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The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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March 26, 2022 12:30 pm


The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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March 26, 2022 12:30 pm

Welcome fellow adventurers! This week the guys are talking about layers. Just like Ogres have layers, so do us humans. The clips are from "Shrek," and "Sanford and Son." "

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Hi this Roy Jones with man talk radio podcast admissions to break down the walls of race and denomination your chosen truth radio broadcast will be starting in just a few seconds. Thank you. This is the Truth Network, the heart of every man in Craig's agreement, but why does it usually feel that way. Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads masculine journey is filled with many twists and turns.

So how do we keep from losing heart while trying to find a way when life feels more like a losing battle and something worth dying for, grab your gear, request your brand-new brothers will serve as the guides we call masculine journey masculine journey starts here now. Welcome to the masculine journey we're glad that you're with us today and I'm very glad to be back with my brothers here it's it's great to be back with you know you not as excited about it as I am, but I'm very happy to see. All right, thinking that thinking now I'm trying to find out if you everything stayed in Vegas or if you got anything bring back to nothing. I want to share with on the air, but now with you and sorry it was beautiful. It's always a you can't go through something like a national Park in say how can anyone not believe in God you not just of the beauty it's it's amazing and yeah yeah I did have one thing I got in Vegas. Wow, all three national Park without seeing the signs put up on the government that make you know that the devil is out there to step on the rocks.

You might damage them still found that no, sorry you here's a weird thing. So Rob is not with us today and so that's when I do a quick poll. How many of you guys did he tell he was going out of town anybody. This is normally you have this whole process of hey I'm not even be there this week, be it NRB tell us that tell us something and then just also nothing yeah Jim and I found out on Saturday when he had us in forking the pursuits can use advertising for the boot camp. Yeah so it's like oh by the way guys are knocking to be there. I got this and this and this.

In the summer league on now you're telling us after you give us a topic difficult.

Yeah he started with the topic and then you know of course he is not there anyway I found out as I was bringing him something to the Shoney's like to be there.

He was scattered sheepish when he was telling that's over stuck on them. Sheepish sheepish sheepish right so like shamus is being bad anyway to the topic forget to tell me Jim, you have an important thing to fill in for Robbie. How many times have both of his tears to my thought I could bring some class to the center where he fails for those sitting around this table. It is the EB EBV and for those that are coming to you with us is the EBV EBV and we get there narrowly set up stuff and so that's awesome it's it's because I'm excited. I think that's what you hear her voice.

All this excitement in his boot camps, and it's can be fun, even when the seventh. This week's topic.

This will be to set up right run you and send it on and all that anti-Jesus and anything in his pocket and is trying to be quiet and stay awake. Yeah, it's hard for him but this topic is something that we talk about a lot this opening clip that I'm sure you're pregnant to start with is going to explain an awful lot, but Shrek is one of our favorite movies. One of the favorite clips that we use is donkey and Shrek learned. Shrek always tries to explain to donkey what ogres are in there like onions, they have layers in donkey goes off on a tangent, but donkey does but it it is true that he knows what balls ogres as humans have layers in. If you start thinking about how many things you get layers, and because one of the things I did for this topic was okay will have layers, but when I talk about worded being, I started thinking about Mike mixing I concluded was layers are about and everything we do. You get things you learn things in layers, you lose things in layers. You forget things layers you get wounded in layers you pose in layers.

You just about everything you do. Spiritual wounding is and more fares all around layers in these never like oh I got it I got it all. I got it now. It's never like that. It's always in parts and pieces and Melissa say it's complicated. And so, go ahead and play the Shrek in Québec talk. I thought he did set it up well for you. Sam and rescue place. It just of Islam which you only don't have the freaks of the first things that you don't like maybe there's a good reason donkey shouldn't talk. Don't get Shrek to dispose of it all the stuff on Lacey to make it bring all the trip will know what, maybe I could have decapitated an entire village and put their hands on a plate gun and knife cut open. This cleaning fluids. Does that sound good to you know not really know.

For your information is a lot more to ogres than people think. Example example okay ogres are like onions, basting yes no no always leave my understanding it out brown thoughts.

Bad little white hair all heirs. I have layers have layers onions have layers. We both have layers united by like onions. Take care what everyone likes ogres not geeks fee is easy to populate onions starting by may be the most delicious thing on the whole thing. You know you have a tissue seven. That's one of those clips, no matter how many times you listen to it makes you laugh is just so funny. Couple things is think about as we talked about this topic of layers two things for me.

That really has been enlightening and is probably caught it a lot quicker than I did not always the sharpest knife in the drawer, but the two concepts of layers is running very well described everything in her life happens in layers in relationships get deeper in layers or they get worse in layers. It's not usually one big thing in our warfare against decision talked about the enemy stacking things on her wounding all those kinds of things. Intimacy with God comes in layers. It's deeper and deeper into the whole concept of layers it in the other. Melissa seasons and when I began to think of things in seasons. It was very helpful for me and I just have to make it through whatever the season is this financial season this whatever and it came to pass right right. Any unit will pass at some point united all beyond the next season because we didn't want to think that things are always going to be the same way and the only thing in life that is certain is nothing stays the same.

