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Mother's Day Honor After Hours

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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May 7, 2022 12:35 pm

Mother's Day Honor After Hours

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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May 7, 2022 12:35 pm

Welcome fellow adventurers! We continue Mother's Day Honor right here on the Masculine Journey After Hours Podcast. The clip is from a kids interview about mom.

There's no advertising or commercials, just men of God, talking and getting to the truth of the matter. The conversation and Journey continues.

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Currently Atlantic near Mema with storytime Mema and answered prayer for stories that point children to God on the Truth Network for kids your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting just a few seconds and Juliet share it the most of all, thank you for listening to The Truth Podcast Network.

This is the Truth Network French masculine Broward time to be more transparent to sit back and masculine starts here.

No welcome masculine journey after hours and weary target about the topic this week, but this is very important. Even I know we covered on the last show, but if you didn't listen last show. If you listen to them out of order. You can't miss this evening in the Robert Mauer it's Mother's Day the meaning of tomorrow is Mother's Day and so that does include case you're wondering your own life or might be a mother and from what we understand from Jim saying that you're not my mother is not a good settlement them for a mother of a day and then there's daughters and sometimes even granddaughters the but the chances are there somebody in your in your life that would really love to be honored for what they're doing is mom maybe a sibling sister that is a mother until you have all this answers only we can keep going on the list, nieces, there's others. We we can keep going and he you and tells about the topic that were talking about today. All are about to destroy both loaded guesses about mother's might be left to say is simply to open it up beyond mother, but does little female gender right if their mother that's the whole point right in the knees can be a monitor yeah yeah I nieces and mother were females. Will our mother I'm talking about mother. Yes, the just so happen to be female, which would go right, mother. Yeah we talked a lot about masculinity here so we are talking a little bit about the impact of femininity into our lives, our mothers in particular and just wait and we do another holiday shows not just I'm not. You guys may have done it before I joined that I can't remember us doing it. I just knew my mom's had a lot of input into my spiritual growth in life than you know.

I just thought it was would be a good thing to do to honor them talk about the father wounds and the blessing of the father finding God is the father and there's aspects even with got God. You know that motherly aspect, but you know sometimes I just don't think we we talk about it is amongst ourselves. I thought this would be a good topic for the shelf redone.

I like it I like to cook, but I want to make sure everybody knows what a no knows what this says about you covered it will write soon.

I have a clip it's a 16 second clip, and as we talked about good thing because we don't have much time left and yeah mobile restaurant need know the as we talked about the last show.

It was very difficult for a lot of us to find clips on her mom and fortune.

Robbie had a clip of his mom talking right which makes it a lot easier in that regard in the heart of another. Regards. But I really struggled. I thought about this topic. We've known about for a few weeks and I struggled in every mom that I could think of in a TV show or movie may have an aspect of my mom but it was not my mom and I didn't feel like guessing this is my mom here and so I just was kind of repair do not have a clip and then I was looking up some stuff today at lunchtime and found a clip from an interview and it probably was for a church. I'm guessing that it was asking all these young kids in elementary school age kids about the mom asking questions and I settled on this question you here right away.

Just one question. What did your mom what does your mom always say to you, and so will come back and talk about what is something your mama always said for me that the last three answers was my mom that is interesting. There were six answers there and half of them were. I love you and she loves us and as I think back to my mom and MLS mom saying here that Robbie losses in 2016 and we did issue a Christmas that year on surviving Christmas. You know, without a loved one, but other than that we really haven't talked a lot about it and eat your point for me. My mom was always about love. It does help that I was the youngest of six kids and so she had a lot more patience with me than she had with the others and hearing stories of my brothers you know that mom was quick with the back and and would use it in.

I didn't fortunately get it very much if I did guides sparingly from that memory because it wasn't the most important thing a I probably deserved it and I really did deserve it. If I did get it and it was more her desire to always know that regardless what was going on regardless of what we're going through.

She loved us back in the time when I lived in California and I couldn't call her because it was on distance and is back in the days reaction have long distance and can do you know what I would call her she died she was.

