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Spiritual Eye Exam After Hours

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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April 23, 2022 12:35 pm

Spiritual Eye Exam After Hours

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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April 23, 2022 12:35 pm

Welcome fellow adventurers! The discussion on spiritual eye exam continues right here on the Masculine Journey After Hours Podcast. The clips are from a clip of Jordan Peterson, and "Kingdom Of Heaven."

There's no advertising or commercials, just men of God, talking and getting to the truth of the matter. The conversation and Journey continues.

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Hello this is Metzler from the Metzler glory podcast Road from the Christian faith and lay out our foundational truths of God's word through Trojan Truth Network Ponderosa starting in just a few seconds. Enjoyed sure it but most of all for you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network going to an infringement barricade in the heart of a letter masculine journey after hours time to go deeper and be more transparent.

Another topic covered this week, so sit back and masculine journey after hours. Start here welcome to messenger the after hours. We glided with us today and then you know you're glad that there was topic bills will be more about it. I know the name of it. I do know I sale most of the spiritual eye exam I have I have the here and you don't know that reference goes into the first show you find out why did he tell us little bit about this topic of spiritual eye exam edges. The thought occurred to me that you how I see myself as opposed to how God sees me and the comparison between the two look out of the spiritual eye exam is you will glasses and my looking through when I'm examined myself. We missed another player in the equation.

There you just said you and God. Yet another person that tries to tell you how to see yourself of the enemy. You yeah he he screamed loudly yeah you go back to the old TV show the angel on one shoulder and then devil on the other and indiscriminately lattice and they both look like UNESCO Nigeria. This can scare but we that we had a great first show dramatic hopefully continuous stories and some great questions that they Danny has but first Rodney we have your clip that would like to set up yes your clip made the cut this week. Miracles upon miracles this if there is a stick to the just stick to the clip because there's some stuff from what you get some on the first show. It's like while that I have a little you revelation myself about identity and what people say is begin to want to assure that then we can do the clip we get well. You guys were talking like you know here's here's what I here which is bad but yet I'm better than that. I'm more than that right that the enemy says bad things while I like thinking because even in my talk, I was like okay will most the time what people said to say about me, my aunts, my cousins, my uncles, my mom and dad, my friends was generally really positive.

I was well thought of. I know I got no trouble. I yell as I was can always pray for being adult when I was a kid and just always put all higher than what I thought I was sitting there thinking liaisons like you're trying to tell me all but I would listen right Lord at II was something that I wasn't thinking I was which is little opposite so that edges of people in that camp also that I like you have had people say positive things about me but I just wouldn't believe it. I wouldn't go there with the enemy and his lies and what the world says this would let me ever believe that I was more than what I thought of myself as a part of that is you're probably still wearing a mask and secant tell that love through the mask yet when I look in the mirror I see some completely different lab LCs right now the God's help me take that down the scale that's really what was going exactly yeah so in that vein of worldliness because when this topic came up. That's where my mind went was well there's two sides, there's worldly. There's godly and that's where even Snyders is trying to make sure it is that where you really want to go with the topic Danny but and where I went was all what how do I see myself because it's depends on what time of day, what with winds blowing and I know it's a situation like you're saying earlier in the previous show and so iconic concluded with was something really so discount up how I see myself or something like that in. Next thing I saw was this Jordan Peterson clip he was, how you see yourself is his. He did a topic I guess Anna, but this is an excerpt from it. There was just a Q&A any just a little bit of him answering it and you hear go over a bunch of things and every once a while who hit a little nugget of truth. Most the time is just kinda rambled about stuff and a lot of people you know, kinda end up idolizing this guy you know in a way that all he's so brilliant but he just me misses the truth he gets really close. He swings me know he gets a little tangential touch to the truth he hit, he hits on a little bit of nugget because also happens in this clip is he talking about how he's reactive the question and then eat the thing and I can hear in the clip is that he goes off about seeing a stack of different things, forget that you were also there going if if you been around Jim a little too much because hands gentle you don't know what a tangent is. I noted tenderness, but I've never heard tangential in Oak Hampton yell swings by something to just barely recent by just hits it like a tangent kind and gentle relationship.

Jim knew I knew you'd know exactly I'm sorry. I want to be on the same page.

