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What I Want for Christmas After Hours

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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December 18, 2021 12:35 pm

What I Want for Christmas After Hours

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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December 18, 2021 12:35 pm

Welcome fellow adventurers! The discussion on what the guys want for Christmas continues right here on the Masculine Journey After Hours Podcast. The clip is from "Family Guy."

There's no advertising or commercials, just men of God, talking and getting to the truth of the matter. The conversation and Journey continues.


Nothing says Christmas like a wonderful family in Asia, getting a water buffalo is like getting a farm truck while working getting the stand of the market. A water buffalo opened. More importantly, it opens the door to talk about Jesus and nothing says Christmas better than that. Join Truth Network in supporting gospel for Asia gift and click on the Christmas critter campaign. This is Stu Epperson from the truth.

Talk podcast connecting current events, pop culture, and theology, and were so grateful for you that you've chosen The Truth Podcast Network it's about to start just a few seconds.

Enjoy it and please share around all your friends. Thanks for listening and thanks for choosing the truth podcast network. This is the Truth Network coming to you French and American in the heart. Masculine journey after hours time to go to be more transparent and on the topic of this invention, masculine journey starts here now welcome to messenger and after hours I get Sam again although it's here, but it's you know it's just some of the fun stuff that we get to do occasionally here we are in the Christmas season, following up on Andy's topic that he's excited.

I'm very excited, I'm so excited about to jump my feet right now. What do you want for Christmas topic what you want for Christmas so yeah last time I came across this Debbie downer kind of got the wrong mood. Start out this show better but you said you know exactly what you want to say for now. I can't say eventually the idea though behind what were talking about is what you want for Christmas. It's really we touched on desire.

Boot camp. We talked about that in your gifting's and now you know if you delight yourself in the Lord. He will give you the desires of your heart. Nice to take that have pretty much so cool all the stuff I wanted you know a nice house, good marriage, kids, you know. Then all the play toys that you get what you know about it now. Seriously, it you know it desire though. If you truly put God first. You know he will awaken your heart to the desires that he's putting you uniquely and that shall come alive. And I know that they I said no beauty pageant answers last time and then I said I got charge for beauty pageant answer, but truly what I shared, where what my heart is desiring. This Christmas and this is more general, not just for Christmas but it's really for those things that God is put in my heart those desires in ministry and to fulfill those gifting's and stuff that he's put in with family.

There's probably some other stuff as we go deeper talking the show that my talk more about but that's just an idea of just kind of where my my heart was we came up with this topic and screwtop to get something and I will really we all have an opportunity to spend some time right with God helping him. I like what Danny said you know what might be in my heart right that he wants to point out that we need to work on this year. That kind of thing and I actually backed into it by asking God know what you want for Christmas I and and in we had an interesting discussion along those lines where he what he he wanted to work with me on my shame is exactly right where he went with that. That you know that I really began to walk with him realizing what I start to hide and start to be afraid to say what I want to say in given circumstances, especially around people. I'm really familiar with that that shame flashing on my dashboard is check engine light saying you know you need to be yourself.

You need to be willing to walk with me and trust me that this is the time. I want you to be Robbie.

I don't want to hide and that's that's it's kind of, I backed into it, but it's that's the way I got there; like yeah it's really good. Shame is so much a part of the way the enemy entrances that it's deftly pretty cool adventure and I loved actually I really do love the clip I did when I first heard it. It was a little bit of a Debbie downer Cliff. It is, but as you walked it out with this. I was like oh man in front of the money you I don't know if a bill to walk out the same way, but I'll try.

This is a clip from show that you would bet money that we would never use a clip from it's called family Guy. It's not get very many redeeming things. This is a clip you as far as we could use on here.

This is a clip where the little baby they can talk in the cartoon name. Still, he goes that he sits on Santa's lap and needs. Talk about what he wants for Christmas and what happened in the previous show at some point is his dog. Brian had died and so we get to listen to what stew he wants and will come back and talk about Christmas back your friend told Brian he's dead Christmas without even mentioned About this stupid Christmas except Brian you want me to put a dead dog on your tree. The premise you I think we all have the opportunity to focus on what we don't have that we want Christmas right we can all say you know I wished Joanna whenever still alive or whatever it may be in Indy indigo a little bit more personal.

Unit three Decembers a very hard month.

