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Memories of Fall Boot Camp

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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November 27, 2021 12:30 pm

Memories of Fall Boot Camp

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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November 27, 2021 12:30 pm

Welcome to Masculine Journey fellow adventurers! This week the guys share their memories and experiences from the Fall Boot Camp. The clips are from "Meet the Parents," and "The Butterfly Circus." The journey continues, so grab your gear and be blessed, right here on the Masculine Journey Radio Show.

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This is Hans Schild from the finishing well podcast on finishing well. We help you make godly choices about Medicare long-term care and your money. Your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just seconds. Enjoy share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and choosing The Truth Podcast Network.

This is the Truth Network heart of every man crazy agreement. Life doesn't usually feel that way. Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads masculine journey is filled with many twists and turns. So how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a good way when life feels more like a losing battle and something worth dying for, grab your gear and come on a quest band of brothers will serve as the guides we call masculine journey masculine journey starts here now.

Welcome masculine journey. Glad you're with us today in post Thanksgiving celebration. You know, I guess I'm still full of turkey.

Wow this is so strictly addressing address.

The address but it is touch and Cordon Bleu Alonso micro data to be a unique Miami and he had to be different and be different but no weird action. We're not talking about Thanksgiving, although we are very thankful just having come from a boot camp. We had it last week and it was an amazing amazing time and certainly talking about the post camp radio show that sort of talk metadata*experience a big camp and get some clips in our favorite clips from an favorite stories and those types of things in and so I hope you had a wonderful holiday that the family didn't drag into knots. I know it's not quite over for some of you but you got it you can make this you get the power to scare the Jesus and asked her strengthen you be fine anyway and the unit talk little bit about your club chair so this clip is is based on Thanksgiving, so coming out of Thanksgiving. If you have somebody that you know that a prayer like this, you may probably probably one may be invited to the next boot camp date, we can help them out in that area now so but it's it's this guy's going to meet the parents, and that's their first Thanksgiving together in a basking to pray and it's kind of awkward. Yet, it's Greg and Jeff Dinero Robert and Dalia and Seth will play from the original meet the parents and and Greg, the potential future son-in-law is getting ready to pray like I say grace just don't pray honey left you have some objection. You know, I know I love to sell him a rabbi or something.

Say grace and many a dinner table K0 dear God, thank you. You are such a good God asset a kind and gentle and accommodating God and we thank you. Oh sweet, sweet Lord of hosts for the smorgasbord you have so aptly laying that are table this day and each day by day, day by day by day. Oh dear Lord. Three things we pray to love the more dearly to see the more clearly to follow the more nearly day by day by day, this lovely, thank you, Greg.

That was interesting to I was interesting that so worded that used it and so yeah okay so I did the poser talk for the first time this time and you have got a few favorites around the poser you Mr. mom two 2221 clip but yeah this is like perfect timing with Thanksgiving coming up and yeah I been that got them I got pray and then you know it is kind of over-the-top on the pose, but you know there's a lot of times that you know we we say things to impress people around us like in a prayer like that were taken.

He's not really there really a connection with God is not there. Greg does. He definitely gives Annette in Africa. He's got an effort there and you notice when he starts to really fully slip into the pose is when he thinks he's good at pulling one over on everybody else and I never heard the song lyrics and say you hear his voice. He hadn't seen just a little bit is how I got this out yet. I think I get a Pentecostal prayers as short as shorter and got colder. But he such an accommodating God, you know, is that it was pretty pretty fun to watch that that talk go through that.

I think that that for a boot camp. He obviously lot of you listening haven't been in some of you have that that's that's the first talk where it really turns inward right the first two talks are kind of a more contextual historical way understanding, you know, laying the groundwork kind of stuff and then it really with this talk.

It's pretty personal pretty right up in your business.

If it does it does so that's one of the cleaner clips we can play.

Jim did you add something I found one of the more interesting things in that clip to be the sweet, sweet Lord of angelic armies. The words he used, but the Lord of hosts is a warrior.

God but he sweet. My favorite part was smorgasbord when you start deposing it. It's funny, you can use words you don't usually use some time and that's 11 indicator of payment.

The early use an everyday talk and anything is trying to impress ride the hall that sought to explain posing on the bed and chose not have any interest in the talking member any of you in the biggest part of mazelike yeah you posing is an effort to deceive or are distract from the real you and we we put on these fig leaves. These mass to make people think were one way when were really not that way on the inside and a lot of times this false identity or false self that we get from continually posing minutes talks write about talks about in Genesis 3.