Tangent God, but not in general week brought you by Jim Graham's encyclopedia in that there is a point so what he does at the end is talk about you know you not going to get the sites based on what a stack of papers on your desk so he had a little diatribe about a stack of papers I cut out of the middle of it, but that's ways like you. You can even face up to that, but there's just as you listen to shall find some things that are a little bit nuggets of truth and a bunch of stuff this just so me trying to explain something annoying about in terms of potential.

Well, you'll discover a little bit more about your potential as you discover who you are, especially the darker parts so because then you discover your potential for mayhem is a real utility in that is actually something that strengthens you because the first thing that a realization like that can in fact produce is the ambition to incorporate that dangerousness into a higher order personality and that can make you implacable to make you someone who can say no when you need to say no.

You know that to make you someone who won't avoid unnecessary conflict. So that's unbelievably useful so that's one of the potentials that you might start the other thing you do to discover your potential is to challenge yourself notes like rule four in my book, 12 rules for life is to compare yourself to who you were yesterday, and not to someone else's today and that's kind of a good way to start. This is like well take a bit of a look at yourself and think about what's not so good that you could improve that you should improve by your own standards and that you would improve know and say soft little goal is a humble goal because really, are you such a coward that the best that you can blending well-managed after a month of avoidance is 15 seconds of exposure to a stack of paper.

You know could easily be been avoiding its you're obviously afraid of it and so the situation could be that dismal and dire. You might think well Jesus, no bottom to my ego. It's no it's not fostering the strength of my ego to recognize myself someone who could only withstand 15 seconds of exposure thing I'm afraid of some form of humility to so then there is is just entering how you okay don't compare yourself to others is, what he said and there's like yes right. We does not how we really should live. We compare ourselves to God and that's where we know really see who we really are, but many times my ego and other things is often overdone it sit around and do a just puff up her own ego.

That's not going to get us anywhere near truth acid and Tagus right down the where talk about early right for me, which is me on the negative side, and other people, you know, getting brought down from the enemy to others around them in society and stuff like that. You just when used listening to people just ramble on, like I'm doing now and you get into just all I can just keep talking and talking. I got stuff thrown out because he's got so much frown on his head.

People start thinking as truth is just just distance long distance away from the other little bit him goes a long way yeah I do it.

There is that nugget in the middle.]

I never implacable. I feel like I need a dictionary is Jim wants to say something I want anything from first any would you call it is the best author, we had today what we call when there's a word we don't know because of encyclopedia Jim Danica. Well, I understood his words. Every once in a while he with places didn't really want to follow and couldn't follow but I was very impressed. So help me with implacable ones that I don't know how I'm saying he either said you're confusing me. I got a focus on Andy right now.

Okay what if you can't be moved.

If it's implacable you need it. Well, he could be moved. Andy, I have always thought of you is a very bright guy with this guys highly intelligent. He knows more words than are useful in I'm accused of that. Every once in a while, but he said you know at least half a dozen times. So you guys are in the same class.

I love how that's a good point that is implacable what is implacable, your unmovable lips. I currently help what I like to like like that. Microsoft yeah is let Lester. Lester, there so we go to his good is this could be an Andy guess if you can't see him pointing to Andy what your clip well if little bit list philosophical.

I would say nice from kingdom of heaven. And it's about the Crusades.

It's about Bailey and needs. This young guy that has basically been drawn into battle and that he meets up with his father. He's been off to increase faith in anything really know one another in their camp together and basically the father leads him into battle training and that's really what it is and that is the point about where loud to talk about that employee Say which are made up his hand is one for today is not for my test is about God quite well working I got this posted a photo of the whole thing back then.

Jenny's event is so what I saw in the clip you know. Then he said how you see yourself in this long, myself, is somebody that had been around the Christian faith for long time but I didn't really see myself as a warrior or somebody of strength in ethnic you know it's like when the father came into my life really became a father the identity you know, one of the names feet.

He gave me was from my given name, which is Andrew which means main mainland strength which I always felt I would have lacked that United and then but before then the first name. I got it but camp was mighty warrior, which to me I was like Arlington know the context of that unit was just getting initiated a big chance of staff and and really that I just feel like that is where I met were Bailey and was he's been introduced to the father and he's learning this picking up this the word learning how to swing it at a keep it high.