Typically, my dad was his birthday was December 9 Yunnan in he passed away several years ago my mom was December 27 now and when I get out my I decorate stuff around the house. A lot of the decorations my mom handmade you know where my stepdad and handmaidens. Others are good memories but there's also a lot of missing them in a semi-dog obviously but I can I can focus on that I can focus on being present in in stepping into the things God has for me this year and I it's at these times honestly that I do miss being married here because I do miss the traditions we had as a family. Now my boys and I and my youngest daughter will have a tradition that we do now and it's pretty cool that I think you know what I want for Christmas is to be content and to be present and to be hopeful right in and to be available to my family when they are with me in unsteady thinking more about you know I wished I was here. I wish this person was here, whatever that may be a being in a positive place anywhere in the same and out used to be that Tess would bring her daughter lie let you know we would still enjoy Christmas like we did when they were kids. Mariah was to be there from college and my son would certainly always try to make it back somehow and in this Christmas, that's all discombobulated and said to me, my wife should like I'm not going to get a Christmas tree anymore because it's just it's just not the same and let you know you know it and I'm feeling that I may not see the expectation and I see that that the new normal is something and in exactly like how do we find something really fun.

Well, you know, we have this friend that night I thought told Tammy I said you know who would really read a friend they'd been in prison for actually 13 years and used to help us before we went in prison he used to help us when the kids were small decorated Christmas and he got out of prison just two years ago and I said I tell you who would enjoy decorating the Christmas tree more than any of our kids. I said call Doug but separate sheets can't be more excited that what you know we just to start praying in a God, what you have that's new in that that would be along the lines of what we want to do and so I'm hoping that she'll let us go get another Christmas tree next year because we quicken decorate with Doug. If nothing else you. It's part of the taking the past and at one point, you know you get excited I hear from friends that this Christmas is different because of sin. Children are married and now they have to split time with in-laws split before, and you know we go to through these these new normals and so can Robert Joy for not careful.

If we focus on what's not there or one what is no longer the option instead of learning to flow with what is a new option and having got awakened in the hearts and things that are really cool to do and creates new normals that are fun exactly in his right.

We talked about before the show and what got Jim all excited about the Hebrew letter. He calls it the cost, which makes sense because it looks like it's felt that way KAF if you listen to many Jewish people hear him say half so the you know how it's pronounced the idea of the letter is. It looks like the palm of your hand upside down asking for a blessing and in the idea of the wisdom of that letter is that that desire drives intellect. In other words you eat. You want to get somebody to to really develop a skill that they want if it starts with the desire than the way they go in. So what what happens at our boot camps right is the very first talk.

We do as a unicorn desires a man's heart because if we can reawaken those things, then it's a battle to fight a beauty to rescue you know and eventually I have nothing to really add to that, I was just thinking how sad it's good to be of a thousand years from now the people look back at emoji's and think that there are high hieroglyphics or it's our hidden language. You know you talk about Hebrew rightsizing can you hope it's not like the praying hands emoji and all the other ones.

It uses they're going to think that all I look at how the communication carries the random thought. Now it's it's it's actually helpful when you see that that how much desire actually drives behavior and even when you list all these clips that were talked about this. How did you feel when you wanted that and I rock them sock them robots game when you were elected and what behavior did it drive because you wanted that kind of thing.

But even listening to his self. I have it. I was thinking about our personal responses and it hit me the other day as I was trying very hard to get off the floor of how much I love Christmas when I was young and I would go, sometimes for hours lay under the Christmas tree and just look at the lights, decorations of the tree that my father put up primarily and earlier this week was at my daughter's house and I think is where my sisters was on the phone and she wanted a picture of me under the tree like I used to be. I got down in my daughter made just a beautiful Criswell Grayson's of saying so I got down there I lay down there for couple minutes and it started hurting and I tried to get up the good work and not eight years old anymore, but it I can still enjoy some of the same things I did then. But enjoy it with my kids as opposed to parents and a gift. I have gotten for Christmas this year's to actually be in a position to impact my son a difficult time in his life. All my kids have done exceedingly well with velvets and put before him, but he's a rough patch right now and beginning to really appreciate my new name of mourning Dove.

I'm having some of the morning. Now.

But that's okay because it's bittersweet to know God has and want him to use me with my family more than he has been quite a while would be my longing right now. Absolutely beautiful. We have a guest in the studio.

