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Spiritual Ear Exam After Hours

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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April 30, 2022 12:35 pm

Spiritual Ear Exam After Hours

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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April 30, 2022 12:35 pm

Welcome fellow adventurers! The discussion on spiritual ear exam continues right here on the Masculine Journey After Hours Podcast. The clips are from "The Andy Griffith Show," "Windtalkers," "Oh, God," "Abbott and Costello-Who's On First," and "Despicable Me."

There's no advertising or commercials, just men of God, talking and getting to the truth of the matter. The conversation and Journey continues.

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Hello this is Matt slick from the match look like podcasts to defend the Christian faith and lay out our foundation of the truth of God's word for chosen Truth Network Contessa starting in just a few seconds. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network French and American in the heart.

Masculine journey after hours time to go to be more transparent. Another topic covered. So sit back and masculine journey after hours starts here welcome to management journey after hours. Glad you're with us this weekend and again I know I say this a lot were glad it makes our day, knowing that there's willing to listen to us, but we find anybody. We love you mom. So after hours, sir. There is a little more loose than the regular show that anyway you have your listener, you might on the show you I get ask a question that you're not prepared and out of the blue leftfield topic that was a good topic. Anyway, we are topic this week is so dear exam writers virtual hearing test and so we can go a lot of different ways. We have done a lot of different ways of this topic is you can left it up to God to say okay God what are you working on each one of us with this and so we get to see where God decided to take us while he decided to take Danny back up to where you live to the studio we saw the clip from Danny and so it is going to set up the clip from Danny because it's it's one of your favorite clips you like last and play before, but if any of the Griffith clips. I'll be in my name, Sandy.

I got elected to do Danny's clip for them, but it's late episode out from its about Mr. McGreevey and Mr. McGreevey. Is this what Andy perceives as a fancy diaper character that will be streamed up.

Opie told him about him says he walks amongst the trees and wears a silver hat has smoke coming out his ears all the stuff. Maybe this doesn't believe him and and then this is the backside. Amy actually gets introduced to a man really has to do with no Andy with you knowing listening to Opie whether he really believed Damon and just how that interaction with Alaska is not necessary. Learn his lesson is best thing making stay in his room leaving it simple. A lot of times I've asked him to believe things at the same just as impossible on the silver lunch England and the smoke from the barn. I guess it's time I guess when you're asked to believe something just don't seem possible that some size will you have faith in somebody, how can you explain it all okay but you do believe in Mr. McDavid. No, I do believe in helping aromatic the when you had something you and yet many long with windows earlier. While that can remind me of the guy that I was praying with the last show. If you didn't go back to splash a job at the gathered spring with the reason (with them was he was telling me about a nightmare that you had about a month and half ago about this this dark entity that was in his house and you one of the things we do as parents right after kids have these nightmares and dreams until I get back. Then just have a nightmare but I knew I fully believe because I've experienced an have seen a lot of different things that God speaks to us through our drink. He always has and continues to do so, but because of that faith and believing what this man was saying as I began praying for him and praying against the spirit that is in his home because that was what God was showing was that there was something in his home that was terrorizing him the son as I began to pray for that for this man again. There was an attack on me that with this needle in the back of my throat that the spirit trying to get me to stop praying. To most people right. That sounds crazy, but it's real. I was listening to that very summer and thought is that I will start adopting the term I had to make me the moment right, meaning a time that you and I if you would listen to how we all talk with each other about what God does in our life, or how you talk from the stage at a boot camp on on what God's doing.

If you don't have the ears to hear Tacoma seem unbelievable right you know what Robbie experiences in the morning with what God does with team is so incredibly cool, but if you don't know Robbie don't know his heart is say I don't know about that are aired Rodney story or Jim story whoever story that when God intercedes, we have to have this faith element, and that's what I loved about that clip was that it reminds us that we have the McGreevey moments with God and others may not fully understand it, but they trusted it because they it's God, and he they know your heart, they can hear it from your excitement Bob.