You know how to use more than the sword. Just the blade you know those kinds of things and it's a work in progress and that that you know that there's things that I still fail at in battle.

But there's also some successes I've had for so if it's, you know, I don't think we anybody arrives I think were all this is a journey that will continue on until we asked that just the strength that I have that I didn't have for my father coming into my life teach me about his good and I think the Arnie that clip for me was I never heard it when seen and redundant. The father gives and the advice of never use a low guard you think you would it is delivered. It would help arrow having that saying maybe low guard optional low guard radiated when errors come in that place. Maybe there should be teaching about always use a low got everything always goodbye advised out it will be a tangent alluded to in general and possible moment.

I'm thinking 10 potential yeah I gave Billy the Williams again said that he had some questions are questionable, limited, lead-in thoughts and and basically a question was the story behind it. We can think about the things stalled and believed about yourself over the years and think about the things you know God has spoken your life, either through Scripture through is people of my life is glittered with with amazing people have spoken and you how they compare and share a story relating to God, and after the true you and interestingly enough the morning. I was praying and you so often I wanted to be somebody else other than who I am and even there's a dentist owned by Jonathan Hill services you will, the heart of Mary Ella to the ears of Samuel Kelly and and I was thinking about that Saul and I felt soft and I pray I want to dig in the Hebrew like Robbie, I will be the adventure of prayer warrior like Andy but God I think is, led me into what about if you pray that I won't be what you design me to be. I will have the heart of Danny that God gave I will have the years of Danny that you made and show me how to walk like this really good good you and also thought on. Actually, when when them. Danny came out with that question.

I just great question and hit us right before he went to the after our show and I thought to God. Where have you come after me and who you think I am an I've been working on this recently but he really hit me between the eyes with a new name that that I had not realized which is the voice is when he originally called me to do the Christian card I show you, and I didn't do public speaking. I didn't really speak.

I spoke on occasion.

I remember the night when he came in. I said God is heard my voice to people going to college to learn on the radio yet to how to use their voice that kind of stuff. I don't know that. And he was very clear.

He said, trust me, you have the voice I want the voice at and so as I was studying to do this statement saying that Andy came in and in the Herald last week I came across this rabbi was teaching on why they prayer pray their prayers in unison you know if you ever go to a Seder all the people are praying the blessings all the same time and maybe go to church where people recite things and he said to cheat God your voice is a sapphire that you know it's like that voice that you been dying to hear like he's dying to hear your voice and so often, when you pray silently, he would really like to hear your voice because he created it with a voice and as I was sitting there thinking man, God you really like my voice and and sometimes when I pray in my car nowadays.

I since I'm quoting the hundred 19 Psalms 10 and pointed out, and I really get into it and him and I met you know I'm really talking and give him the whole voice like the whole deal and and I've and I realized what kind of freedom there isn't that an and I and I realized that he really thinks of me. He put me in radio because he knew what it would be for my heart which I never would've known it a billion years that in spite of overcoming what it took to get on the radio as far as my own fears and I was kind of things.

What is done for my heart and my life to be the voice which you know are my favorite verses in the Bible is certainly the book is the song of Solomon, but one of the coolest things at the very end of the eighth chapter of the beloved. In other words, here's the bridegroom. This is Jesus and what's the last thing that he says to the bride which I think it's critical for all of us to hear, let me hear your voice.

I and and so when when I'm pray and I'm thinking man enough do a lot more than said there's Mike Mike my two cents while you're saying that it's funny that one of the people I've wanted to be more like his Robbie and finally God got tired of me saying that and he said no.

I want to be Jim.