She was new she said was wrong. You haven't called me in a while and I know you don't call much but usually because I love you so what's wrong and so share this intuition and that she would draw things out of me and then just let me through it. Growing out by I don't remember my dad ever saying I love you and I didn't realize until about 789 years ago something like that and ask mom about it because you still live and study probably didn't ever say it because he never really said it to me. It is his wife and just growing up in that lasting all share in that is so important to my mom for the last four or five years that she was alive. She told me about four years in which first arguments that I'm to make sure I'm the last one to say anything when were talking and I must say I love you. Is it that's the last words that you ever hear from me. I want you to know I love you you know and and even when you were with her in the hospital and she got to the point where she was unable to talk before she passed away she would sign in some way. I love you in to all of us and so for me it's a legacy of love, mom wasn't perfect, nobody's perfect man. Love makes up for a multitude of things beside her.

That's in Scripture's on that I said she did let me well yeah I think I echo the same thing when you started talk about that might yeah I think my dad the ever hug. I love you ring like that know that like for mom only, I constantly eating get out of the house sheeting gets off the phone eating it anywhere still to this day.

You know I still have my mom and I love you a lot is always there.

It's so constant in you know it's genuine and it's basically said unconditional in its for all the things that I did to deserve it.

I still get it wonderful and is wonderful really speaks to an uncharged/for that. I thought about it but cannot wait for some reason that you know. Here he was, and what did he cry out for my disk is crying out for his mom and in those last moments and you know that that idea that comfort that's available only from my perspective for mom, you know that was just that was the very unique thing that she had for you and always did that. You know, in Danny's case he has of the story and so you know, again we need to hear the still get out of this after hours you know about here in the story. So here you will Danny I use to get down to take advantage of the knots is that well we were talking about mildly loyal and and somebody mentioned you picked your kids and mom always loyal to us, but there was an incident after my first marriage with Dale where my mother who is 56 may be hundred and 30 pounds, soft-spoken lady HIV meter just sweet. Maybe talking to my ex-wife on the phone and all of a sudden there was a 6 foot eight grizzly bear mama homophone let me tell you one be staying you beep if you come over here I'll beat your people know it. That's mom mom it was.

Did you doubt it, in any way though, that that's what would happen if the elder would be on the shadow of a doubt some I was getting buried on that property data if she showed up. I was pretty sure that my mama was going to go fix dinner and we are all listed and have only gotten exactly do I was gonna respond to having apparently either one say I love you is wonderful.

I did get a lot of that was a kid, but I was shown it by my mother and father knew I was unconditionally love because I did all I could to challenge that had they came through every time I will if you want to get to the fingerprint or we won't like it when you said that my baby reaction was that she never left the fingerprint should leave that to dad just uses switch print but my mother grew up like Robbie's in the Great Depression, and there was nothing so messed up that it needed to be thrown away.

It wasn't hoarding, she could later handle everything in the house but anything that had a chance of being useful was kept quite a hoarder either, but I'm not nearly as neat when I need something I can't find it. So I go about more than enough got plenty of it. Two days later, but I am exceedingly frugal and for those of you that need to look that up, which I know I have several friends here that do that word is cheap.

Yes yeah that word actually knew this does limit the question not asked before we left the other show the radio show was you know where I can see your mom's fingerprints in your life. And so that's part of some the same stuff before we get to that, David. You initiate a little bit about your mom did yet you you would set about the fingerprint survivor happened sit here thinking about you know the impacts and mama mama mama's boy in look around the room. It looks like pretty much our BIOS is a mama's boy as well. But you know the the impact that my mom does my life daily is currently in with with my wife and my daughter so my daughters from my first marriage. My wife is obviously not her biological mom but she can see the unconditional love that my mom is continue to give me throughout my entire life, which in turn makes her give Ashlyn unconditional love. So you know mom is pray for me my entire life. I would know had problems as as a baby and then grown up and you know just as ultimately as she just had not an impact in my life, but an impact on my life and continues to do it so it's pretty much what I want to share think you didn't appreciate that Robert so I have a story I know you're shocked where I was. We moved to Chicago from Colorado and I was wearing blue jeans like having it as a result I got picked on by the gangs of you know the area Chicago and got beat up quite a bit which my mother did not take nicely to and she was trying to figure things out or whatever but anyway one day a Billy Kilmer main parent heard the story before he he was not the quarterback. This was the Billy Gilmore that Kilmer that you got that was the bully in the in the school at that time he squished my lunch and that, for whatever reason, even I knew he was the head of whatever gang I decided that I was going to take it anymore and I punched him right now is, and as a result, it started to bleed a little bit right before we got on the bus that day and there was a lot of snow on the ground and what he was like 05 fight in a dim Kilmer Skinner showed in a deal more. Whatever you know as soon as we get off the bus and so manlike the entire school link to junior high.