I'm sure you probably seen some of that it at boot camp as well. Where guises can come alive with some of the stories that are shared from your stories About their wings glided Outlook out like you know… Like okay you know you'll get what you what you want. There will where my now and how.if Mike didn't believe that time I have a new house yet writing out what you know God and believe that I get a new house to begin with. At that boot camp and I met a realtor that was able to get out but yet God, like, don't worry I'll take care of it and take care of this claim.

I don't expect everyone will come back home with out your specials what you say story was rather the boot camp and we don't really think that was all I heard Charlie Brown he got a hot top top. I got a rockabilly siding stand on a rock. You can't stay, I would point out that if you live in Ohio you would deserve to have been talking with you to get the party there is this good stuff that mean we we do that whole.

I mean Opie truly unit received what he saw. Like a child, obviously, is what he really saw, but we talked a lot we done shows on the whole fact that a lot of times we miss out hearing from God and experiencing God because were so sophisticated we don't come with this childlike wonder. I tell the story about whenever I go to Yosemite in the three gifts that God gave me every time I share that I think the people he comes just crazy stupid but it was so real to me and then whenever God showed me after the fact. How you know they correlated with the trip.Danny took me on Yockey are you with our motel that whether people receive it or not I don't care but I know that I heard from God their duties. If you do this it's it's my hot top moment you know you just about a different twist on the same thing I heard Matt is that there are a lot of times when we are begging God to talk to us and he doesn't. We don't hear from them when we really want to and he's basically showing us that we need to step out in faith on what we last heard that you don't want us to ask you cannot take this step now to take that step. Now I want to go in the direction the last sent you and then he'll redirect you soon appreciate that any you have a microphone in front of you want to set up your talk. Binocular high actual clip from when talking, so this is from when talkers were told that this started thinking about how the enemy comes after communication or are the enemy comes after the communication anytime, but anytime there's a war going on in its first thing that they try to take out or intercept communications in this case with the wind talkers is about the Navajo Indians. They were called code talkers they got involved in World War II when we were fighting the Japanese and there was a lot of interception communication and the whole Navajo related. There was a Navajo person on each end of the communication to do the translation and it just in this clip, though you probably most of it won't be coherent data be talking Navajo Japanese air is little bit of English. Lotta bombs and stuff going on. This is what war some so it is sounds like a lot of times, but again is what you're listening to the message got through. Because the guys lip list on both the type of interpret is sorry about that clip visit. We really was more of a visual clip but you had to use your senses and listening to that in and what you heard was multiple coordinates for artillery be being called in more specific to where you actually hit the target but you know we're we live in a world where were trying to hear all you hear all these voices and you want to really hear what God has to say.

And sometimes there is a spirit to spirit communication with God that actually kind of goes as the women talk you know you're praying in the spirit that you're talking to God and in and he's talking to you and it bypasses the enemy. That's just kind of what I saw in that clip yeah that's actually a really good movie. I didn't know that that existed half your back in World War II before watch the million.

So, how cool was that you know you have an enemy that can interpret it like that intercept yet what you're wanting to say and so you find a way to go around and still your objective. You know I believe in the full power of God. I'm not afraid in the enemy, but there are times that I choose not to pray out loud is a distorted tip my hat right it might my hand to write. I don't need to get. I can hear my thoughts he can hear through my spirit since I choose to pray that way is because there is an enemy that's active and wants to try to intercept it and try to steal away. Harold, you have the clips want to go ahead and get your clip and so this is from somebody that's actually older than you is in the right now this is from the movie of God and in this particular scene, George Burns, playing the role God is talking with John Denver and one of the reasons that I liked. It is because I think it goes two ways in communication which always is real way that communication occurs below. Like going on a trip to spend a little time's I sometimes I don't spend enough time failed okay we did terrific. I gave a message of encouragement you passed it along now and say did good that good but think anybody got the message you think we have enough apples in the apples only apples we made Johnny Appleseed to drop a few seeds and you will. This seems a good integral I gave you great scene's best lost my job you know the cities of the supermarkets. Everybody thinks I'm in Galileo faster. Einstein's good company. Well better be going back whenever comes with see sometimes. Now and then just talk talk less but something that we really have through loan is the fact that God will listen when we talk with Phyllis: is it we have to listen when he talks. We have to be careful to know that is him that's been mentioned earlier, in one of the ways that I think we can know that is we got the written word. He's given us the written word and he will not contradict that. So if you're hearing something that goes against what's in the Bible. It's not coming from God. It's coming from somewhere else and while I got the mic.

