast Network this is Truth Network the heart of every man craves a great adventure.

Life doesn't usually feel that way. Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads masculine journey is filled with many twists and turns. So how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a way life feels more like a losing battle than something worth dying for, grab your gear and come on a quest band of brothers will serve as the guides we call masculine journey masculine journey starts here now welcome the masculine journey were glad that you're with us this week and this is a special week because we were at and even Robbie can you tell us which Eve that were at Mother's Day Mother's Day Eve, that's right. So if you haven't shot by now. Better get out there for them, others in your life you fill in the blank and he that is BS.

And sometimes it can be a daughter that's a mother yes I absolutely worst thing is having a wife is a mother and thinks you should be giving her Mother's Day.

You're not my mother but it's never worked as you listen to the show. I know I'm in trouble. The bar anyway because I Mother's Day I do say that Andy is you try to pass like back to Robbie. So the topic of this week show is your idea. This is your show today in the shadows of you don't like it right and said it like in the show I say Sam, thank you for the thanks man. The love about exactly yeah so now I was. It has been all my heart mean I guess you know a lot of times we are talking about masculine things. A lot of times we talk about father wounds in connection with the father and finding God as our father, but sometimes I don't think we think about daily.

You know the impact on mother's hand on the scene and no you know my father's past, but my mother is not my mullet mom is always played a big impact in my life and also my spiritual life. So I just thought it was Mitch Mother's Day. Let's honor mother Zana and I just think it's that's it. I think it will be good for our souls to articulate what our mothers admit to us and honor them will be good for us as well as we get to show it unit thereto in the garden and Adam and Eve, and in so Eve is made in God's image. Parents are moms are made in God's image and so how that plays out depends on like with us.

It does noise play out the way God intended.

Maybe it does. Granted it. We are estimating that image and so you know this.

Some of this is part of this realizing you God's image drama Rodney you actually for the first time together.

Now I've actually gone first before battle after I press I hear that tracks you might not very agile. Or maybe it was a lot prior week I was gone actually get your cliff even on the air right in the first line of Mother's Day mom I love you. This is the bank I get to be first on the very first clip of the show so this is for you mom sent me a message to Gathings I-I appreciate that you said the sender that Massey on the so that yeah being an only child, I do get spoiled just a little bit but so I was trying to think of you know what what what clips to go within what was really interesting. It we all came together dinner this week to do the show wrong like it's been really hard to find clips and what would really describe our mothers, but my first thought went to June Cleaver with leave it to beaver and just kind of that homely I just bring in a home together type of thing you want to hear. If you are not on first ring right now just about holding holy holy atmosphere.

You know, and I like I didn't know what to what I would find out there, but just this was one. This is a clip where Jun talks to beaver about God and his got itching in the clip were he was lying and you know Jews like will you always tell the truth but then in the middle clip 18 ask what was God there when daddy was talking Mr. Rutherford is just after that I just got done kinda for a little bit about not going over to Mr. Rutherford's house and play the clip will come back line when you will yeah my mom is certainly the spiritual leader in our family and we talked earlier about getting the church in. I didn't get dragged to church as much as I was told was is expected to go when I went in it was something that never kicked in the know until much later in life is to what that really meant to me because I'd I had this picture of just going to church tonight and have a picture of Jesus and God and what he did for me personally and but me coming to Christ has just enriched my relationship with my mom so much more is now I can go talk to her about anything until comfortable were before I I would not always shy away not share that when you yell this in certain moments in your life when you like oh my gosh, my mom was me that much she would do that for me so I was just my first time is going to go up to Wisconsin with my buddy Larry and his family go snowmobiling and were get picked up on 26 December at four in the morning and read for Wisconsin okay I'm getting up and I'm like oh my gosh this is early but I'm excited then I might, I want what I get to go do this is great so can't get excited. I walk out of the kitchen and I've got a full breakfast sausage and eggs sitting there waiting for me at 330 in the morning to have breakfast before I go on this trip and I might oh my gosh I couldn't believe she had done that for me and then not only did she do it then, but she did like every year, and I got the rabbit into my buddies noses when I had a full belly and they were starving in the morning going up with them in school grades. Thank you. Robbie would get to wait for five minutes. You want to go and tell your story and play your quote sure my mom I went for the Lord in 2016 same year, Sampson's, weird that we do in life through these things together but I have just an awesome moment that my mom one last time. She talked quite errantly could. She died of bone cancer was in a lot of pain so she was on heavy doses of morphine there in the last two days for life and it just so happened that it was on the 10th anniversary show of the Christian car guy that she wanted to call in and and share her feelings about this, so make sure we get that in describing play what my mom who called end of most Christian Kardashian starter deck so she was any surprise to the listeners.