There Naperville Illinois was waiting for this huge fight between Gilmore and Kilmer. Whatever the situation was and I remember thinking I am fixed did this is gonna be bad consists of posttreatment toughest kids in school and so we get off the bus and I'm distinctly well.

I know that his nosebleeds pretty easy, so man I just started punching first nose plan and and every punch just went right to the nose and just as predicted man. He was covered in blood. Before he could and the snow was covered in blood. Well, just as about the seamless looking pretty gory. Billy's mother shows up in a course sheet quickly throws me and Billy in the back of her car and takes us over to my mother a trip. I'm sure she will never forget my mom yeah my mom was waiting on in a bid, Billy was covered in blood, right, and I'm standing there, my mom was like finally, is this the little boy and she takes off on Billy. Then she takes off on Billy's mom and then she takes back off on Billy, you know. And then she takes a machine to clean them up and she goes get to read. She's cleaning up billing like what kind of mother are you that you would just let the net result is like you said Jim I may not. I just remember sitting there being so proud of who my mom was in the situation.

She still loved on Billy Unitas by the fact she told him everything she thought about his program and told her my mom but still you know she was her she was herself and and she rose to the occasion. I do know is those things left an imprint in my life which United you just don't ever forget that stuff is just thinking how bad it would've been for if you would have the banana pants and I thought you would know what you jeans and magazines that the banana pants are probably Blenheim blaming but enjoyed the area and others as we talk about those fingerprints. I remember my mom was being picked on and in I was quick to fight him and he is not real surprised that that probably that I was quick to fight. And so I been in a lot of fightsto try to not get into any fights.

I had this one kid that was Cano picking at me the stuff and I was talking with my mom and she's like well good you talk to teacher Mike and Gail did that and then and that didn't really produce anything and finally after about the third time she liked this document and I was just a bit and select RAI can do that with it. I live about how that should London become a Christian until I was a teenager I become a Christian before my mom, dad, and before any of my family did and my mom was always so full of grace and she really just demonstrated that the people she had this way about her. She wasn't raised in the depression. She was born in the beginning depression of my data grown up in the depression and so many you to make meals at anything you know and you can use that same piece of bone for about four meals. I think you know because it ends up being soup Yahweh down or activate all the meat off of a vision have some type of soup it at the end and dissuaded. She loved on this with the little we had, you know it. It was a testament to her. I think growing up I didn't know I was poor because I never felt like it was poor. You had a live of government cheese. He had to do some stuff we can make much money when he had her income. My dad was disabled at that point, but I don't have memories of being poor as a kid, shouldn't you never get that feeling in the house and on the people came over. There's always food for other people, you know that type of thing and just her grace and on II didn't get a lot of it that I think is a little bit that I did get I got from her right and everything and share about my mom is my mom hated sports and share with here on the team that she love the Indianapolis 508 when you grow up in Indiana you can't watch Indianapolis 500 its blacked out and so my memories of the Indianapolis 500 from as little as I can remember is listening to it on the radio as my mom would take Memorial Day weekend to paint because she paint a room in the house and so on, some amount drink and she would drink some beer and paint and you listen to the race and so you know, one of my traditions that I like to do is listen to the LSI watching out the same logic as I live in North Carolina watch the race and work on a project or in the house.

In that same time and it's it's I it I won't miss the 500 and I don't follow any other race.

I could care less about the circuit they I am going to watch that race every year that I can because it brings back such warm memories of my mom and time spent with her. That's right may not commemorate last year you were talking about that I'm a watch race like you never talk about race and what you know nothing to share this story with me. That's cool. I I will watch it I will log on to an Indianapolis TV station and watch the prerace test starting at seven in the morning and on the edges such fond memories of my mom during the day if my fingerprint right now that's interesting for me. There's so many small things.

