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The Names and Attributes of God After Hours

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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January 15, 2022 12:35 pm

The Names and Attributes of God After Hours

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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January 15, 2022 12:35 pm

Welcome fellow adventurers! The discussion on the names and attributes of God continues right here on the Masculine Journey After Hours Podcast. The clips are from "Evan Almighty," "The Interpreter," "Immortal, Invisible God," and a video from Max Lucado on "The Dependability of God."

There's no advertising or commercials, just men of God, talking and getting to the truth of the matter. The conversation and Journey continues.


Not cuticle off the Russian nightmare know the devil's nightmare here from it's time to man up challenging men to step into their true manhood. Your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just a few seconds. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening to the truth. Podcast network.

This is good Truth Network coming to an entrenched parent in the heart of a letter masculine journey after hours time to go to be more transparent on the topic of this so sit back and masculine journey after hours starts here. Welcome masculine journey after hours and are glad that you would lose joining in with her. It's now in the first part of January. Later on, if you listen to it on podcast down the road were guided with us in today. Jim, it's a topic that's kinda shared between unity in the bid, the incident where Bart the best book the real gist of it is a really huge topic. We are looking at attributes of God and our personal favorites and also names of God same thing that would be Andy's partner in this game together congealed. If you want no more list of the other craft in conjunction congealed all this things into doing anything you do you good luck hard on it was just for it was last year sometime wettest felt really impressed that God you know is we talk about our identity and the names we get a boot camp.

The new names we get in and how much that brings healing and clarity to our lives.

And really, really is a big part of our restoration and just the thought of you know, God goes through a lot of effort in the Bible of identifying who he is and what his character is through his names and his character attribute attributes and I just felt like you know that that's part of what people get messed up most the time I wanted two things who God is the print proper perception of who he is in the proper perception of who we are. You now even with our sinful ways are fallenness we still aren't all those things that are false self, of who the dental devil to Amy tries to identifies as and so it is for like it's important to get an aspect and in view of who God is.

I think all that have a positive view of God, but a lot of times people get hung up in that relationship with God because they don't look adding in the way that he defines who he is and his other interactions with people in the Bible and the enemy has a great way of confusing people of getting in to see God differently had just had a conversation this week that it had countless times of if God is really loved, and how can you innocent people die or how can babies die or so that you know it's just that that level that the enemy attacks to try to erode God's character and behavior inside. Guess I'm the first one up on the my favorite attribute of God. There is no official name for this one. I could try to make without that party sacrilegious. I will bet that my favorite attribute of God is his humor. He more times than not, when he really wants to make a point with me. He will do it.

Based in humor-Charlotte last week about redoing words of the year. My last bashers word was believe in this year's word was talents the first things of God, please don't make me live for my talents and then recycle what you believe. They believe immediately of any area nine incident. I just laugh my Galois got years is nails the point for me right in on and I think Andy or Jim is talking before the show where you know any kind does that when Job a little bit you know you can kinda read that in a lot of different ways that you not II do see it is God's loving way of getting our attention is his humor in some of this clip and come back and talk about its from Evan Almighty, and in this clip God is. Ask Evan to build an ark and a couple things in the clip you don't really get to see is a guy gives him a book on arc building for dummies. He tells them is going to need that and then at the very end of it. Evans reading the about the author section of the book in our building for dummies so you're really him doable proof avid on the philosophic line.

It's all right. I believe you just I don't understand why you chose me you want to change the world. I will mark.

I mean, that's like territory to say whatever I do because I love you.

Well you understand this whole building thing here is that when my house I need to make a good impression at work your plan for what are you talking arc nowhere. I would give them a lot want to change the world don't know how to begin Burleson one act of random kindness and you build it over and might meet God's creator.

He lives in all things has over 6,000,000,007 going to watch that movie. I really enjoyed it on a lot of levels, but there are so many times it has. I'm thinking through my plans you know where I'm trying to take control in another words like I can hear the voice of Morgan Freeman as is God's plans is laughing it out. It reminds me that I need to lean more into him yet today. Danny United was thinking about your truck situation and I started the car in a bunch of lights came on the don't normally come on you know normally that would freak me out in his thinking you know where he got it got to get this so you know I stopped a couple times a boy to work in this latest went off just like a computer reset. Something happened.

Bob and Anthony and Anna May 9 in a munition with him. What I loved about that is even in this clip God is being little he's joking around with Evan East tell me arc really stands for acts of random kindness right it's not this big boat that he wants him to go ability know that's part of being obedient because he does that and changes his family nonsurgical staff, but really the ark of God's talking about is the acts of random kindness and that we do. That's what changes the world is when we treat others in love and they don't expect it. When we treat others with grace when they don't deserve it and all those things that we reflective him to the world and acts of random kindness. So that's mine. I love God's humor and I like when he makes me laugh and embarrasses me a little bit on some of my being naďve and that so that the next person to shares Harold Harold you will not play the clip first.