That's only certainty got stays the same should say that, but our relationship with God does not stay the same and we growing as shaking head that they can't hear that on the radio. So if you want to say something to get to talk through my death and taxes. But taxes are going to get worse on better entry into patient at a time only okay next topic.

Yeah, I'm sure that we probably came after we die. Anyone else your name and the delay everything when I go ahead and open it up is are so many things we can talk about where has God dealt with you in layers you can take your healing. Where is the enemy dealt with you in layers. Anyone have an answer.

They like to throw out there, if not all throwing heralds at one. Harold, one that I have is is for me a scary one that is I won't have my outside lawyer, more like the inside layer that God can instantly if I put up the front of my photo you guys and I might get away with it for a long time.

You don't get away with God because we may think we got layers but he's got x-ray vision, manning him his newly in the good thing to know is the enemy does not have that x-ray vision enemy as other tools that he uses against his right one of those night he can't see inside our heart. He can't read her mind. He can't do the things God that is not God is making is making an impactful right but he doesn't have that same power to not to worry about that with him the other. Some times a day I just choose to not pray a lot out loud. Is it really just wanted me to hear that's been gotten. I and it's not out of fear as you don't need to know this weird inspiration from Harold Blair. We do have an opaque layer that God gave us we don't deserve it.

God sees us as his perfect children because later that Jesus Christ is provided. That's one layer I will hang on to craft every glass of colored glass maybe John Lynch's piling the best talk about that in his two roads talk is when he talks about you and Jesus and him later Jesus and the person is talk about looking at the sin person sin in Jesus, like my, my, my baby, I got you covered and will hack what I gather you now and in God's love.

God sees us in ways that were able to see yourself again. He sees this way he intended us to be and part of its aging part of it is God's grace that he put peels off the layers of sin that we have developed over the years tell or getting a little closer that white inner onion yeah if were not willing to peel them off till… And it hurts. It hurts good. I would say for me. You know, before going to break one of the things is not some the wounds, especially the ones you have as a child that stick with you for your whole life until you deal with them.

With God you don't realize how this entwined they are in everything that you do. You have bitter roots run and lots of directions write a letter that had to do with the things I talked about and show the with my sister telling me I don't have a whole lot to say or no nonsolicitation at the mouth of those things I didn't realize how incredibly entwined that was in my life. It affected me at work effectively with my children.

It affected me with my wife effectively with all the different things in my friends knowing God had to peel back each one of those layers right you know he peel back a big layer which help me deal with it with any peels back the smaller layers as heat digs out those other roots interesting thing I found with those layers is he doesn't pull it off in the order that you think you or those around you really survive yeah yeah God is what God wants to do and he is what he knows we need that you still have time to go to the Boot Camp masculine go register during the break. Make a quick register after the show we want to see their God wants you there. One of my favorite things about boot camp. The favorite thing about campus every time I go and see anyone that has encounter God knows, generally speaking, it's nothing we expect God knew what I needed. I knew what masculine One of the things it's been a true joy to me is having my sons there with me to boot camps and watching them get an understanding that I wish I would have several years and I'm still probably learning a little bit as we go. Watching them get a good foothold in the manhood in understanding what is and how to stay away when journey is handy welcome back, not just you everybody. Welcome back. Actually owes you say that's your bomb your topic you were too lazy to get it.

So I did was Robbie's top okay well I mean I know you had to shrink too lazy to be tied to theme to it to shrink very nice talking. She thought about the song talks about how you know that she's saying he's a loser. Whatever. And all that stuff is out why he felt like an ogre event like a loser because of the in of the wounds he accumulated over time being over never really understood why they use that song and think I decide it was a popular song at the time that you know.

I wonder now if that sounds more known for Shrek or on its own right. I'm thinking probably Shrek plays all the time.

It's all right.

It's on Netflix right now you want Shrek on attractive financing election. You have the eye actually the next clip. If you can talk about that as much not very much. This clip was probably at four minutes and I cut it to a minute in you know being merciful to the audience is a gift, repetitive. We have a lot of stuff lately live a listless last week show on the way down here and so it's just more repetition, but you get the point.

When I explained this is from the 70s, the heavenly 70s TV show and and a lot of people for the Aegean disease in the millennial's and stuff. You have probably have no idea this look up Sanford and son now and it allows dummy is just the father every man is a woman dummy for them. You get six years old.

My name was no this Internet. It brings back a lot of memories. But yeah, what is it have to do with layers so my quick stories so you know, as I started down this journey's masculine journey of start asking God with my father wounded yeah I didn't want to go there with my dad because my dad was a good day and told him the stocks on the show many times.

Dad got into some you know he just he had to leave the state in my adolescence had an affair and had to leave the state to find work and when he did I didn't realize the impact it had on this and yet really affected me in my 20s, 30s, you know, young wines trying to understand things not feeling like I'd been validated or had what it took so that was a big part of it. I got that healed and it was awesome but this is always been on my heart as well, but it wasn't the wound that I would think this is just how things tie. It ended in the layers and how they are, how they're connected.

