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Attributes We See In Each Other After Hours

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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January 29, 2022 12:35 pm

Attributes We See In Each Other After Hours

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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January 29, 2022 12:35 pm

Welcome fellow adventurers! The discussion on the attributes of God that we see in one another, continues right here on the Masculine Journey After Hours Podcast. The clips are from "The Andy Griffith Show," and "Antz."

There's no advertising or commercials, just men of God, talking and getting to the truth of the matter. The conversation and Journey continues.

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This is Mike Zwick from if not for God podcast our show stories of hopelessness turned in a hope your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting to just seconds. Enjoy it. Sure, but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network this is Truth Network masculine journey after hours time, so sit back and masculine journey starts here masculine journey after hours as we gradually are so grateful to be back this week if you didn't notice. We were here last week we didn't have a an after-hours podcast. It wasn't because we didn't want to just weather got in the way and the inability to clean things as well as we need to in this particular area to get people on the roads as quickly.

Mike said if it's when one part of the country they would look at it like like it was nothing and another part of the country road and been out for two weeks versus a couple days and I just kind depends on where you live that we get a pretty good little session of ice around most of the area and made it very difficult with snow on top of that ice on top of that they were back to talking about a topic we started a couple weeks ago with a little twist to Minnesota for when he started two weeks ago with talking about attributes and names of God, what appealed to the stair and that progressed to looking at each other and saying what attributes of God. We saw one another. Drew each other's names. Two weeks ago and nobody knew who anyone had our didn't know who had us anyway. Were still trying to figure that out this week and so we left off like we normally do we cut Wayne short is that here I was, will trust me spot we see because he righted the music both shows that way that leaders and so anyway use and set up a really good and so you talk about Wayne in the first show in what regard. If so, that Cliff just if you want to go back and watch this show regular show we really listen to yeah listen to every watch, listen, whatever whatever you want to use and watch your phone as it plays a podcast but no really, in this thing in this clip it's really like a documentary and he comes in and he's talking about it and they'll have some of the parts of the ship. The movie on it. He he's explaining really what it was to dream to become a walk on Notre Dame and not really have any chance he just wanted to walk on that field and play one time in any really in the whole movie was about that. He beat went on to become a very inspirational speaker and all but what I saw in it was just what I saw it see him laying his Wayne is a dreamer when he is a dreamer from his self. He listens to God he wants to fulfill God's will and God's dreams for his life with you. Also as a gift. I believe to be able to speak in other people's life and help them confirm or hear from God of what their dreams may be, but also in that in that clip.

You also see somebody that the drink didn't just happen to them is like Joseph.

Joseph got the dream and the sheaves were, you know, bowing down to him. It was about his brothers in the future and you know that took what 30 years that happens, they spent 14 years in the jail. It was an easy and I know Wayne in this past year has made a choice to obey God and go a certain way and it and it some would say, will that really brought a lot of difficulty in your life that he was willing to do what God said because he believed that what God said and you know he's going through some things we've seen, but we believe we seem to hand of God on that. We've also seen how he's been able to speak and the other people's lives through what he went through so one final thing just to say I mean I'm just really praising Wayne that I mean I see all these things is know what about camp. It was the line that would you call. I think the vineyard or whatever will billow from Lewis Lodge yeah yeah I was up near Wesley so we were up there and that was only time I think we've ever had a ropes course or whatever and it was one of those cargo nets and that we were climbing up and and I decide know Wayne from one of the boot camp he knew me. We were going up this thing is set, cargo net, we were doing as a team and I just was out of shape or whatever and he did all he could to push me through, and that was just that's just a picture of who Wayne is. He wants to see people to see their dream transpire in their life or whatever. There they got up against him. So now we have an opportunity talking immediately I covered the waves world events around learning and can ever everything I think we need a visual way trying to push Andy anywhere and it could be worse.

It could be Harold trying to push me not much strewn all time and on when you talk a little bit about it in your there. We think well about anything Weldon and very deserving for when the word for Wayne from you is faithful. Wayne does what he feels like God's calling him to do, regardless of the consequences. I don't know that I could do the things that he's felt God calling to do. I would like to think that I could. I just don't know that I could know and so that faithfulness is I'm in obey you. Even when it doesn't seem to make sense because father, I trust you more than I trust what I feel. You know, and I really respect that I've never seen that that degree out of anyone besides her and her yet. He said the word obey.

