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Spiritual Purple Heart Wounds

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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December 4, 2021 12:30 pm

Spiritual Purple Heart Wounds

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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December 4, 2021 12:30 pm

Welcome to Masculine Journey fellow adventurers! This week the guys discuss spiritual wounds that turn into messages of hope. The clips are from "The Andy Griffith Show," and "The War." The journey continues, so grab your gear and be blessed, right here on the Masculine Journey Radio Show.

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This is the Truth Network heart of every man we feel that way. Jesus makes the narrow gate. Masculine journey is filled with many twists and turns. So how do we keep from losing heart trying to find my feels more like a losing battle. Something worth dying for, grab your gear, request will serve as the guys recall masculine journey masculine journey starts here now. Welcome masculine gladiator with this is it. If the number clips we submitted.

You know it honored he was evidence of a good topic any of the great topic hello, abundance of clips and we had a clip cutting yeah we had a way to cut some clips out and be able to get tomorrow so if you know I cook today and get to go to Annie at masculine journey be met for any of us and asked him will answer your questions were Susan and he tells a little bit about your topic for the week. The topic is spiritual wounds that turned into my messages of hope and just thought process behind it was things that you know you wounded over but somehow, some way God is used in healing.

Maybe not totally, but God seems to put people in my life that have similar wounds and kind of you become a God through some of the stuff yeah and when you talk about spiritual wounds and it can involve physical wounding, obviously, but it's the spiritual impact, yes, the impact in your heart that sort, okay, okay. So you tell us a bit about first clip the first clip is from Danica Becher which did that for my friend Robbie because he been missing Andy Griffith clip so is from the first episode of God, the new housekeeper and oh please, the wounded one, because his cool housekeepers get married and she's leaving and she did a lot of things without me in so but Andy keeps selling the bill that aunt Bea is coming and if your friend Andy Griffith show a note. Not everybody is, but you all to be the then you should be become one start to show. But hopefully, she can't do anything Rose could do and so I hope he is pretty much pushing her out but the scene is the end into the show and I hope you have a heart change toward it be and kinda goes after her hearts are your leaving me little more time now, and it's much better this lot that I wouldn't give anything to do the things you like to play baseball and all the time you get you mean what changed your mind. That's right on things like that.

Why should this be if you like Unigroup you need to reach out to. We need to pray for you at masculine journey back the sleeves in such a great show you what was about that clip really want to do. Well hope you change your heart is so sweet because he's he honestly for me. I guess hope is about 56. Somewhere along there and he's is honestly having face in him. If you can't play ball frogs and fish.

You're pretty much doomed in this life.

I feel sure and that was his perspective of going after her heart and ego. So often people put those ages of sanctification in my own life and that kind of rubbed me the wrong way or just it not like it used to be, but ultimately end up with some great friendships.

We talk a lot about the healing that happens it at boot camp or outside a big damper with God as you walk with God.

But God doesn't let you do sit there healed right. I mean to degrees of healing and there's always more healing to be had is going to have you do something with it you he's gonna ask you to work on others with answers in Scripture and in summer yeah yeah yeah and second Corinthians chapter 1 right. I think this for one it's in their chapter 1, four) Colorado effort comforts us so that we could be comfortable with the comfort we were comforted with. That's how I got Ryan and he didn't sound right. Andy and Danny Henry again we would.

I was taught another one I had pulled oh then let me say to get back to the days got up about going Annie Danny whatever so the fact find the right comforted us in all our tribulation is… That we may be able to comfort them which are in any trouble, by the comfort wherewith we ourselves are comforted by God is yeah comforting on exactly right. Suddenly there's more than one Scripture that talks was absent whole. The Scripture I put out to you guys and hopefully also it. I then read it. I didn't think that is Joshua forces that this may be a sign among you that when your children ask their fathers in time. Come saying what mean you Buddy stones. Nisha answered him that the waters of the Jordan were cut off before the ark of the coven Lord when it passed over Jordan, the waters of Jordan were cut off, and the stone shall be for a memorial unto the children of Israel forever. Just a reminder, the stones were reminder of the need. I can imagine being pushed up against a body of water and enemies press and all you and I have a but they were reminder of what God has done in ask out of the way I see like physical scars is a reminder that there was unit was pain but it will also healing when they were self-inflicted, which I have many self-inflicted scars but why should a resident is good.

So while actually I did read 03 you cut down a little bit. I don't think we can.

That's because now let's go to the other might be quick, but it really is along the same lines. We've used it many times. Confess your faults one to another, that you may be healed now and that you think will have that title and a lot of times your faults or tidier overcompensation for wound, and when you confess those and you confess the way that God healed you.

If brings healing the other people so okay so we have microphone.

The story comes to mind when I got this after our early work on to another clip to go to break good Barry out there nine days there's been plenty times got done I died this last week week.