Are you in a display. Okay, I gotta find a first. Give me one second I'm thinking I got from the first chapter of Scripture, the Bible makes a case for the debility of God.

This is Max located without exception when God spoke something wonderful happened by divine fiat. There was light, land, beaches, and creatures. God consulted no advisors.

He needed no assistance for he spoke and it came to be, he commanded, and instead confirmed the same powers seen in Jesus, he is unchanging is never caught off guard by the unexpected God never changes or casts is shifting shadow. God is strong does not overpromise and under deliver. God is able to do whatever he promises. It is impossible for God to lie, God will keep his promises must happen because of God because God's promises are unbreakable are is unshakable. Harold love that corset. It's easy to love all the attributes of God because are all wonderful, but this one resonates particularly with me because it's important to me that I try to be dependable. So I grew up in a small country town down in Alabama and people were true to their word. As far as unused as a youngster. If somebody made a promise kept it enough.

Try to make that part of my life that if I tell you I'm going to do something, then I'm going to do it hard, but my you know what try. It's important to know that God can be depended upon to keep his promises is the bedrock of what I believe he promised that if we loving. If we do our best to obey his commands. We have a home in heaven and I know I can trust that's important.

I know this is not this week's topic, but you are incredibly dependable and pry my favorite story of you being dependable, actually, is that your birthday when we were to surprise you for your birthday. He called out your call today. I'd like to make you know we're going to surprise you, and I called you nothing. I told you was Harold. We really need you to be here. He didn't say he didn't ask why you didn't ask anything you said. Okay, I'm on my way right. Maybe you knew you were depended on any were needed anyway yeah I had no clue what it was about when you expressed it that way.

I had no choice to come.

We do a good job of living that out lease for what I see and what we've seen from you, and turn it back to you and say that the same thing is true you in the humor in it may disagree that this is one of the characteristics that you do so will thanks appreciate Rodney.

It would be now your turn comes full circle where I have been waiting all share this. I know it's okay to get to Jim is half topic. This is so, I think enough time a willing salinity spate you talking low speaks left in the first time.

No reference their rallies older. :-) Lloyd sleep so in Harold's the attribute that I'm talking about was there. His clip also from Axel Kato and it's really in everybody's because mine is his immutability is never changing his always constant study, whatever that attribute is. It is the same yesterday today and forever and that is where I went. When this topic came up, and then this song popped in my head that always does when we sing it so it just popped in. So I went with it and gladden point that would need to be able to read other distance at the top. I got thank you.

I made it to the top is is he is.

It was hard to do this topic about going to praise and worship God. Is that really what this week was for me was yesterday and what other attributes can I think of what other names I think of them looking some up with them. I don't think there is a name that I've ever seen for immutable but in that I didn't find one.

But it was just fun going through that exercise this week and being able to look up the different names in the attributes and think through him and think about when Dave happened in your life and supplement this reason, I went with immutable just because that's where that solid rock that never changes that I can count on and go to has really anchored my contentment that Danny's looking for this year. You know it's like you not be content the Lord. That's just there for you always constantly with all the love and grace that Robbie was yelled come up with just I just love that's where all your attributes in his humor also crazy when you read in the Bible… Great in one I've I said really. I just find pastors have great sense of humor as well as Isaac Samet and Mr. calling that's where you like so many pastors have great humor.

Mr. Donnie and I'll pass.

Not all. I know that there are so many was such great sense of humor because they study subtly different thing to study the human characteristics God characteristics and then just the right think of her. Scripture was back in Malachi 436 it says, for I the Lord do not change. Therefore, you owe sons of Jacob are not consumed.

Now available for us at what what else around that insight from the days of your fathers you have turned aside from my statutes and have not kept them returned to me and I will return to you owe the Lord of host you but sit but you say, how shall we return. And then of course he provides the way of return to his son and then of course you get Hebrews 13 a which allows us. Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever, and that immutable immutability is just there constantly just the same as a great place to have it just can't anchor everything in sight. That's where it is.

It just allows me to leave more and more with him in caring. I burn myself thinking, willing to do anything I can think of everything that's on. I really don't know that I've ever heard that the display I did know it was something new for me. The ethical got 32 seconds left. Now you have anything actually, it was sort of funny that you said you never heard that song because I've never heard of this movie before I picked the clip today is from the interpreter.

It has one of my least favorite actors and that's not totally cut him out and you get to hear Nicole Kidman doing soliloquy that puts brought me to tears, but I really cleaned or meet with text content.