That's where I'm at is obedience. God, I've never seen a man so obedience like this look outside this one want to do and I know he's told us about times when he hasn't done what God told him to do-never seen any person that has done the amount of things in that risk. The things that he is risk because he feels that they I'm being obedient to God. I absolutely know there's things I would not of done it all and have felt at times that Yep that's what I needed to do in my life was to be obedient to God and follow something I thought he was tell me that Isaac no I don't think I can do that and I just hats off to Wayne for that and like you said, the amount of people. He is touched and then with like the recent story with the gentleman in the COBIT was in the hospital and the whales go see him and he was the one who went in and was within his last hours and days and spent some very high quality time with them and just use got to thank you. I know that there's a lot more we could would like to share about Wayne to fewer people need to get in this episode into anyone. Go ahead and jump to your clip you and talk about your clipper play first how to send a little bit surprisingly enough, is from any given show will shock a lot of the I yeah yeah and and basically an interchange between a character known as Ernestine Bass and Andy and Barney are involved thing in others. With the clip speak for itself and then I thought about this today.

We know our history called us about what lies to you is in town we gave you Barney's uniform to help your client know Randy didn't think I'm running, and all damages go right down my face's name is John Gage but I don't mean sorry to hear. I know how important it is to you.

I tried cotton all the hot dog complaint. I wrote a love note and go on with Megan and her love note pretty accurately given the prettiest hockey rack did not yet come out with our direct moment shine looks nice didn't mean to. You don't throw rocks through.

She gave it another chance with pocket little more proper courtship she Taxidermist Which Showed Upper Management Thing from a Dish by Myself K Just Our State Would like to Try to Help You.

Are You Willing to Learn.

That's Important Is All We Have To Do Is Try to Help You Clean Each of You Manners Really Throwing Rocks Possible Is Mass Attribute Is Friendship and for New People and and the Person That I Had Was Robbie, and I Think about All the Encounters in and Compared More Andy None Ernestine Make It Clear That Sure Okay Okay Okay but the Stories, the Details about a Different Encounters with Different People and Then Blot out and Have Challenging Personalities. I Mean, He Does Hang out with Us and Just Scripture Tells Us That That He's a Friend That Sticks Closer Than a Brother and the People Who Talk about Robbie and Even the Short Time I've Been around so to Speak, Compared to Others Is You Know If Rob Is Your Friend Is Your Friend and He's EN to Try to Help You and Call the Glory out and into Speak into Those Things. I Andy Was Trying to Do with Aristide or the Hold Adventuring in in Those Things There That Wasn't by My Ashley Was Is a Friend That Sticks Closer Than a Brother. That's Awesome Robbie. I Want to Come Came to Me Him Was Joyfulness Unite You Here Is Laugh All the Time Right Every Robbie Many Times in His Life. The Things That He's Gone through Would Have Lots Reason to Not Be Joyful, but He's Probably the Most Joyful Person I Know and Unite to See That the Regardless of His Constant Situations. He's in His Circumstances That He Continues to Look Lean into the Lord, and Find Joy and so That's Where I Would Throw in Robbie Yeah and That's Where Again Back to the Faithfulness, Obedience to That You Have with Wayne Is Seen in Robbie As Well and Everywhere You Go Here, Here, in Winston Because He's Been Here for so Long Now Only so Well Known in through Church Families and People That I Talk to. Oh Yeah, We Used To Go to Calvary and We Know Robbie in the Go A Lot Of Places and Talk about Them and It's the Same Thing When Any of It Shows All.

I Just Love Your Laugh and He Did Get out There That Joy and He Just Has Fun and He Speaks in the People's Lives and He Just You Not Going to Keep Him down. He Is Too Much of the Joy of the Lord and Him and He Just Brings It out Suspicious Fun to Walk Them Because Again When When We Get Going and Sam Gets with His Humor and Danny Gets with His Humor.

Robbie Gets with His Humor Those Three Can Really Start to Rock the Humor and It Is Fun.

That's Why You Get so Much Joy Ride with Them Exactly Thinking, Not Just Ask a Question What or How Many People Consider Robbie to Be Their Best Friend. I Only Know One Other Person in My Life That Might Rival Number Really Know That It since He's God's Favor Is God's Best Love Is What Got Her. That Is What What a Friend We Have a Jesus That He Flexed Jesus, As Well As a Very Good Yeah I Mean You Can't Get Away from the Humor Domain and Its Meaning to His Palms Mean Some of the Corneas and You Know They Can Be Bit There Spot on. A Lot Of Times He's like You That He's Very Quick on the Way It of of of upon As Were Talking, Robbie Has Been.