I did my first real counseling session with somebody as a counselor, I've been counseling over the years of people from boot camp. Some people I met at church and those kind of things and work with men in time to time been on staff that this is my first. You know cold. Never met the person before it on and as I was listening to her story guidance counselor reminded me of you experience that you experience that yes you had that happen to you. And so it wasn't an accident that the he and I are together meeting.

I don't know where that's going take it yet, but he is reminding you know you got you got some my parallel journey that you went on you. You been down that road just a little bit ahead of him in on so there's a lot of comfort in knowing okay, I can at least speak to what God is done at one time I worked at the Association of Christian counselors, national, no event or whatever and I was asked to to to know hundred and some odd interviews over the weekend of all these different counselors in God just gave me that Scripture set, Corinthians, chapter 1 verse four as you would say you know when I would just open the interview with you know the God of all comfort comforts us with comfort. We comfort others with what is habit. Speak to your ministry and you and believe story after story after story after story like if they were working on the suicide hotline. Guess what an update experience suicide if if if they are working in an abortion clinic had abortions if they were working in marriage counseling. They been through divorces and end time and time again. It was mind blowing. But my favorite story was we had this psychiatrist. He looked like Sigmund Freud you had that little goatee in the 3P's vast and the glasses and the whole bit. And so when he told me he was a full-blown psychiatrist.

I was like this can work, but God told me to use it. So I said okay the comfort of all in the same line and he said well now I've never told anybody this before, but when I got married I went insane and I'm like really and he said yeah I was in the hospital couple weeks after I got married and I saw this little red dot on the wall at and I thought it was Satan and my new bride climbed up on the bed next to me and and and she looked at me just heartbroken. She said I don't know how this is happened to you, but I can't live without you. So if you can tell me how to get where you are, so that I can be there and as I heard her heart breaking. I began to ask God for a way out and he showed me that way out and now that's what I do with my patients, you know, when you see that in living like oh my goodness, I mean this is so clearly you know what God does and and you know and all our lives, and I have stories for after-hours student slows things and all that is just amazing how God uses daily and go back to your your Scripture and obviously will comforting thing is is tiny and I really like the remembering you got it will take us back and remind us of those things.

It is done right. Yes, I think the purpose of memory in itself is that you can remember what God has done that we use it to a lot of times remember the negative stuff and it is amazing to me that if you been a roomful of 100 people and what I will have made you mad. You remember his name, address, phone number and outline the art. The rest of you going yeah think I met you and I'm really excited to come back after the break is because we have the Harold second clip ever Harold second ever. Yes I said that and he had that even looked it up online and the whole deals were backward about that story and learn about why that clip really spoke to go to masculine look for the upcoming boot camp coming up in March by the Salmon mask and my son Eli talked about ways to help us and smiled at him and and click the donate to masculine and find masculine fax 550 92728 let's take a bite out of Internet staying on the highway with the Christian car guy was up over $560 million in 2009, many auto scams like overpayment schemes second chance options.

Most of the time he scams included either Western Union or bank wire get some help before you spend down the member without counsel, plans go awry. Staying on the highway with the Christian car guy Christian car guy that was your that was your problem totaled about three weirdest find something tied to wounds and that actually of perspective coming from God. Matthew West with amended talk about God mending us and were talking really about individuals in our stories, helping somebody else but you know when I hear it you know and that's in that it is you listen to it. If this I feed certain things not to get is when I first started as his eyes see the possibilities with somebody else coming out from their woundedness as I share my story with them and help them through it and you obviously got involved in all that he expects this to you know use those very stories that he gives us minutes like if the if were hippie brings a 30 something and we don't share with somebody else you know that's not to me that's like the ultimate sin of not being able to really share our story and help somebody else out that if he gives us that story for a purpose. So absolutely you knew the Lord Scripture brings people to salvation. It also noted that the stories of people share. I think the impact that was made in their life that the personal thing that people walk through yeah I mean that Scripture from Revelation 12 about we overcome by the blood of lamb and the word of our testimony when we overcome our circumstances.

But I have to believe that also help somebody else overcome their woundedness in the hurting went through Scripture to follow him an extra bump.

I found it real abusing that I had the holidays. He ain't heavy, he's my brother and it didn't get used but you said exactly what I was gonna say that if we have those wounds and we just keep on doing ourselves a little faster and will die. But if we are letting God heal us, and then we're sharing that with others bearing other people's burdens so right use of our injuries. You sound a little wounded over the Obama thing I got over everyone's forgiven Harold and I was not really poking fun.