It's like you said fingerprints just so many small little things over time we start about it like you're saying racing while my dad was in the racing. My mom was in the racing. My mom still watches race as he watched more than I do now because I got so fed up with sports and stuff that I turn a lot of often just kinda find out what goes on through her but that brings back so many memories of us as a family we go to races and do some things like that are part and it some of work go with my dad. But even there it's like sharing it with my mom was huge of this what we did this went on their she would she would go to all the races that were close but there's only a few that we traveled to the network and if I waiver she would go but her and my dad would go Daytona 500 together do all kinds of stuff like that just all those little things that I was doing stupid human tricks now mostly on snowmobiles. I was using Butler's crashing and wrecking the most she never would get upset just took it all in stride and wasn't really in trouble.

Things that I did that I am still today like she know how you stupid I was and what is really doing, but she was just so kindhearted for me so I can avoid skin had that instead of being the aggressor Canada okay the peacemaker Drive try to keep things almond acceptance. I also have the other side.

Words like the IDF allowed an explosive court.

And then I go that just all those times when she's just like so loving and warm and gentle about things. When like you do that and when it seems like that's a situation I would've been like that kind and agreed to yeah I would I would say mom would be called a peacemaker in she and all cost is what we used to say those she would let a family riff happen then and so that she would do the rain. I learned after she passed it she had some trauma in her childhood that I had no idea so she truly lived out of forgiveness and in peace.

Make and I think I think that is been a fingerprint in my life and my mom is a race fan to run and was a year. Years ago, the rocket hand two weeks before the race rocket him they had open house and you can take your vehicle out on the track and I could tell you what was going to happen before we ever got there we were gonna make laps around the track in whatever dad was driving and mom was ghostly we go around the track, but don't get up on the turns and we would make to lapse and stay flat in the last lap. Dad would blanket down in the chair and she would scream like a banshee. So we knew that installing a family tradition out my clip was going to be from my mother's recording of her time in World War II.

Both of my parents were very type a Things that that and both of them were in World War II that that's where they met while my father was a dentist and was drilling teeth. My mother was following the troops a couple weeks behind the invasion of North Africa went through that Sicily into Italy and she was setting up camps and one of the stories she loved to tell that I was going to have it with her voice, but was that she had assigned to her.

A group of German or German POWs and they and she was she was older than most of the other people there she was in her late 20s where most lives over fighting were 20s and in the teens but she took command, and they sent their Lieut. who is the ranking member of the contingent assigned to her to go talk to my mom and said I'm not sure what he called her but it was probably Mrs. DN or Misty and that he went up to her and said that my men really have a problem with you. He said oh what is that I don't like taking orders from a woman and her response was, well, that's too bad.

That's unfortunate because that's not going to change and he canna wandered off with his tail between his legs. My mother was fierce. I gave my parents at the test. Smalley and I get a right that the anchoress may vary. Smalley, both of whom were such strong liens and I wonder how they live together but they and they would fight that they would go to their bedroom, close the doors be muffled controlled but taking the test was a funny thing because that's alumni a look at the question might answer these and dad actually like that sort of stuff so that surprised me and my mother said he will answer leisure son asked for you to do that at but it was the son of two lions in. I guess that's why my golden retriever. Anyone else having you assure go through another story out there but if you announce some new assure the I just I just think back on even like grandmothers and my all my grandparents died when I was very young set for my mom's mom and she was just this weed is lady and just wonderful and eventually she ended up living part of the last years with my mom and dad in the house stuff but just that whole personality. I can see that my mom were she's just got that same temperament she can put up with so much from so many people yet doesn't get mad.

My grandmother was like that so it's just you even there. Just think about how much I enjoyed least having one of my grandparents lived for quite a while and was a huge influence on me to just how sweet and wonderful she was this great. I guess mine and I shared the story earlier about how I came to the Lord now mom and influence spiritual influence, but you just pop as part of life in this thinking back, I've got a bunch of stories but really just the consistency of being there for whatever the name was a mean Webelos and thinks what they were called to get into going in and playing sports.

She was a taxi cab driver she probably would love the idea they were back then. You know they take my kid off. She was always there whenever I was into. She was into whatever gifts I will and desire for birthday, Christmas. Whatever she did whatever she could to make those know to hectic to give me those bit you know there is just a consistency I heard.

I love you, but she showed me that she loved me as well.

So yeah it's it's amazing and quick story. My mom worked at the college that I went to and I to see her every day because they delivered stuff to her and and she was so gracious. Even then, I would be out a lot later doing things I shouldn't do think she dislike everything rough night son like yelp okay still do too much about Levy masking journey that Argie register Boot Camp talk to you next week.

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