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My First Boot Camp

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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March 5, 2022 12:30 pm

My First Boot Camp

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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March 5, 2022 12:30 pm

Welcome fellow adventurers! This week the guys are talking about their first time attending the Boot Camp. We're talking about shared stories, thoughts, and experiences from the band of brothers during their initial voyage of boot camp. The clips are from "Defiance," "Braveheart," and "U-571."

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Hi this is Roy Jones with man talk radio podcast.

Our mission is to break down the walls of race and denomination your chosen truth radio broadcast will be starting in just a few seconds. Thank you.

This is the Truth Network heart of every man in Craig's agreement here, but life doesn't usually feel that way.

Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads masculine journey is filled with many twists and turns. So how do we keep from losing heart while trying to find a way life feels more like a losing battle and something worth dying for, grab your gear, request your brand-new brothers will serve as the guides recall masculine journey masculine journey starts here now welcome the masculine journey. I hope it is much fun on the shows we had on his have a lot of fun you guys missed out on so if you if you wanted.

You want to know more about that. Just reach out to us and will tell you what I would tease Robbie and Wayne each other about especially especially Jim and Jim's usually always target Jim's shape was different about you are number five above. Probably 100 people notice what did I say your face first on this millennium.

I don't have a must in interface doing exactly what they folks you don't want to know everything about all the fun we had so Robbie this is your topic you know I left the battlefield as antistatic dams point a finger this way this week. Yeah so is give me credit for something I didn't do, but I'll take we were talking last week of sports wounds and they just coming up to the point were I was like thinking that things go to school soon but anyway that's inside topic guides. The studio knows that you were talking about, but these guys got things going on, but we're talking about sports wounds and I just got to the point where I talk about your first boot camp and Wayne came up to me and talk to me said some things and then after the show we were talking after the after show and we were like that might make a good topic so we can set around and said hey yeah what would but didn't look like for us in our first boot camp. What stood out what made us come back to a second line or yell stood often at first, when the said hey, this is something I've never heard before. Never realized never thought of this kind of left it wide open and that Robbie and I didn't get you on the eves company eaves. We had to look into this point, not just 26 so it's boot camp EBV leave times six and it's it it's Bill it's it's filling up quickly so I can say that's all he got I got hi.

I got feelings. He was a little more about how you said Rob you have the first clips of unit take a soffit and we didn't really say any context other than what did you figure how did your first boot camp impacted right you take away and so my first boot camp is actually the mass in turn is first it was him carefully and it was from my standpoint, sort of a mercy date and Darren and Sam would come to be read advertises is really concerned that they would get enough people to think that will outcome and that leaves the land one that actually it was well attended.

There were 54 five right but I couldn't come in till last Saturday after my show, and so when I arrived in was welcomed by Darren and this is his boxer shorts I was.

It was an unforgettable that impacted their intended to invite everything I did have a green light thank you very thankful so you know from that beginning just came this gigantic unbelievable paradigm shift in my whole world because I can't, it's hard to even climb into my brain that that the at the point that I was it in my walk with Christ. At that point in time that this just opened my eyes to warfare. Open my eyes to a possible role that I had as a warrior as as actually using this stuff that I'd kinda felt was bubbling up down inside of my masculine soul always in a many many years and all of a sudden bore this came to the surface and I will and I had a sense of purpose that I really had never experienced before in the very first night I was there.

We watched this movie, defiance, and it's about the I think, set Rhonda Belinsky brother Belsky Grabowski brothers and now they were never on but anyway these poor guys. I mean Nazi Germany.

You know they were Jewish. Trying to find ways to survive and everybody's coming to the send them off into the Holocaust and so now they start rescuing these people and and it was just an unbelievable idea and then you know I think he is he here the end of this clip. I mean, I definitely was there with while this has to do with faith. So we will send to everyone who is with the life you save a life must take responsibility for what if we take all those CH since how we we will protect the forest building allies will so I love that idea of being sent by God to save us that you know what happened for me at that first boot camp was.

I guess that I was awaken to the idea that of that. I'd really never heard before that our life is this love story set in the midst of a great battle and and I never saw the battle that was afoot, nor did I realize that I could play any role in it and certainly didn't picture that in my Christian worldview would ask you little bit about that, having heard of this boot camp initiated before. This would've a movie you would not even envision it wasn't a Christian and this wasn't anything interesting going to go see this kind of movie I'm in and I was actually shocked. I was shocked by where all this was going down but there I was at an end. God got my attention really, because after this movie came clip after clip and Morgan play some of those and show that that were all pointed at my masculinity and awakening, something that had long been asleep yet and that's part of what the enemy tries to do ready as goodhearted Christians.

He tries to take you out of the battle by getting you to believe.