I May Not. I Tell the Story You Not Think of Him Is Almost like Barnabas or like I Would Look at Them As like Kind of like an Ambassador for the Kingdom or Whatever. I Can Remember Whenever I Was First Becoming a Boot Camp. I Didn't Want Nobody to Talk to Me or Nothing. But You Know You Can't Want the Money to Release Brooch and Robbie Was a Guiding He Comes up Looks at My Shotgun Is All That's a Mossberg My Own. What the Hell It Is It's My Day Gave the Mayor When It Yeah and You Know It Was Just He Was Really Just Outgoing and You Know He Had Asked Me How to Come after Your Heart. This Became What He Was Talking about and Obviously I Do Now but It Was Just That Love for Life in an and You Know It You Would Have To You Have To Think It's It's a Picture of What Jesus Was like When People Got around Him. They Wanted to Be Closer to God. So Jim You Actually Have the Clip to Go Ahead and Talk about Your Clipper You Want to Play the I Don't Want to Talk about the Clip Because I Don't Remember the Clan. It's Me and Take a Hit on. Oh Yeah, Let's Play the Clip Okay Significant Meaning You Giant the Ground. Okay, People Feeling Good.

Yeah Now Our 1734 Thursday 78 29 You Guys Are on Racquetball. Well You Got to Remember, Has Taken the Main Remember the Ball.

My Work Thing to Mention Is the Construction Equipment Orders Number Comes Be the Ball.

Yes, I Understand the Ball Okay Just Came Back Rushing Back into My Brain. I Had Handy and Randy. Do You Feel I Clip You Make Is Not Just I Wanted to Do the Reversal of That Azteca Is Female. That's Very Encouraging. That's What I See Andy, Although I Can See Him Identifying Was the That Is That's Actually the and A Lot Of Times and Will Stand Step in the Air When Beating Myself up Self-Deprecation Used To Be My Favorite Form of Humor I'm Getting over It.

He's Very Good Joke but Then There Being Encouraging It Times When You Don't Really Want to Hear Any Encouragement. But You Need to and I Love That about My Brother and It's Very Good Point Andy Is Very Much That What Really Came to Mind for Me for Andy That He Mirrors God's Desire a Relational Heart Rate and Part of That Is Encouragement That It's Also He Really Desires to Be in Deep Relationship with People in and Is Good at Moving past This Stuff on the Surface Evenly Reaching out to the Group from Ohio and the Stuff You Done There and Staying Connected from Anyone at Their Boot Camp and Just That Set Relational Nature of Really Wanting to Be in Deep Intimate Relationships with People in It and I Think That You Mayor That Got Quite Well after My Very First Boot Camp.

It Was Authenticity.

Andy Was Authentic As He Could Ever Be. He He Constantly Just Puts Himself down a Little Bit and Says I'm Not This. I'm Not That, but You Just Just Listen to Them Insight Okay Once He Gets past That Notice Open up His Heart. It's Beautiful.

So He Shares That End up like You Said Jim the Encouragement That You Get Out Of His Heart Because He'll Open up about His Life, Which Is Still on Crazy Things about This Ministry That I Just Find so Intoxicating with the Group Is That You Know Willing to Do That and When You When You Thinking It's a Detriment for Yourself and yet You're Still Willing to Share It That's That's Huge. You Know A Lot Of You Guys Have Been Sharing Things for While You Move past Certain Things in His New Things to Come up You Guy Can See It in People That like Here It Comes. To Bring This up and Share It and It's It's so Encouraging Because I Mean the Other Side of Sharing Is Healing and Redemption and That's What Role after Thinking You Were Condemning Any Well Here Where Where the Point Were Out Of Clips but Were Not Out Of People and What That Tells Us Is the Two People That Are Here Wayne and Robbie Have, to the People Here Only Know It's Not Rodney. So One of Them Has the Anyone of Them Has Jim Right but What We Have the Opportunity for You Three People over the Next 10 Minutes, Not 10.8 Minutes We Have Left Is the Talk about Stuff That We See in You and so I'll All Throw an Adult Will Start with Jim Is He's Closest to Me Here on the Left and Saw All Open the Door on Jim and What I Really Appreciate about Jim. There's A Lot Of Things, but One of Them Is His Pursuit of Other People's Hearts and Want to Go beyond That. The Point That Jim Is Really Really Loyal to People When Other People Would Discard Them yet. You Either You Shared Personal Stories Here with Us.

Don't Share Money or Because It's Not My Place That You, Jim.

You Went Very Deep in Your Loyalty and Helping People Well beyond What Other People Do. I Know at Times. That's Where You Are. It's Hurt You but That's Who You Are and That's How God Made You and I Think That That Pursuit of Other People's Hearts to the Point That You're Going to Be Loyal to Them, Even in Others Won't Sends a Message That No One Else in Stone and so I Think That's Were Uniquely God's Place to to Speak Hope in Their Life When They Would Have Every Reason to Find Hopelessness. Jim Getting Know and Then We Were Doing Some Trading and Some Other Things and You Just Got All Those Back Stories Were Sitting There Doing That.