One of my favorite things to say is that we got two ears and one mouth that's what we need to use them and I got a little scripture that, back set up Proverbs 1813. If one gives an answer before he hears it is his folly and shame. So the point was made earlier about oftentimes we're not really listening widget were saying in our head, would you please shut up so I can talk and we need to be listening to hear what the other person is trying to communicate to us or we can be silly. I Proverbs this.

I did notice you were staring at me the whole time they are talk to set that I got you guys are guilty as charged. Mr. you say something now okay we have a clip back into Rodney's already bonds a great juxtaposition with Andy's. This is not war. This is comedy. And if you haven't heard this, it's about time as this routine is even older. Believe it or not, that I am and that Harold is so, but it is perfect in describing what happens in interpersonal communication. Sometimes I'm not really sure it's older than me to be quite honest it is had looked it up a month on the think we have now what goes on for was on so I talking about him that I don't would you please send me as many times as you hear that you still its genius really is the way that they do that and it is a that's why we talk where saying one thing we're in our head. Something in her something entirely different and we don't recognize it because were not really listening to the responses you need in. That's a good example where the enemy can get in the way that the both speaking truth, neither one can hear each other. They both absolutely right, and what they're doing and they don't have ears to hear one another and I want to get your clip before we were done with the show and so you only have like a minute to set it up. Do you think you could do that 50 seconds so this is from disparate spec disable me like space now to nearly all does someplace else. Basically, you got a guy who has a heart change by adopting these girls and he in this clip is to the point where he finally has his heart change in this book that they always want them to read. He introduces a book that he is wrote and it's is very very sweet change in his heart towards these girls that it meant everything to him.

These will be my main and myself back one big unicorn strong and free thought he was happy as he could be around 20 talking about the relation to persons living or dead is completely will be meeting last all day made him cry and said goodbye now changed yeah he has a heart change there from the three little kittens. As he puts the girls that he adopted and where I got to all this was a roundabout way because when you first start last week. No hearing exam instead of the eye exam of Mike hearing comes by faith comes by hearing the word of God is the first thing I jumped in my mind and then it was back when I hear all the time is what Andy was all he was like Mr. son talk you know he was. It was on that son ship and it was like just about all the right things beat into me. You know from son ship is that's where God had me just had me really to the Internet so that's what I always here is that, son.

So in a different study that was doing this we could just put me into Galatians 4 and four through seven but when the fullness of time came, God sent forth his son, born of a woman, born under the law, so that he might redeem those who were under the law, that we might receive the adoption as sons. Because you are sons got also set forth the spirit of his son into our hearts, crying, father therefore you are no longer a slave but a son, and if a son and heir to God and that's where the whole adoption just playing with me this weekend thinking man I been adopted by the greatest father ever and this clip is him receiving love from who he adopted and on the opposite I'm receiving love from the one who adopted me and I just I just been bathing and that all we can say it's been wonderful. Thank you.

Recent Bob you got about a minute left ear will will get going.

You tell us a bit about your boot camp again coming up here in June and then a little bit how they can get information on Boot and got one you well on Amber Dan Levin have one in October, while another basic and have a disease lab upon. Think about it. I appreciate you doing this think you were looking forward to seeing you in September and and maybe we'll see some you guys back in November we get the team coming up November 17-21 masculine to register. If you have a topic you like for us to talk about. Please send this to Facebook reaches a nice country and Facebook on twitter just about any one of the social media platforms were on the click of mass concerning reach out to us would love to hear from you any comments. Anything that you would any clip should recommend most all would love to see if the next camp to register. This is the Truth Network

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