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Word of The Year 2021

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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January 1, 2022 12:30 pm

Word of The Year 2021

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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January 1, 2022 12:30 pm

Welcome fellow adventurers! The guys ring in the the new year with a discussion on their words of the 2021 year. The clips are from "It's a Wonderful Life," "Star Trek," a song medley and a video from Jeremy Kingsley. The journey continues, so grab your gear, be blessed, and Happy New Year!

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This is Joanne McNair with the podcast storytime Mema and answered prayer for stories that point children to God's chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just a few seconds enjoying it, share it, but most of all thank you for listening to The Truth Podcast Network this is Truth Network is one where Jesus speaks masculine journey is filled with many twists and turns out we keep from losing hard trying to find one feels more like a losing battle. Something worth dying for, grab your gear, West Brothers will serve as the gods recall masculine journey masculine journey starts here. Well, happy new year excited that you're joining us in 2022. Worry about right were completely shaved out words all in. It all starts with 360 film so very cool it sort of our tradition. Here, masculine journey, this time year to talk about the word for the year and so we had gotten this idea actually from the wild of her team here in Colorado number of years ago.

They pray in the beginning of December. You know to that God would give them a word of some part of the adventure to go on together with him in the upcoming year and so what we we all have been taking part in that for a number years and so this is our chance to review what happened with our words and in 2021, and so to give us. For example, that anyhow that work for you and you know over the years so this is I think the fourth year that I've gotten the word and it seems like every year it ends up being spot on when you get the word at the beginning of the year sometime gotten all about that God but you know, this year was for me. I'll talk about it more in depth a little bit later but was really linked to, the word from the previous year.

I think we've all found that God does that. He usually keeps you in a vain or an idea, but it's always good and it's just to me it's participatory or it's what he's wanting to do in your life. A lot of times we feel like you know it's our word, but it's really our it's our personal word but it's our word in the sense that it's both ours and God's because he's always involved in the process. Man, a man that could not be better. Said he really really really really is so damning for you. This was your first year to play with yet is is my really excited about a Ricky Carrico and isolate Internet on the river sit around last year and you got started, all will do so by the word of the year and I'm like keeping dear to head like like what are you talking about Buddha.

It really meet the in some ways it is always been a tough year so I word for the year was heritage and low and behold what a year for that but the clip yet the play is from. It is one of life is the last scene and where George Bailey has a found himself in trouble and that he really begins to see what people really think about it in a good and overwhelming way and you just got a cool waiting in the stairwell of the movie wife loves it because in black and white brother said he thought it had a black and white man Andy Griffith threatening but you George finds out like I have found out this year a lot about myself a lot about the people around me and who truly are your friends. So here is George. I got this from Wanda all MasterCard cash stop. My office instructed to advance to up to $25,000 and Merry Christmas Sam Wainwright my big brother George, the richest man in town is continuing.

George know that when you add appointments you there's nobody like Jimmy Stewart to bring the clearance with the angel gave the book Tom Sawyer and the phrase was a Manzano failure to have friends essentially friends were but but this year we lost all synodical begin the year coded and then we lost Michelle's dad and then we lost my mom, June and September and so really was kind of tough. But it made you lose it made me look at my heritage.

Maybe look at it. I remember my wife said he feels like your soul says how can you go home because half of what sustained you is going and and out nose, wet fail but you learned a lot about family and and that's kind of the heritage where I thought we were going with it, but you know we have a spiritual heritage and rubber hello what you said before the show that you know God seems to turn his face toward your your heritage and when he turned his face. It is a unit. It is a blessing and I remember it. We talked about tell a story about dad was looking at. We set out to do finances after mom was Gogol mom did all the books and it really she has some things on the books that were that it knows all the books but if we were looking at $20,000 loan discount to consolidate everything and in just a short period of time. One thing led to another and a miracle after miracle and dad ended up debt-free and it was it was a sent out some wire for $25,000 stop yes to let you know that you can to be engaged. We would day and whatever you gave dad a whole new level. You and find out things about about mom but but find out things about dad and uncles dad's filter went to the grave with mom so dad just as was on his mind and the will come out and that's been cut interested but you don't as a whole was a year you what a great practice it is to I'm behind a ball again have to pray hard to sweetly handle what I love. But even for a word for the year and how that plays out to be a look back sent out a color not as weird as I thought you I see that we would talk about that the word from last year and the next weeks I will be in 2022.

With our words so we'll talk about what what God's given us this year will and eat in other clip you have is really just off the hook for my perspective in a Star Trek fan and a neat Leonard Nimoy Fannin many things so I'm sure what what your okay Merry Christmas if you would like it that actually my word for the year was given was, I thought it was and be something around restoration fits, what I wanted. But God's that you know there was where I get the word as I am the one that you know I have to have like confirmation sometime so when I heard prosper.