So coming out of that coming out of having to feel like an orphan spirit had a father connected to me. Then it was like what was the message sent and just it was my stepfather that this came from. He was, I want to dishonor the guy heat he really did a lot for me.

My life, but he also wounded me quite a bit with words like this and a lot of names and what does dummy and it impacted me and it just it just goes to show that you know the enemy will do everything he can to try to take you out in different ways.

If the message isn't, you know you got a father who loves you. But he's not present there. The wound there.

He's going to say will you get this guy over here that's present legally and loving it didn't have your heart and you know is as a priority so you know it was you know in that in that clip.pointed out the guys before we went on the show was that you know there one where was one point in their the father that was really going to send dummy all the time said I dummy nonprofit was one time in my life when most the time everything I did was wrong, but there was one time I help my dad and stepdad do this job landscape and staff hard work.

Spent a whole Saturday after Katie came back and just talk me up tomorrow. Mother and I felt so proud. You know, because I had validation from a father and it meant a lot and it just goes to show you that there's layers you know within positive and there's layers and negative but that's my story for jump and recruit know your story right. Looking at both of those things going if you're going to learn God has continued to peel back the layers on both of those you know, one of the things you like to do with your father, your natural father right is to go on adventures into God's continually taking you on adventure And he's reminded you pretty consistently that although you stepdad and make a priority absolutely and that was something like on these adventures. I for lack of road trips.

The main dad took me on a road trip right before he left the state made a big impact on me went to three point hardly any money to do it.

He knew that he was in the same if wrong, made a big impact when I started going on these road trips. I didn't think anything about it and got really showed up as a father. That's where I really came and when I did it I was preparing for the son ship talk to to speak out and I begin he begin to bring these things to my mind things like you know what it was like there was this one trip in Turkey gave me like free gifts of of natural experiences being out in nature and my father had took me to three different places and it was like a kind of aligned and it was I when it came up with that.

But anyway, it's just that layers of how he brings us in a healing and later when I was noticing and I didn't see until we explained the clip and as Andy was talking same thing same thing that is told I was caught had a lot of their name, but you hurt people hurt people right and thinking about even into the generate general generational layers. Her father's while Dave the way they were there father chattering out really wish we had rain and clip how to integrate clip for generationally but ultimately, as we draw closer to father. We we don't want to be like our fathers, and they didn't want to be like their fathers, and they can continue zone so we we tend to. In most cases go towards better father seems to always be pulling things away. I think it's interesting that both of you good experienced being called that, unfortunately, are both in a profession where it's highly specialized and not a lot of people understand what you do you have a that I don't think that's any accident either that you do things in a very small percentage of people could probably tackle, and it plays a part in that job that I just took him yelled. I can't tell you the number of times I was panicking like I can't do this. I can't do this. I can't do this and I get on the phone on a call the customer when I got them fixed in an hour and that they been working on a week while it's and my wife.

She's one of my greatest champions in here doing this thing right and she's like you can do anything. What it will you afraid of God's gift to you and all these things, what are you afraid there's another letter there's another one have a different story about fathers and I have a generational layer that is meant a lot and my grandpa my grandfather was James E Graham and Collin Senior because he was the first but my grandmother really drove into me that what I did had an impact on the name in all the previous generations so I was in my father was a wonderful father and got last week. I always wanted to be told I was just like my father and, like my grandfather you'll hear more about them. If you come to the boot camp to do it but andRoseland picture shows layers have been a very positive thing in my life and that is kept me from problems that I might've had had I not had that later generational support you talk about layers and wounds like there big dummy you you get that some of the wounding. You get is that just the exact same way are pounded on you over and over and over. Others are all around it. As you try to get away from that wound, and you start to think man I'm not that person anymore than something's going to happen. It's going take you right back to that because or something in that core that you are invites for me it was. I never I did know this is about two maybe three years for me to get to the point where it's like oh my big wounding is that the my dad didn't think I mattered.

At least that's how I pictured things because several people I have talked about how their dad doesn't show up for things will he show for some things, but it was it was the small things just being at home. Now you get other place to go do things to go be and I would now growing up you trying to figure out and learn things as you learn things in layers. You try to keep go through that and when you're on young created preteen young tenured there's a lot of questions you have in life.

If you're not getting an answer or you go with that. We know you have someone ago asking for it as not teaching and talking to you about those things. It was just never a priority and God revealed it to me so slowly over those years of just remind me of certain times. But I would never put the connection with my emotion and feeling and how I perceived it.

I just like they were things that happen, but there's also good things and then there's gathers his bad things will there's good things and I was when he actually finally got the point website. How do you really think your dad perceive you and I finally came to me as I Buffy's not around with me must not think I matter now solidifies and understanding that gave me a lot of freedom and being able to go forward in my life absolutely and enemies constantly wanting to keep evidence on top of them guides when the strip that back is not true evidence it feels true because you accepted that wound and so he keeps coming after that God has to continually peel it back to hear from Danny this time said anything have something to say probably in the after hours and for the first time ever, I think we had to edit a clip for the after hours, which we usually don't have to consciously write about the scope and edits of download and listen to that was talking actually welcome. This is the Truth Network

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