In the statement. Are you I'm good and so I'm I hit you with a easy question. Can you take us back to when you were a kid just picture back when you're 56781 about Christmas because wonder in a young David was is all about the gifts you know anticipation of what I was in a get what was I going to get you know what's the one that sticks out you probably one year I was really really asking for one of those two wheel scooters. Now they have metal and they pulled up and everything I this is like that pop up tires on it and I really wanted it really bad and asked for an escort bag but I didn't know we got I got it on Christmas, but my dad actually hit it outside on me so didn't really think I was getting it, but so yeah that that's what really sticks out to me not unlike tempted to seem from the red writer I'm wearing the dad and I just didn't want to make it easy wanted to see the big surprise in the big reveal and and and so was it yells pretty good thing. A tort up about a week so it you know it's not as is off-road is as I would've liked that say this is the masculine journey right yeah we need off-road screw doing only the one that is goes on sidewalks and I need to be able to do Johnson right and so that the venture running. What was it. What was that was a red Ryder BB gun for you know for me figure out what gifts or whatever you got it for me it was the gift of snow you give me some snow is after my dad first bought a snowmobile.

That's all I wanted to do in winter time become Christmas time is a ride. Want to go fast Robbie. That's what I want to do.

I want to go fast and it was fun. When all when you hear airway residue donuts in the car. Oh, snowmobiles are just like don't miss making machines you decision you donuts anywhere you want to go you slide around turned youth go fast you rack you get back up and go again. That's when we lived in Michigan when I was 12 or 13 years old and you've heard the stories of skipper Wagoner what you don't know it's different. Wagner's dad worked for the experimental part of General Motors and so he had access to all these different and he had an experimental snowmobile six will eat. It was sweet and in that area. Michigan you know that the glaciers would dig out all these lakes that we had only four lakes in the neighborhood, and there are really steep hills. It would come down the lake. Of course the lakes were glare ice and so man you can that snowmobile back in those days go 70 or 80 miles an hour down that hill and then hit that ice and then if you just tweaked it just right. It would go into a doing 360s through across the icing. I dislike your get the picture right oh, been there done that and if you did really good you can whip slip skipper right off the back yeah right so basketball and you know you think about Ollie's previous email wear helmets and stuff now to that that that thought never crossed use developed the picture of me getting right home from Troy Wilkie.

My buddy Sean was with me. We were walking home he would he would purposely stop by doing basketball Pikesville gives right a moment. Snowmobile and I was eyes in the back will.

He's a big strong guy to he would just push us all the way off so I just said okay fine. I set my rewrite on the bed on the snow and pavement is almost 1 the home I went go but it was like just little saying to just look forward to you is going to be in a turnabout of the site.

That's okay, you know, we can use the word it's a blind man was just it was rock 'n' roll in time and logjam snow for Christmas. That's fun I was, I caused a lot of fun you know yesterday and I know you love to play football and I know lots the guys to hear, but some really fun if it if you had about a foot of snow on the ground are 6'10" man and you play tackle football your buddies in the snow that was someone man that was a blast. Then you had all the the little ones are the older ones and whose current home crying and he had the brothers ever dislike fighting with each other because that's what of real fights really happened was it wasn't everybody else was up with that though within the family. There like pick on each other all the time so Danny down here in the South.

I'm guessing it wasn't snow for you. This if you got snow.

It was a surprise now and aid to teenagers never seen that. I don't think the I can remember one Christmas, and I don't remember asking which made it better surprise I get a full Christmas morning and there is a orange fleet motorcycle helmet and I was excited about the help I you cool it was cool because it matched my dad's motorcycle. I thought he bought me a helmet ride with you resulted that he had bought me a mini bike, it had off-road capabilities and and it let it match. The match the helmet and you what an excitement that was in one of the things I'm looking forward to this for the first time that I can remember my granddaughter seven and she's going to be at my house on Christmas morning.

She's already checked out the credentials to make sure Santa has capability founder Jesus. She scoped it out pretty good, but to see the wonderment and excitement in her eyes, is going to be a Merry Christmas.

Now there's therapist that that childlike and now how close I and so did Sam said a while ago. You know, we've lost love ones this year and is easy to focus old.

What is gold and and but to realize what's going to happen in the wonderment of vehicles we will have Michelle and I will have our children and in malls and granddaughter all under the same roof for the first time in so that's going to be really cool at his awesome Sam spinning around Robin Hunt's barn to get to Sam but will get to from a my childhood, I don't really have wouldn't have a whole lot you growing up and we had Christmas lunch times.