Okay there's nothing redeeming in some of this and some of the movies we use with home movies redeeming redeeming season, but there clips that really speak some clear truth that God wants us to know that moves your heart. As we talk about so much in the enemy knows that and so he tries to mask it and not let you have that opportunity, and that the use of movie clips of boot camp just was so powerful that it really birth kind of the idea for this radio show that I was like you know we can get the whole effect of the movie clips but what those stories did more like modern parables is like. Jesus talked with stories and through the stories you know there was awakening of of of things that really felt like I had a place of unity we get time to get your clip in a few more minutes here and so we have time if you can set that up and talk little bit about it from a heart yet so like Robbie so much of what the boot camp. It wasn't your traditional ninja trader and those are those are find that the use of the use of the movie clips the covenant of science silence where you get to go out hear from God. After a talk is done and let him personally talking about stuff very powerful bit you know a lot of there's a lot of Braveheart clips in the boot camps and grape artists that might seen in the past, but that's a powerful movie when you understand the story that came from and then you know this clip comes from Latin and William Wallace is basically talking to the Queen who doesn't want him to to give his life didn't and either keying a heat she wants him to capitulate and give in and do what the king said, and he will and he won't do it and he's got a quote on nano not" it because it's so powerful of the slip sampling at this point he's a prisoner is going to be articulated and she's trying to get into give into the king yes use the bigger word which will talk to you the lady is will you show mercy to a country and isolated all that I have stated unity. Every man dies but not it meant every man really lives and that was that was one of those things kind awakening because I had felt something in my soul that said, there is more to be an unmanned and what it is. It's more than a mortgage payment.

It's more than you know being a dude in a dutiful Christian, you know, I quote good husband. You know that I wasn't living from a heart and you didn't know really that that was an option.

You know, hey, there is an option out there there something to step into and that that really puts it well you know how many people go take their the essence of who they are to their grave and never in a host showered out on humanity and live the life that God called us and I think that's why we have so many problems with men getting hooked on pornography and addictions and midlife crisis and all that is because they're not living in the adventure that he gives them in the in the calling. He has forming that in the life you know there's a tyrannical devil wants to keep us bound and do not living in the fullness of God, who God created us to be in his image. That's great.

It's really good for both you guys and look back and talk about it after the break with recitative break in this to clips and how much they meant that and that that statement United echoes something he says to his his men earlier right when he talked about how Maggie would want to come back and lying in your bed many years from now. Right NetSuite details and in he's not just telling that to give them a speech of hey let's let's get going.

He believes it delivers yes right in his men see that that's what makes a difference when it is essence and so you have time to register for boot camp is coming up in 26 short days it's been a flyby in Missouri March that's on St. masculine go register would love to see you there Godů Either you can do some amazing things for all this.

Please come. I got on my knees this morning to pray for the Ukraine, J.

Stu Epperson Jesus Shelley has begun, the blood is being shed communist socialist Russia is attacking Ukraine. So many good things happening there. Democracy a lot of Christian universities, churches, and yet this is solved so sad. What can you do as you see the world fall apart. You can pray only challenge you sometime today.

This week, get on your knees maybe was someone else in pray for the Ukraine.

Pray for peace pray for God's work here. Pray for healing. The power of prayer is one of the only powers we can embrace right now and pray for your brothers and sisters in Christ that are under much fire there as the has begun commentary with Stu Epperson, author of the book 1st words of Jesus.

Available now in bookstores go online. The first words of Jesus.

Dr. is not high in the see me. Welcome back to mask injury to any you guys knew that was Randy Travis that's right you're exactly right leaning indicating you yes see Rob and he is the organic I that song was not a Randy Travis is singing at my first boot camp.

That song was played my first boot camp. I couldn't find the right rendition and I Stumbled upon Michael W Smith, and I don't really care for him a hole at the South I I know some people here do inside the skin refused to play him and Sam gets his way.

Kind, but I had not heard the Randy Travis version, so thought that was kinda cool and that was a song that really spoke to me in my first boot camp EA. It was one of the things that they they go. They had a saying, and they had a say in on Saturday and Sunday and I'd not really heard that song before. Back at the time and so really to spoke to my heart and yet I could feel myself feeling those words as a person signing use that is in for this. So back to the topic at hand writing work were talking about first boot camps exactly percent of you. It's been a while.

It's been a while. Yeah, we offer mask injury. We did our first line in fall 2009 is when we had our first boot camp and then the first one that I got a so graciously attend the AU getting the mercy date and not on a mercy date with a sense that Sam I was thinking about what Robbie said about first time she met Darren yeah I'm really thrilled that I Betty in Colorado there was way too cold as underwear you would hope that annoys the hell he was fully dressed without batting or otherwise I might not be here for some of his it's been many many boot camps right. I had this conversation with a friend mine and my best friend drawn from college on your retirement boot camps in and he he was surprised that you know it is minis advantage to be between 20 and 30 somewhere in there I don't know where that's at guy continually shows up and says new things every weekend right unity can't out give God. You can't out plan guide, you can't say I've got enough from that God is on for me it just continues to peel back the layers must be a huge ogre is David Peleg back and edit that I can I get that. So going back to those first couple clips he would also chime in on on those clips before we move on anything that moved in.

I think stirring the mass and heart towards a fight towards.