I know I poke fun a lot, but I'm really excited about this this clip that you gonna tell us about and play therapy. This other Mike that he skied up a bit and effort. I am standing. I found this clip was looking to see clips related to wounds and scars, etc. and I have seen this movie, but looking at the clip, listening to. I realize just how much it did relate to me in my experience I care to wounds for most of my life up until I was already pretty advanced in my adulthood, my father had a problem with alcohol and because that it affected me greatly. Have a lot of shame associated with that I come to find out later that he had an incident in his life that I didn't know about until again. I was not built with children alone. My father had been married before he married my mother's first wife was pregnant with her first child, and she died with typhoid fever and I could see my father go. Sometimes weeks or even months without drinking. But when Maywood rolled around, you can count on him falling off the wagon father was not a social drinker he stop by the ABC store. He drank it as fast as he could do just to get his head out of the world. There's a line in this clip that the really resonated with me. Matt is out before you make no sense is to reach out come back the same.

Yeah, I used to think PTSD was a war related thing and while it is is not the only thing and the other thing that came through to me is yeah I had a one so did my dad and his wound was greater than mine and fortunately I did forgiven, we had a good relationship for the last several years of his life. Even though when I was a young teenager aborted on hating my father for what he was put in the rest of the family through but being a good friend for many years. How many men have come across your path of fathers were alcoholics and obviously you've been in that position. I can try to help anybody who's in that situation because I have been there and I know that you can come out on the other side of it being a better man than you were going in but we need to be aware of the fact that hurting people do hurt people, and we need to look for what's hurting them, and it may help us to have a better attitude toward you. Thank you. I like to cook when I solicited this time there's something really kinda jumped out the unit. You don't have to have been in the war, such as your dad have warfare right we all have warfare honest and sometimes it does make us feel like were in a place that we can cope with the world and we can deal with things and there's not a lot of options in ionic. I was tell my son out the sun.

This last weekend that you know when I went through some stuff when he was really little. There is a point where I really was convinced that the world is better off without me right you know you and fortunately I didn't act on those things because I was fearful what would happen with my daughter's United they would get back to their natural mother or whatever and to the point where I got to the doctor and gets medication to help me get through a season to get through that warfare we just feel really beaten down and beat up in and all that and I think that it is comforting in a way, and inside in a bigger way that we all go through our own journeys of meat they may not end at the same destination of where you think you're hopeless, or all that but it's deathly a common message. One of one of hopelessness. One of you know you don't have an option here right and in the streets about that as we all have those stories that you have your flavor right near Danny has his or whatever that is.

But it will match up with someone else's story is that we can speak to it as you talk about her was a really good excuse me one of the really good things for me was realizing what a good man.

My father was, except for his problem with alcohol because he was constantly doing things for other people repairing automobiles. He worked with the gas company. He would install stuff.

I remember crawling up under houses doing plumbing work with them. My father was good man to me been a smarter adult to realize that Houston good man with broken heart exactly anyone to see if there's more you want to touch on the topic before we go into the after hours you Mike. Mike Willoughby yelled to very well.

That is, there is those places in Positano more than one, but that you like me in my alcoholism and addiction in the you so many times God puts people like minded people in your path and it is so interesting to see some down and it will take you down some interesting adventures we talk about an adventure to live God's got one only recorder I think so yeah it's God is able to step in and start working on your healing at any time. All you have to say got. I need right and letting start coming in and work on your heart and it may not. I can promise you won't probably be the way think it's going to go. He's going to respond is going, and in the angle that you need to get the healing in your heart right is not to be a way that you expect them to say prayer for the little machine thing and I'll send it heal and I get the little heeled sticker and stick it on the ninth. It can be a journey to go through and do some of that stuff a great time to do that is that of boot camp in on. It's not just carbon cancers. Other boot camp going on. If you need to get one before. We don't have one. March 31 through April 3. It will get you set up with another one right somewhere around here you can get and spend some time with God. The important part is the times with God when it's at the place and we do it or when you go to someplace else. If you get some time ago out in the woods are that in a river or lake or whatever you find peace and comfort to go get some time with him and let him really start to speak into that thing asking this guy do know the stuff I've been through help me see the times that you stuck people in my life that I've been able to give them a word of advice or word of your love. Whether he knew it or not listed as saying when the student is ready to teacher will appear.

That's from Zora. That's her mother's mask is so scheming before going to the after hours rubbing you like that I know my own in a particular case, it seems like I keep ending up because when I was 16 I attempted suicide over a broken heart and I didn't even I'd buried it so deep why that was. It took the boot camp.

My first but to even discover the wound of the reason I tried it to be and went which had to do with the trail and a girl things.

But the thing I found later in life as I had a chance actually to to work with people there got started opening my heart to allow that happens I would never have had Mariah test would have never had lilac. It was if I'd murdered myself.

I was literally murdering all these people that now or so near and dear and phenomenal in my life. One of the things it just means means the world to me. So after hours, lumber stories, we doing, that's for sure. A lot of our stories and actually were sharing God's story and his work in our life. That's what it's really about you if you want to give you information on the boot camp and reach out to us in any of her Also, you get a Facebook reach out to us. Talk to next.

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