I got it like three different ways. It was through different messages and and stuff that I was right in the Bible. At the time, but I got it you know a lot of it. I just did come off a benefit when I got a trauma MOI can be like a TV preachers often as I was going but you know this so much more to what God wants to do in that vein of more than financial blessing and so this this clip is based on you know you won't hear that much about prosper. Other than that the tagline and that you get it whenever you hear it.

The point is what you hear.

This clip is from limit Leonard Nimoy Spock on Star Trek and it kind of explains how they came up with enough of the tagline in the in the salute, so they lining prosper long and prosper. The book is a wonderful sent livelong and prosper in this too was good. Something that was that contributed by your father on the set we have a wonderful script survives Sarah Sturgeon called clock time. We arrive on the planet and a procession comes up to the sitting British says a director.

I think we should have something of a special greeting Asian people involved which other military people salute each other. I think Faldo should have something greeting and a seven will you like to do and I said all about this where it came from was from my childhood, going to synagogue on the high holidays with my family, there's a moment a group of men get up before the congregation cover their heads with the prayer shawls shan't prayer my father said don't look on about eight or nine years old and sliced what I saw was you gentlemen out there with doing the shouting that hands out was accommodation like that both. I found out later. This is the shape of the letter should in the Hebrew alphabet letter Shem is the first letter in the word shot God.

The name of God.

While I survived the but I was so intrigued with that gesture and I suggested that we do that involved within days after that episode was on their I started getting my dresser back on the streets thought that was was Georgia. Kai was interviewing. I think will Nimoy Fannin in winter. Nimoy goes on to tell about out and as long as what I think is cool as he talks about how that that was never Robbie talked about Shana Lewis and from a body part you have any next skins machine fishing.

I just bit disconnected but then explained that what in another video with out there that Leonard Nimoy does he talk about that same letter is the first letter in shalom and in Shekinah which is like the glory of God.

But you know we all hear about shalom peace so I went in and looked at Jeremiah 2911 and in and there is we often know about that Scripture you know it's like I know the plans I have for you, prosper you and not bring harm to you. Essentially this in some translations a piece of them say prosper. We know please assist shalom you know, we hear that quite a bit lately piece.

Shalom is just peace but the definition that I got when I went into the blue letter Bible. One of Robbie's favorites when he when you go in there. You look at the completeness of the definition of prosper its completeness, safety, soundness, welfare, help prosperity, peace, client, tracheal tranquility and contentment.

That's when I fully experience this year. Much beyond that I ever have run into you talk about contentment.

You know, peace, friendship, now it's just a whole overall well-being and that's what I've experienced this year.

Not that everything in life is just totally perfect.

But things are good. God is done so much in that actually you know that actually came to pass this you Jim you want about my Hebrew professor who died two weeks ago when we were here. I found out about it said that it also means death nationally to prosper and that there will be right back. Have you ever considered what you want your last words to be hoped to express thanks to God for your life and exhort family members to follow Christ a person's last words can tell you a lot about the same is true of the Savior. John MacArthur looks at Christ's final words in Scripture this week on grace to you doing is more science Scripture and salvation. A radio ministry for creation research, we want to encourage your Christian things by showing how scientific evidence supports the Bible, particularly the Genesis account. When we see that the first and most foundational Bible trust in all matters, including science builds confidence in the rest of the inspired word all the way to Revelation.

That's my thinking get Robbie there excellent Psalm 119, 105 your word is a lamp to my feet and enlightened bypass and I've always loved that Scripture learned that early in my Christian life and I know Robbie's been on an excursion to probably talk a lot about that when he thought about his word and if you want anything to that know it might end end up in after after hours consent so many goodies to gowns and I don't if we can get to mine because we gotta get to Rodney's.

I mean, you know, it is even nobody knows the joy it gives me.

I mean, because you know I and I know what I got to do as a result of learning about this practice and then I've watched. Obviously Andy I've watched any of my striving, in other words, as they in and if not you actually thought back to we did listening per one time with a bunch of young stiff young teenagers 14, 15 years old and when they heard from God. They actually knew that they heard from God. There like this Robbie guy really are forgot. I mean I've heard from God like you can really hear from God. And so when people have a chance to experience his adventure for a year of hearing from God on their word. It really is.