Go ahead and right now we have my mom live from Illinois mom you got some for his attempt to restrict how I there trying to work on computer when you're on morphine. I can't find it at maybe I take a lot of my Christian car check out James Robbie get any better, but ended data and data. I love you over there by so that's a precious few seconds it meant a lot to me but I was remembering the first time, you know, it's funny that I'm in public space at speaking because I ran for some stayed in office in fourth grade and I was terrified. Terrified to go and from old school and give the speech and I can remember my mother just know she was my mother was a Latin major in college and she was brilliant when it came to language and spelling and all the things I can't leave and she had all lined out for my son. This is what you do and you just remember John Kennedy asked not what your body could you know whatever I can remember that all you got it all lined out and she had me so pumped up because she had such faith in me right and you could hear in her voice and there's there's so much my life that I think she instilled in me a certain amount of faith that Wright became faithful, so beautiful stuff. Definitely hard to listen to go yeah it is you and I had the honor of meeting your mom on the way back from NRB quietly stop by and I was able to meet her and in your get to say hello and you have the name with a face that was really cool. I think it's pretty interesting. Your mom was a Latin major new becomes Hebrew make monotonously. I mean it's it's kinda continuing the tradition right that she was studying a language that a lot of people don't necessarily measured that the medical field really deal with in and you're very into language and lesser in the theological field.

You don't really spend a lot of time passed Conoco anything about it that the word mom in Hebrew and since you brought it up there. Whatever. So out of bed, his dad, you know that you can hear the sound of the BMI on the is his mom that that's got the madman there that is is almost like inbred that that same concept of but still the aleph United time and how your mom was a lion. Well, you know like Solomon would say that a woman of virtue who can find it begins with an olive that verse because the idea of this, the woman is also very much the idea of that of that outfit like leader ship role in the family that so critical just use a woman, lively lives into her child is superior right is worried about your talk more about our mom's impact on our lives keep coming up November 17-21 masculine to register with love to have you there.

We know God love to have you there for me describing boot camp when I heard the stories from the stage and the other men had and then my prayer time. I'm getting a download from God on where my life is and how I have wounds and I have his story is communicate with us masculine things.

It's been a true joy to me is having my sons there with me to boot camps and watching them get an understanding that I wished I would have an area several years and am still probably learning a little bit as we go. Watching them get a good foothold in the manhood and understanding what's important what their role is and how to stay away masculine journey know you're talking to your mother so that was Vinnie Menino. For those longtime listeners right that you can be in one of the regulars of our show. Vinnie went to the Lord in a couple years after my mom. I guess it's 820 1900 on the and so I did a Christian Kardashian from others.

Probably that was 2015 or 2014 was taking no Vinnie had that gangster voice because he grew up in Manhattan in that suit we not exactly sure what all he was involved in that arena in that arena and he had a way of saying that kind of stuff that really laid on you, but certainly it's great to hear that voice in my mom's voice in the same shallow like wow it's really cool that we can have things like that to hearing you. Vinnie was raised in a time where, without a doubt, he respected his mom and I was not an option not that any of working to move towards you and with your cliff if you want to talk to so that journey for you. Yeah, this is been a tough topic. Mom passed away in September last year. So I promised Etienne try to get it is and not waiting electronics in the studio so the house looking for here in nearby Dorset and hardly any clips out there and so I couldn't find anything in the store look at songs in an unclear Lavilla sold and then cry a little bit of a song and then cry a little bit more. I think the laptops okay.

I'm not sure but I found a soul and never to solely as a country, so none of this going to shock a lot of you I would take a country song with, and I never heard it and look at the back story and in this guy wrote this all for his mother will Mother's Day last year and the chorus is what we cut out in in it pretty much describes my mom is a wing play the clip and that the wife acidified you had to describe moment what word would you say she said loyal and she was an amazing lady in an as accurate as she passed away. We went through some of the records she had An Lord she had the notes for my first sermon when I was 14.

She had all kinds of dictation and stuff from the events in our lives of a bad divorce and an egg and a bit but one of the things that my daughter failed was the notes of all that stuff and my daughter will never forget arena and she called me. She said dad said my whole life. Salah calls her mother had told her a whole different story. But she was. She knew who she found Grandma's notebook. It was the truth.

It was just like the King James version allow the land area and it was no various errant houses and into think about how mom did the things she did, she worked full-time. She raised two boys.

I'm pretty sure that increase your prayer life quite a bit of my little brother did what me and I hope he listens and to do all those things to you have several table when thereby got hold and everything still be hot. I don't noted a woman ever ate a hot meal because she was doing everything for bios. She was caretaker for both of my grandmothers and she raised my daughter for most of her oven to enter teenage years and she gave her to me that she didn't bet, though she did all those things she will you and devoted wife and mother is a churchgoing lady to hold on your worked in agony and you go how the world did you pull all that off while they call it retired. I think because you start all over again, exactly, exactly.