This when her dialogue gobs of clips I found quite a few light but when I went to this one spoke to all of what I had looked at as far as a group of things that I loved about God and the other time I was brought tears is when I did find my word which initially I was looking long-suffering, which part of the reason I was looking at is out like Sam, I love humor and literal meaning of that as long of notes. So God has a long nose but it's also long breath and I how many of us have done the extra long side when we've been disappointed by someone we love. And so I die with some 1038 which has nothing but descriptions of God, all of which, I love the Lord is merciful and gracious, slow to anger and abounding in steadfast love and the steadfast love is ultimately my life word which I mentioned in the show tested, which is the Hebrew God's love has such a rich meaning will start going into that but in this talk about the African rich tradition and ritual is what I was looking for that was becoming what really hit me and why I wept when I heard it is that is what God has done for us. We killed someone in his family. His son, and what we weren't there, but our sin because that sacrifice and God is using that and coming to rescue us when we are drowning we are dead in our sins and everyone of us that he is not going to get the vengeance the righteous results of that he's going to give that salon and save us from drowning and putting those together with the word.

It really comes down to the love of God and so many of his attributes, if not all of them spring out of that deep well of love that we can even understand is how many of us would swim out to save somebody that killed our child and vengeance is no place for now lives and God. Jesus told us that we are going to show others him by our love by anything else really, other than are caring for those that are unlovable and there were a couple of clips during this process that really showed that love of God. June I would say that I near clip has been thinking the most of any clip in a long time you know about that whole concept of I can swim out and save them in not have the grief I can unite I don't have to live with that, or I can choose not to and live with it forever hit me hard to know things. It was in there as well as life isn't fair, anybody that is looking for fair first father ever saw in the Bible that you will have fair in this life know working to have troubles working to be betrayed by best friends by family but if we can't get to the point of forgiving and loving through that. Then we are drowning.

Yeah, I was like you listed after the second time in and I thought about it would speak back to who you truly are not that because the decision is laid in your lap.

Whether this person lives or dies, regardless of what they've done and can you live with the fact that you let them it would be the question of my heart.

Yeah it is so many layers that you know it into and on the fact that they've been up all night right to know you and be clear when it at that point right now you makes even the tougher clairvoyant that is not proper. I think it's kind of proper wit you with my barely hard so I understand that yeah they can rally that in mind, let us go with that.

She said since we have a few minutes left. This is my favorite times of the show is we don't have anything else to really talk about every strata so no not me.

The question that I want to ask you when has God used the attribute you described on you in your life or one of someone else's attribute in your life. Jim just swung it over here yeah guess with the unchanging. It's I've got got to make sure that I have back to Jim for the integrity.

That's where I got got a hold and stay firm with things in my integrity and not just waffling around that site even with this week that clip and everything went to my head is like to stay with go with it, go with what originally had. Don't keep changing my don't go all the boys stick with me when I tell you the first time is right thing. Stay with me so I torment I get one. The service actually based on Jim's concept of vengeance versus forgiveness and inserted years ago on on the air but you had sister that was so incredibly mean to me she is much, much older than me 14 years older than me know she was 24 years old 28 years, very, very mean to me my whole life and in had lots of reasons to not like her to not care about her all sorts of things in heaven talked to in years. And God Waking me up and laying in on my heart to pray for her and I was boldness I got. I don't want to pay for don't like her and care for her talk. I don't really want to pray for you know she hurt me a lot and this is Occurring until 19. Is it okay got out and I really did pray for her and what happened was the change in me that all that bitterness left all that frustration most of it left you to the point where I was free I was free of her control over me, even though she had been around me physically or even on the phone and years that she still had a type of control over me and I found that lease for me. I couldn't pray for somebody legitimately pray form and still hold a grudge against them, and he knew that's what I needed and she probably needed prayer I don't know but I think that was all about me, at least for my lands and so you know, helping me understand that forgiveness is really what's the key to healing. What else so my first word from the first show is was. I am so I say here and say I am that I am not that I'm not God, but that will go with the other wing of Elroy is the God who sees me and the only way I really know how to do is to to process that is how do I see other people and do I take the time to see others that don't feel clean and I probably don't always do that is awareness that we need to do that as people sometimes it's easy for the people you like your around. But is it that way for every body and I can't say that it always is, but something that I definitely want to because I know what I felt like when I felt like there was times when God didn't see me and then when I'm heading great. Anthony did see me what leaks in your heart.

From that because you have to be seen to be in relationship three point even getting are you looking at me.

So as a glacier ask you every week and I would really really like. Please pray for, pray, prayerfully prayerfully consider coming to the camp coming up in March. March 31 through April 3. If you have a questions about the camp at all.

Just reach out to son email on Facebook. We'd love to see you there and will talk with you next week. Have a wonderful week.

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