It's a remarkable remarkable thing and so Rodney is another one of those that I just I just delight, especially delight in your clip because I can just sense all the time that you spent with the Lord. As a result of the practice and everybody goes through your differently. Everybody has things that you thought would come to pass. It might be real joys and all those things that you had no idea it was coming in meetings that you thought were there that know God had a different story to write for you that your assist. This is fun to walk a minute. So really what my clip is about. It's a medley of several different songs that started me my first word which was son and eyesight. Okay, that was about being his son and living in being truly his son and then the next word I got was father Mike. Okay, so it's really about him being my father and living in that and in the next what I had last year as last year was family and when I got it it was okay. I'm supposed to be working in the harder on my family guys like no no no no, you need to be working with my family. This is what were going to work on my family together and it's just been a year where both in block with my men here and my church family and others that I have at work and other people that are believers just spending a lot more time talking about truth because truth ends up coming out and so may things today and what we do and what we don't do that you just can't eat you get about yet you're finding that you have to take a stand for truth and that's that's been this past year for me is going to family so will go and hearing medley. Maybe talk on the backside is as I'm sitting here and he just correct me from wrong, but just when you see it right in his front appeared because he's gone hunting here and you know and as I was sitting there I was like I'm seeing Abraham Lincoln the no wonder he talked about his honest debris sit there and talk about truth and is so just really what you know the word of the year does for me it allows me to really focus on things.

So it doesn't matter if I'm reading Scripture listen to a sermon and were talking about the game talking about life. It just doesn't matter.

That word is is there. It's amazing when you're paying attention to how often this is, show up in your life and have meaning and purpose to it that you've never would've saw. If you didn't have the word going through that for that year. So that's where it's been for me is just something it's like my own little personal right with God.

That's like oh that's why you had me with this with this year and an occasional hit.

That's maybe several times even in a day and then you go for a few days now something there it is again. You know you going to do personal studies on at different times.

That's where you also for me is what I just cannot take attention to scanning all little deeper there when you got for me, learn, assist, always national treasure to word this year was family and it was in its God's family. It really and I have that the passage in Mark to me is like just as the years roll by. This means means there is a descendent of Mark chapter 10 where it says now he who loses lands and I was stuck because of my name in it for the sake the gospel not fail to receive 100 times as many mothers hundred mothers. Danny, you got 100 mothers telling you you start add them up here and find you got 100 mothers you got 100 brothers yet more than end and then he goes on to describe all the things you can I have an persecutions by the way, not just in the life to come.

But in this present age is what it says it's a promise and in that family is just like spectacular as as he begins the pointed out to and so I again I love how God takes these what we thought at the beginning what this appeared to be this journey and oh my goodness it just it was a different adventure. So Jim you had a different kind of adventure this year. I did but I will when you said family and God said no, our family, I immediately thought of. We are family you got all your brothers with you that is a second SSN when I die, I think it is very little me is that the work that we do that we are family here and we act like it more often than not the we did this, I think, as a group. The first time four years ago and I've been introduced to the word the year before. From a secular book and that included both the life word and having a word each year. So when we did that. I thought that was really cool so I sort way back to the secular roots.

I got a clear peer that I just heard for the first time today by a fellow named Jeremy Kingsley and he does talks about integrity and cowardice, integrity, and this is a story about taking a trip with a friend of his is geek to think that I won't be house Best Buy and he has no clue, but he runs into integrity. In this clip, even a little embarrassed going to Best Buy with him because he's got this list all the specs he wants on his TV something. This is a little bit over the top, but he is my butt. So we going back to the salesman at the TV place and he is a technique to their enjoining July 1 12 8700 isn't easy. All of a sudden the sales guy doesn't know what I think Sony does make a model that has only specs will carry it, but there is a store down the road. I think does have a model will only specs on you want to go there when he said that I call a timeout. Nonmembers my friend for a second time.

Hemant timeout, the salesman did you just tell my friend to go to a different store to a competitor store. Yes sir, I'm sorry we we don't care that model but I think they have a few that hallow the specs that he wants us I will talk your manager.

I please go get your matter. Now this kid is freaking out man. He is scary thing is what is not magic comes a problem years or some kind of problem now is no problem. I just want to tell you something.

I was wondering if you give this young man a race now for Sunday's confusing one. Well I travel ample time and I speak a lot different companies and corporations want things I talk about a lot is integrity he just showed my friends looking for a certain TV that you don't have instead of trying to trick himself trying to manipulate the situation or steer him toward something is really want.

He had integrity, I appreciate I appreciate so much that you probably just got a customer for life. As if this is the kind people working here.

I want to shop your wife to give this guy a race.

Does anyone to give me if there's like to thank you integrity lab we need in our personal and professional relationships, integrity, the person who knows the right thing says the right thing does the right thing.

Integrity this word was without a doubt the toughest one is is one that I saw in my grandfather and my father both of them are named James about that after story or my have to listen to after-hours that's on the podcast this, there are podcasts after-hours all those wonderful episodes or while you're there, I not register for the upcoming boot camp March 31 through May 30 third.

We thought about having a month and three days just March 31 domestic.

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