What happened when the fall happen and we don't really realize that we do that and it becomes kind of hidden to us and and really I believe that for most men. The only way that you can get exposed to this sometimes other men will call you most on my wall. It has to be God, and you have to go in and you prayed say go to the cabin is silenced by God. Hello my posing to my family to the people I work with whatever you have that quote from Genesis, which is, if you don the talk and rings in your ears right that I was afraid because I was naked so I hid and clearly Greg. He was afraid because he was naked not used up and and so we hid behind you know those kind of things. But the beauty of it, especially like you say the covenant of silence, which some people would not bend a boot camp when understand that we sent people out and for an hour asked them for the first time. A lot of them are in this exact Greg position they've never been that out there for you want me to do what for an hour. Listen for God like what it is pretty funny when you think about it that there out there, actually, to an extent, posing with right and and so here's God's hand. Well, here you go West let's walk through this and it's really a beautiful thing when we see in one of my favorite memories of boot camp is watching somebody's say all I did hear from oh I did see I can reach I can touch God and instead of the fig leaf getting all the love for the first time in your life.

There is real intimacy allows him to say was that you said there were God has to expose it really really good observation.

There is no with some guys that I've tried to help see that in themselves, they take it as an attack insanity.

You can bring that up God's got expose it and you gotta be willing, the person has to be in a place where there they want to hear that were there ready to hear that you know me and myself whenever I thought of myself no and NS usually have allergic talk about this to really highly personal.

I couple things on that and say it's it's either God has to expose it or your wife is married it's okay to call you out and it wasn't right are working with a guy years ago that I told everybody he was in the use of police officer and he done all these things and you had Kenny hinted that he'd done more of the clandestine time. Can the stuff from not Secret Service, but you are not FBI but you can alluded to in the first time we got her out as I should like you were never a cop is working out too long later, so I don't know that he ever got that healing for that. Yeah the thing I think about the camps that talk to is the guys you know you hear whenever you go into my talks about standards or or things that aren't lined up right with what I got most the time of their behaviors and they're not heart motives and that, thing a lot of times guys I think they are hiding and they become so used to it may not be that they really are doing it to deceive at least consciously with their doing in such a way that that they're just not really aware of it when he pointed out to mom and I was more open to it. When I started thinking about it. Yeah, maybe I do that and then I started relating it to my pass and I'm like oh yeah I was really posing there. It it becomes. It's not this is a hard thing that you would think to be expose this.

It's morally God is kind in the way that he points these things that will move off this part of the topic here in second that I guess you know what's wrong with posing if no one is hurt right that's a question you can ask in and Robbie said a part of it was you and you don't really receive the love. If you're putting on a false front because they're loving that front and outliving you write also young Shane can be hidden among immense that you know when you go into the cardio and you have no idea what you're talking about in the repair shop and I've been a guy you know in in in in there some shame that an enemy let's kinda fester in there if you pose right you let you live is less than what you are and so there's a whole lot more that that you have to go get that out of the way so that I can work on the stuff underneath. And so that's really why we we look at doing that we don't have time for another clips we have fixed you talk about posing.

We had a couple minutes left is because I two 2221, whatever.

Yeah, you know, I think when we see other people because it makes us laugh sometimes when we see it and they don't know and I think that's funny.

And in January when it is hard to call people out on unless you're in a group like us and I think there's times we just call each other out and that's often the way we do it 2221 yeah and ultimately the way you want to have that discussion is lifting someone not yet coming up from underneath him not coming over top and press down on top of bring that Shane we staring at me when he said that though I'm never left his family never at the specific table and well if you missed this last boot camp.

You know, I'm sorry you missed a great time. It was an amazing experience, but we do have one, and outliving that marriage there you have the dates. It's coming up March 31 through April 3 is correct at March 31 through April 3, 2022.

Amazing already 2022.

Know you can register quite yet. So you can reach out to us on Facebook and get more info by the same mask and I talked about ways and smiled at him and and click done a masculine and find masculine PO Box 550 is your greatest concern in life right now. Relationship health issue financial setback next on living on the with Chip Ingram.

Jim answers the tough question you turn for answers when life gets hard hear how God can speak into your situation no matter what you're facing and give you unexplainable don't miss living on the edge with Chip Ingram that was your Bob so why were boot camp for daycare so hopefully that is there to wake you up were there to wake up mental works right now you're just the gym with the shofar. You're just emulating that to the best advice as I could point out almost so far is Gerald if you don't looking for any other reason in the list of the shofar you're looking at me yeah I got the next clip you want to talk little bit about and set it up.