I've got a Robbie and I was thinking yeah one Robbie is plenty, but but it is often that we do compare ourselves with others, and that's what we want you as it did out so you looking up. I think I saw you looking up implacable during the breaks will let you give it a better definition later mods hazy, but I pursued knowledge for many years and I really was geeky enough that I was reading dictionaries and encyclopedias that I made the mistake of sharing that with my brothers to hear more that more often than you want to but I learned about 30 years ago, which was less than half my life ago so it seems fairly recent that the pursuit of knowledge is not that important. We need to be pursuing wisdom and it didn't take a great brain to do that and I thought I had a great brain and I used to take a lot of pride in that but after losing by keys today and microphone twice. One time it was in my back pocket in my pocket knife and that something outside couldn't find it now forgotten about the brains get in, soft, and that's okay because I've got God, and that's enough for any of us. And anybody that can see themselves through God's eyes. First, while you're seeing a true picture because that's what you get to be for eternity and you are perfect in his life thanks to what Jesus did for us. All of us are perfect in all of us are unique, not very unique. That's two words you should use together, but here all the time on the radio but we are all unique and were all the way God made us, and were all perfect and Sam can't wait to jump on me for that supple leg is a very unique opinion and some very happy that you know me, the way God's coming after me this this year is different in its through the word of the year. Ironically, I was not a proponent of the word of the year Robbie was a champion of it. I was a complacent per participant. You know is like I have have a wording on i.e. God makes me keep the same word for couple years yet heard that before because I just didn't do anything with it. He's like okay did I get away from the word, and so this year, you know, I I unite.

I took it in and I said okay got him to walk with you in this and it's word talents in unease challenge me not to hide, not to step back, you know there's times that I know God's call me in the leadership are called me into a situation that I really didn't want to do inside shy away from it.

You know, and so this year I've been stepping into those opportunities.

I think at some point. On the other side of it.

He'll have a name for me, but what I'm really enjoying right now in the midst of it is, as I step into these things that I feel like he's calling me to do up in Oregon opportunity to pray about it and in all go with what he says in, and I'm finding this new passions new humbleness along the way, you know, he'd asked me. I got asked to participate in ministry that the church I go to does with the food pantry and with that clothing everything there that to help lead some of the stuff in it and I prayed about a God said, yeah, and I spent the last two Saturdays there with the people who that is their passion just how humbling it is and how grateful I feel to be a part of something that they're doing yeah just a small part. I was packing boxes last week for the people coming in and just the humbleness of thank you for letting me serve in this way you in awakening some things in me that I never knew were there not they have compassion for people that needed things it in a totally different way and so you know, for me, he EI know he's going to have an identity part a piece of nugget the right now just enjoying the ride and said okay.

Got were we going to get a couple different things, but I think the time I was feeling pretty low. As a father leader and things of that nature. And then the boot camp were then asked me to baptize him was one of those things that you know however got orchestrated that to come into my life at that time was just one of the most of looking eggs. The first thing I'd like I can do it SF very first thought that I hadn't, blow it, I'm not the right amount on what to do and I might just allowed God to scan a work permit and I went back to is the boot camp prior I got my wound and Mike okay as I was living in okay. I am a son of God.

That's that's why Matt, that's who I am and I was trying to do as authentically as I could to live in that and not just say it but actually mean it, feel it, live it and walk in that in saws like okay well what do I need a site I need to do anything.

I just need to be myself, let it come and just just have a baptism in front of all of you guys at the camp and Eddie is participating and that was just wonderful. It was great for me to get to have my son with the other men that I love thereto and Just Way, God came after my heart to just say this is a moment that I I have for use just a beautiful gift. Thank you. To get a couple well is really that the camp prior where I got that wounding I was. I was just in a season of really praying and like what do you have for me what what is it that you seem excited. I wouldn't want to go to the wound. I didn't want to go to my new name. I did one wasn't a place I wanted to go. I was just more opens okay.I will. I want to just listen and hear and understand what you have for me were to what I need to get some healing and restoration in basically went down that path of wealth all those times when you were kind of felt ignored and always has something like this is that you just don't matter and it can eat he put a lot of things into my memories of things that it happened that's said this is what you were feeling you just feel like you don't matter you do your my beloved son circle ending in regards to the time you have something I guess.

One thing was when I got back from boot camp. This time I was talking to it under the heavy emphasis on identity at the boot camp and I was talking to my daughter and friend of hers about identity and we were talking about one of her friends. Daniel was his birthday Jim Daly name got to start a little bit about my name my identity and strengthening the month and I said I never felt like I was and I gave you know that the example of where he gave the order was like yeah I've always seen ICU is a very strong man didn't think to hear that from her is more to it that it was just it was cool that that think you need thing to listen and we hope you'll join us next week we're going to talk I think about spiritual hearing hearing. If I could say right messenger need at origin.

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