It Was like How Does This Man Keep Going on and Having Faith in Mankind When He Is in Just Pummeled by so Many People so Many Different Things He's Renting to People That Won't Pay in There so Bad to Him That They Mistreated Him, and yet He's Keeps Going Back and Saying What Can I Do to Help You Any Just He Keeps Wanting to Help You Just Got Such a Giving Heart Is Just It Is Overwhelming. Sam Is Just It It's Huge Just like His Bagel Body over There.

His Heart Had to Be That His Body Had to Be That Big to Hold That They Will Harden Their You the Opposite of the Grinch Yeah like You Times to Bigger Last You Go and Then Sam Would Leave If You Haven't Notice of the Show! I Would See Authentic Would Be My Would You Give Back the Story of I Had Been Here Too Long. The New Guy Dilemma.

The Anyway and You Made Lives in between the Slide out and You Said No You and You Shared Your Heart with How You Were Feeling It in.

There Was No You Shared It with No Calls behind It and Actually Edit Planted Roots for What I Think Is a Great Friendship That We Developed AMI.

We Spent Some Time Last Boot Camp We Had a Walmart Adventure and I Survived Your Driving and I Just Really Cool to to to Interact with Your Wisdom, Your Wit You Are Funny Guy and Just Your Perception of Things, but to Be Fair Soon As We Say in the Car with Jim.

We Started a Prayer Session Takes a Prayer Now All I Can Say Is How I See God's Attribute to the Gym and God Does Know A Lot Of Words Were Insisted That No, I Have Used More in Conversation Words Rhoda and I Am Right a Radio Show with the Stars Anymore If That's What We Got A Few More Minutes.

Two More People to Get through Us Will Jump over to Danny and I Going to Kick It off Again. Any What I See in You, Honestly, Is This Discernment/Wisdom You Always Have This Way of You Get Kicked Pretty Hard Right in the Truck. It Won't Start a New Ticket and the Mechanic Doesn't Do What Is Best to You and All That You Don't Let That Hold You down. You Have a Discerning Spirit Becomes in You Know Let You Say Okay Will Maybe There's More to the Story That I Know You're Looking for That Other Angle That Lets You Have Grace and Compassion for Others and That's Only through a Discerning Spirit and the Use of Wisdom in Another Comes Replacing There's Times He Didn't Have It.

So It's a Learned Skill Right but You've Learned It When A Lot Of People down There and I It Allows You to Have Grace in Situations That I Don't Think Other People Would Be Able to Have Grace Yeah I'm Precipitous of His Southern Wisdom Because He's Got Some Isms and Some Things He Says Is Humor Brought Brought Apart Brought with Wisdom in It, but There's Really You Can See That He Saw God throughout His Life, and You Can See, You Know, Just the Hardy Has Had for Man and You Can See in His Life How God Was Preparing Them for This Very Moment, and That Faithfulness He Mean I Think You'll Probably Say That There Are Times When You Got One to Give up on That Faithfulness and God Was Faithful and Got You Not Unit That Was a Part of Your Life.

That Was a Season but This Season I Think You Feel like It Really Is. You Know Where God Has Right Now so One of the Things I Appreciate His Patients. There Times That He's on Call When We Are Here to Do Reporting and Get the Phone Call and I Have yet to See Him Get Angry. I Would've Gotten Really Tea but He Does Not He Handles It with Grace and I Love That in the Humor like the and He Was Saying Here and I Hate to Cut It Short Is That You Want to Say More about Danny and Stuff We Can Get to Rodney before We Run Out Of Time and so All Throw It out There on the IC God's Order This or Do or Delete What I Can Say Organizational Skills through You about a but I Better That I See That Coming through You. You Know You Can Say Will God Doesn't Have Order You Got Is Order Right You Can See How the Days That We Needed Creation How They Were Structured, and Just Even the Naming the Animals and Everything Is Had a Way about It Right and You Are All about Finding Normalcy in the Midst of Chaos Right You Want to Find Something Has Structure in the Midst of Chaos within the Answer out Some of the That Was Actually My First Take to, but He Has a Great Attitude, Even When Things Seem to Be Lost. Please Encourage Me. Also Heard in the Eyes. It's Been Fun to Watch You Step into You with This Group.

Over the Last Year or so for A While We Didn't Know You Talk and Then the Exchange Life and the More We Get to Know You More.

We Love You and Seth Anyway.

This Is the Types of Things We Talked about Go Do This with Your Community This Week. Pick a Person Fix Something and Share with Them and Love on Talking Next Week. This Is the Truth Network

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