I I'm just have a feeling that you know is your growing up. Your mom used to grab you by your hair to get your attention very long. Okay, but your brother. I was negative. People try to grab his people and to okay you probably have one under each arm. I'm pretty sure everyone under each hand exactly that any you want to tell us a bit about your clipping go ahead and sure so my mom's, Walton's groupie, so this is kinda hot here with the clip first, but the content of it. I think really speaks to our relationship. In this in this clip live is the mom and John boys the sign in and there's a pastor and a schoolteacher who were getting married and they just had the book they they decided to leave in the book and they needed to fill in for the pastor and for the schoolteacher and John we got the password and in his mom got the school schoolteacher so it's been a rough week they've been really busy and so the family goes out to the mountain you have a picnic on the mountain and John Wayne notices that his mom's apparent and so he goes up to talk to her about her experience and she speaks into his experience as well and this is accomplished. I seems to think that may help manage to come along and get easier and easier to go to work. Well, it's pretty slowly asked his thoughts. You know I got a system out of my mind and sort them out and organizing.

I got have some reason to stand up there and talk to those people and they got have some reason sit there and listen to me what comes up every chance he gets that raise the ragged edges this way land in the pine trees is itself clear. There give me that you know his John boys mother spoke into his life and just said, you know, I knew you could do it and always got that from my mom, whatever, whenever I took on sports whenever she was there and she she had that positive word to mean she was all about family and's family, our family broke up but we had those good family times around the table and stuff but I just think of our spiritual impact in my life and in eyes, funny she knew I was in the sports and she was always trying to slough off these Christian athletes biographies and stuff like that and I wouldn't take the bait for a long time. I went my way saved when I was a young Cuba, took my own way and in my 20s.

You know I was dating a girl in it. You know my mom was. She was really concerned about my spiritual life and she had her own spiritual walk that she was walking out and the time she really want to give up smoking and spit. She felt like that was somewhat tied to where I was at that she needed to give up something to receive it so speaker came to our church from Africa and he kind of prophesied over her that basically it's like the story from Isaiah about Hezekiah. When Hezekiah was in had a disease in the death and you know he had cried out to God about it and Isaiah came and said I've seen your tearful net profit said senior tears and shortly after that remembering the exact timing guy got a hold of my heart I begin the writ start thinking about spiritual things again. I can remember it was Easter of that year as remember reading the Gospels arena Easter story in this in a weeping and then you know shortly after that he and I got hold of my heart really really seriously and yeah just that she was she would give up to only spiritual and that she prayed a lot, but just that store that steadfastness that she had. It was really cool.

We really got involved in the same church. Shortly after she ends up: which you know this is my mom.

That's just work in corporate America for all these years. She doesn't take the short term mission trip for a year to El Salvador yeah just amazing how God led us through that would been staying pretty close to my separation.

A minute went through. She's been there for me all that time and you not just she's been a gray by summing she's had stuff from her past that is affected her life at all, but she's we walk through it together and it's just that's one of the reasons I just I felt like I will and really needed on my mom on the radio and we get a chance to meet her map.

And that was fun yeah absolutely got a story about me is that you're not in a share right. I'm sure there is a certain unity rally.

I asked her what was the Andy story that they always tell at the family and she said I want to give your word and see if it's the same word. The word was crawdad crawdad and then she goes and he was the warden and he said no. She whispered it to me crawdad. I said what in the world crawdad well apparently Amy admin catching crawdads and had a glass full of crawdads with water in it in the other hand, was a Pepsi and he was getting thirsty apparently was parched and apparently had crawdads in one hand and the pepsin the other and switch them you know for a moment enough to get a good smaller of crawdad water and so if you ever wondered why Andy has a tendency to backup from things that you received in the back step. There you know they could be that crawdad waters got hide under rocks to. I've wondered about it. It's all coming into focus. Now you know. You see, only to come through in a pinch is about how to guides who would question him and ask you guys in the after hours right somewhere around the question do something around. Think about how your moms put her fingerprints on your life. That's the limit what you sure need a bit of additional stories of her just impacting the way that you do things in the way you see things in the way that you carry yourself in the star everybody wants to hear that. I'm hoping Danny will tell is what is mom is set up classic. It's only be told after hours and something to be taught and edited the comes a point where mama bear does come out and that was that's quite the story is told by the storyteller himself. Yeah. There's a few times remember my mom getting angry.

Most of them had to do with things about her kids and some investors submit after bit.

This is the last thing you have before Mother's Day their mothers in your life. If your fortune and your mother still alive still connected with your make sure you get her something if you're wife and you have children she's mother get her something. If you have grandchildren you know somebody in the groups of other take take any show and S back. Show respect to get a car until you love them just do something for them or honor them tomorrow.

Please go to masculine to register for the boot camp coming up November 17-21.

Talk to you next week.

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