The context requires a fair amount we actually had a couple clips for that is the boot camp and have a couple here. This is will and will has no arms and legs and he is at a freak show side shofar carnival and he is approached and rejects a fellow that he is called out by here but wary where he's being introduced in this clip is there looking at the performers. Just putting on a show in front of some folks outside of their houses and are giving out free tickets to the show. Space talk about how beautiful they are and the beauty comes from ashes you will hear that say that because all of these people really down one was pregnant and pronoun analysis. One was too old to still be a trapeze and he's playing the accordion side of the road. One was is the strong man that he's beating up people in the bar when he struck but they are now in the circus and will is feeling sorry for himself because he can't do anything that's where we are visiting you know your dad in there. You're right.

He was originally rejected the offer. The invitation from this other circus master to come join in and does well he actually runs away, stays away in their wagon's curse from man can call God self talk is what would you say that in beauty is in no you do have an advantage. That's the land that I just love use this in the father by God talk, but the greater the struggle, the greater the trial and he is coming from a place it really blows as my eyes.

Here you have an advantage because you're so distant and so few people are able to say that if they are coming from a very difficult situation and give themselves to God and are fathered by God or carried through that that triumph is great. My hero before anybody knew about it and I probably won't be able think of his name out with Dr. Ben Carson. I read this book.

30 something years ago and he was poor. His mom worked hard just to raise them. She was a single mom, but she would not let him except that he was in a less than anybody else that he if you don't know who it is you should. I wanted to vote for him for president, but to get the chance. Yeah, I think back at some of the people that I've known along the time that I have actually made the statement about the I don't think they'll probably ever accept Christ right there so far on that other in right there there so disadvantaged in some way that they see that that and then when they accept Christ as the one to come.

The most on fire in time and timeout units. It's like looking person like Isaac and the lukewarm Christian.

But when it was a extreme rights of the greater the challenge the greater that the time and send much love as much yeah yeah it was really good.

Robbie you want to go ahead and set up your clip. I think we can go ahead and get it in before we go to the after hours. Yes, some of along the story you know they're trying to find a place for well in the circus right because he can't do Holland and you know obviously all of us reflect God's glory in some way and they're trying to figure out exactly what that is clearly well is struggling and so they go out to go swimming in this clip he's trying to get out with them to go swimming any slips which can't see as he slips and falls on his chest. I realize she's got no arms in the leg. So how does he get up in the ringmaster goes by I am right and he says they are to help me and he says oh I think you can manage what what that causes will to have to do is to figure out how to get up on his own and then you can.

You'll hear them straining and he finally gets up after you hear the strain and then your him limbs celebrates actually my favorite part of the clip where he waves his shoulder and he's only because he found out that he could get up on his own and then he actually falls in the water which I really think she's gonna drama can't find them. And lo and behold, his glory is that he actually can swim and will talk more at that short YouTube. It's called the butterfly circus in the beginning you heard them talk about the Caterpillar and the whole idea is that you may know this, that in order for a butterfly to fly. It's got to struggle to get out of its cocoon in order to build its wings up strong enough to be able to fly, and thus illustrate the point that Jim just made the greater the struggle, the more glorious the triumph and in a we get a chance from our own experience to see how we struggle. The first time we went out to a covenant of silence and tried to flap our prayer wings for an hour. You know like if you got there the for the first time you like.

You want me to do it from our sin that their youth and in anything you start flapping their wings and we get it we get a chance to see guys in a bit that come in and all man for the first time since they've connected with God real intimacy to hear their names. They do things and at that.

What will is doing their scream and say look at me like that on you can see the smile on the guys face when he's actually heard from God, but those are things he never forgets for the rest of his life and hopefully you know that the we get a chance to help do that the gods when it actually doesn't. It's pretty cool. See you know from the first time introduced to about 10 in the morning on Friday to Saturday night how much their license can be turned upside down when they got to start having these covenants in silence and really getting some time with the father and getting some some healing. Step away from the pose new name all the things you go over understanding him more as a father. It's pretty cool to go through that held you in anything they did to me a while back.

I'm glad you like this microphone that they had something to say you do okay as I can always count on my buddies.

Yeah, yeah, I don't have a clip but one really resonated with me was the kid and it starts out with a guy was very arrogant, cynical, semi angry all the time doesn't relate well to people and then the second clip shows him as a youngster with his father short of berating him because the mother was sick and was going to die and then it shows the softer side of him and what he had learned when he tells his younger self.

She's dying. He's got a regime himself a scared as he doesn't know how and it really resonated with me because I had a lot of anger with my father because of his drinking problem until I realized his wife before he married my mother was pregnant with her so you know came late father had. So beautiful thing. See my present I was corrected as it is the website you can register for boot camp coming up March 31 through April 3 were even talking after hours, but her favorite parts about who can prepare memory so deftly go download that if you listen to on the radio and that were auspicious were these were clips talking actually, this is the Truth Network

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