There is an enemy that we have to go after that was one of the big stirring thoughts also is coming in you know masculinity was on my heart and what is that what is it mean because it was not what I had been told by society and everybody else that was influencing me up until that point. I for the movie defiance and Darren had called me right after he watched he didn't see little and watch these likenesses boot camp movie was like okay you know on and then I watched it. It was like oh my gosh this is a great movie because it's a true story. That's a really cool thing that four guys that were considered outcasts and outlaws is some degree, you know, like not the highest of the inner society and that actually the lowest people in our society way the story is told in up rescuing thousand in on just how amazing that is in the they're not in this early Christian in the movie we see God's hand through the whole mental and that's what really really cool. The guide uses who uses or chooses to. And that's why we do mix in the class because God gives you the eyes to see what you're supposed to get out and they're just stories that each one of us can take something little different way from a clip to the talk and apply it in our lives can be a little different for everyone, but that's what's great about being in a band of brothers like this that you get that share and you know I didn't see that.

But neonates are seeing that in your life. After that, and how can you not be moved by Mel Gibson. You know, in the very heart moving in on it and I remember hearing that line and thinking I don't want to just die. I want to really really live and find out what that means in my life and what that adventure mean right. And like you said any and Robbie to waking something in my heart yet not and not just to be wild and crazy disco do I want, but it's in God's will help. What does that look like that is just something to ponder, because were never going to get it perfect, but it's it's wonderful stretching work for that is definitely more crazy than anything that you can't start off I will. It's up to you now for clip were up to your clip over the middle of my that's what I do set so this one is from the movie you 571. It's a World War II movie where Germany had this enigma code or that allow them to send messages, decode them and then constantly be changing their codes all the time so that the enemy had a very hard time everything out what they communicating and if you name knowing about war that's one of the biggest things you want to do is infiltrate and understand. Take off enemy communications. He can be one step at a surprise himself the German submarine gets crippled and it sends out an SOS base and says hey I'm and distress signal. I need help and in the area. There is a US destroyer.

I figure what was but they come upon the submarine first to try to overcome it and there is a battle that ensues. The original Capt. the leader he dies. So now you got a new commander of the unit they do successfully get the sub but now there trying to figure out now. Okay, I gotta keep this up and then lo and behold out of the sky drops down a pilot in a German airplane any spline over the sub which is a German sub filled with American so you're like okay now what's gonna happen here and you find this battle that ensues on top of the deck where one guy says she down the plane, but the guy was supposed to be in charge who is now the new leader that is not getting much respect they don't trust them yet because his mother was a said earlier, but basically this whole scene is built up around are beginning to discover and killed by this plane and the captain trying to lead in the right way, commanding officers, mighty terrible man to be feared and respected all all see what you sit back there again. I don't know Josie Russo killer crew discharge. The skipper now what he does on years of right.

In the guy who didn't want to listen and try to take control. Capt. nice punch in the face of that basically that from that point site okay I want to trust you, but for me I walked into that camp with the enemies mask. I'm a real man. I know what a real man is because society told me what real man is an posing and coming in and turn it always live in something that I wasn't and that so on. This fairly new Christian for a few years. I yelled listening to Dr. J.

Vernon McGee, the Truth Network and a bunch of people in a letter wonderful pastors on their listening to shows like the Christian car guide masculine journey. Things like this. Unlike okay there's there's something being stirred in me that says masculinity is the problem with Christianity because men aren't living as Christian men are not living in God's will that were way outside of it were not leading. No wonder we have all these problems in a mic if I don't use. I just had this overwhelming if I don't become a man, and learn what that is become a part of that is why this message going to resonate me and think with just listening to the show because we like Robbie, I went to the first boot camp and I never even read the books.

I really didn't know what to expect. I did know that there was this book and that kind of lined out what there and be talking about. So when it hit me at boot camp. It was all new.

I knew there was something about masculinity that these guys were talking about that I had to go figure out what it was and I wanted to go in and pose my way through and walk out the end of the week. You know I for me to go to a camp be at something like this in be by myself not have a group or team around me that I am going on my buddies later and do all the stuff he knows was really a stretch for me, but I just felt like right there being called dislike terraces, you're being called into something that you work ready for this big guy who to tell you was his his captain whatever rank he was was shot and killed. He went down with the destroyer.

You know. Also, your thrust into something that you did know existed and I had to deal with it and eventually you know site okay going go engage the enemy. Thank you. You important before you said not think that when things he talked about was important communications are in enemy knows that right if you can steal your vision of what a man is if he can steal just try to have. Walk closely with the French. I've been married for a little while and concealing communication issues, right, miscommunication is his greatest right that's one of his once it goes to most often into the can mootness communicate who were supposed to be. How were supposed to be even our communication and break that down what he's in a place to really when you are get to the place we are not affecting great I think that's where a lot of the status of community that first became very effective. Not understanding warfare. Not understanding a lot of those things.

Serena talk about more that in the after-hours podcast.

Please notice that you can download that at any podcast location. In the meantime, go register for the big camp coming up March 31 through April 3 mask what has boot camp meant to me that's a really testing to articulate it so deep inside me. It's ingrained in every part of understanding woundedness. That's where God really caught me in my first and also helping the step in the healing and restoration from those wounds is kind of cool. It's like an onion, each peeling back the layers and it is exciting is frustrating to go there with you and I enjoy the process in the way God leads yesterday masculine this is the Truth Network

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