It was just touching a burlap bag and yet they did it because normal think a lot of times now. It was there was a toy here and there but it was mainly socks and T-shirts and underwear stuff that I needed you know and and and I was okay. That's what my parents could do you know I think right now to find what plain milk is fine referencing the same cause. Original is a set in a Denny's in that scene. Well, that's it. Could you detect a little bit of opposing underwear was fine. I can't really honestly think of it toy that really did that one as a kid what what I think more about stuff. It was something Danny and I talked about the other day was free, as it were at my house the Christmas thing is you walked in, he saw that the nutcrackers that were upon the keeping on track to supplement their alleged I don't like nutcrackers. I have all those because my kids know I don't like and they would buy them for me for Christmas and so I just doing Nutcracker was common at some point in into looking at those I get them out each year. It makes me laugh because it my kids is give me stuff that the nose is going to frustrate me. You know it's his kid like I grew up. I didn't like to discuss. Her parents are giving you directly to frustrate Sam. It's been its storyline difficult today. The like my kids.

It's funny they know I didn't like Dr. Seuss growing up because green eggs and ham name Sam you don't like this is the story green eggs and ham ran into one of the shirts that were around the house. Now that is green eggs and ham Sam I am. They got it for me for Christmas and so I think back out of now my favorite memories are just the things my kids did just that. Poke fun at me and and have fun. Give me a present they know is a Skinner make me chase around the house a bit dandy if I made circles that all the young Andy in the beauty contest.

Please, so this is cool how this is love hearing your stories and in mine. My parents, we have allowed the month they'd my parents made sure week. We had Christmas gifts this it was just they did whatever they could do. It was not easy for mental thing that I can remember. You know I was into everything I wanted to be a Revolutionary war soldier.

I wanted to be Daniel Boone. I wanted to be football player baseball player you know I was. I was even into like Smokey the bear and save in the floors.

The main they were really promote back in the day. I guess everybody's been in force at the time. I don't know but anyway all these gifts I can use this in here remembering all the stuff that I got through is a childhood and that there is that certain wondering. It's not always about a material gift. It's usually something that is drawn drawing from your heart and you know I think we did a show back a while back about how we get sick sophisticated as we get older and we lose that childlike wonder and then you think back about what was going on to me. When your child. That's the truth you as you know you haven't been all this crap from the adult life gets in the way so we say it's a slippery slope. Rodney started out shame on you, but it's just it's it's just all that stuff gets in the way and I think having that childlike wonder and that's were going back to where what I want for Christmas. It's almost like a childlike wonder because once you get some things out of the way you get back to you. Remember your childhood. You remember those things and then when you do then you see the possibilities what God trying to do in your life now as an adult, where you know your gear in a position to actually use what you've learned. Okay, I did think the two things I got my clueless Christmas present as a kid I got a cowboy hat to six shooters that you use Okay Right and Had the Holsters and the Whole Deal and I Had Them for Christmas and I Actually Use Them in Halloween for the Halloween Parade around Cowboy and so That Was One of the Coolest Is One of Those I Thought Was Cool for A While That I Got Was a Hot Wheels Track. Remember Minority I Was in School and My Dad Decided to Use Its Equipment and Hot Wheels Track at Haploid Bishop.

Up until Probably Affected Left a Life Lesson That Is Interesting.

I Was to Sit There and Wonder. I My Favorite. Interestingly, My Favorite Christmas Present. I Can Remember Evers. I Wanted This Really Super Duty Long Underwear That Was like Really Insulated Because I Loved about the Snow and I Left Actually Stay out for Two or Three Days in the Woods That You Know and Just Live off Whatever It Was, My Family Knew That. So It Was This It Was Almost like a down Jacket, but It Was Long Underwear. It Was Green. I Can Remember, and I Got That It Was.

I'm so Excited Was Unbelievable.

I Was Relating Back to What I Want This Christmas and I Told These Guys before the Show When I Really Want Is Wet Suit Pants with Several the Comical but the Thing of It Is Is My Sailboat, You Got a Ghetto into the Lake Which We Live off Blitzkrieg Lake and the Water Is Cold This Time a Year onto an and so When You Go to Watch This Sale but I Can Have My Wetsuit Pans like I Used To Have My You Know and so Sam Said I Should Get Yellow Ones. That Way I Could Be the Official Banana Wetsuit Pans Robbie That They All so How Much Can We Go Back to Her Childhood Want Something Maybe Even Physical, That Would Bring Wonder Back to Life like Something That You Might Really Really Want a Phone That You Enjoy Talking about All This.

I Bet You've Picked up a Memory or Two. Your Heart Is Still a Kid Believe It's All in like Pregnant Spaghetti Sauce. Oh Joy.

It Will Be Back to Mastering Rated Conflict Can't Commit. March 31. This Is the Truth Network

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